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Kerberos FAQ, v2.0 (last modified 8/18/2000)
Section - 2.6. How do I change the master key?

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Top Document: Kerberos FAQ, v2.0 (last modified 8/18/2000)
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In Kerberos 5 .. you don't :-)

It is possible for you to change the master key using the kadmin. However,
the master key is also probably stored in a stash file (depending on your
site) and is used to encrypt all of the entries in the database. If you
change the master key with kadmin, you won't change it in the stash file or
reencrypt all of the entries in the database.

Note that there are no technical obstacles in doing this; Kerberos 4
provided a command to change the master key, and it did all of the right
things. However, no one has implemented this functionality (yet) for
Kerberos 5.

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