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comp.sys.palmtops HP100LX Frequently Asked Questions
Section - 9. Add-on software

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Q: What's some good software?
A: The HP-100/200LX is an almost completely compatible MS-DOS machine.
Just about any MS-DOS software will work if it: fits in available
drive space, needs only what MS-DOS system RAM is available, needs
only CGA graphics, and runs in Intel x86 real mode.

Some HP-100LX specific software is at the URLs:

Q: What is 100Buddy?
A: It's a shareware program available on eddie which lets you do lots
of neat tricks, including make the filer automatically start an
application based on a file's extension (e.g. click a .wk1 file to
start 1-2-3), get a shifted value of a character by simply
double-clicking the character, get battery voltage displayed in a
status bar in the filer screen, reprogram the blue application keys,
add password protection to the 100LX (registered users only), display
the world-time map with nighttime areas shaded (also registered users
only), and lots of other shortcuts and tricks.

Q: Is there a 200Buddy?
A: Yes, it was released around the first of 1995.  It's available on in the /pub/hp95lx/NEW directory.  It will probably be
moved into the 100lx directory structure shortly, so you may have to
look around for it.  It is also available on the CompuServe HPHAND
forum.  Note that the filename is; the same version
works on both the 100LX and the 200LX.

Q: What is VR?
A: Vertical Reader, a shareware program available on eddie for
reading ASCII text files while holding the 100/200LX with the hinge
vertical, like a book.  VR has several attractive fonts available,
and allows searching for regular expressions.  This shareware may be
registered by merely sending a postcard to the author, or by donating
$10.00 to Project Gutenberg, an organization which makes
public-domain documents and literature freely available in ASCII text

If you register VR via postcard, note that the author's address has
changed.  The correct postal address as of February '95 is:

   Gilles Kohl,
   Hagsfelder Allee 16
   D-76131 Karlsruhe

Q: Can I use the 100/200LX as a remote control for my TV, VCR, stereo? 
A: The shareware program REMCOM, originally developed for the HP95LX,
works on the 100/200LX and turns it into a universal learning remote
control, using the infrared port.  RC is a similar program which is
also reported to work.  There may be other such programs developed
for the 95LX which work on the 100/200LX.  Unfortunately, the
100/200LX has a fairly weak IR transmitter (weaker than the 95LX), so
the range may be only a meter or two, less than the typical distance
from couch to TV.

Q: Can I use the 100/200LX as a phone dialer?
A: The HP95LX had a D/A converter that could drive the speaker and
produce touch tones fairly easily; sadly, this feature was dropped in
the 100/200LX.  That converter is instead used to monitor battery

However, there is a program, called ATDT, which uses some fancy
tricks to get touch tones out of a standard PC-AT.  It does work on
the 100/200LX, and it's available on in the
hp95lx/unknown directory (ATDT01.ZIP).  It is not integrated with the
phone book application, it requires the video mode be set up
different from standard (see the readme), and, depending on the phone
you use it with, the 100/200LX speaker may not produce sufficient
volume to reliably dial.

There is also a program called TT available, with source code, on  TT comes ready-to-use, but if you have a C compiler
and know how to use it, you can modify TT and integrate it into other
programs.  Like ATDT, TT suffers from the limitations of the volume
output from the 100/200LX speaker, and your success with it depends
on your patience, the sensitivity of your telephone's microphone, and
the placement of the 100/200LX speaker near the microphone.

Q: Is there an EMS driver?
A: Yes, EMM100.EE, available on eddie.  It uses a paging file on C:
and supports EMS 4.0 almost completely.  There is a 200LX version
in preparation; to avoid problems with Lotus 1-2-3 using EMS, copy
D:\BIN\200.COM to C:\100.COM and call 100 to start the system manager
as an intermediate solution.

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Top Document: comp.sys.palmtops HP100LX Frequently Asked Questions
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