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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Worship, Conversion, Intermarriage (5/12)

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Worship, Conversion, Intermarriage (5/12)
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   This portion of the FAQ contains answers to the following questions:

                                 Section 9:
                               Jewish Worship
    1. [5]How does a rabbi differ from a priest? 
    2. [6]Do you need a rabbi for a wedding? 
    3. [7]Do you need a rabbi for a divorce? 
    4. [8]How do Jews pray? 
    5. [9]Is there a distinctly Jewish form of meditation? 
    6. [10]Does Judaism have a strong tradition of religious art and
    7. [11]What is a synagogue?
    8. [12]What will I find in a synagogue?
    9. [13]How is a synagogue operated?
   10. [14]What functions does a synagogue serve?
   11. [15]What is the name of the Jewish God?
   12. [16]What is the reason for a "minyon" (a quorum of 10 men requried
       for certain prayers)?
   13. [17]What is the "Shema"?
   14. [18]Where can I learn about the prayers before eating?
   15. [19]What is the structure of the morning service?
   16. [20]When should morning services start?
   17. [21]Why do people put their tallit over their heads when they
   18. [22]What is the importance of collective worship in Judaism?
   19. [23]What is the difference between Conservative Prayer and
       Orthodox Prayer?
   20. [24]What is the Timeline of Women in the Rabbinate?
   21. [25]Are extremely observant men permitted to pray at home?
   22. [26]What is the Qetzatzah Ceremony?
   23. [27]What time of day were the sacrifices offered?

                                Section 10:
               Conversion, Intermarriage, and "Who is a Jew?"
    1. [5]Does Halacha (Jewish law) permit intermarriage? 
    2. [6]I'm a Jew who married a gentile. Am I still Jewish? 
    3. [7]I'm a Jew who accepted the tenets of another religion, but now
       wants to practice Judaism again. Am I allowed? Am I still Jewish? 
    4. [8]OK, then apart from halachic considerations, why do many Jews
       of all types oppose intermarriage? 
    5. [9]Is objection to intermarriage a form of bigotry? 
    6. [10]But I still want to intermarry? Do you know of a Rabbi that
       performs intermarriages? 
    7. [11]How does one convert? 
    8. [12]What about adults who are not circumcised? 
    9. [13]What does the word "Jew" mean? 
   10. [14]Who is a Jew? 
   11. [15]What is the origin of Matrilineal Descent?
   12. [16]I've heard that Jewish parents consider an intermarried child
       as "dead". Is this true?
   13. [17]Why is the conversion process so complicated? The matriarchs
       didn't have to convert. 

                                Section 11:
                      Miscellaneous Practice Questions
   11.1. Dress 
    1. [5]Why do some Jewish women wear wigs or cover their hair with a
       snood, beret, tichel, turban, kerchief or hat?
    2. [6]Why do many Jewish men wear head coverings (variously referred
       to as "yarmulkas," "skullcaps," and "kipot")?
    3. [7]What is a Tallis? Tzit-tzit(those fringes)? Why do Jews wear
    4. [8]What are those black boxes and leather straps Jewish men wear?
    5. [9]Why do many Jewish men sport beards and/or long sideburns?
    6. [10]Why do some Orthodox Jews, especially Chassidim, wear a
       distinctive style of clothing (i.e., fur hats, black coats,
    7. [11]What is Shaatnez?
    8. [12]Are there any special dress rules or customs for women?
    9. [13]What is a Kittel?
   10. [14]What is the large high ceremonial hat that the Rabbi wears in
       the synagogue called?
   11.2 Sex and Purity
    1. [15]What's this I've heard about a hole in a sheet? 
    2. [16]Can a Jewish man only uncover his wife a hands-breadth? 
    3. [17]What is a "mikveh"? 
    4. [18]What are Jewish hygene practices?
   11.3 Writing 
    1. [19]Why do some people write "G-d" with a hyphen instead of an
    2. [20]Why do some Jews write "J-s-s" and "Xianity"?
    3. [21]Why are somethings written in Hebrew, and others in Aramaic?
   11.4 Practices towards others
    1. [22]Does Judaism permit slavery? 
    2. [23]What does "eye for an eye" mean? 
    3. [24]Is it permitted for a Jew to sell Christian objects?
   11.5 Weddings
     * This material has been moved to [25]Section 8.
   11.6 Death and Burial
    1. [26]Is it true that someone with tattoos cannot be buried in a
       Jewish cemetery? 
    2. [27]I've heard about a custom of putting stones on the grave. Do
       you know where this custom originated? 
    3. [28]Is "stone setting" at the cemetery within a year after death
       is a Jewish tradition?
    4. [29]What are the Jewish mourning customs after the death of an
       immediate relative?
    5. [30]What are Jewish funeral customs?
    6. [31]Is getting cryogenically frozen against Judaism?
    7. [32]Are Jews buried facing West?
    8. [33]Can Jews be cremated?
    9. [34]What is the Jewish position on Suicide?
   10. [35]Can pregnant women attend a funeral?
   11. [36]If a Jewish person lives in an area where there is no
       synagogue, no Jewish funeral home, and no Jewish cemetery, what
       would the rules be in regard to burial?
   12. [37]Can Jews and Non-Jews be buried together?
   13. [38]Must the Chevra Kedisha be family members?
   14. [39]How have burial customs changed over time?
   15. [40]Why do Jews emphasize burial within 24 hours?
   11.7 Charity
    1. [41]What are the levels of giving?
   11.8 Sacrifices
    1. [42]When did Jews stop making animal sacrifices?
    2. [43]What replaced animal sacrifices in Jewish practice?
    3. [44]How do sacrifices relate to compassion for animals?
    4. [45]Will sacrifices be restored if the Temple is rebuilt?
   11.9 Symbols
    1. [46]Why are Jews called Jews?
    2. [47]What does the Star of David represent and what is its
    3. [48]What is the signficance of "Chai" and the number 18?
    4. [49]What is a Mezuzah?
    5. [50]What is a Menorah?
    6. [51]What is the significance of the number 5?
    7. [52]What is the significance of the number 3?
    8. [53]What is the significance of the number 40?
    9. [54]What is the significance of the number 7?
   10. [55]Are there any Jewish housewarming rituals?
   11. [56]What is the significance of blue in Judaism? Are there other
       special colors?
   12. [57]What is the significance of the number 8?

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