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List of medical FAQ postings (1/2)

( Part1 - Part2 )
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Archive-name: medicine/med-faq-list/part1
Last-modified: 1996/11/30
Version: 3.2
Posting-frequency: discontinued

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NOTICE: As no new moderator has volunteered to continue maintaining the
Medical FAQ List, it will no longer be updated. This is also the final
posting to Usenet, mostly because the present poster has been subjected to
unacceptable junk e-mail bombardment. This version will remain available
from for a limited period.

About this file:

     This file is a list of 'frequently asked questions' (FAQs) and
     other periodical documents on medicine/health-related topics
     posted to Usenet newsgroups on the Internet. Version 1.0 was
     posted on October 1, 1994. This document is best viewed at

     where hypertext links will take you to most of the FAQs listed.

     FAQ-type documents elsewhere (such as on the WWW) are also
     included in the List. These medical/ health-related FAQs are of
     value to both patients and health professionals, as they highlight
     the most common concerns held by sufferers, and help to fill the
     health information void. Some are genuinely frequently asked
     questions from Usenet discussions; others represent the efforts of
     individuals to share information they have collected. Please
     remember that the information found in these FAQs may not
     represent general medical opinion, and should not be a substitute
     for consulting your doctor or other healthcare professional.

     For an overview of the FAQ philosophy, see 'FAQs about FAQs' from
     Russ Hersch, posted to news.answers and archived at MIT (see

     Because people on the Net come and go, previous versions of this
     FAQ may be invalid if I am unaware of a change in author or e-mail
     address. I rely on your help to ensure this list is as accurate as
     possible, as I cannot read all the newsgroups on a regular basis
     myself. If you are unable to locate an FAQ in this list or are a
     new FAQ author yourself, please let me know.

     Suggestions and submissions for inclusion in future versions are
     most welcome. Many thanks to those who have already sent a
     contribution to this list.

     The easiest way to submit an update is via the form at:

     Listings follow the form:

        * Topic:
        * Author:
        * Newsgroup: [Not all cross-postings listed: concentrating on
 and news.answers].
        * Archive: [Archive name at
, unless in
          alternative location at MIT].
        * URL: [Other locations, such as FTP or on the WWW].
        * Abstract:

Copyright notice

     Copyright 1996 by Bruce C McKenzie. Permission is granted to
     transmit and store this document electronically or otherwise,
     providing that it remains unedited. Any site, online service,
     other electronic medium, or publication that charges for access to
     their material must first contact this author before making the
     Medical FAQ List available. Any errors are unintentional, and any
     expenses or inconveniences incurred as a consequence of their
     interpretation are not the responsibility of this author.

How do I access the FAQs in this list?

     1. Usenet: Read the appropriate newsgroups on the off chance that
     an update has been posted. news.answers (a moderated repository
     for periodic Usenet articles) is a good place to look if you can't
     find an FAQ where you expect it, as many are co-posted here. Many
     of the* FAQs are posted to the

     2. FTP: FTP the file from '' and
     change to the relevant directory. Some FAQs have been approved by
     the *.answers moderation team, and these can be found in the
     '' directory.
     Alternative archive locations are sometimes given below
     (particularly for the alt.* hierarchy).

     3. E-mail: Send an e-mail request to - or a
     closer FTP mailserver, with the following in the body of the

          cd /pub/usenet/[substitute name of newsgroup]

     One you have the directory listing you can substitute the 'dir'
     command with 'get' (the filename). Note that not all FAQs listed
     here are archived in this way.

     Alternatively, as a last resort, send e-mail to one of the
     contacts listed in the List of medical FAQ postings to request a
     copy. Note that where a named person is given as a contact, this
     person will have to send the FAQ to you by personal e-mail. As
     this involves his or her time and possible expense, please do not
     randomly make requests for FAQs, but try other means first.

     4. WWW: If you have full Internet access, run your WWW browser and
     use one of the following URLs for a hypertext listing of Usenet

     University of Ohio (US):

     Libraries Automation Service WWW Server, Oxford (UK):

How can I get a copy of this document?

     1. Usenet: Read the, sci.answers, or news.answers
     newsgroups on the off chance that an update has been posted.

     2. FTP: FTP the file from the MIT archive:

     3. E-mail: Send an e-mail request as above, or to - or a closer FTP mailserver, with the
     following in the body of the message:

          cd /pub/usenet/news.answers/medicine/med-faq-list/
          get part1
          get part2

     4. WWW: Use one of the Web sites as above to locate a
     semi-hypertext version of this file, generated automatically from
     a text file. Alternatively, visit the Oxford University Press
     'Medicine and the Internet' Web pages to view the original file in

     Medicine and the Internet:


           L I S T . O F . M E D I C A L . F A Q . P O S T I N G S


Chronic fatigue syndrome

     Topic: Chronic fatigue syndrome
     Author: Roger Burns,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: medicine/chronic-fatigue-syndrome/
     Abstract: Several files covering newsgroup guidelines, electronic
     resources, FAQs, treatments, #CFS IRC (a live chat channel), etc.

Complimentary therapies/'Non-Western' medicine

     Topic: Massage
     Author: J. Blustein,
     Newsgroup: alt.backrubs
     Abstract: Answers to questions frequently asked in alt.backrubs, a
     newgroup discussing massage techniques, principles and related
     issues (e.g. patients' relations with health care professionals
     and society's opinions, attitudes towards nudity and non-sexual
     touch. The FAQ answers many common questions in the group and
     discusses some of those other issues too.

     Topic: Homeopathics - FAQ
     Author: Neil Sandow
     Abstract: Principles and practice, resources.

     Topic: Homeopathy home page
     Author: Jon Haworth
     Abstract: Links to FAQs and other homeopathy resources.

     Topic: Oriental medicine
     Author: Norman Kraft,
     Abstract: Home page for the OrMed mailing list, featuring FAQs and
     related information.

     Topic: Medicinal herbs
     Author: Henriette Kress,
     Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs, news.answers
     Archive: medicinal-herbs/
     Abstract: FAQs, general information, other resources, teachings,


     Topic: Anti-Thyroid Drugs
     Author: Mary Brennan

     Topic: Diabetes - FAQ
     Author: Edward Reid,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: diabetes/faq/
     Abstract: General information (Part 1), blood glucose monitoring
     (Part 2), treatment (Part 3), sources (Part 4), and research (Part

     Topic: Diabetes - Insulin pump discussion
     Author: Jim Summers,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: diabetes/insulin-pump-disc
     Abstract: Description of insulin pumps and their features, types
     of insulin used, buyer's guide.

     Topic: Diabetes, junvenile
     Author: Rene Roberts,
     URL: E-mail author

     Topic: Diabetes - Software
     Author: Michael Wolfe, MWOLFE@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: diabetes/software
     Abstract: Software to download and analyze blood glucose readings
     from home monitoring devices, other software (nutritional
     databases, logbooks, etc.), other electronic information

     Topic: Graves' Disease
     Author: Mary Brennan

     Topic: Hashimoto's Disease
     Author: Mary Brennan

     Topic: Thyroid Disease and Radioactive Iodine
     Author: Mary Brennan

     Topic: Thyroid Function Tests
     Author: A. Macklin


     Topic: Celiac FAQ
     Author: Multiple authorship
     Newsgroup: bit.listserv.celiac
     Abstract: Covers celiac disease (gluten intolerance).

     Topic: Collagenous Colitis FAQ
     Author: Mel Malinowski,
     Abstract: A brief synopsis.

     Topic: Inflammatory bowel disease FAQ
     Author: Christopher Holmes,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: medicine/crohns-colitis-faq
     Abstract: Covers Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis with
     definitions, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and dietary

     Topic: Inflammatory bowel disease INFO FAQ
     Author: Susan Blanc,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: medicine/crohns-colitis-info-faq
     Abstract: Information resources for

     Topic: Irritable bowel syndrome
     Author: Laura Zurawski,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: medicine/irritable-bowel-syndrome-faq
     Abstract: Definition, symptoms, natural history, treatments.

Infectious disease

     Topic: Acquired Immune Decifiency Syndrome (AIDS)
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: aids-faq/
     Abstract: General information, prevention, treatment, social
     services, debate, resources, etc.

Lifestyle and fitness

     Topic: Abdominal training
     Author: Tim mansfield,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: abdominal-training
     Abstract: FAQs from concerning training abdominal

     Topic: Hardgainer body-building/ weightlifting FAQ
     Author: Francis Kelly ( and Craig Sadler
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: body-building/hardgainer-faq

     Topic: FAQ
     Author: Jeff Gleixner,
     Newsgroup: news.answers
     Archive: misc-fitness/
     Abstract: FAQs, exercise equipment information, exercises per body
     part and the areas they work, recommended reading, glossary.

     Topic: Meditation
     Author: Jeffrey Chance,
     Newsgroup: alt.meditation, news.answers
     Archive: meditation/faq
     Abstract: Not all medicine involves taking pills. Resources,
     definition, practice, implications, etc.

     Topic: rec.bicycles FAQ
     Author: Mike Iglesias,
     Newsgroup: rec.bicycles.misc, news.answers
     Archive: bicycles-faq/
     Abstract: Everything you need to know to keep fit (and safe) on a
     bicycle. Also information about nutrition and various injuries.

     Topic: Running FAQ
     Author: Dennis Rears,
     Newsgroup: rec.running
     Archive: running-faq
     Abstract: 'The Running Page' includes details of upcoming races,
     race results, places to run, running related products, magazines,
     and other information including the rec.running FAQ.

     Topic: Stretching FAQ
     Author: Brad Appleton
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: Archive: stretching/
     Abstract: Physiology, flexibility, how-to, etc.

     Topic: Training - nutrition
     Author: Paul Moses
     Abstract: Nutritional basics of training.

     Topic: Vegetarianism
     Author: Geraint Edwards,
     Newsgroup: rec.foods.veg


     Topic: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine FAQ
     Author: Padmini Srinivasan,

     Topic: List of medical FAQ postings
     Author: Bruce McKenzie,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: medicine/med-faq-list
     Abstract: Evolving list of medicine/health-related FAQ documents
     available on the Internet [the list you are currently reading].

     Topic: Medical Informatics FAQ
     Author: Aamir Zakaria,
     Newsgroup:,, news.answers
     Archive: medical-informatics-faq
     Abstract: Definition, training, learning more.

     Topic: Palliative care FAQs
     Author: L.F. Ng,
     Abstract: What is palliative care? When should palliative care be
     incorporated into a patient's management plan? Who delivers and
     receives palliative care?

     Topic: Stuttering
     Author: John Harrison,, and Judith Kuster,
     URL: gopher:// -> Academic Colleges &
     Departments -> Communication Disorders.

     Topic: Transplant FAQ
     Author: Michael Holloway,
     Newsgroup: bit.listserv.transplant,, news.answers
     Archive: medicine/transplant-faq/
     Abstract: Issues concerning organ donation and transplantation.

Musculoskeletal medicine

     Topic: Pointing device injury summary
     Author: Pete Johnson,
     URL: E-mail author

     Topic: Psoriatic arthritis FAQ
     Author: Bruce Giese,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: medicine/arthritis/psoriatic_faq
     Abstract: Personal experiences and comment taken from the

     Topic: Typing injuries
     Author: Dan Wallach, dwallach@CS.Princeton.EDU
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: typing-injury-faq/general
     Abstract: Repetetive strain injury/ traumatic overuse syndrome.


     Topic: Alzheimer's disease
     Author: Alzheimer Society of Ottawa-Carleton

     Topic: Traumatic brain injury
     Author: Len Burns,

     Topic: Migraine FAQ
     Author: Jennifer Davis-Walton,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: alt/support/migraine/
     Abstract: Symptoms, physiology, triggers, relief, psychology, etc.

     Topic: Multiple sclerosis
     Abstract: Archived postings to and
     mailing list.


     Topic: Diet FAQ
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: dieting-faq/
     Abstract: Definitions, diet and nutrition information, resources,
     exercise, etc.

     Topic: Fat Acceptance FAQs
     Author: Sasha Wood,
     Abstract: Pointer to various fat-acceptance FAQs.

     Topic: Fat free vegetarian resource list
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: food/fatfree/cookbook/vegetarian
     Abstract: A list of books and cookbooks on extremely low-fat
     vegetarian diets.


     Topic: Midwifery
     Author: Pat Sonnenstuhl,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: medicine/midwifery/
     Abstract: What are midwives and what do they do, how to become
     one, bibliography, etc.

     Topic: Nursing FAQ
     Author: Denis Anthony,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: nursing-faq
     Abstract: Charter for, nursing resources, treating
     superficial wounds, representative bodies, etc.

Obstetrics and gynaecology

     Topic: Alph-feto-protein (AFP) test
     Author: Lynn Gazis-Sax,
     Archive: misc-kids/pregnancy/screening/AFP
     Abstract: Details on alfa-fetal protein test used to detect
     possible abnormalities of the fetal nervous system in pregnancy.

     Topic: Birth Planning FAQ
     Author: Sabrina Cuddy,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: misc-kids/pregnancy/birth-plan/

     Topic: Bradley method of natural childbirth
     Author: Sabrina Cuddy,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: misc-kids/pregnancy/bradley/method

     Topic: Caesarian sections
     Author: Amy Moseley Rupp,
     URL: E-mail author

     Topic: Epidural anesthesia
     Author: Sabrina Cuddy,
     Archive: misc-kids/pregnancy/anesthesia/epidural

     Topic: Group B Streptococcus infection in pregnancy
     Author: Cheryl Sandberg,
     Abstract: Definition, complications, prevention, diagnosis,
     treatment, and FAQs.

     Topic: Infertility
     Author: Lara Nolan,
     URL: E-mail author 'send infertility FAQ'

     Topic: Pregnancy, complications- extended bedrest for-
     Author: Sian Meikle,
     URL: E-mail author

     Topic: Pregnancy, gestational diabetes
     Author: Lauren Halverson,
     URL: E-mail author

     Topic: Pregnancy, miscarriage
     Author: Laura Brooks,
     Newsgroup:, news.answers
     Archive: misc-kids/miscarriage/

     Topic: Pregnancy, nutrition in
     Author: Sabrina Cuddy,
     Archive: misc-kids/pregnancy/bradley/nutrition

     Topic: Prenatal testing: amniocentesis
     Author: Lynn Gazis,
     Archive: pub/usenet/ga/gazissax/amnio.faq

     Topic: Prenatal testing: overview and personal stories
     Author: Lynn Gazis,

     Topic: Prenatal testing: pregnancy and pre-pregnancy tests
     Author: Lynn Gazis,
     Archive: pub/usenet/ga/gazissax/pregnancy.tests

     Topic: Prenatal testing: ultrasound
     Author: Lynn Gazis,
     Archive: pub/usenet/ga/gazissax/ultrasound.faq

     Topic: Vulvar pain
     Author: Camilla Cracchiolo,
     URL: E-mail author
     Abstract: Vulvodynia and vulvar vestibulitis syndrome.

Bruce C McKenzie MB,ChB (NZ)


Bruce McKenzie MB ChB
Chesterfield, UK   
Medicine & the Internet 

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