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NEW! UNIX Email Software Survey FAQ [Part 1 of 3]

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		UNIX EMail Software - a Survey
		       Chris Lewis
		[and a host of others - thanks]

		Copyright 1991-1998, Chris Lewis

		Redistribution for profit, or in altered content/format
		prohibited without permission of the author.
		Redistribution via printed book or CDROM expressly
		prohibited without consent of the author.  Any other
		redistribution must include this copyright notice and

Note to the patient readers who noticed that nothing has changed in this
FAQ since 1996...

Email systems have changed radically over the past few years, and I'm
beginning the daunting task of bringing this FAQ into the new world.

I'm planning a lot of changes: 
	- Adding POP/IMAP discussions, and common implementations
	- Extensive coverage of anti-spam measures resources, and
	- Updating recommendations to include things like the phase out
	  of UUCP, predominance of POP/SMTP/MIME etc., S/Mime, PGP
	- Other suggestions?

I've started off the ball by mostly changes in the second and third parts:

    - updated sendmail
    - dropped IDA sendmail references.
    - dropped EASE references
    - begun the deprecation of obsolete solutions (UUCP, UUCP maps etc)
    - added exim.
    - added qmail.
|    - updated MMDF

It would help a lot if anyone wanting to add a section on their favourite
email topic (UNIX please!) could write it and send a copy to me.  I'll also
be dredging through my archives to find previous comments that haven't yet
been added.

Changes are marked with a preceding "|".  You can skip to them
by typing g^| in (most) newsreaders.

Note: this FAQ has been formatted as a digest.  Many newsreaders
can skip to each of the major subsections by pressing ^G.

Please direct comments or questions to -
note Reply-to: line - automatic if you reply to this article.

Many changes made in the second and third parts.

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