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Archive-name: macintosh/games-faq
Last-modified: 1996/10/06

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(last changed October 6, 1996)

Welcome to the hierarchy!

If you're new to these groups, READ THIS.  All of it.  Please.

[  Changes to today's FAQ:

    Updated the tech support numbers for LucasArts.

This FAQ provides the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions on
these newsgroups; readers new to this group should read it before posting.

It is posted twice a month to*, comp.answers, and
news.answers.  New users of Usenet news should also be sure to read all 
of the articles in news.announce.newusers to familiarize themselves with 
the general etiquette of communicating on the net.

The* subgroups are:     Announcements for Mac gamers. (Moderated)       Action games for the Macintosh.    Adventure games for the Macintosh.  Macintosh games for sale and trade.         Macintosh games not covered in other groups.   Flight simulator gameplay on the Mac.    Strategy/planning games on the Macintosh.

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Corrections, suggestions, and large cash bribes are welcome; please send
them to Christina Schulman at <>.

Subject: Table of Contents Table of Contents 0. A word about flaming. 1. Where can I find Mac games available for anonymous ftp? 2. What does .hqx mean? What about .cpt and .sit? 3. Where else can I get Mac games? 4. What's the Patchlist/GPHL? Could somebody please repost it? 5. What's ResEdit? How do I get it? 6. I'm completely stuck in this game I'm playing. Where can I get a walkthru? 7. What's an easter egg? 8. How do I fix the bug in Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis? 9. The 7th Guest keeps crashing on my Mac! What do I do? 10. I just saw this really great game called "X-Wing" on the PC. Is it available for the Mac? 11. I just saw this really great game called "DOOM" on the PC. Is it available for the Mac? 12. Where can I find a list of forthcoming games for the Mac? 13. What's the cheat code in SimCity 2000? 14. How do I play the game Maniac Mansion from within Day of the Tentacle? 15. What happened to the guy who did "Fool's Errand" and "3 in Three"? 16. Where can I find Wesleyan Tetris? 17. How do I run Apple ][+ games on my Mac? 18. I've done some programming on other machines, and I'd like to write a game on my Mac. How do I start? 19. I've written this terrific game for the Mac. How do I get it out to the major ftp sites? 20. What's "IMG"/"Inside Mac Games"? 21. Are there any freeware chess games for the Mac? 22. Are there any mahjong games for the Mac? 23. Where can I find shareware games for young children? 24. I always loved playing [Pacman, Star Wars, Frogger, etc.] at the arcade. Is there a Mac version? 25. What games will fail to run on my [AV Mac, PowerMac, bizarrely configured Mac]? How do I fix them? 26. What joystick should I buy for my Mac? 27. Is there a FAQ for [FA-18, Sim City 2000, Civilization, Bolo, Pathways into Darkness, Spaceward Ho!, Marathon, 7th Guest...] Credits
Subject: 0. A word about flaming. Every now and then some moron posts something along the lines of "Mac games suck!!!!! Get a real machine!!!!!" And immediately 30 or 40 people take the bait and post long, vitriolic replies and exhort everyone to mail-bomb the perpetrator. Please, please, please don't waste your time and our bandwidth replying to this kind of idiocy. More often than not it was posted as a practical joke from the account of some hapless user who left themselves logged in in a public computer cluster. The owner of the account then logs back in a day or two later to find several megs of hate mail and uuencoded core dumps in their mail spool. If you feel that you absolutely have to share your witty, concise flame on the complete superiority of the Mac above all other gaming platforms, take it to comp.sys.mac.advocacy, where it will be appreciated.
Subject: 1. Where can I find Mac games available for anonymous ftp? The 2 major sites for ftp'ing Mac software are (usually referred to as "info-mac") and However, these two sites are so incredibly busy that they are nearly impossible to connect to (in fact, info-mac no longer accepts direct ftp connections), so you will need to use a mirror site such as A mirror site is a site that contains an exact copy of the contents of another site, in the hopes of diverting some traffic away from the more popular site. Mirror sites are usually updated 1 to 3 days behind the "mother" site. Other mirror sites of info-mac and umich exist at (North America), (Australia) and (Switzerland). It's more polite and generally faster to connect to a site that's on the same continent as you are. Wherever this FAQ points to a file at info-mac or umich, the URL (Universal Resource Locator) given is for that file's location at the AOL mirrors. This is because the AOL mirrors are fast, reliable, and frequently updated. It's also because the FAQ maintainer enjoys the idea of Usenet taking advantage of AOL for a change, instead of the other way around. Bruce Grubb periodically posts a comprehensive list of Mac ftp sites to It is available via ftp from info-mac in <> and from umich in <>. There is an HTML version at <>.
Subject: 2. What does .hqx mean? What about .cpt and .sit? Files ending in .hqx are binary files which have been converted to BinHex format so that they can be transmitted as ASCII text files via the Internet. There are various utilities that will BinHex and de-BinHex files, among them Compact Pro and StuffIt (see below). Some Mac ftp clients such as Fetch will automatically de-BinHex files when you download them. Files ending in .cpt have been compressed by Compact Pro; files ending in .sit have been compressed by StuffIt. Compact Pro by Bill Goodman and StuffIt Lite from Aladdin Systems are shareware; they can be ftp'd >from any of the major Mac ftp sites, and the registration fee for each is $25. Files ending in .sea are self-extracting archives; just double- click on them to extract their contents. StuffIt Expander is a nifty free utility from Aladdin Systems that will uncompress StuffIt, Compact Pro, and Applelink archives. It will also decode BinHex 4.0 files without requiring you to first strip the headers. It's available at info-mac in MacBinary and binhex formats as <> and <>.
Subject: 3. Where else can I get Mac games? Well, you could buy them. Most software stores have a section for Mac games, but you can usually get better prices, a better selection, and a better return policy from mailorder sources. Each issue of MacWorld and MacUser contains many, many ads for mailorder companies, between which they occasionally sandwich articles. The phone numbers for the biggest sources in the USA are: MacConnection: 1-800-800-3333 1-603-446-5555 MacWarehouse: 1-800-255-6227 1-908-370-3801 MacZone: 1-800-248-0800 1-206-603-2400 Mac's Place: 1-800-249-0009 1-406-758-8000 (formerly Computer Outfitters, which was formerly Mac's Place. Don't ask.) They'll be happy to send you a complete catalog upon request. There are also several mailorder sources on the WWW: Computer Express: <> Cyberian Outpost: <> Cyberian Outpost in particular has an excellent reputation on the groups. Both of these companies do overseas shipping. NOTE: Mailorder sources are NOT the most reliable source of information about release dates for games. Games are often advertised in their catalogs, usually with preliminary screenshots, months before they are actually available. Also, the sales clerks generally have no idea when the game will be released. If they tell you it'll be available in "two weeks," that could mean two weeks, two months, or a year from next Tuesday. Local Mac User Groups are another source for games; often shareware and freeware games are distributed on disk at meetings or are available for downloading on their bulletin boards. Contact your local MUG for details. If you can't find a game anywhere else, you can always order it from the company directly.
Subject: 4. What's the Patchlist/GPHL? Could somebody please repost it? The Patchlist is a list of fixes that the legal owners of certain games can apply to the programs to bypass the irritating copy protection schemes. Anthony Chan used to maintain it; Geoffrey Peters now maintains it and periodically posts the latest version to The GPHL is not currently available by email, although an auto-remailer is in the works. It is, however, available at lots of sites on the WWW: Geoff's home pages: <> Dave Stanworth's Games Domain: <> Mark Lilback's GWU Gaming Society: <>
Subject: 5. What's ResEdit? How do I get it? ResEdit is a utility from Apple that lets you edit the resources of Mac files. (Hence the name.) You will need it if you want to patch games or extract beep sounds. You can severely damage your software this way, so you really shouldn't use it unless you more or less know what you're doing. (And even if you do, it's a good idea to use it on a copy of the file.) ResEdit can be ftp'd from <>.
Subject: 6. I'm completely stuck in this game I'm playing. Where can I get a walkthru? Solutions and hints for many popular games are available via anonymous ftp at <> and <>. There's also a large solution site at <>, but you will need gunzip or MacGzip to uncompress these files. (Gunzip is available from the GNU archives at; MacGzip is available at <>.) If you can't find an answer there, post your question to the appropriate subgroup--chances are *somebody* on has gotten farther than you! If someone posts a question for which you also want the answer, instead of posting "Send me the answer too!" send email to the original poster and ask him or her to relay the answer to you.
Subject: 7. What's an easter egg? An easter egg--the kind you find in Mac games, anyway--is any sort of hidden surprise (hence the name) that occurs when an unlikely set of conditions are met. For example, when the system clock is set to December 25, Maelstrom displays Christmas ornaments in the title screen. Another example is the very large literal easter egg suspended over a remote lake in F/A-18. A list of Macintosh and Newton easter eggs compiled by Brian Kendig <> can be found at info-mac at <>. Daniel Fanton <> maintains a comprehensive web site devoted to Apple Easter Eggs at <>, and there's a cross-platform Easter Egg Archive page at <>. Of course, if the programmer didn't put it in on purpose, it's not an easter egg, it's a "feature."
Subject: 8. How do I fix the bug in Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis? There is indeed a bug in Indy Atlantis. On the Team Path, when you land the balloon on the "X" in the desert, the game hangs. A patch for this bug is available via anonymous ftp at info-mac at <>. It can also be obtained directly from LucasArts at: LucasArts Entertainment P.O. Box 10307 San Rafael, CA 94912 Phone (tech support only): (415) 507-4545 Fax: (415) 507-0300
Subject: 9. The 7th Guest keeps crashing on my Mac! What do I do? The vast majority of 7th Guest crashes are caused by memory problems. DON'T change the application's preferred memory size to anything other than the suggested memory size (2300 k), or it will crash! If virtual memory or the Modern Memory Manager are available on your system, turn them off and restart your Mac before starting the game. If you are running 7th Guest on a Power PC, try using the PPC patch from <>. Because the 7th Guest writes saved games into the application file, a crashed game often causes the user to lose his or her saved games. To recover saved games from a crashed copy of 7th Guest, rename the original 7th Guest folder, then install another copy from the CD-ROM. Run your new copy through the opening sequence, then before playing anything, save a game at the ouija board. Now use ResEdit to recover the original 7th Guest application file within your renamed 7th Guest folder. This will create two files, "T7GMac" and "T7GMac(damaged)". Open and allow verification of the recovered T7GMac file. Locate the resource labelled 'T7SG'. Copy the entire T7SG resource by selecting its icon and using the standard Edit menu functions, then close the recovered T7GMac application file. Now use ResEdit to open the newly installed copy of the 7th Guest application. Paste the copied T7SG resource into the application file so that it completely replaces the existing T7SG resource; use the same resource ID as the one you're replacing. Save the file, quit ResEdit, and run the new copy of the 7th Guest; the ouija board should point you to all your old saved games. [Thanks to Simon Boocock for this emergency surgery procedure.]
Subject: 10. I just saw this really great game called "X-Wing" on the PC. Is it available for the Mac? Yes. Dark Forces is also available, and Tie Fighter is in the works. See <> for further details. There is also a Usenet newsgroup,
Subject: 11. I just saw this really great game called "DOOM" on the PC. Is it available for the Mac? Yes. While discussion of DOOM is appropriate in, you will find much, much more discussion and information in the hierarchy: Info/FAQs/reviews about DOOM (Moderated) DOOM Help Service (new players welcome) Talking about DOOM and id Software Editing and hacking DOOM-related files Playing DOOM and user-created levels The FAQ is available at <>.
Subject: 12. Where can I find a list of forthcoming games for the Mac? The CD-ROM magazine Inside Mac Games maintains a list of forthcoming Mac games; if you're not a subscriber, you can download the latest demo issue from <> or from their web site at <>. There is a list of forthcoming game releases available from Computer Express at <>. This list has expected shipping dates for both IBM and Mac games. Games almost invariably ship later than the expected shipping date; to approximate the actual date of release, double the time between now and the listed date, then add an extra month for good luck.
Subject: 13. What's the cheat code in SimCity 2000? In version 1.0, type "porntipsguzzardo", which will give you $500,000, allow all technologies and rewards, and prevent the military from building a base. Once you've used this code, you will receive an additional $500,000 each time you type "ardo". In version 1.1, however, this was changed; you need to open the map window and type "pirn", then click on the status window (next to the weather), then type "topsguzzardo". After that, typing "ardo" will still give you an additional $500,000. For much more information on SimCity 2000, see Kevin Endo's SC2000 FAQ, available at <>.
Subject: 14. How do I play the game Maniac Mansion from within Day of the Tentacle? Go to Big Ed's room and use the computer there 5 times in a row to play Maniac Mansion. Why is it so difficult to find in the Mac version? According to Aaron Giles, "Since Maniac Mansion had never been ported to the Mac before, and since we were on a fairly tight schedule for Day of the Tentacle and wanted to concentrate our testing on the primary game, we compromised by still including it, but making it a bit more of an easter egg than it was in the DOS version." There is a walkthru for Maniac Mansion at <>.
Subject: 15. What happened to the guy who did "Fool's Errand" and "3 in Three"? Cliff Johnson, the author of the Macintosh games Fool's Errand, Puzzle Gallery: At the Carnival, and 3 in Three, is now working at Disney Interactive. Prior to this, we was in the FunHouse group at Philips Media, which produces CD-i games. His titles there include Cartoon Carnival, Merlin's Apprentice, and Labyrinth of Crete. Cartoon Carnival and Merlin's Apprentice are both available on CD-ROM for the Mac. Labyrinth of Crete has not yet been released in any form, but a Mac CD-ROM is forthcoming. A sequel to Fool's Errand and more modules for the Puzzle Gallery were planned at one point, but they were never completed. 3 in Three is still available from Inline Software, but Fool's Errand and At the Carnival are out of print.
Subject: 16. Where can I find Wesleyan Tetris? You can't. Wesleyan Tetris, also known as Obnoxious Tetris or Randall Cook's Tetris, is NOT freely distributable, and it was removed from the major ftp sites at the request of the author, Randall Cook. More recently, someone deliberately and maliciously uploaded a copy that was infected with a virus, so if you have a copy of Wesleyan Tetris, you may want to check it with Disinfectant (available at <>) to make sure that it's clean. Randall Cook is not to blame for the spread of the infected copy.
Subject: 17. How do I run Apple ][+ games on my Mac? STM, an Apple ][+ emulator for the Mac, is available at <>. Note that STM runs ONLY in 256 colors and will not work on black and white Macs. STM will NOT let you use your old Apple ][+ disks on your Macintosh (and you'd have trouble cramming those old 5.25" disks into a 3.5" disk slot, anyway). The comp.emulators.apple2 FAQ, which is available at <>, lists several ways to transfer disk images, most of which involve cables or modems. There are already lots of Apple II disk images available at <>. You must use a program like ResEdit to change each disk image's type to DSK5 and creator to A2EM for them to work with STM.
Subject: 18. I've done some programming on other machines, and I'd like to write a game on my Mac. How do I start? To quote the Public Domain Mac Programming FAQ Answer sheet, you'll need "a Mac, a lot of time, and a few hundred $." Programming on the Mac is not for the faint of heart. Get the Programming FAQ via ftp from <> and read it. There is now a newsgroup devoted to programming games on the Mac: is the best place to ask questions about the subject. Another excellent and comprehensive source of advice on the subject is Will Iverson's document, I Want To Make a Mac Game, available at <>. I strongly recommend that interested beginners read this from cover to cover, as it were. The book _Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus_ from Hayden Books is worth buying if you're serious about Mac game programming. Contributing authors include fellow inmates Ingemar Ragnemalm, john calhoun, and Bill Dugan. More information about the book is available at You might also find Antreas Hatzipolakis's guide to Internet Shareware- Freeware Programming Languages For the Macintosh useful; it's at info-mac at <>. And good luck!
Subject: 19. I've written this terrific game for the Mac. How do I get it out to the major ftp sites? Do NOT post binaries to the groups. The best way to release your game to the csm.gamers is to make it available at an ftp site and then post an announcement about it to with the site name and path. You might want to offer to email it to people who don't have ftp access. For the best way to send your game to info-mac and umich, see below: [The rest of this answer was shamelessly stolen from L.H.Wood's Screensaver FAQ, with permission.] If you want to spread good Mac shareware or freeware to the world, giving millions of people, including me, the chance to see it, simply email a binhexed copy of the compacted or stuffited archive to: <> which will distribute it to ftp archives across the world, including the big ones - info-mac, umich, their many mirrors, and comp.binaries.mac. Remember to add a text description of the contents before that long binhex column! Don't send self-extracting archives (SEAs) - Compact Pro, Stuffit Expander and Stuffit Lite are readily available from these ftp archives, and we all know how to use them. Dial-up access to ftp sites is on the increase and SEAs run up others' phone bills unnecessarily.
Subject: 20. What's "IMG"/"Inside Mac Games"? IMG is Inside Mac Games, an almost-monthly CD-ROM magazine dedicated to Macintosh Computer Games. A Free Preview Edition of each issue is uploaded to info-mac in <>. (It's also uploaded to AOL, Compu$erve, and GEnie.) Previews are also available in both HTML and downloadable format at the IMG website at <>. For subscription information, email with the subject "Subscription Info?" For the the latest status on the current and next issue of IMG, use the subject "Status?" For a copy of the IMG FAQ, use the subject "IMG FAQ". (Don't include the quote marks on the subject line of your email.) Please don't post to* asking whether this month's issue of IMG has shipped. An announcement is posted to when each issue ships. If you absolutely have to ask someone, check their website or send email to instead of posting.
Subject: 21. Are there any freeware chess games for the Mac? Wim van Beusekom's MacChess 2.0, a freeware chess program that should be Master strength on a Mac with a 68040 or faster chip, is available at <> An unauthorized port of Gnuchess is available at umich in <>. There's also "Chess Set!", a shareware chess stack for Hypercard, available in <>. Steve Bushell's freeware "Chess++" is available in <>.
Subject: 22. Are there any shareware mahjong games for the Mac? Sort of. Shanghai II and its shareware clone Gunshy are excellent games, but they are not actually mahjong, although Shanghai does use mahjong tiles. Rumor has it that there is a commercial version of japanese mahjong that is only available in Japan. There is a freeware Japanese-rules mahjong program called "Macjong 0.20a", but it is reputedly buggy and incomplete. It is available at umich in <>. There is also a shareware mahjong game under development that uses Chinese rules. It is reportedly pretty good and at least as stable as Macjong. It's available at <>. More information about traditional mahjong is available at Jonathan's Mah Jong Page at <> and the Mah Jongg Home Page at <>.
Subject: 23. Where can I find shareware games for young children? Games for young children can be found on any info-mac mirror in the directory edu/yng. If you have web access, you can check that directory in MIT's Info-Mac Hyperarchive at < HyperArchive/Abstracts/edu/yng/HyperArchive.html>, which allows you to read abstracts of the software before downloading it. An excellent web page devoted to shareware games for children is Tigger's Children's Shareware Page at <>, which groups games by the age they're intended for, briefly describes each one, and provides links to download the games from multiple archives. It also has a page for children's shareware that will run on black and white Macs at <>.
Subject: 24. I always loved playing [Pacman, Star Wars, Frogger, etc.] at the arcade. Is there a Mac version? Probably. John Komp maintains a list of Mac versions of various 80's arcade games, and Peter Cohen has made it available on the WWW at <>. You can also send email with the subject "Mac Arcade List Please" to him at <>. >From John's Arcade List: "If you can't quite remember how your favorite arcade game of your childhood worked, check out KLOV (Killer List Of Videogames) on It contains nice descriptions of the original games, including information about who marketed each game, and who received licensing from whom. I believe the directory is: <>."
Subject: 25. What games will fail to run on my [AV Mac, PowerMac, bizarrely configured Mac]? How do I fix them? Brian Lev maintains a "Broken Games List" of games that break on AV and PowerMacs and any known fixes. It can be ftp'd from <>.
Subject: 26. What joystick should I buy for my Mac? It depends on what games you want to use the joysticks with. The Thrustmaster (WWW site at <>) is generally considered to be the best joystick for flight simulators, but it's rather pricey, and it's not ideal for other games. The Thrustmaster is reportedly also virtually unusable for left-handed people, as it is molded to be held in the right hand. Thrustmaster offers a Flight Control System, a Weapons Control System, and rudder pedals; you must have the FCS to use the WCS or rudder pedals. The Gravis MouseStick II has some problems, but it works well with many games, it allows a second joystick to be chained up, and it's considerably cheaper. Gravis (WWW site at <>) also makes the Gravis GamePad, a lightweight, plastic Sega Genesis-style controller with an optional screw-in joystick adapter. Like the MouseStick, it's inexpensive and allows chaining of ADB devices, and it can be used by left-handed players. The Flightstick Pro is also popular and less expensive than the Thrustmaster. CH Products (WWW site at <>), which makes the Flightstick Pro, also produces the Jetstick, an inexpensive but sturdy 2-button joystick. CH will soon be releasing an F-16 Flightstick, Throttle, and rudder/driving pedals for the Mac. If you have Sega Genesis, 3DO, or Atari joysticks lying around, you may want to consider the Choicestick (WWW site at <>), an adapter that allows you to use control pads from certain other game systems with your Mac. You can purchase it bundled with a control pad or joystick if you don't already own one. Similarly, if you have an Commodore/Atari compatible joystick, the MacEnjoy adaptor from Fesh! ( will let you use it with your Mac. MacEnjoy also makes the MacEnjoy Style, a 5-button joystick molded for a right-hand grip; it allows a second joystick to be chained up. For current prices and pictures of most of these products, try the Cyberian Outpost web site at <>.
Subject: 27. Is there a FAQ for [FA-18, Sim City 2000, Civilization, Bolo, Pathways into Darkness, Spaceward Ho!, Marathon, 7th Guest...] Probably. Check the appendix to this FAQ, the Mac Game Resource Guide at <>. The Resource Guide is posted to the hierarchy bimonthly. You can also ftp it from <> or send your request by email to <> with the subject "Mac Game Resource Guide."
Subject: Credits This document is copyright 1996 by Christina Schulman. Suggestions and additions to this FAQ have been contributed by: Ian J. Ball <> Simon K Boocock <> Gordon S. Brooks <> Anthony Chan <> Timo Eloranta <> Richard A. Fowell <> Aaron Giles <> Barry Klawans <barry@Remedy.COM> John Komp <jk0101@medtronic.COM> Hidetaka Mizohata <> Milton E. Moskowitz <mem10@po.CWRU.Edu> Rich "Akira" Pizor <> Bill Rausch <> Ingemar Ragnemalm <> Jeff Strobel <> Dave Stanworth <> Sherman Uitzetter <> Hans Widen <> L.H. Wood <> Kurt Yoder <> Thanks, guys!

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