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5. Books, videos, bootlegs
5.1  What books are there on U2?  (continued)

U2: THE ROLLING STONE FILES, the Editors of Rolling Stone Magazine.  Want
to read every single
mention of U2 in RS but don't have time to spool through endless reels of
microfilm? Then this is the book for
you.  Interviews, reviews, and newsblurbs. No pictures.

FARAWAY SO CLOSE, BP Fallon (Little, Brown, 1994) This is essentially a
photographic record of the
ZooTV tour.  Fallon writes in a hipster-style that occasionally verges on
self-parody but he obviously had
significant access to the band. Worth the money. $15.95 US.

U2 LIVE: A CONCERT DOCUMENTARY,  Pimm Jal de la Jarra of Collectormania,
(Omnibus Press, 1994).
Covers literally every U2 concert. Describes the shows, lists the songs
played and includes quotes from on
stage. The photos are fantastic. $27.95 US.  ISBN 0-7119-3666-8

RACE OF ANGELS: Ireland and the Genesis of U2,     , Anyone can beat a
dead horse; it takes a rare talent to
dig up the dead horse up to rebeat it.  Traces the story of U2 back to
near Mesozoic times.

U2 AT THE END OF THE WORLD,  Bill Flanagan, (Delacorte, 1995)  Covers the
ZooTV tour from the
recording sessions in Berlin to the final show in Japan. 

INTO THE HEART, The Stories Behind Every U2 Song, Niall Stokes (Thunder's
Mouth Press, 1996) Not
necessarily an interpretation of every song but a detailed description of
the writing, recording and possible
inspirations for each song. Sadly, it offers no insight into the stories
behind each bandmember's hairstyles over
the years. $19.95 ISBN 1-56025-134-4

THE MAKING OF U2'S THE JOSHUA TREE, Dave Thomas, (Collector's Guide
Publishing, Inc. 1996)
Finally, a book that compiles every U2 utterance on the subject of JT. 
We can all rest easy now. $7.95 
ISBN 1-896522-30-0

5.2  What videos are there? 
[AC] RED ROCKS - UNDER A BLOOD RED SKY: 1984. Recorded live at Redrocks,
Denver  Colorado in
May 1983. A simply awesome show. Get this one first.   Songs: Surrender /
Seconds / Sunday Bloody Sunday /
October / New Years   Day / I Threw a Brick / A Day Without Me / Gloria /
Party Girl / 11 0'Clock Tick Tock /
I Will Follow / 40.

THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE COLLECTION: 1985. Songs and a documentary about
the  making of The
Unforgettable Fire. You get to see U2 in the studio, recording and
experimenting.  Also has some interviews
with the band members and Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. Songs (not in 
order): Pride (2 versions) / A Sort of
Homecoming (live) / The Unforgettable Fire / Bad (live,  unavailable
anywhere else - different to the version on
Wide Awake and America).

RATTLE AND HUM: 1989. The movie. Musically, this _IS_ U2. The in-concert 
 footage is spectacular -
visually and musically. Also has interview and   documentary footage from
The Joshua Tree tour.  Songs: Helter
Skelter / Van Dieman's Land / Desire / Exit / I Still Haven't Found What
I'm  Looking   For / Silver and Gold /
Angel of Harlem / All Along the Watchtower / In God's Country  / When
Love Comes to Town / Bad / Where
the Streets Have No Name / MLK / With or Without  You / Bullet the Blue
Sky / Running To Stand Still /
Sunday Bloody Sunday / Pride / All I Want  is You.  [If you're not sure
what Sunday Bloody Sunday is about,
then get this.   Don't be surprised  if you cry when you watch this song
on here for the first time.]

[GM] NUMB: 1993.  The video single.  Includes Numb, Numb (Video Remix) by
EBN, Love Is  Blindness. 
Australia/New Zealand copies came with a clip promoting the Zoomerang

[MJS]  ACHTUNG BABY The Videos, the Cameos, and a whole lot of
Interference.  Most of  this footage was
seen in the MTV Rockumentary but there are a few "unavailable anywhere
else"  must haves.  Bono, Edge,
Larry and Adam are all interviewed about the making of AB and the  new
direction of U2.  Highlights include
Bono's confession that he has a weakness for belly  dancers, Edge's
bird-watching canoe trip, Larry's assertion
that "the lyrics aren't worth a shit. I  think it's all about drums." and
Adams admission that "I can't remember
back that far."  Videos  included:  Even Better Than the Real Thing /
Mysterious Ways / One (#1) / The Fly /
Even Better  Than the Real Thing (Dance Mix) / One (#2) / Even Better
Than the Real Thing (Gallo - Kampah 
version) / Until the End of the World  [Interference directed by Maurice

[MJS]  U2  ZOOTV LIVE FROM SYDNEY: 1994.  The authorized recording of the
November  27, 1993 PPV
special from Sydney, Australia.  Songs: Zoo Station / The Fly /  Even
Better Than  the Real Thing / Mysterious
Ways / One / Unchained Melody / Until the End of the World / New  Year's
Day / Numb / Angel of Harlem /
Stay / Satellite of Love / Dirty Day / Bullet the Blue Sky /  Running to
Stand Still / Pride / Daddy's Gonna Pay
For Your Crashed Car / Lemon / Live is  Blindness / Can't Help Falling in

5.2.2  Single-song videos
(In chronological order)
I Will Follow -  recorded live on the BOY tour in the US in late 1980,
early 1981

Gloria - October 1981, Meiert Avis, Dublin

A Celebration - April 1982, Meiert Avis, Kilmainham Jail, Dublin

New Year's Day - December 1982, Meiert Avis, Sweden

Two Hearts Beat as One - March 1983, Meiert Avis, Montmartre, Paris

Sunday Bloody Sunday - June 1983, Gavin Taylor, Red Rocks, Denver,

Pride (#1) - August 1984, Donald Cammell, St. Francis Xavier Hall, Dublin

Pride (#2) - July 1984, Barry Devlin, Slane Castle, Dublin

Pride (#3) - August 1984, Anton Corbijn, London

A Sort of Homecoming  - October/November 1984, Barry Devlin, Paris,
Brussels, Rotterdam,
London, Glasgow

Bad - October/November 1984, Barry Devlin, Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam,
London, Glasgow

Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid) - November 1984, London

The Unforgettable Fire - January 1985, Meiert Avis, Sweden

Sun City (Artists United Against Apartheid) - November 1985, New York

In a Lifetime (Bono and Clannad) - December 1985, Meiert Avis, Gweedore,
Donegal, Ireland

With or Without You (#1) - February 1987, Meiert Avis, Dublin

With or Without You (#2) - February 1987, Meiert Avis, Dublin 

Red Hill Mining Town - February 1987, Neil Jordan, London

Where the Streets Have No Name - March 1987, Meiert Avis, Los Angeles,

In God's Country - April 1987, Barry Devlin, Arizona

Spanish Eyes - April 1987, Barry Devlin, Arizona

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - April 1987, Barry Devlin,
Las Vegas, Nevada

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - November 1987, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Desire - September 1988, Richard Lowenstein, Los Angeles, California

Desire (Hollywood Remix) - September 1988, Richard Lowenstein, Los

Angel of Harlem - November 1988, Richard Lowenstein, New York City

Baby, Please Come Home - November 1988, Philip Joanou (?)

When Love Comes to Town - March 1989, Philip Joanou, Various

All I Want Is You - April 1989, Meiert Avis, Rome

All Along the Watchtower - November 1989, Richard Lowenstein, Sidney

God, Part II - November 1989, Richard Lowenstein, Sidney

Hawkmoon 269 - November 1989, Richard Lowenstein, Sidney

Night and Day (#1 & #2) - November 1990, Wim Wenders, Berlin 

The Fly - September 1991, Ritchie Smith and Jon Klein, Dublin

Mysterious Ways - October 1991, Stephane Sednaoui, Morocco

Until the End of the World - November 1991, Richie Smith

Even Better Than the Real Thing (#1) - February 1992, Kevin Godley,
Carnaby Street, London

Even Better Than the Real Thing (#2) - May 1992, Armando Gallo, Los

Even Better Than the Real Thing (#3) - July 1992, Ritchie Smyth, Dublin

One (#1) - February 1992, Anton Corbijn, Berlin

One (#2) - February 1992, Mark Pellington, New York City

One (#3) - March 1992, Philip Joanou, New York City

One (#4) - March 1992, Mark Pellington, New York City

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses - September 1992, Philip Joanou,

Numb - July 1993, Kevin Godley, Berlin

Numb (Video Remix) - July 1993, Josh Pearson & Gardner Post

Love Is Blindness - July 1993, Matt Mahurin, USA

Lemon - September 1993, Mark Neale, London

Lemon (Bad Yard Club Mix) - October 1993, Mark Neale, London

Stay - October 1993, Wim Wenders, Berlin

I've Got You Under My Skin (Bono and Frank Sinatra) - November 1993,
Kevin Godley, Rancho Mirage, CA

In the Name of the Father (Bono and Gavin Friday) - November 1994, Jim
Sheridan, Dublin and London

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - June 1995, Dublin

Miss Sarajevo - September 1995, Maurice Linnane, Modena, Italy

Save the Children (Bono - Inner City Blues) - October 1995, New York

Mission Impossible (Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jnr.) - April 1996,
Kevin Godley

Discotheque - January 1997, Stephane Sedenaoui 

Discotheque (version 2)

Staring At the Sun (version 1)

Staring At the Sun (version 2)

Last Night on Earth

Please (version 1)

Please (version 2)

Two additional videos are rumored to exist, "One Tree Hill" - 1987, and
"Zooropa" - July 1993.

5.3  What's a bootleg?
[SL]  A bootleg recording is, in the case of U2, a recording that has not
 been officially released by Island
Records. IF you do decide to buy bootlegs, you  must consider that the
artists usually get no royalties for the

[MJS] In some countries, "live recordings" of concerts are legally
available for sale. These recordings are
commonly referred to on the newsgroups as "live imports." 
    Anyone interested in U2 bootlegs/imports should check out "For Love
Or Money", [aka, FLOM] the
indispensable guide to U2 bootlegs/ imports maintained by Mike Gentile
(text version) and Bob Reck (HTML
version). The sound quality and price of this material can vary
dramatically, so consider getting a firsthand
review of a bootleg/ import before you buy it. If you have a bootleg that
is not reviewed in FLOM, please
submit a review to Mike ( or Bob (,
thousands of nameless but
grateful collectors will thank you.  

[MG] From now on, the most current text versions of this guide can always
be found at the Wire site,
The filenames will be as follows:     
boot-rev.txt: The latest Alphabetical version, ~685K+, text file
bootrev2.txt: The latest Chronological version, ~890K+, text file The latest Alphabetical version, ~175K+, zipped file The latest Chronological version, ~225K+, zipped file

'For Love Or Money' is also available on the web!  The URL is:  

5.3.1  Where can I buy bootlegs?
[MJS] To quote Sergio "If you're lucky, your local record store will
sometimes carry bootlegs."  Mail-order is
another good source and there are several places on the Internet that
carry live imports.  Not that *I* know of
any. Perish the thought!  Quoting Sergio again, "some Wire members are
actually willing to offer copies of their
bootlegs. Some will charge a fee, some won't. Just go ahead and post a
message to Wire asking for bootleg
recordings. Good Luck!"

6. Fanclubs, Fanzines, and Propaganda

6.1  Addresses of U2 fanclubs
  13 rue Pasteur    62710 COURRIERES    FRANCE
  Available : fanzine, boots, stuff, ...

[CS]  Borderlands
  1544 Westminster Ave.   Port Coquitlam, B.C.  Canada  V3B 1E2
Also operates a fanzine.

6.2 What are fanzines? What fanzines are available?
[SL]  Fanzines are FAN magaZINES. Some are excellent, some are awful. If
you really want to know how good
a special one is, ask Wire. 
[MJS] A portion of this information was taken out of the Book, "Outside
is America - U.2. in the U.S." by
Carter Alan.

ACROBAT  c/o Kris Martens
2326 Idlewild Ct. Green Bay, WI 54303

A.D.A.M.  c/o Jones/Kellie 
7426 West Blvd #3  Boardman, OH 44512

ANOTHER DAY  (The Peace Museum) S. Kathleen Maki: Organizer
P.O. Box 92444 Milwaukee, WI 53202 

1544 Westminster Ave. Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada V3B 1E2

DREAM OUT LOUD c/o  Jenny Lieb
10744 John Turley Place/ Fairfax, VA. 22032 

Dream Out Loud  c/o Donna Souza 
PO Box 316 Swansea, MA 02777

FEEDBACK/U.S.A. Attn: Lori Caldwell 
P.O. Box 1586  Warren, OH 44482-1586

HAPPY AS LARRY  c/o Sandra
50 Canterbury Road Toorak
Victoria, 3142  AUSTRALIA.

HEAVEN & HELL c/o jenny williams
3565 Raymar Blvd  Cincinnati, OHIO  45208-1501 


In God's Country  c/o Margaret Farren
4620 College Ave #1 College Park, MD  20740  USA

P.O. Box 58263 Philadelphia, PA 19102-8263

OUT  (Formerly OUT OF CONTROL) Maureen Wrinn 
13 Sewall Street #5 Marblehead, MA 01945 

201 Johnson Ave. Portage, PA 15946   USA

A Revelation  c/o:Michelle Panik
6965 E Via El Estribo  Anaheim Hills, CA. 92807-5120

Rock N' Roll Doggie  c/o Erin Sepe 
83 Toddy Hill Rd.  Sandy Hook, CT 06482
c/o Chrissy Barnum
38 Grand Place, Newtown, CT 06470

SING A NEW SONG  c/o Ellen Fauver
8795 Orange Street Alta Loma, CA 91704
c/o Lori Hill 
506 East Cherry  Enid, OK 73701

SING NO MORE c/o Mary Kadar
P.O. Box 536 Franklin, MA 02038

Rt. 7, Box 514R  281 S. Atlanta Drive Tucson, AZ 85747

Swagger, no Style c/o Kim Mancini
P.O. Box 1059 Birmingham, MI 48012 

TOUCH  c/o Patricia Culliton
520 North Octavia Chicago, IL 60656
Fax: 312/763-0769   e-mail:

Twist of Fate c/o Eve & Alice
889 Squire Lake Ct. Villa Hills, Ky 41017 

U2 AND THEN SOME  Amy Johnson
14154 Hubbell Livonia, MI 48154

6562 Route 31  Cicero, NY 13039

U2 Collectormania   c/o  P.J. Publishing (merged with The Zooropean)

P.O. Box 3486   3003 AL Rotterdam,  the Netherlands
Tel/Fax #31 (0)10 - 4221161 or #31 (0)10 - 2731819

6.3 What is Propaganda and the U2 World Service?
Propaganda is the official magazine of U2.  A year's subscription
currently costs $18 US. 

119 Rockland Center Box 350     
Nanuet, New York  10954  USA     .

(Rest of the World)
PO Box 18 
Wellingborough Northamptonshire NN8 1HE U.K

7. Gossip
[SL] Most of the gossip that's been spread about U2 is execrable, but it
is also true that the boys (especially Mr.
Clayton) have a tendency to live their lives without caring about the
publicity consequences. I fully agree with
that! After all, they're already giving us wonderful music, so I don't
feel we have the right to impose them our
moral values, or any specific behavior. 

7.1  Marital Status of all band members
[MJS] Bono-married, Edge-legally separated and otherwise engaged,
Adam-single, Larry-single but under heavy

[PC]  Bono married Alison Stewart on Aug. 21 1982. Edge married Aislinn
O'Sullivan in July 1983, they are
separated but not divorced. Edge was linked to Morleigh Steinberg - the
belly dancer - during the ZooTV tour. 
Adam is still single, he was engaged to "super-model" Naomi Campbell for
several months in 1993. Larry is
single but has a long-term significant other, Anne Acheson, with whom he
has lived for 10+ years.

7.1.1 Any children?
[PC/MJS] Bono and Ali have two daughters, Memphis Eve and Jordan. Edge
has four daughters: Holly, Arun,
and Blue Angel with Aislinn, and Sian with Morleigh Steinberg
[MJS] Larry and Anne are the proud parents of Aaron Elvis.

7.1.2 Any pets?
[MV] What are the names of Bono's dogs?  Also, do any of the other
members have pets? Just wondering.

[PC] Bono has two German Shepards, their names are Fanny and Angel.

[CB] Edge had a dog called Fleetwood, but it ran away. He actually showed
a picture of the dog on tv during an
interview, to try and get the dog back.  Larry has a dog called J.J., he
also has a pet called Missy, but I don't
know if it's a cat or a dog.

7.2  How tall is Bono anyway?
[MJS] Their official heights are: Bono is 5'8"   Edge is 5'10"   Adam is
5'10"    Larry is 5'7" This is the second
most popular topic of FAQ mail.  Everyone has a theory.  Unless someone
can provide conclusive prove as to a
correlation between height and musical ability or plans to field an
all-U2 basketball team or a note from the
school nurse attesting to their heights, this answer will stand.

7.3  I heard that Bono is God. Is that true?
[MJS]  IMHO, Bono has all the talents of a deity but few of the
responsibilities.  (BTW, this is a joke).

7.3.1. I heard that Bono will be playing God in a movie.
[MJS]  There have been several rumors since the ZooTV tours about Bono
starting an acting career.  James
Sheridan said in a Dec. 1992 interview with Movieline magazine that Bono
was taking a year off from music to
study acting and that Sheridan would love to put Bono in one of his
movies.  Since then stories about Bono
getting roles in movies abounded for a while but have since died down. 
Here are some of the more common.

[Movie - role]
Rob Roy - Archibald Cunningham, the sleazy rapist/murdering villain
Batman Forever - MacPhisto
Strange Days - A sleazy music promoter
Johnny Mneumonic - A sleazy villain
Martin Scorsese's Casino - Sharon Stone's sleazy pimp boyfriend (Anyone
else notice a motif here?  No wonder
he's avoiding the silver screen).

The Million Dollar Hotel (Bono's long awaited screenplay) - ? (my guess
is "a sleazy fill-in-the-blank")
[MPZ] A couple of reputable sources, namely Army Archerd in Variety and
the TV show "Extra" have also
reported that Bono will act in the movie (although I'll believe it when I
see it).

[MJS] The recently retitled "Billion Dollar Hotel" is under development
with German director Wim Wenders.

[P] Originally, there was NO plan for Bono to act in this movie. That
plan has since reversed itself, and reversed
back to original on at least one occasion. The latest I've heard is that
there is a POSSIBILITY that Bono may do
a "walk-on" part in the movie, one that would require very little acting.

The Limo Driver - 
[MJS] Supposedly this is a film starring or directed by Warren Beatty
that will be filmed in Ireland next year.
The plot follows a taxi driver who becomes obsessed with an actress. I
guess we can rule out at least one role for
Bono.  Hmm, I wonder if it's a "sleazy taxi driver"?

7.5 Is Edge on the Internet? aka, Does Edge read this newsgroup?
[MJS] Who knows? There have been numerous stories about Edge's
fascination with the Internet , countless
rumors on the newsgroups that Edge is monitoring every thread, and of
course, several miscreants claiming to
be Mr. Evans himself with helpful IDs such as "EDGE" and "THE EDGE.".
Personally, I give these people as
much credence as the ones with IDs like "GOD" and "Jesus" - surely both
the Almighty and the lead guitarist
from U2 have better things to do than waste bandwidth. If Edge is on the
Internet, he's keeping a low profile and
is entitled to his privacy.

7.9  Bottom Feeders?
[MJS]  I certainly agree with Sergio and hate to give any credence to
most of the slop that passes for "news"
about U2. However, since I recently read on the newsgroups a very
interesting, and utterly untrue, story about
Adam being arrested for heroin possession I have come to the conclusion
that providing truthful answers to
these questions is the best way to end these ridiculous rumors.  I've
tried to present all reasonable viewpoints
here, if you don't agree with what someone has written, be thankful for
freedom of speech and e-mail me your
"version" and I'll include it.

7.9.1 Until Further Notice, All of the Following is FALSE
Nearly all of the following rumors have been posted on the Usenet within
the past 12 months. To save time,
bandwidth and, hopefully, kill rumors, what follows is a list of rumors
which are ALL FALSE.
- Bono is getting a divorce.
- Bono once had a cocaine habit the size of Alaska. [Ditto for Adam,
Edge, and Larry.]
- Bono had an affair with Christy Turlington (a model) / Stevie Nicks /
Winona Ryder / Maire ni  Brennan (from
Clannad) / Kristen McMenamen (another model) / etc
- Edge has quit the band to start his own Christian music label.
- Larry and Anne have broken up.
- Anne is rarely seen in public because she is actually a space alien who
can only replicate human behavior for
limited periods of time.
- Larry IS Anne.
- On the band's first US tour, they brought a hundred pounds of wacky
weed with them on the plane.
- Bono pierced his ears himself using an upholtery needle Edge carelessly
left lying around
- During the ZooTV tour Bono was kidnapped in Japan by a nefarious cult
which subjected him to sensory
deprivation and hypnotized him to confuse the phrase "smile for the
camera" with "open wide for the dentist,"
hence the many photographs which cause one to admire his mollars.  (Ok,
so I made this one up myself.)
 Once more, the above rumors are ALL FALSE. Not one word of truth has
ever been linked to any of these
bone-headisms. Let's make them, "rarely asked questions."

 7.9.2 However, oddly enough . . . . 
This section is devoted to weird rumors from the Usenet and other sources
that turn out to have a grain of truth
to them. 
Q:  Is it true that Bono likes to have his chest shaved?
[MJS] Well, Bono has had his chest shaved once that I know of:

[KM] Bono has an irregular heartbeat.  He had to have an exam for his
insurance company.  He had too much
chest hair for the doctor to be able to hear his heartbeat so they shaved
part of it off.  I looked up irregular
heartbeat - it is caused by stress, anger, smoking, too much caffeine in
coffee or tea.  It is not fatal and it's ok to
have one.

[MJS] Whether or not Bono enjoyed having his chest shaved is unknown at
this time.

Q: I heard that Bono stripped in the middle of a crowded restaurant.
[MJS] This is true. From Newsday March 27, 1992:  At a dinner earlier
this week at London's celebrity haunt,
Nikita, Bono surprised his 18 dinner guests by removing all his clothes 
- including his black bikini briefs  - for
no apparent reason. During the Russian meal of mainly vodka and caviar,
we're told the Irish rocker sat naked
and acted as if being nude in a plush, crowded restaurant was the most
natural thing in the world. Which, in
some quarters, we suppose it is. "Sometimes people drink vodka and do
strange things," Nikita owner Sylvain
Borsi told us. But didn't he find Bono's behavior a bit eccentric, to say
the least? "No, he was very nice and very
civilized," Borsi said. "I think he just felt more comfortable with
nothing on."
   But he had a really good reason! From Newsday March 30, 1992 : His
spokesman says Bono was actually
being interviewed by a journalist during dinner when the Irish rocker
decided to undress, as we reported. "The
writer was so unimaginative, so frozen, so unloose that Bono thought it
would be a good idea to take his clothes
off," the spokesman said. "And there wasn't much of a reaction." 

7.9.3   What's the deal with Bono's guesthouse?
[CB] Bono used to live in Bray, where he had a small Martello tower
(these were watchtowers built to guard the
coast). In interviews it was often referred to  as his 'castle', when all
it was a spiral staircase with a wall around
it. James Joyce used to live in a similar one close by, so Bono must have
thought it ultra cool. When he moved,
he kept the thing, and rented it out to people for a pound a month, or
something like that. I believe Shane
McGowan lived there for a while.

8. What if I played it backwards? [Hidden messages, etc]
[MJS] This is a new section devoted to the questions that start, "I was
listening to AB with my headphones and I
heard ......" 

8.1 Seconds
[ML]  On Seconds when Edge sings:
 "In an apartment on times square, . . .
  Its the puppets, its the puppets who pull the strings."
 Someone is speaking in the background and it's not the "Soldier Girls"
part, this happens before they stop and
play the excerpt. I've been bugged about this for a while and hope
someone can answer.

[LW] I think what you are talking about (I may be wrong) is a low voice
(Bono's)that has been overdubbed and
he is just repeating the lines.

[AC] Andrew Cowley  (
[ACL] Al Clark (
[AL] Angela Lamb  (
[AK] Alastair Keady  (
[CL] Carl Lindberg  (
[CB] Caroline van Oosten de Boer
[CS] Coco Sindhu   (
[DC] David Caldarelli  (
[EMD] Eoin McDermott (
[Fl] Katie (
[GD] Greg DeJong  (
[Ge] Gene  (
[GB] Gudmundur Bjarni Josepsson (
[GM] Greg Murphy  (
[H] Hobbes (
[JA] Joel Abbott  (
[JC] Jeff Chung via Tony Mason  (
[JH] John Hlavaty (
[JM] Justin Macfarlane (
[JV] Jon Vessey  (
[KM] Kim Mancini   (
[LW] Leslie  (
[M]  Cynos Acherone (
[MK] Michael Kaply  (
[MG] Mike Gentile (
[ML] Morgan Lambert (
[MJS] Maryann Stump  (
[MP] Michelle Panik  (
[MPZ]Michelle Perez   (
[MV] Mariann Vestic  (
[NE] Nems    (
[P] Matt McGee
[PC] Patty Culliton  (
[PH] Paul Hosking   (
[RA] Ray Aguilera  (
[RH] Rob Hynes (
[SL] Sergio Lucero  (
[SR] Saias Remi  (saiasr@JSP.UMontreal.CA)
[SS] Sumit Shah (shahsum @
[SW] Sarah Wilson  (

Thanks to everyone who has contributed. 
               Maryann Stump

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