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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Jews and Israel (8/12)
Section - Question 14.7: Did Zionism end with the establishment of Israel?

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Jews and Israel (8/12)
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   The reestablishment of the State of Israel meant the realization of
   the major element of Zionist ideology: the restoration of Jewish
   sovereignty in the Land of Israel.
   The Zionist ideal, however, contains facets that are still in the
   process of being realized. The Zionist ideal aspires to:
     * An Israel at peace with all its neighbors
     * An Israel enjoying full political and economic independence
     * The social and economic well-being of all citizens and communities
       residing in Israel.
   For the religious zionists, there is also the wish for a modern,
   halachic, Jewish state.

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