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comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ
Section - How do I configure swlist to not display superseded patches?

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Added: 04/10/01

A new option to swlist, "show_superseded_patches", was introduced in HP-UX
11.00 via the SD-UX cumulative patch PHCO_20078.  In 11.00, by default,
swlist displays all installed patches, including superseded ones.  In
11.10+, by default, swlist does not display superseded patches.

Assuming you have PHCO_20078, or any more recent SD-UX cumulative
patch installed, you may change the default behavior of swlist in 11.00.
To do so, add the following line to the file /var/adm/sw/defaults:

  swlist.show_superseded_patches = false

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