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Alt-fan-U2-archive-name: fan/U2-faq/part1

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                                                               U2 FAQ
version 1.3 (beta)
February 1, 1998

Maintained by Maryann Stump
Originated by Sergio Lucero
(Copyright 1998) 

(New questions/answers are marked with a %, Incomplete questions are
marked with a #)
0. General information on this FAQ list
0.1  What has changed since last time?
0.2  Where can I find the latest version of this list?%

1. U2 and The Internet 
1.1  How do I subscribe to the Wire mailing-list?
1.2  Where can I find U2-related files via ftp?
1.3  Are there any U2-related newsgroups?
1.4 Are there any U2 WWW sites? %
1.5 What about the online services?
1.6  Is there a U2 channel on IRC?

2. Stories for Boys
2.1 The early years
2.1.1  Who started U2 and when? How did they get those wacky nicknames?
2.1.2  Where does the name U2 come from?
2.1.3  Which band members were/are in U2?
2.1.4  Who's the boy on the cover of "Boy" and "War"?
2.1.5  Wait, I don't see a boy on the "Boy" cover!!
2.1.6  What is said at the end of "Another Time, Another Place"?
2.1.7  What is the meaning behind the title "An Cat Dubh"?
2.1.8  Who is Gavin Friday?

2.2 October to The Unforgettable Fire
2.2.1  Where is the castle on the cover of "The Unforgettable Fire"?
2.2.2  Where did the idea for "The Unforgettable Fire" come from?
2.2.3  Tell me all about the song "Pride (in the name of love)"
2.2.4  Who is the Mrs. Christine Kerr listed in the liner notes?
2.3 Rock's Hottest Ticket - The Joshua Tree and Rattle & Hum
2.3.1  Is The Joshua Tree the biggest U2 album ever?
2.3.2  What's the story behind "Where the Streets have no name"?
2.3.3  Who are Greg Carrol and Jara in "One Tree Hill"?
2.3.4  Tell me about the Negativland incident
2.3.5  In the Song Angel of Harlem, what is "BLS"?
2.3.6  What is The Joshua Trio?
2.3.7  Why haven't I seen the video for Red Hill Mining Town?
2.3.8  Who dies at the end of the All I Want is You video?
2.3.9  Was JT originally a double album?
2.3.10 What does Hawkmoon 269 mean?
2.3.11 Who is Goldman in God Part II? #

2.4 ZooTV - Achtung Baby and Zooropa
2.4.1 What characters does Bono use in shows? Who's in the picture on MacPhisto's dressing table in the Sydney
2.4.2 What is Automatic Baby? Will there be an album?
2.4.3 Who is Wim Wenders?
2.4.4 Who is Charles Bukowski?
2.4.5 Who is William Gibson, and what is Neuromancer?
2.4.6 What's all this fuss about the 'Lemon' video?
2.4.7 What does Vorsprung Durch Technik mean in Zooropa?

2.5 Beyond the Zoo
2.5.1 Passengers
2.5.2 For God's sake, when is the new album coming out?

2.6 Pop
Under construction

3.  The Spoils of Success 
3.1 Awards
3.1.1 Grammys %
3.1.2 Brit Awards %
3.1.3 MTV Awards %
3.1.4 Rolling Stone %
3.1.5 Other %
3.2 Tours %
3.2.1 The Measure of Success? %
3.2.2 Injured in the cause %

4. Discography
4.1  What studio albums have been released?%
4.2 Contributions to anthologies, tribute and charity albums%
4.3  Solo projects/collaborations%
4.3.1 Solo%
4.3.2 Collaborations%
4.3.3 Written expressly for . .%
4.4  Soundtracks 

5. Books, videos, bootlegs
5.1  What books are there on U2? %
5.2  What videos are there?
5.2.1  Full-Length videos
5.2.2  Single-Song videos  
5.3  What's a bootleg?
5.3.1  Where can I buy bootlegs?

6. Fanclubs, Fanzines, and Propaganda
6.1  Addresses of U2 fanclubs
6.2  What are fanzines? What fanzines are available?

7. Gossip
7.1 Marital status
7.1.1 Any children?
7.1.2 Any pets?
7.2 How tall is Bono anyway? %
7.3 I heard that Bono is god. 
7.3.1 I heard that Bono will be playing god in a movie. %
7.4 Is Edge on the Internet? aka, Does Edge read this newsgroup?
7.5 Bottom feeding
7.5.1 Until Further Notice, All of the Following is FALSE
7.5.2 However, oddly enough . . . . 
7.5.3 What's the deal with Bono's guesthouse?

8. What if I played it backwards? [Hidden messages, etc]
8.1 Seconds
 Also under construction

0. General information on this FAQ list
[MJS] The U2 FAQ was started by Sergio Lucero
(, his last edition of the FAQ
(version 0.8) was posted in 1995. I have tried to keep this document as
faithful as possible to Sergio's original
format and intent.  Whether in Switzerland or Chile or sunny California,
Sergio, you'll always be a saint and my
 If you want to make an edition to the FAQ, e-mail me at
and I'll be happy to include it. 
Please do NOT quote the full text of the FAQ in your message.  This email
address is used only for the FAQ
and I check it only a few times a month, don't be concerned if you don't
receive a reply immediately.  

[SL] The facts mentioned in this FAQ are unofficial. Do not bet your
house on whatever you find here.
Hopefully, with time these facts will all be verified and we might just
be able to include a 100% truth certificate.
This information is provided 'as is' for public use and enjoyment. Please
address all corrections to the maintainer
of the list and not to Wire or the newsgroups, as the maintainer has no
time to check them all. 
All answers appear credited, and attributed to their original poster when
it is possible.
Common acronyms
     FYI    = For Your Information
     IMHO    = In My Humble/Honest Opinion
     RTFF   = Read The Friendly FAQ

On Wire, albums and songs are sometimes abbreviated. Some examples are:
 AB=Achtung Baby    EBTTRT=Even Better Than The Real Thing 

0.1  What has changed since last time?
[MJS] To use a consulting phrase, "a substantial amount" with still more
to come.  I reorganized things again,
ditched some questions that are no longer even occasionally asked.  And,
yes, I'm still struggling with the killer
octopus that is the Internet Section.    New questions are denoted by a %
in the table of contents. 
Update 1.3: This version corrects the address for WIRE and the U2 ftp
archives and a few new Websites.   The
WWW section is undergoing a significant revision and, frankly, is
threatening to take over my life. I've added
more, yes, webpages.  I'm in the process of trying to clean out the
existing list, if you know of any webpages
listed here that have died, please let me know.

The other MAJOR change is the posting of the Copyright notice.  The FAQ
has always been copyrighted but
until recently I've been able to avoid including this potentially
threatening notice.  Unfortunately, some cretin
has seen fit to copy large portions of the FAQ (namely the rumors
section) and pass it off as her own work. 
Rather pathetic, IMHO.  The FAQ can still be copied, posted and linked to
websites, used wallpaper and
whatever else may seem appropriate at the moment EXCEPT using it without
attribution and/or selling it.  The
FAQ is the work of literally hundreds of U2 fans; have a little class and
give them credit if you intend to use
their work.

Again, thanks to all who've helped.

0.2  Where can I find the latest version of this list?
The is stored at the Wire Mailing list web page , at the "official" FAQ ftp site, and posted on,, and news.answers
newsgroups around the 12th of each month.  In addition, the FAQ may be
retrieved via E-mail from's
e-mail server.  

1. U2 and the Internet
This section deals with the Wire mailing list, various ways to obtain U2
info in USENET, IRC, commercial
online services FTP and WWW sites.

1.1  What is the Wire mailing-list? How do I subscribe, etc?
>From the Wire FAQ:
[JA] Hello and welcome to the mailing list.  I am Joel Abbott
<>, and I maintain
u2-list (or Wire as the subscribers have nicknamed it).  As of Nov 9,
1997, u2-list had 4217 registered
subscribers.  There are most likely more recipients of the list since
many people are not subscribed and read the
list via one or more web sites.  There is more information on this later.
Please read this entire document!

This list is not affiliated in any way with anyone in U2, at Island
Records, etc.  It is simply a mailing list
maintained by a fan for other fans.

The founder of this mailing list was Rob Bakie
<>.  From there, the list moved
to its second maintainer, Thomas Jordan <>.  On
January 20, 1994, wire moved to me,
its third maintainer.  The list lives on!

Feel free to start a topic of your choice as long your posting contains
something pertaining  to U2.  There are no
moderators on this list, so everything you send to:
goes directly to everyone in the alias file.  Before you post to the
mailing list, keep in mind that many people
will be reading what you write.  The administrative address for u2-list
Please use the administrative address for administrative messages
(removal from list, change of address, etc.,). 
(To change your address, send an unsubscribe request from your old
address and then a subscribe request from
your new address). 

1.2  Where can I find U2-related files via ftp?  What files are
[MJS]     There are several FTP sites with pictures, sound files, lyrics,
and tabs.   /pub/music/artists/u/u2
Mirror Sites:  /music/u/u2 
     This is the mother lode of music files, there are directories for
any band you can think of here.  This site has
the usual stuff pictures - GIF, TIFF, JPEG, and BMP formats - and lyrics.
 There is one sound file,
bonobye.wav, which features Bono saying goodnight to a stadium of
screaming fans.
     What is to pictures, this site is to sound files.  Every
major artist has a directory.  The U2
directory has files in the AU format

1.3  Are there any U2-related newsgroups?
[MJS] There are two: [founded originally for discussion of the
ZooTV tour] and  

1.4 Are there any U2-related WWW sites?
[MJS] Apparently the UN passed a resolution decreeing that henceforth
there shall be on U2 webpage per
household.  These things come and go and I'm hard-pressed to keep up with
either occurrence.  I've tried to
group these pages into categories.  Before removing the "Beta"
designation to this edition of the FAQ I hope to
check on the status of each of these websites.  If you have a U2 page and
it isn't listed here, e-mail me and I'll
include it in the next version.   (Note: If your website blatantly rips
off another website, it won't be included


The Official U2 Popmart Page

Bono's Enchanted Laundry Hamper

U2 Pages by Fans


Angie's Page

The Blue Room

Boosh's U2 Page

BOSTONmART * 97: your friendly superSTORE

Brad Grantham's U2 Page

Brian Laudeman's U2 Page

Burning Star

CelebSite: Bono

Chris's U2 Page

Claire's Blue Room

Columbus Pictures

The Complete Bootleg Guide

Crow's U2 Page



tHe eDgE


The Fly's Wall On The Web

Graham Jenkins' U2 Links

Hibby's Home(r) on the web!

It's All Just One Big Plastic Hassle...

JB Harvey's U2 Page

Jen's Tribute To U2

Kansas City

Lemon Files

Luna's U2 Page

MacPhisto's Mansion - the lounge

Mark Grzymala's Homepage Intro

Martin's U2 Popmart Archive

Mary Eve*~'s little U2 page.

M A X: Inhalt: U2-Interview

Nick Danielson's Music Page

Otto's U2 Popmart Photos

Out of Control


*POP* This!

POP Mart - Boston, MA, 7/2/97

PopMart SuperCenter!

popmart rkf

The POP-Online - Homepage


PopTour97 - U2 PopMart Tour site


POP Related Articles & Interviews

POP Archive

The Playboy Mansion

The POP-mart! (Info about POP)



R. Clarke's U2 Page, pix and links

The Real Thing

Schmuck's U2 Shanty

Sharelook: U2 U2 Links

Stefan's U2 page

Steve's U2 Page

Timothy's U2 Site! 

U2 Mansion

U2 New Zooland

U2 Singer Arrest
(yes, it's a joke)

U2 Pictures

U2 POP Mart


U2 Popmart Photo Opportunity

The U2 page

The U2 Site

U2 station

The U2 Zone

Ultimate U2-Sound-Site

The unforgettable site

U2 Index


U2 Page

U2 Page

U2 Page




U2 live in Madison

U2 Made In Greece

U2 MP3 Archive

U2 On Video



U2 - Expect Nothing - U2

U2 - The Pop interview

U2 At the End of the World

U2 Dublin

U2 from Portugal

U2 nuts

U2 the MEGA site!

U2 world

U2: "Pop"

U2: dream out loud




van diemens land

Vicente Fortea's U2 Page

Where The Site Has No Name

Wire - The U2 Mailing List

Wire Archives: U2 Pictures   


Zoo TV



ZooNation's Rumors & News

U2 Text Pages

alt.culture: U2

Band Chat - U2

Dotmusic Talent: U2


The Ethereal Conection


Media Pages
Canoe's U2

CNN - U2's new 'POP' culture


Island - U2 News


Las Vegas Review Journal: U2

Las Vegas SUN: U2 PopMart

Mr. Showbiz: U2

MTV News Gallery: U2

Neo/Sounds: U2 Feature

Rock Garden - U2

RTE - U2 Direct from Las Vegas: Audio & Video



Wall Of Sound: U2

Commercial Pages

Cor's U2 Only's Collector's Site

U2 Collectables For Sale

U2 Now

U2 - Related

Gavin Friday

Windmill Lane Recording Studios

U2 Fanzines
U2-Fanzine - The Truth, Jokes and other stories


U2 Links
El Jaguar Quetzal U2 Links

Mike's U2 Appreciation Page

U2 Index

U2 Links

U2 Links From Japan

Yahoo - U2 Pages


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