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comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ

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Top Document: comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ
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  3.1  What does HP-UX stand for?
  3.2  Where can I find a good overview of HP-UX?
  3.3  What is the release history of HP-UX?
  3.4  Where can I find definitions of various HP-UX terms?
  3.5  What is HP's address and phone number?
  3.6  How does HP-UX rank among other enterprise Unixes?
  3.7  How does the Compaq merger affect the HP-UX roadmap?

  4.1   FAQs
     4.1.1   Where can I get a copy of this FAQ file?
     4.1.2   What other HP-UX-related FAQs exist?
  4.2   Web Sites
     4.2.1   HP Sites  What is the URL of HP's main web site?  Where can I browse HP documentation on the Web?  Where can I get support from HP on the Web?  Other HP Sites
     4.2.2   Non-HP Sites  EPFL Support HP / HPLine
  4.3   Newsgroups
     4.3.1   List of Usenet newsgroups
     4.3.2   HP's newsgroup policy
     4.3.3  The ITRC HP-UX Forum
  4.4   Mailing Lists
     4.4.1  HPUX-Admin Mailing List
     4.4.2  HP 9000 series 500 Mailing List
     4.4.3  HPMINI-L Mailing List
  4.5   Periodicals
     4.5.1  hp-ux/usr
     4.5.2  The HP Chronicle
  4.6   Books
     4.6.1  HP-UX 11.x Books
     4.6.2  HP-UX 10.x Books
     4.6.3  HP-UX 10.x/11.x Books
     4.6.4  CDE Books
     4.6.5  Books from HP
     4.6.6  HP Product Manuals
  4.7   Local Files
     4.7.1  The HP-UX Reference Manual
     4.7.2  /usr/share/doc
  4.8   Conferences and Workshops
     4.8.1  HP World Conference & Expo
     4.8.2  InterWorks Conference
     4.8.3  HP/Works Technical Workshops
  4.9   Courses and Certifications
     4.9.1   Courses offered by HP
  4.10  Organizations
     4.10.1  Organizations within the U.S.  Interex, The International Association of
                  Hewlett-Packard Computing Professionals  InterWorks
     4.10.2  Organizations outside the U.S.  Interex Netherlands HP User Group (AKA DutchWorks)  HP/Works  Japanese HP Computer Users Association
  4.11  Third-Party Vendors
     4.11.1  Hewlett-Packard Vendor Listing

  5.1   Auditing and Security
     5.1.1  How do group privileges work?
     5.1.2  Why are mail files in /var/mail owned by 'daemon' instead
            of the recipient?
     5.1.3  How can I restrict regular users from logging in at the
     5.1.4  How can I disable non-root logins?
     5.1.5  Where can I find a list of all patches corresponding to
            security advisories?
     5.1.6  How can I protect my systems against SATAN?
     5.1.7  What are the major differences between trusted and
            non-trusted systems?
     5.1.8  How can I configure things like minimum password length,
            password history, and maximum simultaneous logins?
     5.1.9  What is the sticky bit's purpose?
     5.1.10 Does HP-UX have a /dev/random, /dev/urandom, or similar device?
     5.1.11 How can I protect my system from viruses?
     5.1.12 What information is available on configuring HP-UX for maximum
     5.1.13 Does HP-UX support /etc/shadow like Solaris and Linux?
  5.2   Backup and Recovery
     5.2.1  Can I put more than one backup on DDS with fbackup?
     5.2.2  How can I use dump with a DDS tape?
     5.2.3  Why do cpio/tar/dump/pax all backup to tape painfully slowly?
     5.2.4  What CD burning software is available?
  5.3   Disks and File Systems
     5.3.1  How can I enable long file names?
     5.3.2  Is it possible to create a RAM disk?
     5.3.3  What happened to DUX and context dependent files (CDFs)?
     5.3.4  Why can't I use all of my swap space?
     5.3.5  How can I determine which disk is the boot disk?
     5.3.6  Why does pfs_mount fail with the message 'Not Owner' when I
            try to use it?
     5.3.7  What's new with remote mounts and the automounter?
     5.3.8  Why are CDROM filenames all UPPERCASE with ;1 attached?
     5.3.9  How can I start the PFS daemons automatically at system
     5.3.10 Where can I get updated disktab entries for third-party
     5.3.11 How can I determine whether a disk is bootable?
     5.3.12 How do I defragment my filesystems?
  5.4   Display
     5.4.1  How do I define a new terminal type?
     5.4.2  How can I change the video mode on my workstation?
  5.5   Kernel Configuration
     5.5.1  How can I tell if I have a 32-bit or 64-bit kernel?
     5.5.2  How do I determine if a system supports a 32 and/or 64-bit
     5.5.3  Where can I find detailed documentation of the various kernel
  5.6   Monitors, Diagnostics, and Performance
     5.6.1  How can I look at what my system is doing?
     5.6.2  What happened to the sysdiag command?
     5.6.3  How can I improve overall system performance?
  5.7   Networking and Communications
     5.7.1  How can I change the order of hostname resolution?
     5.7.2  How can I track network packets?
     5.7.3  How to get the MAC address for a particular network interface?
     5.7.4  Is there a Transport Level Interface (TLI) interface to
            TCP on HP-UX?
     5.7.5  How do I disable IP Forwarding?
     5.7.6  Why is ifconfig giving me errors when I try to configure
            my LAN?
     5.7.7  How do I change the hostname, IP address, DNS Server, etc?
     5.7.8  How do I determine the speed and duplexity of my network
     5.7.9  How do I display all active Internet (TCP and UDP)
     5.7.10 Can multiple IP addresses be configured on one interface?
     5.7.11 How can I enable the LAN interface on a 700?
     5.7.12 Where can I get STREAMS for HP-UX?
     5.7.13 What version of BIND (named) comes with HP-UX?
     5.7.14 What version of sendmail comes with HP-UX?
     5.7.15 What version of NFS comes with HPUX?
     5.7.16 What is the difference between automount and AutoFS?
     5.7.17 Can I configure multiple network interfaces on the same subnet?
     5.7.18 Does HP-UX come with a DHCP server?
     5.7.19 Is there a port management tool / firewall for HP-UX?
  5.8   Peripheral Devices
     5.8.1  How do I use the floppy drive on my HP-UX workstation?
     5.8.2  How can I format a floppy under HP-UX?
     5.8.3  How can I get an Exabyte to work on an HP?
     5.8.4  How can I get a stuck DDS tape out of the drive?
     5.8.5  Do I need to terminate the internal SCSI on a 700?
     5.8.6  How can I play audio CDs on an HP workstation's CD-ROM drive?
     5.8.7  How can I set up /dev/audio to point to the external jack on a
     5.8.8  How can I configure the parallel port handshake on a 700?
     5.8.9  What are the specs of the audio hardware on the 700 series?
     5.8.10 Is there a trackball for the 700?
     5.8.11 What keyboards and mice are compatible with HP9000
     5.8.12 How do I change the keyboard type (e.g. from UK to German or
            vice versa) after HP-UX is already installed?
     5.8.13 How do I ascertain which device file corresponds to my CD-ROM
            or DVD-ROM drive?
  5.9   Printers and Plotters
     5.9.1  What happened to lpr?
     5.9.2  Why does lpstat report the printer down, even though it's not?
     5.9.3  How can I turn off the LP banner page?
     5.9.4  How can I print man pages without losing the formatting?
     5.9.5  How can I view and print Postscript (.ps) files?
  5.10  Process Management
     5.10.1  How much memory can a process use?
     5.10.2  Why do my processes keep dying at 64 MB memory usage?
     5.10.3  How do I set per-process limits?
     5.10.4  How can I tell what files, ports, etc.. a process has open?
     5.10.5  How can I get the ps command to display more than 64
             characters of process command lines?
  5.11  Routine Tasks
     5.11.1  How can I track log files and core files?
     5.11.2  What's a good strategy for clearing /tmp and /var/tmp?
  5.12  Software Management
     5.12.1   General Software Management  Where can I find out more about Software Distributor
                  (SD-UX)?  How can I tell what products have been loaded on my
                  system?  How do I safely remove software from my system?  How is the unique node ID used for licensing determined?  What is Ignite-UX?
     5.12.2   Patch Management  Where do I get HP-UX patches?  How can I list all installed patches?  How can I tell what patches are in the kernel?  How do I get rid of these old 10.x patches since I
                  upgraded to 11.x?  How can I install multiple patches, without having to
                  reboot more than once?  How do I configure swlist to not display superseded
                  patches?  What is the naming convention used for HP-UX patch
                  names?  Where can I get OpenView patches?
  5.13  Time
     5.13.1  How can I change the timezone?
     5.13.2  How can I print yesterday's or tomorrow's date?
     5.13.3  How can I convert a timestamp (seconds since the Epoch) to a
             date/time string?
     5.13.4  What is the purpose of the 'timezone' and 'dst' kernel
  5.14  Users and Groups
     5.14.1  How can I tell if I need more than a 2-user license?
     5.14.2  How can I set up group-based FTP access?
     5.14.3  Has /etc/logingroup functionality changed in 11.x?
  5.15  X-Windows and CDE
     5.15.1   X Window System (X11)  Where can I get X11R6?  Where can I get the missing X11 header files?  How can I set up an HP-UX workstation as an X terminal?  How do I get a scroll bar on hpterms?  How can I change the title in my hpterm titlebar?  Why do my terminal windows keep going away by
                  themselves?  How can I get console messages to go to an hpterm?  What's a good termcap entry for hpterm?  My screen is wedged.  What should I do? How can I get an X app to come up in an alternate
     5.15.2   Common Desktop Environment (CDE)  What happened to VUE?  How do I start/stop/reset CDE (dtlogin)?  How can I enable/disable CDE (dtlogin)?  Why does id/groups not show secondary groups in
                  dtterm/CDE?  How can I improve CDE's performance?  Is there a CDE FAQ?  When I log on to CDE, I want certain applications to
                  automatically start.  How can this be done ?  How do I get cut-n-paste to work correctly with CDE?  Why do NCD X-terminals hang when trying to connect via
                  XDMCP to an HP-UX 10.20 host running CDE?

  6.1   General
     6.1.1  What threads support is provided?
     6.1.2  What's the deal with _INCLUDE_xxxx_SOURCE?
     6.1.3  Where can I find a list of all available system calls?
     6.1.4  How can I tell if something was built debuggable?
     6.1.5  Why is syslog() call not doing what i want it to?
     6.1.6  How can I get C programs to automatically generate stack
     6.1.7  HP C++ email discussion lists
     6.1.8  HP-UX development email discussion lists
  6.2   Compiling and Linking
     6.2.1  Why is the default C compiler brain-dead?
     6.2.2  How do I make Perl on HP-UX?
     6.2.3  How do I deal with "too many defines"?
     6.2.4  Why do I get "_builtin_va_start" undefined when I build with
     6.2.5  Is there some kind of problem with using FLT_MIN in ANSI mode?
     6.2.6  Why do I get the error "*Initialization*:1: missing
            token-sequence in `#assert'" when I compile with gcc?
     6.2.7  How can I detect the HP-UX version at compile time?
  6.3   Porting
     6.3.1  Porting from an Earlier Release of HP-UX
     6.3.2  Porting from Other Platforms (Solaris, AIX, etc..)
     6.3.3  How do I know if binaries built on a one release of HP-UX are
            compatible with a different release of HP-UX?
  6.4   Tools
     6.4.1  Where can I get Interviews for HP-UX?
     6.4.2  Is there a disassembler included with HP-UX?

  7.1  Freeware
     7.1.1   HP Freeware  Patches  Drivers  I heard there is a new ftpd available.  Where do I get
                 it?  HPRC FTP Site  GNOME
     7.1.2   Non-HP Freeware  The Software Porting And Archive Centre for HP-UX  InterWorks FTP site  Netperf  SLIP and CSLIP  PPP  SMTP  POP and IMAP  Sudo  Ntalk TTCP Free SCSI utilities for HP-UX workstations PSCREEN/uX GNU software Web browsers Miscellaneous freeware RealAudio Player CD Burning Software
  7.2  Shareware
  7.3  Commercial Software
     7.3.1  HP Commercial Software  Where can I find release histories for various HP
                 software products?  Where can I find a list of all applications that are
                 available for HP-UX?
     7.3.2  Non-HP Commercial Software  Interex FastStart Toolbox  Is there anything remotely like the Apollo DM editor

  8.1  How can I find the HP-UX equivalent for a given
       Solaris/AIX/etc.. command?
  8.2  What do I need to do to make my HP-UX system Year 2000
  8.3  How do I boot into single user mode?
  8.4  How can I send mail to an MPE/iX HPDESK address?
  8.5  How can I limit core files?
  8.6  How do I disable the Caps Lock key?
  8.7  Why does my Korn shell login hang?
  8.8  How can I avoid those annoying copyright notices on login?
  8.9  How can I turn off quota checking?
  8.10 Why can't I start Aserver?
  8.11 How can I get a daemon to successfully start from an rc script?
  8.12 How do I convert the uname string to a model string?
  8.13 Is Perl included with HP-UX?
  8.14 Why can't I type an '@' character?
  8.15 Why can't I get my machine into boot admin mode?
  8.16 What happened to "less"?
  8.17 What should go in my PATH and MANPATH environment variables?
  8.18 Why does the 10.x/11.x cksum command produce a different
       checksum than the 9.x cksum command?
  8.19 Can I run Linux on an HP9000 system?
  8.20 Can I run *BSD on an HP9000 system?
  8.21 What happened to /usr/local?  What are these /usr/contrib
       and /opt directories?
  8.22 Is it OK to change root's shell?
  8.23 Why does HP-UX 10 generate copious "Sti_save" syslog messages?
  8.24 How can I tell which kernel was booted?
  8.25 What is the equivalent of ldd under HP-UX?
  8.26 How do I configure a program to automatically start up or
       shutdown when the system starts up or shuts down?
  8.27 How can I do regular expression matching?
  8.28 How can I play MP3s?
  8.29 How can I use audio on HP-UX 10.x/11.x without a network?
  8.30 Is there a tool to trace system calls?
  8.31 What OS capacity limits exist?
  8.32 How can I determine how much RAM my system has?
  8.33 What are the various revisions of PA-RISC?
  8.34 How do I find the clock speed of my system's CPU(s)?
  8.35 How can I view/print PDF files?
  8.36 How do I read an SGI-written tar format DDS tape?
  8.37 Is the Euro supported?
  8.38 How can I view various Windows-format files (Word docs,
       Excel spreadsheets, etc..) on an HP-UX system?
  8.39 How is the system load average, as reported by the uptime
       and top commands, calculated?
  8.40 Where can I get HP9000 firmware updates?
  8.41 Where can I look up HP part numbers?
  8.42 How can I create a /dev/zero special file?
  8.43 Why is tail's output truncated for large amounts of input?
  8.44 What commands or scripts exist for gathering and summarizing
       system information?
  8.45 How can I convert numbers from one base to another?
  8.46 What are the machine ID and serial number used for?
  8.47 How can I tell what commands SAM is executing under the hood?
  8.48 How can I view a file in octal or hexadecimal?
  8.49 How do I configure the kernel to write corefiles as core.<pid>?
  8.50 How do I analyze a system crash dump?
  8.51 Is HP-UX free for non-profit users (students, hobbyists, etc..)?
  8.52 Where can I obtain a free HP-UX shell account?
  8.53 How do I grep for an exact word as with "grep -w" in Linux?

  9.1  Contributors
  9.2  Trademarks

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