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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Jewish Childrearing Related Questions (12/12)
Section - Question 21.6.2: Schooling: How are teachers in Chasidic schools trained?

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Jewish Childrearing Related Questions (12/12)
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   In the U.S., the answer is mixed. Some teachers in chasidic schools
   are licensed to teach by the state, and some are (alas) not trained
   and high school graduates. This is because some of the teachers in
   chassidic and more charedi Orthodox grade schools are products of
   their own system. Typically they are young women with 9 months to 2
   years of post-high school training. The rest of the teaching staff
   (including all Special Education teachers) are better-trained, often
   from outside the community. It is common is to draw former public
   school teachers, perhaps ones who prefer the different hours, smaller
   class sizes, or who like the idea of working within the Jewish

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