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FAQ: Where to post in REC.ARTS.MOVIES.*
Section - (1.3) What is the standard Netiquette ?

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Top Document: FAQ: Where to post in REC.ARTS.MOVIES.*
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Although there is no authority controlling Usenet, there are generally
accepted traditions called Netiquette. Users may wish to refer to other
appropriate FAQs for details. They are available by anonymous FTP in* or check out :
< > 
via a WWW browser.

A few that are most likely to be immediately helpful are:

When posting, please remember that people all over the world are reading 
your words, so, carefully consider your postings ahead of time.


1) There is no need to repeat similar information in similar 
   subgroups of the same hierarchy (i.e. multiple groups in the 
   rec.arts.movies.* hierarchy).  ** DO NOT CROSSPOST **. 
   Doing so will only increase the volume of traffic on the net and 
   increase the amount of scaning that other users have to do.
   There are also costs associated with article transmission and 
   storage. Unecessary crossposting will only increase those costs.
   Follow the general rules of Netiquette (Usenet etiquette) described in 
   the news.announce.newusers postings above.

2) Always post your articles to the most appropriate subgroups in the 

3) Use a meaningful subject line. 

4) If for some reason, you must crosspost your article, divert all 
   follow-ups to the most appropriate subgroup (choose ONE group) 
   instead of to all groups that you are crossposting to.
   For example :
     Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.current-films,rec.arts.movies.people
     Follouwup-To: rec.arts.movies.people
     Subject: Is Cruise any good in Vampire ?
   (You should also mention in your post in which group that the 
    followups will appear so that people can follow your thread.)

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