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		--The Usenet Marketplace FAQ--

Volume I.	    The How-To of the
Posting Ads and

The entire FAQ is now in full hypertext on the Web.  If you
have a web browser, then for goodness sakes, don't plow
through the text version!  Point your web browser to:

  Unsolicited e-mail advertising is considered by many to be
  a crime on the internet, despite what list-marketers may
  tell you.  It _will_ ruin your reputation, and may cause you
  to lose your access.

BIZ.MARKETPLACE.* is now retro-moderated.  Inappropriate
  articles or outlandish subjects may be selectively cancelled;
  if this happens, e-mail will be sent to the From: address.

maintained by Daniel King
	Suggestions/comments/flames always welcome!

Volume I. Posting Ads on the Usenet Marketplace
	1.  Welcome to the Usenet Marketplace!
	2.  Purpose of the Usenet Marketplace.
	3.  What is appropriate to post, what isn't?
	4.  How to write ads for newsgroups.
	5.  Usenet Marketplace group list and descriptions.
	6.  How can I receive newsgroups not carried by my site?
	7.  Other classified ads on the Internet.
	8.  Considerations for commercial/entrepreneurial users.
		Subtopic:  A short guide to cancelling articles

Volume II. Conducting Transactions on Usenet
	9.  Finalizing the sale.
	10. Payment and shipping recommendations.
	11. International transactions.
	12. Glossary of common Usenet terms


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