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Judaism Reading List: Periodicals (Pt. XII)
Section - Topical General Interest Periodicals

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Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Periodicals (Pt. XII)
Previous Document: ORGANIZATION
Next Document: General Interest Periodicals focused on Tradition and the Home
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   Algemeiner Journal (Der Algemeiner Journal) 
          FOCUS: A National Jewish Journal
          + FREQUENCY: Weekly
               o US: $35/yr.; $20/6 mo;
               o Canada: $45/yr.; $25/6 mo.
               o Overseas: $150/yr.; $250 air mail
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: 221 63 St. * Brooklyn, NY 11220 *
          + PUBLISHER: S. Sislin, Pres.; Gershon Jacobson,
          + COMMENTS:
               o An independent publication from Chabad, yet provides
                 much Chabad content.
               o Yiddish broadsheet with 4-page English section
   Beis Moshiach (Bet Mashiah) 
          FOCUS: Lubavitch philosphy, with the goal of making people
          ready for Moshiach.
          + FREQUENCY: Weekly
               o $2 per copy US; NIS 4
               o US/Canada mail sub: $130/yr; $65/6 mo.
               o Israel: NIS200/year; NIS100/6 mo.
               o Crown Heights: $90/yr; $45/6 mo.
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: 383 Kingston Ave. #376 * Brooklyn, NY
            11213 * +1 718 604-9313 (voice) * +1 718 604-9257 (FAX)
          + PUBLISHER:
          + COMMENTS:
   Chai Today 
          FOCUS: Lubavitch outreach
          + FREQUENCY: Monthly
          + SUBSCRIPTION RATES: (USA) $24/2yr
          + PUBLISHER: Chai Publications * P.O. Box 403126 * Miami Beach
            FL 33140
          + COMMENTS:
               o Often sold in bulk to Chabad houses.
          FOCUS: Controversial issues, political, religious and
          + FREQUENCY: Monthly
          + SUBSCRIPTION RATES: (USA) $30.00/1yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Commentary * 165 East 65th Street * New
            York NY 10022
          + PUBLISHER: American Jewish Committee * (212) 751-4000
          + COMMENTS:
               o Provide information in the form of commentaries.
               o They don't seem political, prefering to give damning
                 evidence, clear logic and letting the reader come to
                 their own conclusion.
               o Tend to be politically conservative.
   The Forward (English)
          FOCUS: Jewish Newspaper
          + FREQUENCY: weekly
            (US) New York Region $39.95/1yr $64.95/2yr
            (US) National: $49.95/1yr $74.95/2yr
            (US) Canada: $79.95/1yr $119.95/2yr
            (Intl) Surface: $84.95/1yr $124.95/2yr
            (Intl) Air: $159.95/1yr $289.95/2yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Contact (800) 849-1825, visit
   for a free trial
            subscription, or write to Forward Subscription Dept., 45 East
            33rd St., New York, NY 10016 .
          + PUBLISHER: Forward Publishing Company * 45 E33rd Street * New
            York, NY 10016
          + COMMENTS:
               o Founded 1897. There are Yiddish, Russian, and English
               o Homepage:
   Israel Faxx 
          FOCUS: News and feature stories from Israel. Audience includes
          Jews and Christians.
          + FREQUENCY: Daily: Monday through Friday
          + SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Annual $189, Semi-annual $99 (US Only)
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: 8916 Reading Road #4 * Cincinnati OH
          + PUBLISHER: Electronic World Communications, Inc.
          + COMMENTS:
               o Sample copy available via snail mail. Subscribers will
                 have their copy sent nightly via SprintFax
   Israel Shelanu 
          + FREQUENCY: Weekly
          + SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $50 per year
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: 1419 Ave. J * Brooklyn, NY 11230 *
          + PUBLISHER: Yediot Israel, Inc
          + COMMENTS:
               o Tabloid covering international, national and other news
                 about Israel and Israelis, with selections and summaries
                 of general world and U.S. news. Intended audience
                 includes the Israel expatriate community and visiting
                 Israelis. Appears to have readership in North American
                 Jewish communities outside of New York, as evidenced by
                 advertising and editorial content.
   The Jerusalem Report 
          FOCUS: Covering Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
          + FREQUENCY: Biweekly
               o (Israel) NIS 170
               o (US/Canada) US $59.94
               o (UK) L 35
               o (Austraila) AUD 118
               o (Elsewhere) US $69.94
               o P.O. Box 1805 * Jerusalem 91017 * ISRAEL * 02-291-011
               o P.O. Box 580 * Mt. Morris IL 61054 * 800-827-1119
               o Northumberland Park Ind. Est. * 76-78 Willoughby Lane *
                 London N17 OSN * 081-365-1609
          + PUBLISHER: Hirsh Goodman
          + COMMENTS:
               o Yaakov Kirschen's 'Dry Bones' cartoon appears here
               o Coverage of Israeli and Jewish news
   Jewish Currents 
          FOCUS: Jewish Secularism
          + FREQUENCY: Monthly except July/August
               o (USA) $20/1yr
               o (Elsewhere) $25/1yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Jewish Currents * Suite 601 * 22 E 17th
            Street * New York, NY 10003-1919 * (212) 924-5740
          + PUBLISHER: Association for Promotion of Jewish Secularism *
            Suite 601 * 22 E 17th Street * New York, NY 10003-1919 *
            (212) 924-5740
          + COMMENTS:
               o Some claim that this is published by old New York City
                 labor activists. Other claim that it is an old Stalinist
                 mouthpiece from the 40's and 50's.
               o Articles on a variety of literary, intellectual, and
                 political topics, from a liberal Jewish perspective.
   The Jewish Observer 
          FOCUS: The Jewish person of today.
          + FREQUENCY: Monthly except July and August
               o (USA) $22.00/1yr $36.00/2yr $48.00/3yr.
               o (Elsewhere) $32.00/1yr $46.00/2yr $58.00/3yr.
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: The Jewish Observer * Suite 1200 * 84
            William Street * New York, NY 10038 * (212) 797-9000
          + PUBLISHER: Agudath Israel of America, Rabbi Nisson Wolpin,
          + COMMENTS:
               o Presents views of leading Torah thinkers on current
               o Presents comments on the strengths and foibles within
                 the Jewish community.
               o Analyzes contemporary Jewish events
   Jewish Press 
          FOCUS: ??
          + FREQUENCY: Weekly
               o (NY, NJ, PA, CT, FL) $30/1yr $50/2yr
               o (Other States) $35/1yr $55/2yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: The Jewish Press * 338 3rd Avenue *
            Brooklyn NY 11215 * (800) 992-1600 * (718) 330-1100
          + PUBLISHER: ??
          + COMMENTS:
               o Anglo-Jewish Weekly Newspaper
   Jewish Standard 
          FOCUS: Independent Jewish newspaper
          + FREQUENCY: Weekly
               o $25 a year in N.J.
               o out of state, $30
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: The Jewish Standard * 1086 Teaneck Road
            * Teaneck, NJ 07666
          + PUBLISHER: James Janoff
          + COMMENTS:
               o Small paper tries to be scrupulously fair to all parts
                 of the political and religious spectrum; editor
                 militates against "virulent rhetoric," whether of the
                 left or right. Covers local, national, international
                 news and the arts, although space is often limited.
                 Unlike many Jewish newspapers, it welcomes good poetry
                 (not doggerel) and occasional fiction, as well as
                 essays, with a Jewish center.
   Jewish Women's Journal 
          FOCUS: Issues of concern to American Jewish women
          + FREQUENCY: Quarterly
          + SUBSCRIPTION RATES: (US) $13.50/year
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: The Jewish Women's Journal * 120
            Riverside Dr * New York NY 10024 * (212) 580-9666
          + PUBLISHER:
          + COMMENTS:
          FOCUS: General Jewish
          + FREQUENCY: Quarterly
          + SUBSCRIPTION RATES: (USA) $20/1yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Judaism * 15 East 84th Street * New
            York, NY 10028-0458
          + PUBLISHER: American Jewish Congress
          + COMMENTS:
               o Articles from all branches of Judaism
               o Articles are generally scholarly.
   Kefar Habad 
          FOCUS: ??
          + FREQUENCY: Weekly
               o Price per issue: NIS6, US$2.50
               o SUBSCRIPTIONs: $100/yr; $60/6 mo.
               o US: 806 Eastern Pkwy. * Brookklyn, NY 11213 * +1 718
                 604-3800 (voice) * +1 718 604-4513 (FAX)
               o ISRAEL: PO Box 4, Kefar Habad 72915 * +972 03 960-6154
                 (voice) * +972 03 960-6418 (FAX)
          + PUBLISHER: Agudat Haside Habad
          + COMMENTS:
               o The international Chabad weekly, published in Israel in
                 Hebrew and is must reading for Lubavitch activists.
          FOCUS: Jewish Feminism
          + FREQUENCY: Quarterly
               o (USA) $16/1yr
               o (Canada) $22/1yr
               o (Elsewhere) $24/1yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Lilith Publications, Inc. * 250 W. 57th
            Street * New York NY 10107
          + PUBLISHER: Lilith Publications, Inc.
          + COMMENTS:
               o For Jewish women predominantly. Everything from
                 nostalgic recollections of family history to latest
                 feminist/Jewish issues.
          FOCUS: Zionism and Israel
          + FREQUENCY: 9 issues per year
          + SUBSCRIPTION RATES: (USA) $21/1yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Midstream * 110 East 59th Street, 4th
            floor * New York, NY 10022
          + PUBLISHER: Theodore Herzl Foundation
          + COMMENTS:
               o Generally conservative politically, both in Israeli and
                 U.S. terms
          FOCUS: Jewish culture and opinion; all denominational
          + FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
               o (USA) $27/1yr
               o (Elsewhere) $33/1yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Moment Magazine * P.O. Box 7028 * Read
            Oak IA 51591 * (800) 777-1005
          + PUBLISHER: Moment Magazine * Division of Jewish Educational
            Ventures Inc * 3000 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 300 *
            Washington DC 20008
          + COMMENTS:
               o Attempts to cover all sorts of Judaism, balanced, wide
                 range of topics.
   New Menorah 
          FOCUS: Theory & practice of Jewish renewal
          + FREQUENCY: Quarterly
               o (USA) $36/yr (inclds other mailings from publisher)
               o (Canada) $40/yr
               o (Non-North America) $48/yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal *
            7318 Germantown Ave. * Philadelphia PA 19119
          + PUBLISHER: ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal * Editor:
            Arthur Waskow
          + COMMENTS:
               o Focus on usable liturgy (life-cycle, holyday, Shabbat,
                 everyday), approaches to tikkun olam, child and adult
                 education, meditative techniques, images of God,
                 eco-kosher practice, a new Jewish sexual ethic, etc.
                 that arise from and for process of "Jewish
                 renewal"--i.e., a spiritually rooted, egalitarian,
                 participatory, inclusive Judaism concerned both with
                 tikkun ha'lev (healing of the heart) and tikkun olam
                 (healing of the world).
          FOCUS: Contemporary Jewish issues
          + FREQUENCY: 22 issues per year
               o (USA) $27/2yr
               o (Elsewhere) $17/1yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: c/o CLAL * 99 Park Avenue, Suite S-300
            * New York, NY 10016
          + PUBLISHER: ??
          + COMMENTS:
               o A few pages every couple weeks which features serious
                 essays and responses on timely issues, mini book
                 reviews, etc.
          + ONLINE VERSION:
               o Sh'ma Online is a moderated discussion group sponsored
                 by Sh'ma magazine. It is dedicated to fostering
                 pluralism and an open exchange of ideas among
                 individuals with often divergent beliefs, as well as
                 exploring the frontiers of Judaism for the 21st century.
                 List participants need not be magazine subscribers.
                 While many discussions may be grounded in articles which
                 appear in the magazine, other discussions may be more
                 freewheeling and ultimately serve as grist for future
                 magazine topics.
                 To subscribe, send mail to with the
                 following single line message:
                 SUBSCRIBE SHMA your full name
   Shavuon Chadashot B'Ivrit Kalah 
          FOCUS: World News in Easy Hebrew
          + FREQUENCY: Weekly
          + SUBSCRIPTION RATES: (Israel) NIS 100/1yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Shavuon Chadashot B'Ivrit Kalah *
            Rechov Sheinbin 54 * Ta-Do'ar 199 * Mikud 4001 * Tel Aviv,
            ISRAEL * 972-03-528-6141 a/k/a Weekly News in Easy Hebrew *
            54 Sheinbin Street * P.O. Box 199 * Mail Code 4001 * Tel
            Aviv, ISRAEL
          + PUBLISHER: Same
          + COMMENTS:
               o Hebrew weekly newspaper printed with vowels.
               o Someone in Tel Aviv should check this. The submitter
                 just scrawled this info quickly onto a slip of paper and
                 didn't have a copy of the newspaper.
          FOCUS: Jewish Critique of Politics, Culture, and Society
          + FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
               o (USA) $31/1yr * $51/2yr
               o (Canada/Mexico) $49/1yr
               o (Elsewhere) $52/1yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Tikkun Subscription Service * P.O. Box
            460926 * Escondido, Ca, 92046 * (800) 738 5571
          + PUBLISHER: Institute for Labor and Mental Health * 5100 Leona
            Street * Oakland CA 94619
          + COMMENTS:
               o Editor: Michael Lerner
               o Presents politically-liberal Jewish point of view
               o Tends to challenge its readers
               o Also contains poetry, fiction and reviews.
   Torah Times on Tape 
          FOCUS: Spiritual Judaism - Reb Shlomo Carlebach's audio
          + FREQUENCY: 4 issues per year, each issue is two cassettes
          + SUBSCRIPTION RATES: (US) $72/year (includes tax and shipping)
            check payable to Torah Times
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Torah Times * 63 West 38th St. Suite
            1201 * New York, NY 10018 * (212) 580-2320
          + PUBLISHER: ??
          + COMMENTS:
               o Divrei Torah, Chasidic songs, prayers, and stories from
                 Reb Shlomo Carlebach, recorded in studio.
   Ultimate Issues 
          FOCUS: Judaism in terms of ethical monotheism and life in
          + FREQUENCY: Quarterly
          + SUBSCRIPTION RATES: (USA) $24/1yr
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: Ultimate Issues * 6020 Washington Blvd
            * Culver City, CA 90232
          + PUBLISHER: Dennis Prager * (800) 225-8584 (subscriptions) *
            (310) 558-3958 (office) * (310) 558-4241 (fax)
          + COMMENTS:
               o Dennis Prager. Nuff said.
               o Dennis calls himself a "passionate moderate" when it
                 comes to politics. He lectures world-wide and hosts a
                 radio talk show in Los Angeles (KABC AM 790) that draws
                 several hundred thousand listeners. Dennis also has a
                 televison program that is syndicated in the United
   What's Next? 
          FOCUS: Spiritual growth and personal transformation through
          + FREQUENCY: Quarterly, to coincide with the Jewish High
            Holydays and Festivals
               o US: $18/Year, Students $12/Year
               o Outside U.S. $24/Year
               o Institutional and group rates available
          + SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS: What's Next? * 423 E. Ojai Ave. Suite #
            107-107 * Ojai, CA 93023 * Phone/Fax: (805)640-9926 * E-mail:
          + PUBLISHER: Rebecca & Lev Mallinger
          + COMMENTS:
               o Subtitle: "Cosmic Bagels and other Bytes to feed the
                 Jewish Soul"
               o Explores the connections between Spiritual Growth,
                 Personal Transformation, Modern Psychology & Judaism.
               o Contains articles and topics ranging from the Generation
                 Gap between Torah's Abraham and Isaac to the timely and
                 elusive Cybernetic Generation X, and perspectives from
                 Kabbalistic to Humanistic
               o Goal: to provide a forum for Jewish Spiritual
                 expression, direction and inspiration.
               o Submissions are encouraged

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