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FAQ: Where to post in REC.ARTS.MOVIES.*
Section - (1.4) If I have something to tell all movie fans, should I crosspost ?

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Top Document: FAQ: Where to post in REC.ARTS.MOVIES.*
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If you think your post is "newsworthy", you may want to submit
it to rec.arts.movies.announce only. If the post is not accepted by the 
moderator, he will probably inform you the best place to post the article.

If there is a comment that you want to make and want everybody
to know about it, you should choose the group that fits your topic
the best.  
  [If you think your post fits into two(or more) groups, 
   refer to Section one, Question 5 on how to use the 
   "follow-up" function when posting.]
  [Please also refer to the standard Netiquette described in
   Section One, Question 3.]

If there isn't one that fits your post at all, your post should 
be discussed in rec.arts.movies.misc. 

  It is unnecessary as most people read more than one group. With
  as many newsgroups as there are, nearly no postings belong in more
  than one!

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