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comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ
Section - 5.8.11 What keyboards and mice are compatible with HP9000 workstations?

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Added: 04/30/01

Michael Piotrowski previously published a web page that lists PS/2 and
USB keyboards and mice that have been reported to work on HP9000
workstations. It can now only be found in Google's page cache:

  o <>

As for serial mice, most Logitech or Microsoft models should work.  The
following entry would need to be in /etc/X11/X0devices:

  Name   pcmouse.1
  Use    Pointer
  Path   /dev/tty0p0

Be sure to change the device file if needed, and chmod it to 666 (the
Xserver runs as 'daemon', not 'root', and it must have read/write access
to the device file).

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