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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Jewish Childrearing Related Questions (12/12)
Section - Question 21.7.5: B'nai Mitzvah: How do I select a good b'nai mitzvah tutor?

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Jewish Childrearing Related Questions (12/12)
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   A tutor is a less desirable option in general, because in a one-on-one
   situation, the child will see Judaism as an activity apart from the
   rest of his or her life. Synagogues will provide recommendations, but
   probably word-of-mouth is a better option. Attend a few Bar or Bat
   Mitzvahs and observe, not only to the quality of the singing, but how
   confident the child is on the bima, and his or her level of
   understanding of the Torah portion and haftorah. Beyond that, you
   should look for a teacher with whom you are comfortable and can work
   with. The teacher should be knowledgable, and should command the
   respect of the student.

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