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MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [0/9]

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Archive-name: mpeg-faq/part0
Last-modified: 1996/06/02
Version: v 4.1 96/06/02
Posting-Frequency: bimonthly

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        THE MPEG-FAQ            [Version 4.1 - 1. June 1996]
        PHADE Software
        Inh. Dipl-Inform. Frank Gadegast
        Leibnizstr. 30
        10625 Berlin, GERMANY

        Fon/Fax   ++ 49 30 3128103
        Web site


This is my summary about MPEG.

It's the eights publication of this file. Lots of information has been
added (which has surely brought errors with it, see Murphy's Law).

This edition is REALLY different to the previous one.


You should receive nine files called:

  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [0/9] <- that's this file
  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [1/9] <- that are the nine parts of
  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [2/9] <- the MPEG-FAQ-text-file
  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [3/9]
  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [4/9]
  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [5/9]
  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [6/9]
  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [7/9]
  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [8/9]
  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [9/9]


Save the eight files in the right order to ONE file, strip every header-
information of the file and there you are.

You can always get the newest version of the FAQ and the index-file
via Mosaic at


If you are a system-administrator please ensure to delete the old version
of the MPEG-FAQ. Please store the new version as MPEGFA41.TXT on your local
ftp-server or BSS and compress it to your needs, but be sure the name
MPEGFA41 is included (hopefully in big letters) in the final name.


The FAQ itself will be posted as txt-file to several news-groups
include the *.answers and to alt.binaries.multimedia groups.


If you can't unpack the FAQ, please reply immediately to me:

to prevent others from the same errors ...

Enjoy MPEG, Phade

 PHADE Software   Inh. Dipl-Inform. Frank Gadegast
             Leibnizstr. 30, 10625 Berlin, GERMANY

 * Internet *             Fon/Fax ++ 49 30 3128103
 * Presence *      Internet
 * Provider *             E-mail

* MPEG Archive under *

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