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A Cappella FAQ Part 3/7

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Subject: A Cappella FAQ Part 3/7

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    A Cappella FAQ - Part Three: A Cappella Arrangements, Workshops, and

Questions answered in part 3:
Q 3.1 How and/or where can I obtain a cappella arrangements?
Q 3.2 Where do I go to get a song custom arranged for my group?
Q 3.3 Are there any a cappella conferences or workshops?
Q 3.4 Are there any a cappella competitions?
Q 3.1 How and/or where can I obtain a cappella arrangements?

* A Cappella Junction *

Their inventory consists almost entirely of Christian music. They have
arrangements and a wide variety of materials for singing groups as well as
(including cassettes, CD's, choral octavos, videos, song books, T-shirts,
tote bags, research reports, children's music, caps, etc.). Write for a
free catalog.

    A Cappella Junction
    PO Box 48464
    Fort Worth, TX 76148
    Phone: 817.685.6161

* CASA *

CASA (address FAQ #1) maintains an extensive arrangement library of
approximately 1,500 various a cappella arrangements. Members who have
joined at the Advanced Membership level ($30 per year) are entitled to 12
free arrangements per year. You can find a complete list at

The arrangement library was started in the 80's by Rex Solomon. In college
(Brandeis '84), he collected arrangements and compiled what was then the
definitive list of collegiate a cappella groups. His work helped lay the
foundation for the forming of CASA.

* Contemporary A Cappella Publishing *

This is a new publishing company formed by Deke Sharon, CASA Founder and
President; Don Gooding, Founder of Mainely A Cappella; and Anne Raugh, the
co-arranger of the CASA Songbooks and The Bobs Songbook. They publish
CASA's Contemporary A Cappella Songbook Volumes 1 & 2 and A CASA
Christmas. Most are simple SATB arrangements with notes on how to perform
them TTBB or SSAA and they also have parts tapes available for the
Christmas songbook. For more information, check their site at

* Hal Leonard Publishing *

They publish an astounding number of choral arrangements each year, and
luckily a decent percentage of them are a cappella. Be sure to check to
see that the titles you're ordering are a cappella.

    Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
    7777 West Bluemound Road
    PO Box 13819
    Milwaukee WI 53213
    Phone: 414.774.3630

* J.W.Pepper *

    J.W.Pepper & Son, Inc
    Box 850
    Valley Forge, PA 19482
    Phone: 800.346.6296
    Fax: (800)260-1482

* Mainely A Cappella *
    Mainley A Cappella
    Box 159
    Southwest Harbor, ME  04679
    Phone: 800.827.2936
    Phone: 207.244.7603 (Overseas)
    Fax: 207.244.7613 

* Penders Music Company *

They have access to a number of published a cappella arrangements in a
variety of styles.
    Penders Music Company
    314 S Elm
    Denton, TX 76201
    Phone: 940.382.7121 or 800.772.5918
    Toll Free Fax: 800.772.8404
    Penders Music Company
    6221 N Meridian
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
    Phone: 800.772.8405 or 405.772.3303
    Web: http://www/

* Primarily A Cappella Catalog - The PAC *

The PAC carries a collection of song books and arrangements, as well as
instructional books and tapes on arranging and other vocal techniques. 

    Primarily A Cappella
    PO Box D
    San Anselmo, CA 94979
    Phone: 415.455.8602
    Fax: 415.459.1622

* Sheet Music Plus *

Sheet Music Plus has a database of over 2,000 a cappella titles, most of
them classical and choral. Enter - a cappella - into the OTHER search box
to find them. They claim to carry more sheet music, of all kinds, than
anyone else -- retail or wholesale. So you might be able to find that hit
song that you've been wanting to arrange a cappella, from the accompanied
arrangement, for your group.

    Sheet Music Plus/Musician Store
    1322 Pacific Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94109
    Phone: 800.480.6041 (US & Canada)
    Phone: 415.776.1674
    Fax: 415.931.8819


SPEBSQSA (address in FAQ #1) has many arrangements available. Contact them
for availability and costs.

*  UNC Jazz Press *

This is the publishing arm of the Jazz Studies Program at the University
of Northern Colorado.

    Jazz Studies Program
    School of Music
    University of Northern Colorado
    Greeley, CO 80639

* University of Illinois Xtension Chords *

The University of Illinois Xtension Chords are making their arrangements
available to anyone who wants to pay the price of copying. They have two
books of arrangements available, each book containing all the arrangements
from one of their CDs -- Shock Value and Aftershock. Their arrangements
will also soon be available in the CASA library. We hope that more
collegiate a cappella groups will follow their lead, and make their
arrangements available through sale or trade, or best of all through the
CASA library. Contact them at for details.

Q 3.2 Where do I go to get a song custom arranged for my group?

* Ultimate A Cappella Arranging Service - UAAS *

The Ultimate A Cappella Arranging Service is staffed by professional
arrangers experienced in creating custom tailored computer-notated a
cappella arrangements for groups of any size, composition or style.
Arrangements generally cost from $100-$150 dollars (US). CASA members
receive a discount.

    PMB #1449
    1850 Union St. #14
    San Francisco CA 94123-4309
    Phone: 415.563.5224
    Fax: 415.921.2834

Q 3.3 Are there any a cappella conferences or workshops?

* A Cappella Summit *

Held two times a year (In the Fall on the US West Coast and in the Spring
on the US East Coast), the A Cappella Summit is a weekend of concerts,
workshops, master classes, seminars and sing-alongs that is co-sponsored
by CASA, the Harmony Sweepstakes, and Primarily A Cappella. 

For more information about the next West Coast Summit, contact:
    Harmony Sweeps/PAC
    PO Box D
    San Anselmo, CA 94979
    Phone: 415.455.8602

For more information about the next East Coast Summit, contact:
    PMB #1449
    1850 Union St. #14
    San Francisco, CA 94123-4309
    Phone: 415.563.5224
    Fax: 415.921.2834

* The A Cappella Company *

Keith Lancaster, Acappella and AVB host the annual Acappella Christian
Music Seminar (ACMS) in July in Murray KY on the campus of the state
university. It is a week long (Sunday through Friday night) series of
workshops and concerts capped by Acappella's and AVB's annual homecoming
concert on Friday night. (Murray KY is about 30 miles from their home base
in Paris, TN.)

     The Acappella Company
     PO Box 15
     Paris TN 38242
     Phone: 901.644.1771
     or 800.233.2031

* Phil Mattson *

Phil Mattson (of the Phil Mattson Singers) has set up a school for vocal
jazz and arranging that offers summer workshops. You can also attend the
school full time (Fall-Spring) and receive a certificate in a variety of
different vocal and a cappella related topics.

     Phil Mattson
     Southwestern Community College
     1501 West Townline Road
     Creston, IA 50801
     Phone: 515.782.7081

* The Urban Harmony Movement - UHM *

CASA has started an exciting nonprofit program called The Urban Harmony
Movement. It's an educational outreach program of CASA which targets
inner-city public high school students who have been denied the
opportunity for music education and appreciation through educational
funding cuts.

For a more complete story of what UHM is and what it does, check out the
web site at

* Western Wind *

Western Wind, an a cappella group based in New York City, runs workshops
several times a year. You can enroll as a group and get coaching by
experts with the chance to prepare and perform several works (with the
rest of the attendees as audience). Western Wind's performing repertoire
spans just about everything - renaissance, folk, jazz, etc. They announce
their concerts, recordings, workshops, etc., in a sporadic but free
newsletter: call 1.800.788.2187.

     Western Wind
     263 West 86th St.
     NY, NY 10024
     Phone: 212.873.2848

* Steve Zegree *

Steve runs the highly esteemed vocal jazz program at Western Michigan
University and also arrangesfor Hal Leonard and other publishers. He
offers week-long summer workshops on vocal jazz singing and education.

     Steve Zegree
     School of Music
     Western Michigan University
     Kalamazoo, MI 49008
     Phone: 616.387.4689
     School: (616)387-4667

Q 3.4 Are there any a cappella competitions?

There are a few major a cappella competitions: some open to all styles and
the others devoted to certain styles of music.

* Barbershop Competitions *

All three barbershop organizations (SPEBSQSA, SAI, Harmony Inc.) sponsor
competitions for their member groups. The guidelines and rules or judging
are very specific, and groups prepare arrangements and rehearse for months
and years with these in mind. If you're interested in entering your group
in one of these competitions and haven't been in contact with the
sponsoring organization yet, contact them ASAP so that you can prepare
accordingly (addresses of these organizations in FAQ #1).

* Harmony Sweepstakes *

The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival is a celebration of vocal
music groups, performing in all styles, with the added excitement of a
competition. It was originally designed as a casual get-together by and
for Bay Area singers and has grown into an international showcase for the
best vocal groups. Winning groups from regional competitions come together
at the finals to perform for the judges as well as an enthusiastic a
cappella audience. There they vie for the title of Grand National
Champion, as well as for cash and prizes.

The Harmony Sweepstakes finals are held at the 2000 seat Marin Veterans
Auditorium in San Rafael, California. The finals feature the groups who
have won regional competitions in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago,
Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco.

Past winners of the Harmony Sweepstakes:

1999 Seven (from New York)
1998 Metropolis (from Los Angeles)
1997 SoVoS (from San Francisco)
1996 M-PACT! (from Seattle)
1995 Accidentals (from New York)
1994 The Trenchcoats (from Seattle)
1993 17th Avenue All-Stars (from Denver)
1992 Acme Vocals (from Chicago)
1991 North Shore A Cappella (from Boston)
1990 The Knudsen Brothers (from Los Angeles)
1989 The Edlos (from SF)
1988 Finesse (from SF)
1987 Pastiche (from SF)
1986 The Flips (from SF)
1985 Just Friends (from SF)

Prize Categories:

   * Regional winners win round-trip airfare to and accommodations at the
finals in San Rafael, CA.
   * National Champions: $2,000.00
   * First Runner Up: $500.00
   * Second Runner Up: $300.00
   * Best Original Song: $500.00 (Larry Vargo Award)
   * Prizes are also awarded for the Audience favorite and best Original

     Harmony Sweepstakes
     John Neal, Producer
     PO Box D
     San Anselmo, CA, 94979
     Phone: 415.455.8602
     Fax: 415.459.1622

* MBNA America College Quartet Contest *

The MBNA America College Quartet Contest takes place each year at the
SPEBSQSA International Convention. The contest is for college-aged men,
singing in the barbershop style. There is one round of preliminary
competition, with cash prizes being awarded to the winners. At the
international level, $4000 is the top prize. Details and official rules,
dates, past champions, etc., can be found at the CQC Homepage at

    SPEBSQSA, Inc.                 
    attn: Jim DeBusman, 
    CQC Coordinator
    6315 Third Avenue
    Kenosha, WI  53143-5199
    Phone: 800.876.SING (7464) ext 8566 (USA & Canada)

* The National Championship of College A Cappella - NCCA *

The National Championship of College A Cappella (NCCA) was first held in
1996. The format consists of 16 regional competitions across the US, with
two groups advancing from each first round show into six semi-finals. One
group advances from each semi into the national final with the groups
being judged on Presentation, Musicality, Originality and Soloists. 

1996 National Finals Results:
    National Champions:  The UNC Loreleis
    First Runner-Up: Yale Duke's Men
    Second Runner-Up: U. Illinois Other Guys
    Also competing were The Stanford Fleet Street Singers and The MIT

1997 National Finals Results: 
    National Champions: Stanford's Talisman A Cappella
    Runner Up: University of Illinois NoStrings Attached
    Best Soloist: Michael Johnson, "Da Boy from Rome" U. Illinois No
Strings Attached
    Runner Up: Melody McDaniel - "St. Theresa" UNC Loreleis
    Best Arrangement: "Someone to Watch Over Me" arr. Carrie Johnson, No
Strings Attached
    Runner Up: "Da Boy from Rome" written by Jeffrey Hepker, No Strings Attached

Don Gooding and Mainley A Cappella have purchased NCCA and after a one
year hiatus, plans are well underway for the 1999-2000 competition.  For
all the details check their web site at

* Northern Harmony *

On October 4, 1997, Canada held its first a cappella competition. The
winners and Audience Favorites were The Heebee-jeebees from Calgary. They
have put together a CD from the first competition which is available
through CASA at

1998 Northern Harmony II results:
    First Place: Voce (Edmonton)
    Second: Standing Room Only (Calgary)
    Third: Heruvymy (Edmonton)
    Audience Favourite: Voce
    Best Original Song: "Let it Go," Voce

1999 Northern Harmony III results: 
    First Place: Vis-A-Vis (Edmonton) 
    Second: The Heebee-jeebees (Calgary)
    Third: In Sync (Calgary)
    Audience Favourite: Real FX A Cappella
    Best Original Song: "Use the Force," The Heebee-jeebees

A   PMB #1449, 1850 Union St. #14
S   San Francisco, CA 94123-4309 USA
A   415.563.5224 -

End of FAQ Part Three

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           The Contemporary A Cappella Society - CASA
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