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List of medical FAQ postings (2/2)

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Archive-name: medicine/med-faq-list/part2
Last-modified: 1996/11/30
Version: 3.2
Posting-frequency: discontinued

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NOTICE: As no new moderator has volunteered to continue maintaining the
Medical FAQ List, it will no longer be updated. This is also the final
posting to Usenet, mostly because the present poster has been subjected to
unacceptable junk e-mail bombardment. This version will remain available
from for a limited period.


     Topic: Frequently asked questions about cancer
     Author: Oncolink, University of Pennsylvania
     Abstract: A menu linking to FAQs on a wide range of cancer-related

     Topic: Cancer online information sources
     Author: Loren Buhle,
     Archive: medicine/cancer-faq
     Abstract: Impressive list of URLs for cancer-related Internet

     Topic: Cancer, powerlines &- (FAQ)
     Author: John Moulder,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: powerlines-cancer-FAQ/
     Abstract: Is there a connection between powerlines, electrical
     occupations, and cancer? Discussion of the biophysics of
     interactions with electromagnetic energy, summaries of the
     laboratory and human studies, information on standards.

     Topic: Cancer, static EM fields &- (FAQ)
     Author: John Moulder,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: static-fields-cancer-FAQ/
     Abstract: Is there a connection between static electric and
     magnetic fields and cancer? Discussion of the biophysics of
     interactions with static electromagnetic fields, summaries of the
     laboratory and human studies, information on standards.


     Topic: Vision and eye care
     Author: Grant Sayer,
     Archive: vision-faq/
     Abstract: Optics of the eye and general information; spectacles;
     contact lenses; diseases of the eye; binocular vision problems;
     colour vision problems; refractive surgery & refractive
     corrections; ocular emergencies; resources


     Topic: DEAF-L mini-FAQ
     Author: Omer Zak,
     Newsgroup: bit.listserv.deaf-l, news.answers
     Archive: deaf/pointers
     Abstract : Includes pointers to Web sites about deafness.

     Topic: Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (SNORE)
     Author: Doug Linder,
     Abstract :Information on sleep apnoea and other sleep disorders.
     Includes link to the Sleep Apnoea FAQ.

     Topic: Tinnitus
     Author: Lee Leggore
     Newsgroup:,, news.answers
     Archive: medicine/tinnitus-faq
     Abstract: Definition, diagnosis, causes, prevention, Meniere's
     disease, hyperacusis, treatments, etc.


     Topic: Allergies/asthma
     Author: Eileen kupstas,

     Topic: Amniotic banding and limb loss
     Author: Jen Sullivan,
     URL: E-mail author
     Abstract: Amniotic bands can cause limb deformity or loss

     Topic: Attention deficit disorder
     Author: Frank Kannemann,
     Abstract: A very frustrating paediatric behavioural problem.

     Topic: Autism FAQ
     Author: John Wobus

     Topic: Blood types and Rhesus incompatibility
     Author: Sue Stigleman,
     URL: E-mail author
     Abstract: The story behind haemolytic disese of the newborn.

     Topic: Breastfeeding past the first year
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: misc-kids/breastfeeding/toddlers

     Topic: Chicken pox
     Author: Vicki powers,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: misc-kids/chickenpox

     Topic: Childhood vaccinations
     Author: Lynn Gazis-Sax,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: misc-kids/vaccinations
     Abstract: Terms, immunization schedules, specific vacinnations.

     Topic: Colic (infantile)
     Author: Elaine Kiernan,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: misc-kids/colic

     Topic: Diaper rash
     Author: Wallace Mayo,
     URL: E-mail author
     Abstract: Remarkable similarities to a condition known in the UK
     and Australasia as 'nappy rash'.

     Topic: Down's syndrome
     Author: SM Pueschel/ Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC)
     Abstract: What it is, development, characteristics, causes, health
     concerns, services, etc.

     Topic: Ear infections/tubes (paediatric)
     Author: Laurel Cheap,
     Abstract: Medical and surgical management of otitis media.

     Topic: Eczema (paediatric)
     Author: Gloria Logan, glogan@ATK.COM
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: misc-kids/eczema

     Topic: Pediatrician, selecting a-
     Author: Lisa Chirlian,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: misc-kids/pediatrician-questions
     URL: Send message 'SEND PED FAQ' to

     Topic: Preterm birth
     Author: Stuart Houlahan,
     URL: E-mail author

     Topic: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
     Author: Margaret Gibbs,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: misc-kids/sids
     Abstract: Also known as a 'cot death'.


     Topic: Lab Test Interpretation
     Author: Edward Uthman,
     Newsgroup:; news.answers
     Archive: pathology/lab-test-interpretation
     Abstract: The possible meaning behind deviations in blood
     chemistry and haematology.

     Topic: The biospsy report: a patient's guide
     Author: Edward Uthman,
     Newsgroup:; news.answers
     Archive: pathology/biopsy-report-guide
     Abstract: This is an explanation of the pathologist's report on
     biopsies, aimed at the educated layperson.

Pharmacology/clinical toxicology

     Topic: Amalgam-related illness FAQ
     Author: Leif Hedegard,
     Abstract: FAQs on mercury intoxication.

     Topic: Coffee and caffeine
     Author: Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz,
     Abstract: Includes a section on caffine and health.

     Topic: DrugFAQs
     Author: VirSci Corporation
     Abstract: Frequently asked questions about drugs from

Psychiatry and clinical pyshcology

     Tpoic: Emotional Support on the Internet
     Author: Steve Harris,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: support/emotional/resources-list
     Abstract: Mailing lists, newsgroups, and conferences on online
     services offering emotional support.

     Topic: Alcoholics Anonymous FAQ
     Author: David H,
     Newsgroup: alt.recovery.aa, news.answers
     Abstract: Alcoholics anonymous information.

     Topic: Bipolar affective disorder (Manic depression)
     Abstract: BAD, depression, mania, hypomania, cyclothymia, other
     resources, etc.

     Topic: Depression FAQ
     Author: Cynthia Frazier,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: alt-support-depression/faq/
     Abstract: Depression primer (definitions, concepts), causes,
     treatment, medication, ECT, relation to substance abuse and
     alcohol, how to seek help and find a doctor, resources.

     Topic: Depression book list
     Author: Self-Help Information Centre,
     Newsgroup:; news.answers
     Archive: alt-support-depression/books
     Abstract: List of depression-related books with comments.

     Topic: Dissociation FAQ
     Author: Tina Sikorski,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: dissoc-faq/
     Abstract: Dissociative disorders including multiple-personality

     Topic: Personality types
     Abstract: FAQs on personality typing systems.

     Topic: Psychology Web pointer
     Author: John M. Grohol,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: www/resources/psychology
     Abstract: A pointer to mental health resources on the WWW.

     Topic: Psychology & support groups newsgroup pointer
     Author: John Grohol,
     Newsgroup:; news.answers
     Archive: finding-groups/psychology-and-support
     Abstract: Which newsgroups can you look into for a specific

     Topic: Psychology & support mailing-list pointer
     Author: John Grohol,
     Newsgroup:; news.answers
     Archive: medicine/support-mail-lists
     Abstract: Which mailing lists can you subscribe to for a specific

     Topic: sci.psychology FAQ
     Author: Rolf Lindgren
     Abstract: Common questions asked on sci.psychology.

     Topic: Suicide - FAQ
     Author: Graham Stoney,
     Newsgroup: sci.psychology.misc, news.answers
     Archive: suicide/info
     Abstract: Attempts at suicide, and suicidal thoughts or feelings
     are usually a symptom indicating that a person isn't coping, often
     as a result of some event or series of events that they personally
     find overwhelmingly traumatic or distressing. In many cases, the
     events in question will pass, their impact can be mitigated, or
     their overwhelming nature will gradually fade if the person is
     able to make constructive choices about dealing with the crisis
     when it is at its worst. Since this can be extremely difficult,
     this article is an attempt to raise awareness about suicide, so
     that we may be better able to recognize and help other people in
     crisis, and also to find how to seek help or make better choices

     Topic: Suicide - Internet & International Crisis Resources and
     Author: Graham Stoney,
     Newsgroup: sci.psychology.misc, news.answers
     Archive: suicide/resources
     Abstract: This posting contains information primarily about crisis
     and suicide prevention resources available on the Internet, and
     other national resources available in various countries.

     Topic: Therapy FAQ
     Author: Melissa Miles,
     Abstract: 'The why, what, where and how of going to a therapist'

     Topic: Welcome to alt.recovery FAQ
     Author: David H,
     Newsgroup: alt.recovery
     Archive: alt-recovery/welcome
     Abstract: Substance abuse recovery discussion.


     Topic: Medical image format FAQ
     Author: David Clunie,
     Newsgroup: alt.image.medical, news.answers
     Archive: medical-image-faq/
     Abstract: General information; standard formats; proprietary CT,
     MR, and other formats; compression; and information sources.

     Topic: Medical image volume visualization software FAQ
     Author: Matti Haveri,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: medical-image-faq/volume-visualization
     Abstract: Software packages, user's notes, etc, on medical volume
     visualization and imaging.

Respiratory medicine

     Topic: Asthma - general information
     Author: Patricia Wrean,
     Archive: medicine/asthma/general-info
     Abstract: General FAQs for the newsgroup
     covering diagnosis, management, and resources.

     Topic: Asthma medications
     Author: Patricia Wrean,
     Archive: medicine/asthma/medications
     Abstract: List of commonly prescribed medications by generic and
     brand name, with a glossary.

     Topic: Asthma reading/resource list
     Author: Lynn Short,
     URL: E-mail author

     Topic: FAQ
     Author: Barry Pekilis,


     Topic: Aortic aneurysm
     Author: M David Tilson,
     Abstract: FAQs and other information on abdominal aortic

     Topic: Circumcison (paediatric)
     Author: Janet Sakell, jcs@holmes.acc.Virginia.EDU
     URL: E-mail author
     Abstract: There are medical reasons for circumcison - not all are
     performed for social reasons.

     Topic: Surgery, infant/child
     Author: Kimberly Long,
     URL: E-mail author
     Abstract: Inguinal hernia/infant surgery/general anaesthesia.


     Topic: Prostatitis
     Author: John Koch,
     Archive: medicine/prostatitis-faq/
     Abstract: Diagnosis, causes, treatment.

     Topic: Vasectomy (male sterilization)
     Author: Nick Wilson,, and M Baker
     Newsgroup: (occasional postings)
     URL: E-mail author
     Abstract: This FAQ covers all the major issues relating to
     vasectomy (male sterilization). It specifically deals with the
     following issues: what a vasectomy is, its effectiveness, its
     affect male sexual activity, the preoperative interview, vasectomy
     reversal, pre-operative sperm banking, where vasectomies can be
     obtained, what the operation involve, post operative care, when it
     becomes effective, risks of complications, the evidence relating
     to long term health hazards, alternatives to having a vasectomy,
     "no-scalpel" vasectomy, summary of the advantages of a vasectomy,
     summary of the disadvantages of a vasectomy, further reading and

Bruce C McKenzie MB ChB (NZ)


Bruce McKenzie MB ChB
Chesterfield, UK   
Medicine & the Internet  

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