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Kerberos FAQ, v2.0 (last modified 8/18/2000)
Section - 3.10. Is there a way to use Kerberos to authenticate my X windows connections? I tried compiling the Kerberos support in X, but it

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Top Document: Kerberos FAQ, v2.0 (last modified 8/18/2000)
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	didn't work.

The Kerberos support in X11R6 is written for old betas of MIT Kerberos 5. It
also only authenticates the connection startup and does not encrypt any of
the data.

Another approach to this problem is taken by the `kx' and `kxd' programs. It
allows you to have Kerberos authenticated and encrypted sessions by going
through a proxy X server. These programs are distributed as part of the KTH
krb4 distribution and V5 versions of them will be part of the Heimdal
distribution. For information about these distributions see Question 1.6.

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