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soc.culture.hongkong FAQ, Part III (Global Volunteer Database)

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Archive-name: hongkong-faq/part3
Last-modified: Fri Jun 28 22:29 EST 1996
Version: 2.6

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                              O F F I C I A L 

                       FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) 




If you have any questions regarding addition/deletion/modification
to this FAQ, please contact Sandra Chan at ""  
Your comments will be appreciated.



2001)   What is Global Volunteer Database(GVD)?
2002)   Why do we need GVD?
2003)   Who are GVD volunteer and what responsiblity do they have?	
2004)   What are the guidelines for using GVD?
2005)   What is the ultimate goal for GVD?
2006)   Who is in charge of the GVD?
2007)   How can I obtain a copy of GVD?
2008)   How can I become a volunteer?
2009)   Can I take a look at the lastest GVD?

2001)   What is Global Volunteer Database(GVD)?

	GVD (Global Volunteer Database) is a compiled list of SCHK netters 
who are willing to provide information through e-mail for others living in 
other parts of the world.

2002) Why do we need GVD?

	Every now and then, we all need some kind of help and support from 
people in another city or country.  Many of us might seek information on a 
degree program in a university located thousands of miles away, find our
long lost classmates in another city, or simply need travel-information
of another country.  We have all seen postings after postings of
that nature in SCHK--wouldn't it be nice if we knew someone who would be
willing to provide us with insightful, first-hand information?  This is what
GVD is all about.  

2003)   Who are GVD volunteer and what responsiblity do they have?	

	GVD consists of SCHK netters from around the world who 
are willing to help others.  Each volunteer has expressed interests in 
answering questions pertaining to their alma mater, or the place where he/
she resides.  

	It is a pure voluntary activity, which means that the volunteer will
not charge a fee for his/her service.  That also means that they might choose
not to help out due to time and other personal constrains.

	For those who intend to become a volunteer, please note that the
information given by you will be made available to the public.  In other
words, everyone will have access to the information you have submitted.  
Should you chose not to reveal certain information, please exclude them
from the application.
2004)	What are the guidelines for using GVD?

	There's none.  We, the organizers of GVD, hope to give the highest
degree of flexibility to the volunteers and those who use the service.  
Therefore, we leave it to them to decide what they what to make of GVD.  

	We also do not wish to put a restriction on who can use GVD.  In
theory, everyone who has access to this compiled list can make use of
the service.  At this point in time, we have chosen an electronic-medium
(namely Internet) to distribute GVD.  Should there be a demand for
other means of distribution, we will glad extend the service.

	Although we do not wish to put too much control over GVD, we 
believe it is essential to set some guidelines.  The following list
of guidelines should be understood and respected by those who use and
take part in this project:

	1) No one should use GVD as a means to advocate personal/
           political propaganda of any kind;
        2) Use of GVD for any commercial purpose would require 
           seeking a prior approval from the volunteers;
        3) Each volunteer (and those who use the service) should 
           show mutual respect, regardless of one's background.
           Humiliation, discrimination, and person-attacks of
           any kind shall not be accepted.
        4) People who volunteer to submit their information/
           addresses, though have the right to withdraw their
           support at any time, should realize that their
           information will be distributed through many
           different channels all over the world.  Hence, it
           will be almost impossible to wipe out one's information
           entirely once they are submitted. 

2005)   What is the ultimate goal for GVD?
	Thousands of students leave Hong Kong every year to pursue 
advance degree in US, Canada, UK and Australia.  A majority 
of them do not know what to expect when they get on the plane.
Our mission is to make GVD available to various student-advisory organizations,
namely the Heng Seng Student Advisory Council for Overseas Studies,
the Institute of International Education in Hong Kong and so on.
Our volunteer in HK will physically go into the centers to introduce GVD,
and perhaps to give the counselors a lesson on how to use e-mail to
contact our volunteers.

	The Hong Kong Student Association from every university 
and college around the world SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST ONE volunteer 
in the GVD.  It will help Hong Kong Students around the world to 
communicate better in event that we have not foreseen.  This will 
become an important step in moving SCHK from a discussion only forum to 
an organized global network for Hong Kong people.  

2006) Who is in charge of the GVD?

	Sandra Chan is in charge of GVD. Sandra is responsible for maintaining
the list.

	You may send e-mail to Sandra at: 

2007) How can I obtain a copy of the GVD?

	A copy of the lastest GVD will be available in the monthly
posting of SCHK FAQ.  If you REALLY cannot wait, pleae contact Sandra 

2008) How can I become a volunteer?
	It is very easy.  What you need to do is to fill in the form below
and mail it to Sandra Chan "" and  you will 
become an official GVD volunteer.

------------  FORM BEGIN -------------
	 Country: /* Country you are in */
	 State/Province: /* State/Province name */
	 City:	/* City where you reside */
         Orgn: 	/* Organization/School/Company name */
         Dept: 	/* Department of study */
         Name: 	/* Your name here */
         Addr: 	/* e-mail address */
         HKSA? 	/* Is there a Hong Kong Student Assocation in your school ? */
         Note: 	/* Comment/notes/famous quote :) */
------------  FORM END   -------------


2009) Can I take a look at the lastest GVD?

Sure.  Here it is:

  G L O B A L   V O L U N T E E R   D A T A B A S E 

(last updated on Jan 6, 1996)

Global Volunteer Database (GVD) is a compiled list of
volunteers, who have expressed interests in providing 
support for people who intend to travel to and/or
study in a foreign place.  For more information, please
refer to the monthly-posted Frequently Asked Question 
(FAQ) part III of soc.culture.hongkong (SCHK).  

(please note: Direct quotes from the volunteers are bound
              by quotation marks.  Also, all information
              provided here may change without any public 

Disclaimer: This compiled list is freely distributable,
            providing that no money/profit will be made
            in the process of distribution.  
            *                      *                   *
            Sandra Chan ( 
            is responsible for maintaining the following
            database.  Should you have any complaints,
            suggestions and/or corrections, please send e-mail
            to Sandra.

Country: Australia

   State/Province: Canberra

      City: Sydney

         Orgn: Australian National University
         Dept: School or Physical Science and Engineering
         Name: Andrew Lui
         Note: "If you need more info, please mail me."

         Orgn: Macquarie University
         Dept: Computing Science & Pure Mathematics
         Name: Patrick Tsang
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: HKSA exists for more than 10 years
      City: Sydney, Hong Kong

         Orgn: Chinese University (HK), Aus. National Univ.
         Dept: Chemistry
         Name: Ida N. L. Ma
         HKSA? No
         Note: (Ida is working in HK at the moment. 
               Nonetheless, she will try to answer
               questions regarding Australian National

   State/Province: New South Wales

      City: Riverina

         Orgn: Charles Sturt University-Riverina
         Dept: Information Studies
         Name: Simpson Poon
         HKSA? *
         Note: Has an inform HKSA.  "Questions about CSU-R
               and most universities in Victoria welcome."
      City: Sydney

         Orgn: The University of Sydney
         Dept: Electrical Engineering (Information System Engineering)
         Name: Lawrence Leung
         HKSA: yes
         Note: I'm currently a Electrical Engineering Master degree student 
               in the University of Sydney. I like study (It's the first 
               joke :->), sports (just any kind of sports will do), 
               computer (hardware stuffs, I say I'm an expert) and 
               sleeping! Should anyone want any information about Sydney or 
               Electrical Engineering, please don't hesitate to give me a 
               mail. I will try me best to help you! :->

   State/Province: Victoria

      City: Melbourne

         Orgn: Monash University
         Dept: Information Systems
         Name: Reddy Kwok
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: Phone: 03-903-2415
               Fax: 03-903-2005             
         Mail: Level 7, 26 Railway Avenue, Caulfield East,
               Victoria, Australia 3145

         Orgn: The University of Melbourne
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Joey Wong
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "I always your instant 'informationer'"
               " :) nice to meet you all."     
         Mail: GPO Box 1496N, Melbourne Vic 3001 Australia
         Orgn:  N/A since I have finished study
         Name:  James Ng
         HKSA?  N/A
         Note:  check out the signature ;-)
                A very dedicated railfan.
                from Melbourne Australia. A great city down under!
                Home to the largest tramway system in the English speaking 

   State/Province: Western Australia

      City: Bentley

         Orgn: Curtin University of Technology
         Dept: Chemical Engineering
         Name: Henry Ming-Wang Sze
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "Doing a master's degree."
Country: Canada

   State/Province: Alberta

         Orgn: University of Lethbridge
         Dept: Management (Management Information System)
         Name: Zachary Lo
         HKSA? N/A
         Note: "Think about AI!"
   State/Province: British Columbia

      City:  Coquitlam

         Orgn:  Sato Technologies
         Dept:  Information Highway Technology
         Name:  Danny Yu
         Addr:  DannyYu@Direct.CA
         HKSA?  N/A
         Note:  Lookups welcome.
                Voice : (604) 258-4587

      City: Vancouver

         Orgn: University of British Columbia
         Dept: Chemistry
         Name: Stephen Cheng
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Chinese student groups present, but not
               really for foreign students from Hong Kong. 
               International House exists."

   State/Province: Manitoba

      City: Winnipeg

         Orgn: University of Manitoba
         Dept: N/A
         Name: Chinese Students' Association (CSA)
         Addr: csassoc@ccu.UManitoba.CA
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "Welcome all lookups!!
               There is another University here in Winnipeg
               called the University of Winnipeg
               (UW). Unfortunately UW-CSA does not
               have internet access!"               
   State/Province: Nova Scotia

      City: Halifax

         Orgn: Dalhousie University
         Dept: Commerce
         Name: Michael Leung
         HKSA? no
         Note: No
   State/Province: Ontario

         Orgn: Univeristy of Western Ontario
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Angus Fong
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: Angus is a representative of Hong Kong
               Concern. (HKSA at U of W. Ontario)

      City: Toronto

         Orgn: Ryerson Polytechnic University
         Dept: Electrical Engineering
         Name: Henry Wong
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "RCSA President," "any enquiries and 
               questions can be directed to me."

         Orgn: Ryerson Polytechnic University
         Dept: School of Computer Science
         Name: Philip Wing-fai Lau
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: BBS/Fax : (905)819-8177 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. 8)
         Orgn: University of Toronto (St. George Campus)
         Name: Raymond Chik

         Orgn: International Verifact Inc.
         Dept: System Designer/Cryptograhor
         Name: Mcken (King Hang), Mak
         HKSA: NO
         Note: Pleas feel free to contact me for more infomation, I am looking
               forward for your response.

         Orgn: University of Toronto, Erindale Campus
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Eddie Ng Cheong Ton
         HKSA: ???
         Note: "The great mistake is to anticipate the outcome of the 
               engagement; you ought not to be thinking of whether it 
               ends in victory or defeat. Let nature take its course, and 
               your tools will strike at the right moment."
               - "Tao of Jeet Kune Do" by Bruce Lee 

        Orgn: Bell-Northern Research, Inc.
        Dept: B.A.Sc. (Electrical), U. of Toronto
              M.Eng. (Electrical), Cornell U.
        Name: Ernest Tai
        HKSA: No.
        Note: Hi *! I have studied in NY and Toronto. Now working in Ottawa,
              the Capital City of Canada. Any question related to studying
              or working in these places are welcome. :>

      City: Waterloo

         Orgn: University of Waterloo
         Dept: -NIL-
         Name: Anthony Chu
         HKSA? -NO-
         Note: -no-

   State/Province: Quebec

         Orgn: Concordia University
         Dept: Dept. of Engineering and Computer Science
         Name: Nai-Keung Ling
         HKSA? No
         Note: N/A

         Orgn: Joint-Center for Asia Pacific Communication Research,Quebec 
               University in Montreal-Concordia University
         Dept: I am a PH.D.candidate in Communication,Dep.Communication, 
               Quebec Montreal.Thesis subject:"Networks in 
               Asia,from intercultural to media industry.The case of 
               Star-tv in Hong-Kong"
         Name: Mr.Jean-Pierre-Guay
         Note: I am on the board of the Hong-Kong/Canada Business 
               Association Montreal Chapter.I lived in H-K for a few 
               years. Interests,satellites, networks:people and 
               business;gov. regulations and decisions. Development of 
               media in H-K and its influence in Asia.

   State/Province: New Brunswick
      City: Fredericton

         Dept: Economics(BA)
         Name: Kelvin Ng Ka Kwok 
         Add: K7G8@SPITFIRE.UNB.CA
         HKSA: Yes Overseas Chinese Student Association(OCSA)
         Note: Talk to me anytime.
City: Hong Kong

         Orgn: City Poly of Hong Kong
         Dept: Dept. of Economics and Finance
         Name: Michael Lai
         Addr: 91278446@CPHKVX.CPHK.HK
         HKSA? N/A
         Note: "My interests include playing football,
               tennis, computer, reading and going to the
         Orgn: Chinese University of Hong Kong
         Dept: Dept. of Computer Science
         Name: Jacky Kwong
         HKSA? N/A

         Orgn: HongKong PC User Group
         Dept: None
         Name: Samson Luk
         Addr: samsonluk@ATTMail.Com
         HKSA? no
         Note: none

Country: Japan

      City: Tokyo
         Orgn: Typhoon Inc.
         Dept: Information Technology
         Name: N. Fung
         HKSA? N/A
         Note: N/A

Country: United Kingdom

      City: London

         Orgn: Imperial College of Univeristy of London
         Dept: Dept. of Electrical and Electronics
         Name: Karl Chan
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "A Hong Kong association within Imperial 
               College Chinese Society."

      City: Manchester

         Orgn: University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology 
         Dept: Chemistry
         Name: Tommy W.H.Yuen Bsc(Hons),CChem,MRSC
         HKSA: Yes (Too many!!)
         Note: I have been studying in England for about 11 years, so I 
               known it all. I have been to a lot of other universities as 
               well. I am a final year Ph.D student and I will be finishing 

      City: Warwick

         Orgn: University of Warwick
         Dept: Department of Computer Science
         Name: Kenneth Wu (Gods)
         HKSA? No
         Note: "I would like to make friends with people 
               from different parts of the world!"

      City: Colchester

         Orgn: University of Essex
         Dept: Department of Computer Science
         Name: Lyndon C.H. Lee
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: None
      City:   London

         Orgn: University of Westminster
         Dept: School of Computer Science
         Name: Kuen-Wai Aaron CHU
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: Brothers and Sisters within four sea...
                   Stay loose and be cool! :)
      City:  Cambridge

         Orgn:  University of Cambridge	
         Dept:  Dept of Physics	
         Name:  Hermann Chong	
         HKSA?  (1) Hong Kong and Chinese Affairs Society
		(2) Chinese Society (mainly organised by HK students)
         Note:  willing to provide my sincere help :>

      City: Glasgow

         Orgn: 	University of Strathclyde
         Dept: 	Mathematics
         Name: 	Che Yen Yeung
         HKSA? 	University of Strathclyde Hong Kong Student Society
         Note: 	Always Waiting

      City: Canterbury	

         Orgn: University of Kent at Canterbury 
         Dept: Computer Science	
         Name: Ken LI 
         HKSA? [what about Chinese Soc?] 
         Note: Wanna do MBA but lack of relevant experience? Think doing MBS 
               in UKC :>  

Country: USA

   State/Province: Alabama

      City: Auburn

         Orgn: Provost's Office
         Dept: Economic Development Institute
         Name: Danny Kin-Kong Lam
         HKSA? Don't Know
         Note: /* Comment/notes/famous quote :) */

   State/Province: Arizona

      City: Phoenix

         Orgn: Honeywell, Industrial Automation & Control
         Dept: BSCS, University of Illinois, '93
         Name: Angeline Wong
         HKSA? *
         Note: "Am working in Phoenix, but am active in HKSA
               at Arizona State University.  Also have 
               contacts at American Graduate School of 
               International Management."

      City: Tucson

         Orgn: University of Arizona
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Leo Wai-Chung So
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "M.S. Student" "Think ahead, plan ahead, go 
         Orgn: University Of Arizona
         Dept: Geological Engineering
         Name: Zedai Zheng
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Let me help you, let you help me!"            
   State/Province: California

      City: San jose

         Orgn: San Jose State University
         Dept: Economics
         Name: Hung Dao
         HKSA: Yes
         Note: If you need help, just feel free email to me

         Orgn: Amdahl Corporation
         Dept: n/a
         Name: Fred Ki
         HKSA? no
         Note: n/a
         Mail: Amdahl Corporation / Advanced Systems
               46525 Landing Pkwy, M/S 580, 
               Fremont, CA 94538
      City: Pomona

        Orgn: Cal Poly University, Pomona
        Dept: International Programs
        Name: Steve Iman
        HKSA: I know that there is, though I'm not involved
        Note: A US-bred American willing to help as I can.

      City: Berkeley

         Orgn: University of California, Berkeley
         Dept: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
         Name: Leo Wong
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: No Comment
         Orgn: University of California, Berkeley
         Dept: City and Regional Planning
         Name: Sidney Wong, Chun-Cheung
         HKSA? No
         Note: "In 1984-86, I studied in Wales, UK; worked 
               before as a planner in HK Government.  Now 
               attending a doctoral program in real
               estate and urban redevelopment.

      City: Claremont

         Orgn: Harvey Mudd College
         Dept: Engineering
         Name: Andrew K. Y. Lee
         HKSA: No, but there is a CSA.
         Note: For the sixth year in a row, Harvey Mudd College is rated the 
               best specialty school in engineering, according to U.S. News 
               and World Report in their recently published 1995 annual 
               guide to "American's Best Colleges." 

     State/Province: Iowa

       City: Ames

          Orgn:Iowa State University
          Dept:Dept. of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
          Name: Chung-Man Desmond Lam
          HKSA? yes
          Note: I have lived in Ames since 1991 so that I know about Iowa 
                State University very well.  If you have any questions about 
                ISU, would you send me an e-mail to me?  Also, there is an  
                Ames Chinese Church in Ames.

       City: Irvine

          Orgn: U.C. Irvine / Jet Propulsion Laboratory
          Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering
          Name: Anthony S. Lai
          HKSA? No
          Note: "I am also a member of the Hong Kong Club
                here at UC Irvine, and next year is my 
                at UCI."
         Orgn:  University of California, Irvine / Procom Technology
         Dept:  Information & Computer Science
         Name:  Andy Ho-Fan Chan
         HKSA?  Yes
         Note:  Knows info. about junior colleges and universities in 
                LA county area and city of Irvine.

      City: Los Angeles

         Orgn: University of California--Los Angeles
         Dept: Biology
         Name: Lai, Kay-yin
         Addr: oaislai@mvs.oac.ucla.du
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "In addition, there's a HK Student Union."
               "To help YOU know what YOU want to know..."

         Orgn: University of California
         Dept: Earth & Space Science (Geology)
         Name: Sandy T. LEE
         HKSA: Yes
         Note: The University of Chinese with Lotsa Asian welcome you!
               We also have a HKSU (Student Union), Chinese Student Asso.,
               Chinese Graduate Student Asso., Chinese Christian Fellowship,...
               other various Asian groups are also available.
               Feel free to ask me any question. I'll try my best to help!
               *** Smile More! :) & Best Wishes! ***

      City: Pasadena

         Orgn: California Institue of Technology
         Dept: Physics
         Name: John Chiu
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: Small HKSA--less than 40 members. 
               "California is beautiful.  However, think
               twice if you are considering Caltech. 
               There are trillion places on earth
         Mail: to lead an easier life!"
      City: Sacramento/Roseville

         Orgn: Hewlett Packard
         Dept: None
         Name: Roger Lam
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Smile  :)"

      City: San Diego

         Orgn: U.S. Navy
         Dept: N/A
         Name: Edwin Cheng
         HKSA? No
         Note: Glad to help newcomers from H.K. and China. 
               Cantonese and Mandarin.

      City: San Francisco

         Orgn: On Lok, Inc.
         Dept: N/A
         Name: Ling Shao
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Friends are always welcome."
         Orgn: San Francisco State University
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Johnny Chow
         HKSA? No
         Note: "E-mail often!"
      City: Saratoga

         Orgn: Saratoga High School
         Dept: N/A 
         Name: Eva Tang
         Addr: 102333,
         HKSA? Nope
         Note: Even more than 40% student in my school are Asian less 
               than 10 are from/related to Hong Kong.  If you have any
               questions about colleges in California, I'll try my best to 
               help you.

   State/Province: Colorado

      City: Golden

         Orgn: Colorado School of Mines
         Dept: General Engineering
         Name: Jasper Fai
         HKSA? No
         Note: "There are only two H.K. students including
               me here!"
               "Life is short  ->  play hard"

  State/Province: Connecticut

      City: Mansfield

         Orgn: Eastern Connecticut State University
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Kathy Chung
         HKSA: No
         Notes: All questions are welcome.

   State/Province: Florida

      City: Gainesville

         Orgn: University of Florida
         Dept: Mechanical Engineering
         Name: Michael Leung
         HKSA? No
         Note: "PhD student, willing to help if I can."
   State/Province: Illinois

      City: Urbana-Champaign

         Orgn: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
         Name: Elaine Wong
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: Vice president of the HKSA.  Interested in 
               helping out.

         Orgn: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
         Dept: Chemical Engineering
         Name: Sauwai Karen Lau
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "I'll be glad to help you. :)"
      City: Evanston

         Orgn: Northwestern University
         Dept: Dept. of Math.
         Name: Wai-Yan Cheng
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: NU's HKSA currently has about 20 registered 
   State/Province: Maryland

      City: College Park

         Orgn: University of Maryland
         Dept: Department of Physics & Astronomy
         Name: George C. Ho
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Can help any people who need information on 
               graduate study."

   State/Province: Maryland

      City: Gaithersburg (near D.C)

         Orgn: Harry Diamond Laboratories
         Dept: none
         Name: Forrest Chang
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Happy to help out my fellow chinese"

   State/Province: Massachusetts

      City: Boston

         Orgn: Boston University
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Chan, Ka Kit
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "HK Foreign student friendship exchange"

         Orgn: University of Massachusetts--Boston
         Dept: Dept. of Computer Science
         Name: Tony Chow Yee-Yin
         HKSA? No
         Note: There is an Asian society in UMass--Boston
	 Orgn: Harvard School of Public Health
	 Dept: Tropical Public Health
	 Name: Larry Ming Cheung Chow
	 Note: Boston is a very nice place for intellectual exchange.

      City: Cambridge

         Orgn: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Dept: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
         Name: Albert Shing Fai Wong
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: None

         Orgn: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Dept: Chem. Engineering and Bio.
         Name: Olivia Siu
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: 6 people on Coordination Committe.  
         Orgn: Harvard College
         Dept: Biochemistry
         Name: Joyce Ho
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: Clubs Related on Campus:
               Asian American Association (AAA)
               Asian American Dance Troupe 
               Association of Radcliffe Asians (ARA)
               China Current
               Chinese Student Association (CSA)
               Hong Kong Club (HKC)
               Minority Student's Alliance (MSA)

      City: Westford

         Orgn: University of Massachusetts at Lowell
         Dept: Dept. of Civil Engineering
         Name: Kenneth W. Lau
         HKSA? ?
         Note: Lowell is 35 miles NW of Boston.
   State/Province: Minnesota

      City: Minneapolis

         Orgn: University of Minnesota--Twin Cities
         Dept: Electrical Engineering
         Name: Henry Yeung
         HKSA? yes
         Note: N/A

   State/Province: Minnesota

      City: Minneapolis

         Orgn: University of Minnesota--Twin Cities
         Dept: Mechanical Engineering
         Name: Wilson Poon
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "Will be happy to answer question about Min-
               nesota.  Minnesota - State with 10,000
      City: Rochester

         Orgn: Mayo Graduate School of Medicine
         Dept: Orthopedic Surgery
         Name: Tony Leung, MD
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Will try to answer questions about medical
               school and residency program opportunities
               in the USA."               
         Mail: 5617 Fairway Drive NW
               Rochester, MN 55901

   State/Province: Nebraska

      City: Chadron

         Orgn: Chadron State College
         Dept: School of Math and Science, School of Business
         Name: Plato Chan
         Addr: ai472@
         HKSA: NO
          About Chadron State: There are only two Hong Kong Chinese or 
          Chinese students in Chadron, me and my brother.  Chadron State 
          offer half and full tuition wavier for qualified international 

   State/Province: Nevada

      City: Reno

         Orgn: University of Nevada, Reno
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Sung-Ngan Chiu (Edward)
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: President of HKSA.  "Our HKSA is not very
               active; but we HK people maintain good

   State/Province: New Hampshire

      City: Hanover

         Orgn: Dartmouth College
         Dept: Chemistry, Mathematics
         Name: Yeukkei Cheung (Roy)
         HKSA? nil
         Note: "Will help out all good-looking female. ;)"

         Orgn: Dartmouth College
         Dept: Computer Science, Education
         Name: Kelvin Leung
         HKSA? NIL
         Note: "Graduated in 1994, am now working in Hong 
                Kong.  Contact me if you wish to know more
                about my Alma Mater and/or Dartmouth Club 
                of HK."

   State/Province: New Jersey

      City: New Brunswick

         Orgn: Rutgers University
         Dept: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
         Name: Hin-Fan Lau
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Hope I can be of service."

   State/Province: New York

      City: Buffalo

         Orgn: Buffalo State College
         Dept: English
         Name: Craig Werner
         HKSA? No
         Note: None
         Orgn: SUNY - Baffalo
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Wun-chun Chau
         HKSA? No

         Orgn: SUNY - Buffalo
         Dept: Music
         Name: Kenneth Kwan
         HKSA? No
         Note: There are several support groups for Chinese
               at UB.  Contact Kenneth for detail.
      City: Hamilton

         Orgn: Colgate University
         Dept: Computer Science, Mathematics
         Name: Gary Moh
         HKSA? Negative
         Note: Graduated in May, 1994.  Now work for 
               SR Research (Software Dev.) in Boston. 
               can be also be reached at 
         Mail: "Drop me a note if you're in [Boston]."

      City: Ithaca

         Orgn: Cornell University
         Dept: College of Engineering
         Name: Harshvardhan Varagya Nath Kaul
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: International student from India.  Interested
               in South-East Asian cultures.  Willing to 
               help answer questions about Cornell. 
               Doing undergrad research in AI.

         Orgn: New York University
         Dept: Undergrad. Accounting and Information System
         Name: David Lap Ki Cheung
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "I am currently an officer in NYU's HKSA, 
               club consists of about 200 members, not just 
               Hongkongese, and 99% (of the) students in
               the club speaks Cantonese"

      City: New York

         Orgn:	Hunter College 
         Dept:	Academic Computing Services
         Name:	mary y. tsang
         HKSA:	n/a
         Note:	"24 hrs. a day is never enough, may i borrow some of your time?"

         Orgn: 	N.Y.U.
         Dept: 	Business
         Name: 	Aaron Ng
         HKSA? 	???
         Note: 	If you are interested on how it would be like in New York, I
                know of great places to hang out like asian parties, clubs, 
                bars, pool halls, etc... If you are thinking about  coming to 
                N.Y. I think you'll have a great time and a good education.

      City: Rochester

         Orgn: University of Rochester
         Name: S. Baldwin Ng
         HKSA? yes
         Note: "I was the President of the CSA last year. I
               guess I can volunteer to represent the UR's 
               CSA with HKers especially)"
         Mail: University of Rochester, Institute of Optics,
               Rochester, NY 14627, USA
   State/Province: New York

      City: Syracuse

         Orgn: Syracuse University
         Dept: Computer Engineering
         Name: Peter Chan
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: Transferred from Univ. of Western Ontario, 
               Canada to SU.  "Friends, never too many!"

      City: Troy

         Orgn: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institutue
         Dept: Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
         Name: Pao Yuen Chung (James)
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: I am one of the founders of the HKSA here, we 
               just started last semester.  We have about 
               100 members now.

   State/Province: North Carolina

      City: Chapel Hill

         Orgn: University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill
         Dept: School of Information and Library Science
         Name: Siu-ki Wong
         HKSA? NO
         Note: "Welcome to the Tar Heels state.  I will
               answer about UNC."

      City: Charlotte

         Orgn: University of North Carolina--Charlotte
         Dept: Belk College of Business Administration 
         Name: Chan, Tik Yuen
         HKSA? No
         Note: UNCC has a CSA.  "/* Tell you later */"
      City: Cleveland

         Orgn: Case Western Reserve University
         Dept: Public Relations/Business Management
         Name: Wendy Szeto
         HKSA? No
         Note: "I am a very active member of the Asian
               Alliance, a national organization.  Also, 
               Taiwanese Student Association" 
               (though she is from Hong Kong).

      City: Columbus

         Orgn: The Ohio State University
         Name: Brian Lo
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "Pleease feel free to contact us for any 
               (or contact Eleanor Wong at

   State/Province: Oregon

      City: Portland
         Orgn: Oregon State University
         Dept: Business
         Name: Amy Fong
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: Not that I could think of any right now.:) 

         Orgn: Portland State University
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Carolyn Lee
         HKSA: Yes 	
	 Note: would like to go for Master, but $$...... :(            	

   State/Province: Pennsynlvania

      City: Pittsburgh

         Orgn: Carnegie-Mellon University
         Dept: Computer Science and Robotic
         Name: Jeffrey Yang
         Note: "If you or anybody that you know who want to 
               know more about my school, I will answer
               any questions as long as I know them."
      City: Pittsburgh

         Orgn: University of Pittsburgh
         Dept: Physics
         Name: Luie Siu Yim
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: N/A
   State/Province: Texas

      City: Austin

         Orgn: Motorola Inc.
         Dept: Alumni BSEE 1989, Purdue University
         Name: Norman Chiu
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Come visit Texas, where the weather is warm,
               the people are friendly, and the fun is
               limited only by your imagination"

         Orgn: University of Texas--Austin
         Name: Wing-Cheong Lau
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: email address of
               "Feel Free to contact me or spread our 
               contact coordinates to those who want more
               info about studying in Austin.
         Mail: 912 E. 40th St. #C204, Austin TX 78751, USA

      City: Dallas

         Orgn: Baylor College of Medicine
         Dept: Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology
         Name: Lee, Hon-Man
         HKSA? No

         Orgn: Software Programming, Inc.
         Dept: N/A
         Name: John Ho
         HKSA? No
         Note: "I always have room for a new friend. :) "
         Orgn: Texas Instruments/Southern Methodist Univ.
         Dept: Computer Engineering
         Name: Pius Ng
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Just tell me what you need! :-)"

      City :Houston	

         Orgn: University of Houston
         Dept: Economics
         Name: Steve Lee
         HKSA: yes
         Note: "Come visit the lovely city of Houston and experience the
	       hospitality of Texans." If you have any questions about
	       the school--UH or the city--Houston, I will be glad to 
               share my experience.

         Orgn: University of Houston
         Dept: N/A
         Name: Joanne Nixon
         HKSA: Yes
         Note: Originally from Singapore, been in U.S. over 15 years. 
               Glad to help newcomers.

         Orgn:  Texas Instruments
         Dept:  Electrical Engineering
         Name:  Jackson Leung, Ph.D.
         HKSA?  No
         Note:  Anything you want to know about Houston
                and electrical engineering.  Visit
       for more.

      City: San Antonio

         Orgn: St. Philip's College
         Dept: Hospitality/Management
         Name: Mike Boehmer
         HKSA? Don't think so, but will check.
         Note: Be happy to assist anyone about San Antonio info - see
                our website coming March 15, 1996

  State/Province: Utah

      City: Salt Lake City

         Orgn: University of Utah
         Dept: (Working at) Radiation Oncology
         Name: Wing-lok Lee
         HKSA? No
         Note: No comment
     City: Provo

         Orgn: Brigham Young University
         Dept: Chemical Engineering
         Name: Siu Kuen (Gary), YUEN
         HKSA: Yes.
         Note: N/A

   State/Province: Virginia

      City: Blacksburg/Radford/Roanoke

         Orgn: Radford University
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Sung-Chi CHU
         HKSA? No
         Note: "I can contact the person-in-charge in the 
               'HK Student Association'"
               Phone No: 703-831-5990 (office)
               703-961-1200 (home)

      City: Charlottesville

         Orgn: University of Virginia
         Dept: Electrical Engineering
         Name: Chun Fai Szeto
         HKSA? No
         Note: UVA has a Chinese Student Association, but no
      City: Williamsburg

         Orgn: College of William and Mary
         Dept: Physics 
         Name: Tak Yan Tse (Bernard)
         HKSA? No
         Note: "Doing a Ph.D. program here."
   State/Province: Washington

      City: Pullman

         Orgn: Washington State University
         Dept: Electrical Engineering
         Name: Eugene Siu
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "TRY BUT FAIL is better than FAIL TO TRY."

      City: Seattle

         Orgn: Sierra Geophysics, Inc.
         Dept: None
         Name: Kelvin Tse
         HKSA? NO
         Note: "Welcome to Washington !!"
         Orgn: University of Washington--Seattle
         Dept: College of Computer Science and Engineering
         Name: Denise Luk
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "Ski, trip to Vancouver, and a pretty active 
               HKSA... have fun while studying!"

 	Orgn: University of Washington
	Name: Albert M.C. Tam
	HKSA? Yes
	Note: Sleepless in Seattle

   State/Province: Wisconsin

      City: Madison

         Orgn: University of Wisconsin--Madison
         Dept: Computer Science
         Name: Alex Chan
         HKSA? Yes
         Note: "I'm not affiliated with any HKSA here in
               Madison, but I can try to help if people
               need some info about my school."
Country: The Netherlands

      City: Tilburg

         Orgn: KUB\Tilburg University
         Dept: economics
         Name: Ho Chi Hsien
         HKSA: -
         Note: -

Many thanks to our volunteers.  I would particularly like 
to extend my gratitude to our late friend, Simon Leung of
Arizona, who had passed away.

Please keep in mind that people whose names mentioned
above are merely volunteers.  They only offer services at
their own convenience, and are not obligated to serve the 
public.  So please do not abuse their generous offer, and be
nice to them.  Thanks.

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