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soc.culture.hongkong FAQ, Part I (General)

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Archive-name: hongkong-faq/part1
Last-modified: Sat Sep 7 08:47:40 EDT 1996
Version: @(#)hk.faq 1.9

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	       F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S 



                         PART I - GENERAL QUESTIONS

If you have any questions regarding addition/deletion/modification
to this FAQ, please contact John Ho at 

Your comments will be appreciated.


   0) TOPICS: HISTORY OF soc.culture.hongkong 
   1)     What is soc.culture.hongkong?
   2-9)   (reserved)

  11)     How to access SCHK?
  12)     How do I get the lastest version of this FAQ?
  13)     How do I receive the lastest HK news?
  14)     Are there any other Chinese networks?	
  15)     How do I find a job in HK?
  16)     Can someone recommend a recruiting company in HK for me?
  17)     How do I renew my passport?
  18)     What are the differences between the BNO/BDTC passport?
          & what are the deadlines to apply for BNO passports?
  19)     Do I need a passport to visit UK?
  20)     Are there any short wave radio station from HK?
  21)     Is it cheaper to buy a PC in HK? 
  22)     How do I wire money to Hong Kong from the US? 
  23)     Are there any World Wide Web (WWW) and gopher servers about Hong Kong?
  24)     How do I find out the weather in Hong Kong?
  25-349) (reserved)

 351)     Where can I find the lowest air fare to HK?
 352)     Courier service, anyone?	
 353)     Which is a good travel book to read? 
 354)     What can I do in HK?
 355)     Where can I go in HK?
 356)     Where can I shop for computers in HK?
 357)     Where can I shop for cameras in HK?
 358)     Where can I find more information before I start the trip?
 359)     Which hotel should I book?
 360)     Are there any other sources?	
 361)     What is HKTDC? 
 362)     Where is the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office?
 363)     Where is the American Chamber of Commerce in HK?
 364)     Can I bring a celluar phone to Hong Kong? 
 365)	  Is there any youth hostel in Hong Kong?
 366)     Where are all the British Counsolate-General?
 367)     Where can I find foreign publication in Hong Kong? 
 *368)	  Which long distance carriers provide service to Hong Kong?
 369-399) (reserved)

 401)     Where can I buy the lastest CDs/Books/Magazines?
 402)     How do I subscribe to Chinese newspapaers?
 403)     Is there any mail order place for these items? 
 404)	  Why can't I watch HK video tapes in the US/Canada?	
 405)     What should I do when I receive a PAL tape from HK?
 406)     Are there any free HK magazines?
 407)     How do I subscribe to the South China Morning Post?
 408)	  Where do I buy Computer Science books? 
 409)     Where do I purchase publication from the Hong Kong Government?
 410-549) (reserved)

 551)     Anybody out there from XYZ Secondary School?
 552)     How can I start an e-mail alumni association?	
 553)     Are there any local gathering groups?
 554-700) (reserved)

 701)     Who is Deanna?
 702)     Who is Jan?
 703-999) (reserved)

0) TOPICS: HISTORY OF soc.culture.hongkong(SCHK)
1)      What is soc.culture.hongkong?

	In April, 1989, Wilson Ho, then a graduate student from UC Davis
and a small group of Hong Kong (HK) students studying in the United 
States got together and formed an e-mail mailing list called HKNET.  
It did not take long before the number of memebrs (more than 800) 
outgrown the capability of the mail relay server.  Same year,
Fred Ho from University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada 
started the newsgroup creation process for soc.culture.hongkong (SCHK) 
and the first posting went out on July 28, 1989.

	The original intent was to off-load the more serious 
topics (such as news, announcements, etc.) from HKnet to SCHK, and 
keep the more "light weight" casual conversations in HKnet.  As 
it turned out, it was exactly the opposite.  Today, HKnet carries 
almost exclusively news from HK and China, and announcement from 
Chinese organizations.  SCHK, on the other hand, has evolved to 
become an on-line meeting place and discussion forum for netters 
with HK background or interests to make friends and to receive 
lastest news from HK.  There are estimated 50,000 netters in 
SCHK worldwide. 

	In January, 1994, John Ho ( came up with the idea
of "soc.culture.hongkong.entertainment". With the help of Wing Ng 
( in Hawaii, the newsgroup was created in March, 1994. 
The primary audiences are music lovers and netters who are interested 
in the HK entertainment business. Talks range from famous singers to 
entertainment tabloids. Megatons of fun and entertainment. :) :) :)

2-9)	(reserved)
11) 	How to access SCHK?

	The fact that you are reading this FAQ implies you get
some form of connections to SCHK, either your friend has access 
or you just accidentally step into this wonderland.  The best way 
for you to access SCHK is through USENET, you can ask your friend 
or your system administrators and find out if your local site has 
news connection. In the US, America Online, CompuServe and Prodigy 
all have access to SCHK. Check it out. 

12) 	How do I get the lastest version of this FAQ?

	If you have ftp (File Transport Protocol) access, the latest 
version can be retrieved as /pub/usenet/news.answers/hongkong-faq 
from, or, try (but please don't 
abuse mail servers, there has been history of mail servers taken down 
because of excessive load)---sending an email message to with "help" and "index" 
(only, because the daemon reads and responds to your 
message) in the body on separate lines for more information.
Other archives are: [ or] in /usenet/news.answers/; [] in the anonymous ftp directory

13) 	How do I receive the lastest Hong Kong (HK) news?

	The Alliance of Hong Kong Chinese in the US (AHKCUS) maintains
a mailing list called "" which are mainly articles 
from major news wires with news clipping primiarily focused in HK, 
China and Taiwan.  You can add your name to the AHKCUS Hong Kong News 
mailing list by sending a request to "".  

	China News Digest (CND) also  has news related to Hong 
Kong although the main focus is on China. To subcribe CND see
section (14). HKNET also has news articles similar to those in CND
and "". 

        If you can read Chinese text on your terminal and PC, you can use
gopher to access the news service at National Sun Yat-sen University,
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C. provided by the China Times News (Chung Kok See Po). 
Main focus is on Taiwan but business news also include Hong Kong Hang 
Sang Index. The gopher uses Big-5 codes for chinese characters.

[Questions on gopher and set up to read Chinese text on your terminal are 
beyond the scope of SCHK FAQ. Reader should consult the FAQ's of 
comp.infosystems.gopher and alt.chinese.text.big5 ].

	RTHK now has a homepage setup in "" which features
audio files for todays news. Really neat but it takes forever to
download the sound clips. :) :)

14)     Are there any other Chinese networks?	

	The Alliance of Hong Kong Chinese in the US (AHKCUS) maintains 
a mailing list for its members and people who are insterested in the
democracy and human rights in Hong Kong and China. 

	Hong Kong Net (HKNet) can be reached by sending mail to
"" or "".  Please mail all
posting to HKnet to "".

	South East Asia Online is a free mailing list with interests 
in Southeastern Asia.  It covers areas from Burma/Myanmar to HK, Malaysia,
Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.  To subscribe, mail to 
"listserv@msu.bitnet" or "" with a one line message 
"SUB SEASIA-L <your real-name>".  The service is made possible with 
the support of the Center for Asian Studies at Michigan State University.

	China News Digest is a regular posting of lastest China news in
an on-line magazine format. To subscribe or get info,  mail to: 
"" or if you want to contribute, you can
send your mail to: "".

	China Study Forum can be reached at ""

	China Study Forum - Books review can be reached at 

        HXWZ is a weekly electronic magazine in the Chinese language
published by China News Digest (CND).  To subscribe to CND Chinese Magazine:
Send mail to  "LISTSERV@UGA.BITNET" with a one line message,
"sub CCMAN-L <full name>".  To quit from CND Chinese Magazine:
Send mail to "LISTSERV@UGA.BITNET" with a one line message "signoff CCMAN-L".
For more information, please contact "LISTSERV@UGA.BITNET" and please
include a one line message, "GET CMHELP INDEX".  The BITNET node name
UGA.BITNET is equivalent to internet "".

	There are five other electronic magazines in Chinese 
language on the network. They are published mostly by Chinese 
students from mainland in US, Canada, and Sweden. Besides
direct subscription and anonymous ftp, these magazines are also 
posted to alt.chinese.text and alt.chinese.text.big5 

	Don't forget to check out soc.culture.china, soc.culture.taiwan,
talk.politics.china, talk.politics.taiwan, alt.chinese.text, 
alt.chinese.text.big5, soc.culture.hongkong.entertainment
and alt.asian-movies.

15) 	How do I find a job in HK?

	There is a brochure "Returning To Hong Kong" published 
by the American Chamber of Commerce in HK.  It is targeted towards
students studying in the US who are planning to return to HK after
graduation.  They also publish books like "Hong Kong Employment 
Guide 1991," "Doing Business in Today's HK," "Living in HK," etc. 
The publications are available by sending request to AmCham 
HK center.  Their address is: 

	1030 Swire House Central, HK.  

	Ph: +852 5260165/+852 5259215/(fax)+852 8101289

16) 	Can someone recommend a recruiting company in HK for me? (Terry Kwan) provided the following 
information.  SCHK has no connection with these headhunter firms -  
it is listed here for your own reference.  Use it at your own risk:

	Staff Service (HK) Co Ltd.: 
		USA             	1-212-332-8000
		Australia       	022350800
		Hong Kong       	+852 810-9822, fax +852 845-3427.

	Gemini                  	+852 5257283 +852 8106467
		Suite 508, Shell House, 24/28 Queens's Rd, Central, HK

	AJ                      	+852 3673383 +852 3678765
       		Rm1004, Far East Consortium Blg, 204 Nathan Rd, kln, HK

	Asia Progress                   +852 5213151 +852 5371583
       		Rm1642 A, Wire House, 11 Chater Rd, Central, HK

	New City                        +852 5439282 +852 5439861
       		904 Champion Bldg, 289 Des Voeux Rd, HK

	Pak's                           +852 5261065 +852 8452455
       		1710 Lane Crawford House, HK

	Future Light                    +852 8504828 +852 8504418
       		Rm1602, Haleson Blg, 1 Jubilee St, Central, HK

	Willowave                       +852 5411552 +852 5431809
		15/F, Wing's Blg, 110 Queen's Rd, HK

	Amanda                          +852 3110916 +852 7244381
		Suite B, 10/F, Cameron Plaza, 23-25A Cameron Rd, 
		TsimShaTsui, HK

	Nimble                          +852 5416113 +852 5414073
		605 Won Hing Blg, 74-78 Stanley Street, central, HK

	Lindy Williams                  +852 8456777
		702 Double Blg, 22 Stanley St, HK

	Sara Beattie                    +852 5079333 +852 8270426
		3/F Sun Hing Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Rd, HK

	D&R                             +852 7822968 +852 7820292
		Rm1004, Park In Com Centre, 56 Dundas St, HK

	Eternal                         +852 5265601 +852 5252508
		9/F United Chinese Bank Bldg, 31-37 Des Voeux Rd, HK

	Prefect Way                     +852 8155109 +852 8156629
		Rm 904, Kai Tak Comm Blg, 66-77 Stanley St, Central, HK

	WatNet People                   +852 8773686 +852 8452185
		10/F Sin Hua Bank Blg, 2 Wellington St, Central, HK

	Arron & Associate               +852 5261128
	Smart                           +852 5761866 +852 5761822
	Levin                           +852 8542228 +852 8504061
	HK Employment & Secretarial     +852 7219268 +852 3113289
	T&C                             +852 8931168 +852 8916646
	Everbright                      +852 5441863 +852 5449859
	Julie's                         +852 5211166 +852 8452620
	Elton Linda                     +852 5488785 +852 5487797

17) 	How do I renew my passport?

	In US, you can contact the British Consular Section of
the British Embassy in Washington, DC

	19 Observatory Circle, N.W.
        Washington, D.C. 20008-3611

Their voice number is 1-202-986-0205 and the fax number 
is 1-202-797-2929.  Office in other area will no longer handle 
passport renewal. If you want to keep your BDTC passport valid
through 1997 when applying BNO passport, you should state 
explicitly in your appliction. Otherwise Your BDTC will be
cancelled though it is not going to expire soon. 

			*	*	*

[10 Mar 1994] (Gilbert Chan) in schk wrote:


Hong Kong British Dependent Territories (BDTC) should apply for 
British National (Overseas) passports (BN(O)).  Those who do not 
comply with this according to deadlines specified will NOT be able 
to travel on British passports beyond 1997.  Only in special 
circumstances will an application made after the final date be accepted.

HK BDTCs born in: 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1966 should comply 
with the deadline on or before 31st March 1994.

HK BDTCs born in: 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1961 should comply 
with the deadline on or before 31st August 1994.

Persons already holding BN(O) passports need not apply again.

For information call: (852) 824-1177 (English) and (852) 824-1717

18) 	What are the differences between the BNO/BDTC passport? 

                BN(O)                           BDTC
- Retention     BN(O) status can be retained    BDTC status cannot be
  of British    retained for life.              retained after
  nationality                                   30 June 1997.

- Validity      10 years from date of issue     cannot be made valid
                of issue.                       beyond 30 VI 1997.

- Replacement   can be replaced both before     cannot be replaced after
                before and after 30 VI 1997.    30 June 1997.

- Right of      will bear an endorsement with   will be an endorsement
  abode         with reference to the holder's  stating the holder's right
                Hong Kong permanent ID card     of abode in Hong Kong.
                stating his rights of abode
                in HK.

- Special       will bear the following         no such endorsement.
  endorsement   endorsement:
                "In accordance with the United
                Kingdom Immigration Rules the
                holder of this passport does
                not require an entry
                certificate or visa to visit
                the United Kingdom."

>From Wed Apr  6 18:29:49 EDT 1994

        YEAR OF BIRTH                           APPLICATIONS DEADLINE
        =============                           =====================
        1967-1971                               OCT. 30, 1993
        1962-1966                               MAR. 31, 1994
        1957-1961                               AUG. 31, 1994
        1947-1956                               FEB. 28, 1995
        PRIOR TO 1947                           JUN. 30, 1995
        1972-1976                               OCT. 31, 1995
        1977- 1981                              MAR. 30, 1996
        1982-1986                               JUN. 29, 1996
        1987-1991                               SEP. 30, 1996
        1992-1995                               DEC. 31, 1996
        1996                                    MAR. 31, 1997
        1997(BEFORE JULY 1st)                   SEP. 30, 1997
        If you missed the final date for the application, you still can
submit yours provided that you have a written note which explanining why
the application is made after the deadline.
1.  Any Hong Kong British Dependent Territories citizen who does not obtain a
    BNO passport and would otherwise become stateless on July 1, 1997 will
    automatically become a British Overseas citizen.
2.  You must have a Hong Kong permanent identity card(3 STARS) when you are
    submitting your BNO application.  Otherwise, you will need to apply the
    PID along your BNO application as well.
3.  The worst case, it will take you 12 weeks to process BNO application if
    you don't have PID at the time you submitted your application.

4.  Cost:
    New passport that < 32 pages                18.00 pounds        38.00CAD
     "     "     with 48 pages                  22.5                48.00
    Amending holder's name at
    holder's request                            5.00                11.00
    Adding new photo or amending
    holder's description (except
    when holder is under 21yrs)                 5.00                11.00
    Transmission of HK PIC                      5.00                11.00

5.  Address of British High Commission in Ottawa, Canada
        80 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5K7, Canada
        Tel. #: 613-237-1303
        Fax. #: 613-237-6537
6.  You can obtain BNO and HK PIC application forms by calling the

19) 	Do I need a passport to visit UK?

Under the UK Immigration Rules, ONLY visa nationals are 
required to obtain entry clearance (visa) to 
study in the UK. In other words, holders of both BDTC and BNO passports 
are not required to obtain visa to study in the UK (The same rule also 
applies holders of Canadian, American, Australian, New Zeland passport 
holders) However, those who seek to enter UK as students have to present 
supporting documents to the Immigration Officer at the port of entry. 
These documents include letter of acceptance, a bank draft/banker's 
letter/proof of sufficent funds for his/her courses/living in the UK. 
Proof of housing arrangement is also essential.     
[Information provided by Jerome Yau <>]

20) 	Are there any short wave radio station from HK?

	No. but if you have a shortwave (Duan3Bo1) radio, you 
will hear "the Voice of Free China" (Zi4You2 Zhong1Guo2 zhi1 Sheng1)
broadcasting in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Taiwanese
(Min3Nan2Yu3), etc.  In North America try listening around dinner time
on 5950, 9680, 11860 kilohertz; in Europe: 21720, 17750; in Australia:
9765; in Japan: 15345, 7130, 9730, 11745. There are several other
regions/languages it broadcasts to/in. Write: "The Voice of Free
China, P.O.Box 24-38, Taipei, TAIWAN, R.O.C" for a schedule.  (They
don't also tell you the schedule of Zhong1Guang3 Xin1Wen2 Wang3*,
though.  But it uses the same frequencies.)  

[Information provided by Dan_Jacobson@ATT.COM]

			*	*	*

China Radio International Cantonese Services. Daily

North and Central America

UT/GMT          Frequencies (kHz)
01:00-02:00     9780, 11715, 12055

			*	*	*

Radio Australia Cantonese Services. Daily

UT/GMT          Frequencies (kHz)
13:00-14:00     6060, 6080, 6170, 9510
14:00-14:28     6060, 6080, 6170, 9510, 11660, 13605

13:00-14:00 radio drama, Cantonese opera and pop songs
14:00-14:28 news and current affairs programs.

6060 kHz and 11660 kHz are easily picked up in North America. Reception
are generally better in winter than in summer.

21)   	Is it cheaper to buy a PC in HK? 

	A 486-33 system only need around HK$10000 (include 1.2M
& 1.44 floppy, 120M hard-drive, and HI-Color SVGA with monitor). A 386-40
with the above config only need around HK$8000. It's about 20% cheaper
than that in the beginning of this year. 

[Information provided by Alan Yim 7/30/92]
22)     How do I wire money to Hong Kong from US?	

1.  If you intend to go to HK, bring an ATM card from a US bank
    which is on the PLUS ATM network.  Using a Plus ATM card, you
    can withdraw money directly from your US account in HK, at various
    ATMs of the Hongkong Bank which display the Plus symbol.
    Of course, if you are going yourself, you can also consider
    Traveller's Check or even cash if the amount is still reasonable
    to do so.

2.  You can send the recipient a US Dollar personal check, which they
    can deposit with their bank.  However, the check will take about
    1 month to clear.

3.  Go to a branch of a Hong Kong based bank in your area, e.g.
    Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp. or Hang Seng Bank in any
    major metropolitan area with a significant Chinese population,
    and purchase a Bank Draft or Cashier's Check.  Enquire if they can
    issue drafts in HK$ drawn on their account with their HK parent.
    Otherwise, check if they have provisions to clear their checks
    quickly (eg. if deposited with a particular HK bank).

4.  Of course, you can always tell your bank to initiate a wire transfer,
    or get a HK based bank in your area to do it (probably better, since
    they are used to doing it).

5.  ETC International (similar to 1. above, but subject to transaction fee)
    This is actually quite popular in Canada now.

6.  Bank Draft.  Every bank in HK that issues US$ Bank Draft can draw
    on their accounts in the US, so worst case is 7 days to clear.
    Add the time to deliver the physical draft to the recipient (2 - 7

7.  Cable/Telex/Wire transfer. Yes they are all different (in speed), and
    subject to service charge.  Hang Seng Bank seems to charge a fixed
    fee for amounts up to some large number, and is probably cheapest.
    Note that the recipient will ALSO be charged a fee, typically
    USD 10 to USD 15, so if you wire $5000, they may only get $4990.
    This is caused by the Fed Wire Transfer between the correspondent bank
    (ie. the bank that, for example, Hang Seng deals with), and the
    receiving bank.

8.  Cash. What else. :)

[Information provided by Onward Lam (] 
23)  Are there any World Wide Web (WWW) and gopher servers about Hong Kong?

World Wide Web (WWW) servers about Hong Kong:

 *   The Computer Services Centre of the Chinese University of Hong 
     Kong WWW server:

     The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is

 *   The Department of Building and Real Estate of the Hong Kong 
     Polytechnic (soon to be renamed the Hong Kong Polytechnic 
     University in September 1994) WWW server:

     The URL is

 *   The Systems Research Group and Network Laboratory at the Department 
     of Computer Science of the University of Hong Kong WWW server:

     The URL is

 *   BizHK 
     The URL is

 *   Hong Kong home page
     The URL is

 *   Hong Kong Business directory
     The URL is
	Send inquires to ""

 *   Hong Kong Stocks report

	The site provides same-day charting, company news, stock alert, 
	market watch, complete data, and forum. 

	This site is referenced in Infoseek Ultra (top ranking)
	Yahoo: Regional:Countries:Hong Kong:Business:Financial Services
	Magellan three-star rating.

	Please write to:



 If you want to know more about the recent Internet raid in HK, visit:

Chin Man                                       Tel: 852 2331 8123       Fax: 852 2795 1262

LinkAGE Online -- Full Service Internet Provider In Hong Kong
Send email to

Gopher servers in Hong Kong:

 *  The Chinese University of Hong Kong gopher server:

 *  The University of Hong Kong, Department of Computer Science
     gopher server:

 *  Hong Kong SuperNet gopher server:

 *  Hong Kong Internet & Gateway Services (HKIGS) gopher server: 
[For questions about WWW and gopher, please refer to the FAQ's of
 comp.infosystems.www  and  comp.infosystems.gopher .]

25)  How do I find out the weather in Hong Kong?

     WEATHER UNDERGROUND at the University of Michigan has weather
data on many international cities. To access:

telnet 3000  (most PC's and UNIX computers), or
telnet (VAX computers).
telnet 3000 also works, if your nameserver is not working.

   The service is also running on another workstation:

telnet 3000
(Which can also be reached via: telnet 3000)

However, for some unknown reasons, the data for Hong Kong is always empty

     The gopher server at the National Cancer Center (Tokyo, JAPAN),, has gif files of latest satellite pictures from 
Himawari Geostationary Meteorological Satellite. Hong Kong, Taiwan
and most part of mainland China are within the picture. The files are under 

       Other information/weather information

These files are updated at 
0:40, 3:40, 6:40, 9:40, 12:40, 15:40, 18:40, 21:40 (JST)
JST is one hour ahead of Hong Kong Standard Time.
The convention of the file name is    pi.yymmddhh.gif
where yymmddhh is year, month, day and hour. 

The URL of the gopher server and the weather information directory is


Note: This is a test service only. Things may change later.

26-349)	(reserved)
351)	Where can I find the lowest air fare to HK?

	Try some of the Chinese travel Agency and bring a Chinese friend
with you if you are not Chinese.  You get better price that way. :) Also,
check into the FAQ for and it has a lot of tips on how to save
your precious dollars on travel expense.

	Here is a list of travel agency in New York City:

	reliance smas tours     (sing shung)    212.966.1919
	sandy tours & travel    (on wing)       212.966.6868
				(wah on)        212.431.0303
	travel 2000             (may bo)        212.431.4477
				(hong fook)     212.964.3951
	c a tours               (man lai)       212.219.3943            *
	fair town tours         (fai tung)      212.226.2007
	grand hong kong travel  (kong lung)     212.941.8776
	sarah's travel          (sing wah)      212.925.3366
	c l travel              (chung wah)     212.925.7731
	patrick tours & travel  (fai tart)      212.431.6500
	jade travel             (fai tsui)      212.349.1350            *
				(wing on)       212.219.3228
	wing on                 (wing on)       212.233.8383
	sampan travel           (shun fung)     212.431.3557
	judy's travel           (tsing may)     212.219.0980
				(chun sin may)  212.226.0778
	lucky trip & travel     (sing kee)      212.925.1677            *
	innova travel           (lai chuen)     212.925.3393
				(fook hong)     212.334.8088
	travel w'us             (foo wah)       212.431.7909
	new asia travel         (sun ah)        212.791.3228
	yeung shun travel                       212.962.3838
	transatlantic travel    (hong tai)      212.766.8782
	prince international tours (sing sung)  212.349.3888
	new golden horse tours  (tin ma)        212.964.6664
				(ho king)       212.941.7790
	kuo feng tours          (kwok fung)     212.219.8383
	sun shine vacation      (lai ming)      212.274.0266
	amerasia travel         (man lai)       212.227.9224

[provided by Wing Keung Au]
352)	Courier service, anyone?	
	IN US, there are at least two express mail service that service HK, 
Federal Express and DHL.  Federal Express charge ~US$38 to ship a one 
pound package and their number is 1-800-247-4747.  DHL charges a little
bit more and their number is 1-800-225-5345.  They do pick up as well.
It takes approx. 3 business days to get to HK.

353)	Which is a good travel book to read?

	One netter recommended the "Lonely Planet Guide" for HK.  
ISBN# 0-86442-142-7.  Current edition is printed in May, 1992 and 
it has extensive coverage of Hongkong, Macao and Canton.
354)	What can I do in HK?
	Shopping, shopping and Shopping.  And remember "DON'T leave home with
your American Express." :)
355)	Where can I go in HK?

	Everywhere in Hong Kong is fun. :)
356)	Where can I shop for computers in HK?

	Computer Places recommended by readers: 

	(1) Admiralty/Hoi Fu Centre, 2/F;
	(2) Computer Centre, at Mong Kok, a new shopping centre for computers;
	(3) Golden Shopping Centre, at Shum Shui Po;
	(4) Silver Cord Centre, basement 2, at Tsim Sha Tsui.

357)	Where can I shop for cameras in HK?

Places recommended by readers: 

(1) Broadway - the chain stores that sell basically all the popular
	common items;
(2) Stanley Street in Central - there are a number of stores there,
	unfortunately, I don't have the names with me...(may be 
	the HK readers can help me out with those).

358)	Where can I find more information before I start the trip?
	You can contact the Hong Kong Tourist Association. They 
have offices around the world and if you cannot find one in where 
you live, you can contact their head quarter office in HK.  The address is:

35/F Jardine House
Hong Kong.
Telex 74720 HX
Cable Luyu hongkong
Fax (852)-814877

Other offices:

4/F, 125 Pall Mall                      Wiesenau 1
London, SW1Y 5EA                        6000 Frankfurt am Main 1
UK                                      Germany
(071)-930-4775                          (49)-69722841

c/o Sergat Espana S.L.                  Suite 1220, 10940 Wilshire Bvld
Apdo. Correos 30266                     LA, CA 90024
08080 Barcelona                         USA
Spain                                   (310)-208-4582

347 Bay St, Suite 909                   38 Avenue George V
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2R7                (Entree 53 rue Francois ler 1er)
Canada                                  75008 Paris
(416)-366-2389                          France
                                        (331)-4723-0965 (fax)

c/o Sergat Italia                       590 Fifth Ave.
Via Monte Dei Cenci 20                  NY, NY 10036-4706
00186 Roma                              USA
Italy                                   (212)-869-5008

333 North Michigan Ave.                 4/F, Toho Twin Tower Bldg
Suite 2400                              1-5-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku
Chicago, IL 60601-3966                  Tokyo 100
USA                                     Japan
(312)-782-3872                          (03)-3503-0731

4/F, HK & Shanghai Bank Bldg            Level 5, 55 Harrington St.
3-6-1, Awaji-machi, 3-chome             The Rocks, Sydney
Chuo-ku, Osaka 541                      NSW 2000
Japan                                   Australia
(06)-229-9240                           (02)-251-2855

13-08 Ocean Bldg                        PO Box 2120
10 Collyer Quay                         Level 1, 5 Averill Ave.
Singapore 0104                          kohimarama, Auckland 5
(65)-532-3668                           New Zealand

359)	Which hotel should I book?

	Hotels in HK price anywhere from US$25 to $300 per night.  Please
check with your travel agents.  The HK Tourist Association also has brochures 
for hotel accomodations in HK.
	Also Check out the following hotels:
	YWCA Guest House
	5 Man Fuk Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
	Tel: (852)713-9211, Fax: (852)761-1269

	Caritas Lodge
	134 Boundary Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
	Tel: (852)339-3777, Fax: (852)338-2864

	YMCA International House
	23 Waterloo Rd, Kowloon, Hong Kong
	Tel: (852)771-9111, Fax: (852)388-5926

	YMCA of Hong Kong
	41 Salisbury Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong
	Tel: (852)369-2211, Fax: (852)739-9315

	The Salvation Army Booth Lodge
	11 Wing Sing Lane, Yaumati, Kowloon, Hong Kong
	Tel: (852)771-9266, Fax: (852)385-1140

	Holy Carpenter Guest House (near Whampoa Gardens)
	No. 1, Dyer Ave., Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
	Tel: (852)362-0301, Fax: (852)362-2193

	STB Hostel
	2/F Great Eastern Mansion, 255-261 Reclamation St., Kowloon,
	Hong Kong
	Tel: (852)710-9199, Fax: (852)385-0153

	Info provided by Frank Chui (

	Chung Ming Travel Service
	Room B, 2/F., Newtown Mansion
	6 Cleveland St., Causeway Bay, HK
	Telephone: 852-8950028 852-8950061
	Fax:       852-5765174
	Contact Person: Ms. Y.S. Ng 
	Info provided by Zhou Liping ( 

360)	Are there any other sources of travel information?	

	There is a good travel guide called "Lonely Planet Guide" for HK.
The ISBN# is 0-86442-066-8

Another good guidebook is:

	"The Insider's Guide to Hongkong"
	By: Derek Maitland
	Moorland Publishing Co Ltd., UK
	ISBN 0-86190-265-3

It has lots of beautiful pictures and includes a "real" map.

[ (Aad L. Dekker)]

361)	What is Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)? 

The primary mission for HKTDC is to promote Hong Kong to other countries.  
Below are the addresses for the Councils, as of 7th December 1992.

Rumor has it that they are connected to the Internet. Try "".

Head Office:
38th Floor, Convention Plaza,
Office Tower,
1 Harbour Road,
Tel: (852)-584-4333
Fax: (852)-824-0249

New York Office:              Panama Office:
219 East 46th Street,         Condominio    Plaza    Int'l 
New York, NY 10017               Primer Alto, Oficina #27,
USA                           Edificio del Banco  Nacional 
Tel: 1-(212)-838-8688            de Panama
Fax: 1-(212)-838-8941         Via Espana y Calle 55,
Chicago Office:               Republica de Panama
333 North Michigan Avenue,    Tel: 507-69-5894
Suite 2028, Chicato,          Fax: 507-69-6183
IL 60601,                     
USA                           San Francisco Trade  Enquiry 
Tel: 1-(312)-726-4515            Counter:
Fax: 1-(312)-726-2441         c/o HK   Economic  &   Trade 
Dallas Office:                222 Kearny Street,
Suite   120,   World   Trade  4th Floor, Suite 402
   Center,                    San Francisco, CA 94108,
2050 Stemmons Freeway,        USA
Dallas, TX 75207,             Tel: 1-(415)-677-9038
USA                           Fax: 1-(415)-421-0646
Tel: 1-(214)-748-8162         
Fax: 1-(214)-742-6701         Toronto Office:
                              Suite 1100, National 
Los Angeles Office:           Building,
Los Angeles world Trade       347 Bay Street,
Center                        Toronto, Ontario,
350 South Figueroa Street,    M5H 2R7,
Suite #282,                   Canada
Los Angeles, CA 90071-1386    Tel: 1-(416)-366-3594
USA                           Fax: 1-(416)-366-1569
Tel: 1-(213)-622-3194         
Fax: 1-(213)-613-1490         

Miami office:
Courvoisier Centre
Suite #402,
501 Brickell Key Drive,
Miami, FL 33131 USA
Tel: 1-(305)-577-0414
Fax: 1-(305)-372-9142

Mexico Office:                
Manuel E. Izaguirre #13,      
3er piso, Ciudad Satelite,    
Estado de Mexico 53310,       
Tel: 52-(5)-572-41-13         
Fax: 52-(5)-393-59-40         

Vancouver Office:
Suite 700
1550 Alberni Street,
Vancouver, BC,
Tel: 1-(604)-685-0883
Fax: 1-(604)-681-00933
V6G 1A3,

Amsterdam Office:             Spain Office:
Prinsengracht 771             Balmes, 184, Atico 3,
Ground Floor                  08006 Barcelona
1017 JZ Amsterdam,            Spain
The Netherlands               Tel: 34-(3)-415-8382
Tel: 31-(020)-6277101         Fax: 34-(3)-416-0148
Fax: 31-(020)-6228529         
                              Stockholm Office:
Frankfurt Office:             Fungsgatan 6
Kreuzerhohl 5-7               S-111 43 Stockholm
W-6000 Frankfurt/Main 50,     Sweden
Germany                       Tel: 46-(08)-115690
Tel: 49-(069)-586011          Fax: 46-(08)-7231630
Fax: 49-(069)-5890752         
                              Turkey Office:
Greece Office:                Piyalepasa Bulvari
48 Aegialias Street           Kastel Is Merkezi
2nd Floor                     D.Blok Kat:5
Paradissos                    80370 Piyalepasa,
GR 151 25 Amaroussion         Istanbul,
Greece                        Turkey
Tel: 30-(1)-685-0830          Tel: 90-(1)-237-02-25
Fax: 30-(1)-685-0832          Fax: 90-(1)-254-98-67
London Office:                Vienna Office:
Ground Floor, Swire House     Rotenturmstrasse 1-3/8/24
59 Buckingham Gate,           A-1010 Vienna,
London SW1E 6AJ,              Austria
England                       Tel: 43-(01)-533-98-18
Tel: 44-(071)-828-1661        Fax: 43-(01)-535-31-56
Fax: 44-(071)-828-9976        
                              Zurich Office:
Milan Office:                 Seestrasse 135
2 Piazzetta Pattari           PO Box
20122 Milan                   CH-8027 Zurich
Italy                         Switzerland
Tel: 39-(02)-865405           Tel: 41-(01)-281-31-55
Fax: 39-(02)-865715           Fax: 41-(01)-281-31-91
Paris Office:
18, rue d'Aguesseau
75008 Paris,
Tel: 33-(01)-47-42-41-50
Fax: 33-(01)-47-42-77-44

Beijing Office:               Shanghai Office:
Room 901, 9th Floor,          Room 1004, 10th Floor,
CITIC Building                Shanghai Union Bldg,
19 Jianguomenwai Dajie        100 Yanan Dong Lu,
Beijing,                      Shanghai 200002,
People's Republic of China    People's Republic of China
100004                        Tel: 86-(21)-3264196
Tel: 86-(01)-500-2255         Fax: 86-(21)-3287478
   Ext. 3910                  
Fax: 86-(01)-500-3285         Singapore Office:
                              20 Kallang Avenue
Guangzhou Office:             2/F, Pico Creative Centre,
Unit A, 26th Floor,           Singapore 1233
Guangdong Int'l Building      Tel: 65-2937977
Annex A,                      Fax: 65-2927577
339 Huanshi Dong Lu,          
Guangzhou,                    Sydney Office:
People's Republic of China    71 York Street,
Tel: 86-(20)-331-2889         Sydney
Fax: 86-(20)-331-1081         NSW 2000
Korea Office:                 Tel: 61-(02)-299-8343
No. 720/721 KFSB Building     Fax: 61-(02)-290-1889
16-2 Yoidodong                
Youngdeungpoku                Taiwan Office:
Seoul                         7th Floor,
Korea                         315 Sung Chiang Road,
Tel: 82-(02)-782-6115/7       Taipei,
Fax: 82-(02)-782-6118         Taiwan
                              Tel: 886-(2)-516-6085
Middle East Office:           Fax: 886-(2)-502-2115
New Juma Al-Majid Building,   
Dubai Sharjah Road,           Thailand Office:
Dubai,                        20/F TST Tower
UAE                           21 Vibhavad

362)   	Where is the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office?

	British Embassy, 1233 20th Street       British Consulate General
	N.W. Suite 504                          680 Fifth Avenue, 22nd Floor
	Washington, DC 20036                    New York, NY 10019
	(202)-331-8947                          (212)-265-8888

	British Consulate 			General British High Commission
	180 Sutter Street, 			4/F Consular Section
	San Francisco, CA 94104 		80 Elgin Street
	(415)-397-2215 				Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5K7

363)   	Where is the American Chamber of Commerce in HK?

	Chamber of Commerce of US               1030 Swire House
	International Division                  Central, HK
	1615 H Street NW                        (852)-526-0165 or 525-9215
	Washington, DC 20062                    Fax 810-1289

364)   	Can I bring a celluar phone to Hong Kong?

	Yes, but AT&T Hutchinson makes it very difficult for you to take a 
foriegn mobile phone to Hong Kong.  If you really want to do it, you can
follow some direction from C.W. Chung (cw@orion.uucp):

1. You need to bring your passport in person, the invoice of the
sale of the phone, and the phone itself to the Hutchison branch
in HungHum. The invoice should spell out the date and the name
of the purchaser so that Hutchison is satisfied that the purchaser
did buy the phone personally outside of Hong Kong.

2. Hutchison will cost you HKD$1000 to reprogram your phone, and another
$1000 to activate your phone.

3. It'll take about 3 months(!) to process your request.  When it
is approved, you'll have to go to the HungHum office to sign the
paperwork *in person*.

4. Thereafter, the phone could be used and transferred just like any
other Motorola phones sold by Hutchison in HK.

5. You could however set up a roaming service right away.  There is a
daily charge something like HKD$50 a day in addition to the usual
charge based on time of usage (I think it is HKD $2 per min).

365)    Is there any youth hostel in Hong Kong?

	Check out IYAC, it is a private dorm style hostel at 21A 
Lock Rd, TsimShaTsui, Kowloon.  The rate is about HK$40/US$5 per night.

[ (Stewart Lindsay)]
366)   	Where are all the British Counsolate-General?
	Here are the addresses:

British Consulate-General (Atlanta)   	404-524-5856 (FAX)404-524-3153
					Suite 2700, Marquis One Tower
					245 Peachtree Center Avenue,
					Atlanta, GA, 30303

British Consulate-General (Boston)    	Federal Reserve Plaza
					600 Atlantic Avenue,
					25th Floor,
					Boston, MA 02210

British Consulate-General (Chicago)   	312-346-1810 (FAX)312-346-7021
					33 North Dearborn Street  312-346-1810
					Chicago, Il, 60602

British Consulate-General (Cleveland) 	216-621-7675 (FAX)216-621-2615
					55 Public Square, Suite 1650,
					Cleveland, OH 44113-1963

British Consulate-General (LA)	      	310-477-3322 (FAX)310-575-1450
					11766 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 400,
					Los Angeles, CA 90025-6538

British Consulate-General (SF)        	415-981-3030 (FAX)415-434-2018
					1 Sansome Street (Sansome/Sutter@Market)
					Suite 850
					San Francisco, CA 94104

British Consulate-General (Seattle)   	206-622-9255 (FAX)206-622-4728
					820 First Interstate Center
					999 Third Avenue,
					Seattle, WA 98104

British Consulate-General (NY) 	      	845 Third Avenue
					New York, NY 10022

British Embassy, Passport Office (Washington, D.C.) 202-986-0205

British Embassy (Washington, D.C.)    	202-462-1340 (FAX)202-898-4224
				    	3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW,
					Washington, D.C. 20008

[ (Michael Yip)]
367) Where can I find foriegn publications in Hong Kong?


	Swindon's  (general, foreign languages, etc)
		Best overall English language bookstore in HK.
		Kowloon side, Tsim Sha Tsui, Lock Road
		Take MTR to  Tsim Sha Tsui Station,
		exit MTR station at Kowloon Mosque,
		proceed 1 block west along Haiphong Road,
		turn south (left) on Lock Road. Store
		is on the right about halfway to Peking Road.
		Open sunday afternoons in the summer, closed on Sunday
		other times.

	Other branches of Swindon's located in Ocean Terminal,
		Ocean Centre, and Star Ferry (Tsim Sha Tsui)
		Ocean Centre: 2
		Ocean Terminal and Star Ferry: 1 each.

	HK Book Centre	(Central, general interest, some technical)
		Hong Kong side, near Central MTR Station
		Take MTR to Central MTR Station. Take
		exit to World Wide House on De Voeux Road Central.
		Proceed East (right) along the north side of
		the street a very short distance to entrance
		of store below street level.

	Times Book Centre (Central)
		In HK Club Building, diagonally across from the
		Legislative Council Building

	YMCA, Kowloon, Salisbury Road, just West of the Peninsula Hotel
		Enter from Salisbury road, at front of building.
		Small but pleasant tourist-oriented bookshop. 

	Times Book Centre (Tsim Sha Tsui) just east of the SE corner of
		Nathan Road at Cameron, near the Opal Mine (see any tourist
		map for Opal Mine locations)
		Mostly Chinese, but a reasonalbe selection of English
		language magazines and a few English pocket boks.
		Cross street on Nathan uncertain. Consult tourist map.

	South China Morning Post Bookshop
		Star Ferry, Central (HK side)

	Cave's Books (technical)
		There are two stores on the West side of Ferry street,
		one door apart close to the NE corner of Jordan Road and 
		Ferry/Canton Road.
		Both Jordan and Canton Road have pedestrian tunnels.
		The north store (only 1 door away) is computer-oriented store,
		while the other store has other types of technical books.
		You may receive a discount if you show a local business card.

	Infosources (technical)
		VicWood plaza, near Sheung Wan MTR station.

	Commercial Press (learning materials for Chinese language)
		Main store: North Point
		Branch:	Sha Tin Town Centre (near Yaohan's)

	Academic and Professional Books (address unknown)
	Bookstores of the Universities and Polytechnics (information wanted)

	Pacific Place also has a few smaller stores.

	In Tsuen Wan:
		Joint Publishing (above the Pizza Hut in the Fou Wah
		building) has some English language books (but
		not many)

	For magazines:
	American Magazines and Books
	Mong Kok
		Proceed E from Mong Kok MTR station in the direction
		of the Mong Kok KCR station 5 blocks. This will
		bring you one block short of the KCR station. Turn
		right. Store is on left hand side of street. Hours
		are restricted.

[Most of the section was contributed by Bruce Balden (]
368)	Which long distance carrier provides service to Hong Kong?

	AT&T (800-523-world) / (800-pick-att)
	MCI (800 672 8054)
	Sprint (800-877-4040)
	Cyberlink (800 661 0393)

401)	Where can I buy the lastest CDs/Books/Magazines?


	Kim Chen
	P.O. Box 14736
	Minneapolis, MN 55414-0736

	New Wave Culture Plaza Inc.
	3453 Notre Dame Dr
	Santa Clara, CA 95051
	phone: 408.247.5702
	fax  : 408.247.5703

	Both provide mail order services for the latest CDs and also LDs 
	for the latter.  Kim has sending CDs to netters for some time now, 
	and New Wave recently started advertising on SCHKE.


        Millenium Cultural Enterprises                     
        685 E. Foothill Blvd.                              
        Pomona, CA 91767                                   
        Tel: 1-800-840-4172                                
        WWW URL                 
        ftp: /pub/mce                                                                                     

	Millenium has mail order catalogs for Chinese Books, CDs, and 
	magazines by anonymous ftp in .hz, .gb, and JPEG.  FTP directory 
	is /pub/mce.  If you send them your mailing address, they will 
	send you a copy of their catalog.

   Chinese Music CDs, Books, Magazines Mail-order/Subscription Service                    


	Upcoming FAQs will have subscription addresses for AsiaWeek, 
	and other publications for which we can obtain addresses.

402)	How do I subscribe to Chinese newspapers?

(a)	You can subscribe Sing Tao Daily by contacting:

	Sing Tao Limited
	185 Canal St. Basement                  246 Harrison Ave
	New York, NY 10013                      Boston, MA 02111

	234 W. Cermak Rd. 2/F                   126 N. 10th St.
	Chicago, IL 60616                       Philadephia, PA 19107

(b)	The American edition of Sing Po, Tai Kung Pao, Wen Wei Pao
        TV Daily, and Shun Po (Overseas Chinese Economic Journal)
        are distributed by the Chinese Newspapers Consolidated Sales, Inc.

	546 Kearny Street                  434 Dundas Street West
	San Francisco, CA 94108            3rd floor
        (415) 421-5729                     Toronto, Ontario
                                           M?? ???
        420 Ord Street, 102B               (415) 421-5729      
        Los Angeles, CA 90012
        (213) 680-1832                     611 Main Street
                                           Room 168
        395 South End Avenue, 21-A         Vancouver, B.C.
        New York, NY 10280                 V6A 2V6 
        (212) 321-9149                     (604) 688-4133

403)	Is there any mail order place for these items? 

	see 401).

404) 	Why can't I watch HK video tapes in the US/Canada?	

	It is because the tape from HK are recorded in the PAL format 
and you probably have a NTSC system.  They are not compatible. 

405)	What should I do when I receive a PAL tape from HK?

	You can convert the tape from PAL <=> NTSC by contacting some
service company.  In US, There are two that are recommended by the 
SCHK netters:

	DAKE International                      SOMI International
	3208 Foxboro Dr.                        50 Summer St.
	Richardson, TX 75082                    Edison, NJ 08820
	(214)-234-8518                          (908)-548-3065

	520 Harvest Lane
	Raleigh, NC 27606-2217
	(919) 233-8689

407)     How do I subscribe to the South China Morning Post?

	Check out theri web site at "".

408)	  Where do I buy Computer Science books? 

	Here is a list of book stores in Hong Kong which carries computer
science books.  Go check it out.  Info provided by Leo So (

    Hon Wing Book Co., Ltd.
    63A, Tung Choi Street, Kowloon

    World Book Co., Ltd.
    Argyle Street (Near Sincere), Mongkok

    USTHK University Bookstore
    Level 123, Entrance Piazza, Hong Kong University of Science & Tech.

    HKU Swindon Book Co., Ltd.
    University of Hong Kong

    CUHK Swindon Book Co., Ltd.
    Fulton Building, Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Swindon Book Co., Ltd.
    13-15 Locke Road, Tsimsatsui, Kowloon

    Caves Books Co,. Ltd.
    4B Ferry Street, G/F., Yaumati, Kowloon
    780-0987, 771-2298
    Shop M124, Jackson Rd,. MTR Central Station, HK

    Academic & Professional (A&P) Book Center
    1H Cheung Ming Building, 80-86 Argyle Street, Mongkok

    Man Yuen Books Co., Ltd.
    Parkers Street, Jordon, Kowloon

    (*) means rich in CS books.
    (!) means rather expensive.
    ($) means cheap.

In addition to the list of Book Shops in the FAQ, please go and
look for UNI-HALL LEED & WOOD LTD.  Uni-Hall has three retail
shops across the harbour.  One in Upper Basement of Silvercord in
Canton Road, Tsimshatsui.  Another one in Computer 88, Star House,
Tsimshatsui.  The last one is in Far East Financian Tower,
Admiralty.  Uni-Hall is specialized on Computer Books on all
platforms as well as Software retailling for the PC and Mac.
Discounts is offered to members of the Uni-Hall Readers Club on
books and software. Enrolment fee for Readers Club is around
HKD100.00 which is redeemable upon termination of memberhsip.

Last but not least, those chain book stores like Chung Wah
and Commercial Press had been having a corner for Computer
books for a few years.  Although the prices are slightly being
marked up, it's worth a look if you are around.
[Thomas Ngan <100267.15@CompuServe.COM>]
409)    Where do I purchase publication from the Hong Kong Government?

You can purchase governmen publication from the Government Publications 
Centre located in the Ground Floor, Lower Block of Queensway Government 
Building. In fact, it is just next to the Queensway entrance of Pacific Plcae. 

I understand there is a seperate address for mail order. As of 1 Aug 93,
the address is Publications (Sales) Office, Information Services Dept
G/F, 1 Battery Path, Central, HK. Phone number: 842-8801 (If remaine 
unchanged, then 2842-8801).

[Information provided by Jerome Yau <>]
551)    Anybody out there from XYZ Secondary School?

	We often see posting from SCHK netters looking for lost
classmates.  Michael Yip from Sybase Corporation had
spent considerable amount of time and effort to compile a
high school list which he post very regularly.  If you have missed the
last issue, you can contact him at "".

552)	How can I start an e-mail alumni association?	

	Check with the High School List below before you start.  There
is a chance that such a mailing list already exist.

	a) Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School (CSWCSS)
	   Please send mail to "" with
	   subject "get: info". For other inquiries, contact
	   Henry Yeung at "". Or get in touch
	   with John Ho at "".

	b) Choi Hung Est. Catholic Secondary School, contact Dominic Ng at

	c) Ho Lap College, contact Johnny Chow at "".

	d) Lutheran Middle School, cotact Johnny Chow at

	e) Maryknoll Convent School, contact Olivia Siu at "".

	f) Queen's College - contact "" for details.

	g) St. Francis Xavier School, TW - contact Thomas Kwan at

* NEW:	h) St.Mary's Canossian College - contact Wendy Cheng at

	i) SPCC 88 (cert year) - contact "".

	j) Tin Kwong Road Government Secondary School - contact
		Edward S.N.Chiu at "".

	k) WYCHK - contact "" for details.

	l) WYK - contact John Chiu "".

 	m) Diocesan Boys' School - contact "".

	n) Queen Elizabeth School - contact "".

	o) DGS - contact Connie Li at "".

	p) HKTA Student Ambassador - contact Albert Pang at

	q) Good Hope School - contact Peggy Lee at "".

	r) St. Joseph - contact Eddie Chan at "".

	s) SPSS - contact Alice Tsang at "umtsan20@ccu.UManitoba.CA".

	t) St Paul's Convent School - contact Grace NG at

        u) La Salle College (LSC) - contact EDMUND CHUI at:
	    for details about <LSC Old Boys E-mail Network>

	v) King's College - contact Jason Ho at "".

	w) Pui Ching Middle School
		Send e-mail to Douglas Wong "" 
		with subject line "PCMS-help" for more informatiion.

	x) St. Paul's College (Bonham Road) Class of 91 
		Send mail at "" or contact Patrick
		Yeung at "" for details. 
553)	Are there any local gathering groups?

	In Dallas, Texas, you can get in touch with John Ho at
"".  The SCHK Texans get together for Dim Sum, Karaoke, 
badminton, BBQ, eat and plain BS.  Lots of laughters and tons of fun.  
Everyone welcome.

	In San Jose, California, you can contact the Club
Bauhinia (CB) - "Care Hong Kong" group in the San Jose area. They are
an associate member of AHKCUS. In the past they printed booklets about
Hong Kong and worked with HK students from the University of California
at Berkeley in publishing booklets, staging Hong Kong Week and other
conferences and seminars.  They have also created a multimedia slide shows
about HK.  For further information, please contact Dennis Lee
at "".

	In Bay area, you can contact the BAGers - (Bay Area Gethering)
They hold semi-regular gatherings for fun in the Bay Area  e.g. BBQ,
Bowling, fishing, rafting etc.  And they have a regular soccer game
every other week.  There are usally 20 to 30 players.  For more
information, please contact Nelson Chan at ""
or Lawrence Chow "".

701)	Who is Deanna?

	During (what month?) 1991, in response to all those 
usual "looks + intelligence = constant" silly talks, a student
called Deanna from University of Pittsburgh posted a message
claiming "I am pretty and witty." This bold assertion stunned
the hitherto male-dominated schk and Deanna became the Marilyn 
Monroe of schk overnight. More than 100 articles were posted
in a few days and a See_Deanna_Club was eventually formed.
Deanna had left Univ of Pittsburgh since but she left with us
a very fond memory of hi-tech romance.  Thank you Deanna.
702)	Who is Jan?

	Jan was a Yale student with unknown gender.  In May, 1992,  
After series of claims of a lonesome male from HK who has the voice
of Jackey Cheung, the look of Andy Lau, and the smile of Leon Lai.
Jan suddenly identifies HIMSELF as a HERSELF.  Days later, Jan 
announced this whole event was indeed HER on going experiment 
conducted by the Department of Psychology in Yale University.  
Netters were mad and a few send e-mail to the Dept. chair to 
complain about the so-called experiment as unethical. Later, Jan 
turned into a HIM and he (should it be she ???) tried to defend HIS 
and HER position. Today, Jan's gender and identity remains a mystery.


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