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Judaism Reading List: Periodicals (Pt. XII)

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              Selected Sources for Additional Reading on Judaism
                            Part XII: Periodicals
         [Last Change: $Date: 1995/10/19 15:22:26 $ $Revision: 1.2 $]
                    [Last Post: Fri Jul 14 11:07:24 US/Pacific 2000]

   This list provides a collection of recommended periodicals that
   discuss Jewish issues. These periodicals include publications from all
   parts of the spectrum of Jewish practice and belief, so review of
   sample issues is recommended before you choose to subscribe. Where
   possible, the COMMENTS: section will note outlook; information on the
   PUBLISHER: and FOCUS: should also help to provide you with information
   to decide if the publication is right for you.
   The format of this list differs slightly from the other portions of
   the reading list. Periodicals are divided into four basic groups:
    1. General periodicals that target Jews without a particular movement
       distinction. This group has three subcategories:
         1. Topical Publications
         2. Publications focusing on Tradition and Home
         3. Publications focusing on Jewish Scholarship
         4. Other General Publications
    2. General periodicals produced by and intended for general members
       of a particular movement.
    3. Rabbinic Journals produced by institutions or rabbinic
    4. Local publications targeted to a specific small geographic area
   For all of these, where possible, the associated movement will be
   identified. At the present time, catalogs are not included in the

   Reproduction of this posting for commercial use is subject to
   restriction. See Part 1 (general) for more details.

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