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Law-Related Resources on the Internet and Elsewhere (11 of 12)

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Chapter 5. Non-US Resources.

This chapter describes law-related resources made available by non-US 
organizations, governments, and educational institutions--including 
those made available by the United Nations.

One of the best ways to find the e-mail address for a particular 
individual is to call that individual. If you choose to contact the 
individuals listed below via e-mail, please keep your e-mail message 
short and to-the-point.

5.01.	Australia - Murdoch University.

URL: gopher:// 

E Law.

Under the Electronic Journals, Newsletters - Law sub-menu, you will find 
E Law - Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law and Legal Bytes, a 
computer law journal. E Law is a peer-reviewed electronic journal edited 
by the staff and students of the School of Law of Murdoch University in 
Perth, Australia. E Law welcomes contributions in 4 categories: 1) news, 
non-commercial announcements, hints and tips relating to materials on 
the net of interest to the legal community (NetWatch section); 2) 
materials of current interest such as reports and analyses of 
developments in the law including significant recent cases and 
legislation, and book reviews; 3) scholarly work in progress or 
materials calling for comment such as research notes and excerpts from 
unfinished larger works; 4) completed papers (these submissions will be 
subject to peer review). 

For more information, contact:

E Law Editorial Board
Murdoch University School of Law
Murdoch, Western Australia


E Law-Journal Listserv and Archives.

URL: gopher://

Tables of Contents of each issue and individual articles are available 
as separate files via email, gopher and ftp. Upon subscribing to the 
list elaw-j you will receive a message giving full details of how to 
request files by email. 

Subscribe to: 
Text of message: subscribe elaw-j


5.02.	Australia - Sydney University.

URL: gopher://

5.03.	Australia - University of Melbourne Law School.

The Journal of the Australian and New Zealand 
Societies for Computers & Law
Dan Hunter, Co-editor
University of Melbourne Law School
Parkville VIC 3052

URL: (Dan Hunter)

5.04.	Belgium - Antwerp University, UFSIA.

Antwerp University: UFSIA
Prinsstraat 10
B-2000 Antwerp BELGIUM
Phone: ../32/3/220.41.11 (not toll-free)

Faculty of Law:
Antwerp University: UFSIA
Faculty of Law
Rodestraat 14
B-2000 Antwerp BELGIUM
Phone: ../32/3/220.45.98 (not toll-free)
URL: gopher://

UFSIA is a university which offers courses in the human sciences like 
Applied Economics and Law. Together with another university (UIA) we 
offer a full law program. Our first year in law contains about 460 

5.05.	Canada - Canadian Bar Association.

URL: gopher://

5.06.	Canada - Canadian Institute of Resources Law.

Canadian Institute of Resources Law
3330 Professional Faculties Building, Block B
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4.


Resources is the newsletter of the Canadian Institute of Resources Law 
and is available via e-mail. Published quarterly, the newsletters 
purpose is to provide timely comments on current resources law issues 
and to give information about Institute publications and programs.

5.07.	Canada - Communications Research Centre.


This server provides links to, for example, the Senate of Canada, House 
of Commons, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

5.08.	Canada - Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia.

Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia
8th Floor, Garrison Place
1526 Dresden Row
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3J 2K2
Phone: (902) 423-2633
Fax: (902) 423-0222

URL: telnet://

The Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia is comprised of seven 
Commissioners, an Executive Director and a Legal Research Officer.The 
Commissioners, along with the Executive Director and Legal Research 
Officer, are responsible for carrying out the work of law reform in the 
province. It operates independently of government. Similar law reform 
organizations operate this way in other provinces in Canada.

The Commission has undertaken 8 projects some of which had reached the 
Final Report stage while others are partially concluded. They cover a 
large range of concerns and areas of law. One of the projects is a 
reference from the Government of Nova Scotia. The other projects were 
chosen from suggestions to 
the Commission by the public, the judiciary and the legal community.

5.09.	Canada - Supreme Court.


5.10.	Canada - University of Montreal.

Daniel Poulin
Professor of Law and Computing Science

URL: gopher://

Sponsored by the University of Montreal and The Research Centre in 
Public Law (CRDP), this site includes decisions of Supreme Court of 
Canada since January 1993.

5.11.	Finland - Statistics Finland.


Statistics Finland is the national statistical institute of Finland.

5.12.	Germany - National Research Center for Computer Sciences

URL: gopher://

The listserv list Euro-Lex is archived at this site.

5.13.	Germany - University of Saarland.

URL: gopher://

The Gopher server contains the German Basic Law, the Civic Law Book 
(Buergerliche Gesetzbuch), Process Law (Zivilprozessordnung), and 

The WWW server contains German and European codes, historical documents 
(e.g. Roman law), and the German WWW Virtual Law Library (law-related 
Internet information).

5.14.	Italy - Istituto per la Documentazione Giuridica, Florence.

URL: gopher://

Legal databases in English and Italian.

5.15.	Italy - University of Bologna.

URL: gopher://

5.16.	New Zealand - University of Waikato, School of Law.

Campbell Robertson
University of Waikato
School of Law Web Administrator


5.17.	Norway - University of Tromsoe.


This server includes international trade law materials including GATT 
1994 and United Nations materials.

5.18.	United Kingdom - CCTA Government Information Service


5.19.	United Kingdom - University of Warwick.

Colin Shaw
CTI Law Technology Centre
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7AL

URL: gopher://

UK law schools and law-related information from the Law Technology 

Law Technology Journal.

Law Technology Journal
CTI Law Technology Centre
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL


5.20.	United Nations Crime and Justice Info. Network.

423 State Street
Albany, NY 12203

URL: gopher://

The United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network (UNCJIN) was 
established in 1989 to implement U.N. Resolution 1986/11, para. 5(a): To 
establish, in cooperation with the United Nations Institutes and other 
entities concerned, a global crime prevention and criminal justice 
information network ... including a mechanism for the centralization of 
inputs from nongovernmental organizations and scientific institutions. 
The Goal of UNCJIN is to establish a world wide network to enhance 
dissemination and the exchange of information concerning criminal 
justice and crime prevention issues.

The main menu looks something like the following:

United Nations Rules 
Available Information from UNCJIN 
UN Criminal Justice Country Profiles 
United Nations Development Program 
Bureau of Justice Statistics Documents 
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions, Recent (WWW Character Mode) 
World Criminal Justice Library Network 
CIA World Factbook 1992 
Center for the Study of Constitutionalism in E. Europe 
World Health Organization Gopher 
+F.B.I Gopher 
Foreign and International Law: Primary Documents and Commentary 
New York State Criminal Justice Agencies

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