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Motif FAQ (Part 2 of 9)
Section - 36) Will CDE and Motif converge? What is the CDE/Motif JDA?

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Top Document: Motif FAQ (Part 2 of 9)
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[Last modified: May 97]

Answer: I'm leaving the following announcement here for historical reference.
Note that the converged CDE/Motif was released in February, 1997 and is called
CDE/Motif 2.1.  A press release is included earlier in this FAQ.

In September, 1995, OSF announced the Joint Development Agreement under which
vendors will participate in a plan to converge Motif and CDE. The announcement

 From  Fri Sep  8 17:55:55 1995
 To: OSF.Motif.Support.Subscribers:;
 Cc: OSF.Service.Subscribers:;
 Subject: OSF Press Release Announcing Signing of CDE/Motif JDA
 Date: Fri, 08 Sep 1995 17:46:04 -0400
 From: Kristen Knotts <>

 To:            OSF Motif Support Subscribers
 From:          The Open Software Foundation

 An electronic mail news update for Motif Support Subscribers
 from the Open Software Foundation (OSF)

 CONTACT:        Jack Dwyer
                 Open Software Foundation
                 (617) 621-7246

     OSF Announces Formal Launch of CDE/Motif Project

 Multi-vendor project to enhance and converge OSF/Motif and the Common
 Desktop Environment

 CAMBRIDGE, MA September 7, 1995 -- The Open Software Foundation today
 announced the formal signing of the Joint Development Agreement for the
 further enhancement and evolution of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE)
 and OSF/Motif under the Open Software Foundation's Pre-Structured
 Technology (PST) development process. The seven sponsors of the CDE/Motif
 PST are Digital Equipment Corp., Fujitsu Limited, Hewlett-Packard Company,
 Hitachi, Ltd, IBM Corp., Novell, Inc., and SunSoft, Inc.

 The CDE/Motif PST is a cooperative, multi-vendor, development project. The
 Open Software Foundation's PST process allows for existing technologies
 from multiple vendors to be further developed and integrated into a
 complete open system technology. The X Consortium has been designated as
 the project's prime contractor.

 CDE/Motif will continue the evolution of the desktop technologies necessary
 to meet the expanding user requirements in such areas as On-line
 Information Access, Printing, and Internationalization. A key objective of
 the PST is to fully converge OSF/Motif and the CDE version of Motif into a
 single development stream. The resulting PST technology will be binary
 compatible with CDE 1.0.

 Mr. Don Harbert, Vice President of UNIX Business Segment for Digital
 Equipment Corporation said, "Digital is an enthusiastic participant in the
 development of the next version of CDE. As a founding member of the Open
 Software Foundation and the first vendor to ship a commercial version of
 the X Window System, Digital recognizes the importance of standard user
 interfaces and the importance of the PST process in developing code."

 "Fujitsu is pleased to support the evolution of CDE and Motif technology,
 both by contributing the Fujitsu OLIAS technology for a robust CDE Online
 Information Access feature, and by improving CDE/Motif
 Internationalization. Providing a common user interface over many different
 hardware systems is critical to the future of Open Systems", said Mitsuru
 Sanagi, General Manager of the Client Server System Strategy and Alliance
 Division, Fujitsu Limited.

 "As one of the original development partners for CDE and as a current
 supplier of CDE technology in AIX, IBM is committed to enhanced usability
 for our AIX customers," said Donna Van Fleet, Vice President for AIX
 Systems Development, IBM RISC System/6000 Division. "Now, as one of the
 sponsors of this new PST, we continue the enhancements to CDE that will
 provide even more ease-of-use value for our customers, while maintaining
 all the benefits of an open technology."

 "CDE is important, industry-unifying technology and Novell is looking
 forward to working with the other CDE/Motif sponsors to continue its
 development," noted Don McGovern, Vice President, Operating System
 Division, Novell, Inc.

 "As chair of the CDE/Motif PST Steering Committee, SunSoft is pleased by
 the active participation and strong commitment for this project.  This
 clearly underscores the strong industry support for open systems," said
 Paula Sager, Vice President of Desktop Technologies, SunSoft, Inc.  "We are
 looking forward to working with our partners to deliver the best open user
 environment available."

 "We're excited that we are able to contribute to this important industry
 initiative ", said Robert W. Scheifler, President of X Consortium.
 "CDE/Motif combines premier desktop technologies and builds on what is now
 a long line of products founded upon X. There is a lot of synergy between
 the X Consortium's objectives and the goals of the CDE/Motif PST. Our
 involvement as the prime contractor for this project is a logical extension
 of that fact."

 The base technologies for the CDE/Motif PST are CDE 1.0 and OSF/Motif 2.0.
 On-line Information Access will include an SGML-based browser, the ability
 to display and print SGML documents, full text search and retrieval, and
 integration with the on-line help facility. Enhanced internationalization
 capabilities will include the ability to display vertical text, support for
 user defined characters, input method selection at run time, and an
 on-the-spot input method capability. Print capabilities include a graphical
 interface for print job submission, a single API for both display and
 printing, printing support for Motif text and label widgets, help,
 calendar, mail and the text editor. In the process, CDE/Motif will be made
 thread safe and will include support for 64-bit architectures.

 The output of this PST joint development will be a merged CDE/Motif source
 package, a standalone version of Motif, and conformance tests for both CDE
 and Motif. Upon completion, the conformance test suites will be offered to
 X/Open for their branding purposes. Also offered to X/Open will be a merged
 style guide for CDE and Motif, the Motif Drag and Drop protocol, and API
 extensions to CDE and Motif.

 The first deliverable of the CDE/Motif PST will be a maintenance release
 for CDE 1.0 planned for the end of 1995. The schedule further calls for a
 CDE/Motif snapshot to be made available to licensees in mid-1996, with
 general availability of CDE/Motif scheduled for the end of 1996.

 For more information on CDE/Motif, you are invited to contact David Knorr,
 OSF CDE/Motif Business Area Manager, at +617-621-7227 or

 The Open Software Foundation delivers technology innovations in all areas
 of open systems, including interoperability, scalability, portability, and
 usability. OSF has created a coalition of worldwide vendors and users in
 industry, government and academia that leverage their economic investments
 by working together to provide the best open systems technology solutions
 for distributed computing environments. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA,
 with offices in Brussels, Grenoble and Tokyo, OSF has more then 380 members

 OSF, OSF/Motif, and Open Software Foundation are trademarks of the Open
 Software Foundation, Inc.

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Top Document: Motif FAQ (Part 2 of 9)
Previous Document: 35) What are the current correct trademark statements for X and
Next Document: 37)* Has anyone done a public domain Motif lookalike?

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