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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Reform Judaism (10/12)
Section - Question 18.7.4: For Further Information: How do I start the conversion process?

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Reform Judaism (10/12)
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   This varies from place to place and rabbi to rabbi. Most larger cities
   have a community class. Smaller cities rely on the rabbi. In any case,
   contact the rabbi at your congregation or a local congregation. If
   there is no rabbi contact the local congregation and they will put you
   in touch with someone.
   If you need help, or are unsure about walking into the synagogue,
   there are some rabbis on the net who will be glad to talk to you about
   this important step. You can contact any of the rabbis listed in
   [5]18.7.3 above; in particular, you might want to contact Rabbi Arthur
   Nemitoff <[6]>. Rabbi Nemitoff is the immediate past
   chair of the CCAR Committee on Conversion and a member of the
   UAHC/CCAR Commission on Reform Jewish Outreach. He can also be reached
    Temple Ohabei Shalom
    1187 Beacon Street
    Brookline, Massachusetts, 02146 USA
    617-277-6610 Voice-synagogue
    617-277-7881 FAX
   Another rabbi who has expressed interested in talking to individuals
   interested in conversion is Rabbi John Sherwood
   <[7]>. Rabbi Sherwood is Past President of the San
   Fernando Valley Interfaith Council, and has been an adjunct professor
   at St. John's Roman Catholic Seminary teaching a graduate course on
   Judaism to men studying for the priesthood. He is also the author of a
   curriculum for Introduction to Judaism. Another resource is Rabbi Don
   Weber <[8]>, +1 908 972-2595. Rabbi Weber is
   on the UAHC Regional Outreach Committee, and has spoken on conversion
   at HUC and at meetings of the Reform Rabbinate. He is a member of the
   NJARR beit din, and says that he follows quite traditional practices
   regarding conversion.

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