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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Jews and Israel (8/12)
Section - Question 14.5: Do Diaspora Jews (Jews outside Israel) support Zionism?

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   Diaspora Jews, on the whole, support Zionism in one way or another
   through active participation in aspects of the movement itself, or
   through public and/or financial support of Israel.
   Some Diaspora Jews realize their belief in Zionism by immigrating to
   the Land of Israel (making 'aliyah' - "going up") to participate
   directly in the task of rebuilding the nation.
   Diaspora Jews, whether or not associated with Zionist activities, have
   been enriched culturally, socially and spiritually by the
   reestablishment of Israel in its ancestral homeland. Even non-Zionist
   and anti-Zionist Jews find Israel an excellent place for Torah study.

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