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              |*** Section 6 - Secrets of the Games ***|

* 6.1 - Final Fantasy I

* 6.1.1 - The Pirates' Puzzle Game

Square left a secret puzzle game in Final Fantasy I. To unveil it, you
first need to obtain Bikke's ship. Once you have the ship, get on the
ship, and - while holding your position - press A and B together about
55 times.

You'll now find yourself listening to the Final Fantasy heroic theme
song as you solve a Rubik's Cube-like puzzle. Try and re-arrange all of
the numbers on screen, and leave the empty space at the bottom right

You'll be awarded some bonus GP for playing this game.

* 6.1.2 - In the Hall of the Giant King

Just in case you missed this one in your game manual, the leftmost hall
on the entry level inside the Earth Cave (which is southeast of Melmond,
the rotting farm town), there is a hallway where you'll be attacked by
giants every step you make.

Giants, once killed, leave nearly 1000 experience points and nearly 1000
GP. You have to be fairly experienced to take a group of giants down,
but there's no better method in the game of earning huge quantities of

* 6.1.3 - More Mega Monsters

If you don't have the Airship yet, and you don't want to fight giants,
there's another secret spot with mega-tough enemies.

North of Pravoka (the pirate's town) is a place where you can fight
monsters which normally don't appear except for around Lefein. Since
Lefein is the last town that you visit in the game, it also has lots of
tough monsters in the area. You get the point - don't even try this with
inexperienced parties.

* 6.1.4 - The Magic Map Trick

This one's also in the manual, but just in case...

Brooms talk backwards in Final Fantasy. The brooms in Matoya's Cave tell

At any time in the game, hold down B and press Select to see the world
map. Towns and dungeons are flashing on the map.

* 6.1.5 - Coneria's Invisible Man

There is an invisible man in Coneria Castle. Search for him on the
ground level of the castle, in a room located around the northwestern
edge. You'll know when you've found him when you find a place which
looks like flat ground, but you can't walk through it.

Talk to the man. He will say one of two messages, depending on if you've
rescued Princess Sara or not.

* 6.2 - Final Fantasy IV

* 6.2.1 - The Programmer's Room

There's a secret Programmer's Room in Final Fantasy IV. Sadly, it was
removed from the easytype version of the game.

At any time that you have access to the Underworld, go to the Dwarf
Castle. Hidden in between the two stores in the castle's arsenal is a
secret cafe. This cafe should be called the Pub Lalli-ho, or Rally-Ho
Pub (which for some reason was called the Cafe HOWDY! in the US SNES

There's a dwarven dancer in here, but he's not the point of coming here.
Look around the eastern wall - there should be a place somewhere in this
room where you can walk forward.

You should find the Programmer's Room from inside the Pub. You can talk
to the programmers here - even fight them! (If you do fight them, try
casting Scan on them to see all sorts of funny messages.)

There is also a Pornography Book ("Smut") inside the Programmer's Room.
You can get it from random encounters with programmer "monsters," or by
searching the bookshelf next to Takashi Tokita. It doesn't do anything
game-wise, though.

* 6.3 - Final Fantasy IV Easytype (USA: Final Fantasy II)

NOTE: Most secrets in this game also apply to the non-Easytype version
of Final Fantasy IV. The Programmer's Room is the only majorly different
secret between the two games.

* 6.3.1 - Item Duplication Trick

You can duplicate any item that can be equipped by a member of your
current party.

Equip the character with whatever you wish to duplicate. Then, go into a

For the character who is carrying the item to be duplicated, wait for
their turn to come up, and select Item. Select the first available blank
spot in the inventory, then push all the way up until you get to change
the items the character is holding. Select the item to be duplicated. By
doing this, you have unequipped whatever your character was holding.

Finish the battle (by winning or running), and re-equip the character.
You should notice that your character is carrying two of the same item.
Unequip the item, and you'll have two of them in your inventory.

(This works in all of the various Super Famicom/NES versions of the
game. Does anyone know if this bug was fixed in the PSX versions or

* 6.3.2 - The Mighty Spoon, the ultimate weapon in the universe?

The strongest weapon in the game is not an item that you'd expect to do
wonders: The Spoon, or the "Kitchen Knife" in the Japanese versions and
US PSX version, a secret item in this game, can be thrown by Edge to
cause 9999 points of damage to a single target, but it can only be used

To get it:

1. Go to the Sylvan Cave. (It's in the upper-left corner of the
Underworld.) Talk to the sylphs and find Yang.

2. Once you've found Yang, go to Fabul and talk to Yang's wife. She will
give you the Frying Pan.

3. Return to the Sylvan Cave, and use the Frying Pan on Yang. He will
wake up.

4. Give the Frying Pan back to Yang's wife. She will give you the Spoon
as a reward.

CAREFUL! There is a bug in the game regarding the Frying Pan. If you get
the Frying Pan, and defeat the Giant of Bab-il before returning it, you
will _not_ be able to get the Spoon - you'll have to carry the Frying
Pan around with you for the rest of the game. Make sure that you return
the Frying Pan as soon as you can!

* 6.3.3 - The Man on the Moon

This isn't a trick which will give you anything, but it is a cute easter

Examine the surface of the moon from the Big Whale. You should see a
face on the moon.

* 6.3.4 - Secret Weaponry

There is a secret weaponry which appears inside Damcyan Castle. The
items inside can be obtained at any point in the game.

At the entrance to the castle, walk to the right, just outside the
castle walls. On the right side of the castle is a door which leads to
the weaponry.

The weaponry is useful for beginning parties which have just reached
Damcyan. Most of the treasure inside are various arrows, and there is
one bow which is better than the bow which Rosa starts the game equipped

* 6.4 - Final Fantasy V

* 6.4.1 - The Hero's (Level) Song

To learn the Hero's Song, called the "Level Song" in the USA release,
your party must play every piano in the first world.

Every town (except for Wix, Lonka, and a few others) has a piano in it.
Usually, the piano is found at the town pub.

You'll know when your players are getting closer to playing every piano
when they stop playing simple scales and start playing more and more
complex melodies on the piano. Play every piano, then talk to the bard
in Crescent Island. You'll receive one of the best songs for your bard,
the Hero's/Level Song.

Can't find all the pianos? Hint: There's one in the hidden town
southwest of Crescent Island that's rather difficult to find.

* 6.4.2 - Gogo's Secret Job

Remember the Tower of Walz, which sank to the bottom of the ocean after
you had grabbed some of the crystal shards? Well, do you remember that
there was one shard that you couldn't reach?

You can get this crystal shard in a sub-quest later in the game. Once
all eight crystals are destroyed and you're in the game's third world,
get the submarine. Pilot over to where the Tower of Walz used to be, and

Your time here's limited, so act quickly. Go back to the room where the
crystal was. You'll now fight Gogo for control over the extra shard of
the crystal. Remember: To beat Gogo, do as he does...

If you won, you'll get the game's secret job: Mimic. Get it and get out.

* 6.5 - Final Fantasy VI (USA: Final Fantasy III)

* 6.5.1 - Secret Chocobo Stables

There are some chocobo stables hidden in various parts of the world.
Although the stables won't always be where you need them, they do pop up
in some semi-convenient locations:

- Nearby Tzen (in the World of Balance) is a forest which sort of looks
like it's in the shape of a chocobo. There's a chocobo stable somewhere
in this forest. (It disappears during the World of Ruin.)
- Nearby Mobliz (in the World of Ruin) is another forest which has a
stable operation. This one's really easy to miss, but if you find it,
it'll make exploration of the Serpent Trench much easier.

* 6.5.2 - Carrie Fisher, meet Celes Chere

Aside from Biggs and Wedge making appearances in this game, Celes also
recalls a famous line from Star Wars.

To see this, get to the part of the game when Locke invades South
Figaro. Once you gain access to the rich folks' house through the secret
passageway, exit and steal a soldier's clothing.

While wearing soldier clothing, go back through the passageway to the
rich folks' house and find the tunnel behind the bookshelf. When
prompted to change clothes, select "These are fine".

Now, approach Celes. She'll recall the famous line once she sets sight
on Locke...

* 6.5.3 - Unlimited experience, unlimited money, 99 potions

Does this sound too good to be true? It's true. You just need to have a
controller with an auto-fire feature, and you must have Banon in your

First, set your cursor option to "Memory".

Second, jump onto your raft on the Lete River. On the first part of the
river, go through it as normal.

Save your game. On the second spot, at the fork in the river, if you
specify Up as your direction, the raft will go in a loop. You'll want to
go in this loop forever, so leave the direction at Up.

Now, get into a battle. Make sure Banon uses his Health command, and the
others all Fight. Turn on your controller's auto-fire on the select
button (A on the Super NES, X on the PSX). Now, turn off your monitor
and let your game run for slightly less than 24 hours. (Careful - if
you're playing the Super NES version, the Super NES sometimes locks up
if it's left running for 24 or more hours!)

When you return to your game, you'll find your characters at super-high
levels with abundant money and 99 potions.

* 6.5.4 - Another Atma Weapon & Ragnarok Sword?

During the final series of battles, you can steal an Atma Weapon and
Ragnarok Sword from the goddesses which fight the party before the final
showdown with Kefka.

Once you get through the entire dialogue with Kefka at the end of
Kefka's Tower, you'll fight the modified versions of the goddesses.

Fight through the first two scenes, and make sure that Locke is in your
party. In the third scene, have Locke steal from the two targets. They
should have a Ragnarok Sword and an Atma Weapon. Have you ever wanted to
try equipping a character with the Genji Glove, Offering, and two Atma
Weapons? Now you can!

* 6.5.5 - Alternative Blitz Commands

Are the regular blitz commands too difficult for you to execute? Some of
them, such as Pummel and Mantra, simply involve executing a few steps on
the controller in sequence. Others, like Aura and Bum Rush, require
smearing your thumb all over the controller.

It doesn't have to be that difficult, though. For commands which require
smearing your thumb over the controller, you can execute them the same
way as the other special moves.

For moves which involve pressing the controller diagonally, you can
still pull them off by pressing the directional button once in the first
direction, then once in the second direction.

For instance: The Aura blitz is normally down, down-left, left, and A.
You can also execute it by pressing down, down, left, left, and A.

(If it still doesn't work for you, try pressing the buttons as fast as
you can press them.)

Some people will prefer this method of entering some of the more
difficult blitzes, others will prefer the "smear" method. It's up to you
to figure out which is best.

* 6.5.6 - Free inns - why buy your mattress anywhere else?

Before you go sleeping at any of this game's inns, you should consider
that there may be a nearby free inn in this game. This is especially
important to remember at the beginning of the game, where you're trying
to save as much GP as you can.

Look for free inns at these places:

- Sabin's House (World of Balance): Just north of South Figaro is
Sabin's House. You can step into any of the beds inside this house to
rest for free. (Note: This trick doesn't work in the World of Ruin.)

- Blackjack (World of Balance): The Blackjack (Setzer's first airship)
includes a guy who hands out "refreshments," which act like a free inn.

- Mobliz (any time): Go into the relic shop, and walk into the room in
the far back. There's a bed which you can use for free.

- Returners' Hideout (World of Balance): Any time you need a rest, you
can sleep at the Returners' Hideout for free. Just go to the barracks
and talk to the guard on duty.

- Vector (World of Balance), part 1: There are actually three free inns
in Vector: The first one is inside the first building you see in Vector.
It's free, but the innkeeper will randomly steal some of your GP in the
middle of the night. Don't stay here! (Note: It appears that Ted Woolsey
got one past the Nintendo censorers here: In the next room over, you'll
see a young couple sleeping together...)

- Vector, part 2: In the building to the left of the inn, you'll see a
lady who will ask you if you wish to pledge alliegence to the Empire. If
you refuse, you'll be forced to fight a simple battle. Afterwards,
she'll heal you whenever you talk to her.

- Vector, part 3: If you don't like either of the other inns, talk to a
small boy that runs around the main part of town. He'll recover your
HP/status and MP for free.

- Figaro Castle (any time): The beds in Figaro are free. Have a snooze!

- Doma Castle (World of Ruin): You can also sleep in the deserted halls
of Doma Castle for free. If you have Cyan in your party when you go to
this free inn, you'll also end up playing Cyan's sub-quest.

- Narshe (any time): Inside the Weapon Shop is a bed you can use - to
reach it, enter the shop, then walk around the counter to the other

* 6.5.7 - Returners' Hideout: Gauntlet or Genji Glove?

It's your choice, really.

At the Returners' Hideout at the beginning of the game, Banon will ask
Terra if she wants to join the Returners. If you say "yes," then you are
given a Gauntlet. If you say "no" to him about four times, then you
instead receive a Genji Glove. Either way, Terra joins the Returners...

* 6.6 - Final Fantasy VII

* 6.6.1 - Ace the Chocobo Race

Unless your chocobo is extremely undisciplined, this should help you win
every chocobo race you get into, even against Teioh.

Hold down the R1 and R2 buttons while you race. Your chocobo will
recover stamina at an accelerated rate, even when you're going at top

* 6.6.2 - Reset the game without having to sit through the PlayStation

You can reset the game at any time by pressing & holding L1, L2, R1, R2,
Select, and Start at the same time.

* 6.6.3 - All 7 Fever

Should a character's current HP reach 7777, they will experience a
phenomenon called "All 7 Fever".

While a character has All 7 Fever, their attack will always connect for
7777 points of damage. However, once the battle is over, the player with
All 7 Fever will have 1 HP remaining.

* 6.6.4 - Chocobo Racing: To the winner goes the spoils

The game keeps track of how many times you've raced against Teioh, Choco
Joe's black chocobo. The game also keeps track of how many times you've
beat him.

After you've won several races against Teioh, you'll win a number of
prizes. The prizes you win depends on which class your chocobo was

* 6.6.5 - Unlimited Items

You can use the W-Item materia to duplicate any equippable items that
your party may have.

Give a character the W-Item materia. Then, get into a battle and unequip
the W-Itemed character's weapon and equip something else. Your
unequipped weapon should have duplicated itself.

* 6.7 - Chrono Trigger

* 6.7.1 - Reset the game without touching the reset switch

You can reset the game at any time by pressing & holding L, R, Select,
and Start at the same time.

* 6.7.2 - Changing character names

Your mother gave you a funny name. Got a problem with that?

If you don't like what you named your characters, you can rename them
once you have the Flying Epoch.

Take the Epoch back to 65,000,000 BC and go to the Laruba Ruins. At the
end of the ruins is a Nu - talk to him, and he'll give you a rock. The
Nu can also change your characters' names.

(To rename the Epoch, go to the Keeper's Dome in 2300 AD any time after
you get the ship. Touch the console at the foyer, and you'll be asked to
give the Epoch a new name.)

* 6.7.3 - Secret Triple Techs

Although Crono must be in your party to use all of the "normal" Triple
Techs, there are items hidden in this game which will give your
characters secret Triple Techs.

These items, called "rocks," fit into your characters' accessory
equipment slot.

Try searching for rocks in the following areas: Kajar, Black Omen,
Laruba Ruins, the Giant's Claw, and the Denadoro Mountains.

* 6.7.4 - The Super Secret ROM file (PSX versions only)

Square included a little undocumented goody on the Chrono Trigger CDs.
The file "rom.bin", located in plain sight on the CD, is actually the
full game ROM file of the original Japanese release of Chrono Trigger on
the Super Famicom.

It can be played by using any Super NES emulator that can play Chrono
Trigger correctly in Japanese. If you can't get it to work, try copying
it off of the CD, and try changing the extension from ".bin" to ".smc".

NOTE: This FAQ, and its maintaner, do not support or condone emulation.
Please respect Square's copyrights and do not share copies of this file
with other people.

* 6.8 - Seiken Densetsu II (USA: Secret of Mana)

* 6.8.1 - Mana weapons without Mana magic

Mana magic, obtained near the end of the game, temporarily increases the
level of the sword weapon. It's supposedly needed in order to change the
Dragon Buster (level 8 sword) into the Mana Sword (level 9 sword), for
use during the game's final encounter.

You can find level 9 weapon orbs for every weapon in the game - except
for the sword - in random encounters inside the Mana Fortress. (Square
made it so that the Dragon Buster could not easily be turned into the
Mana Sword, since doing so would make the game's last encounter much

There is, however, a cheat which allows you to get a ninth sword orb:

1. When you get to the Ice Forest, go to Neko's and save the game.

2. Reset the SNES & start a new game. After the text in the Mantis Ant's
domain is displayed; press & hold L, R, Select, and Start.

3. The game should reset. Load your previously saved game, and defeat
the Mantis Ant. You'll receive the ninth orb for your sword. The Mana
Sword will soon be yours, hero!

(Note: Your mileage may vary when using this trick.)

* 6.9 - Secret of Evermore (not released in Japan)

* 6.9.1 - Unlimited stamina

This secret is probably the result of one of the many bugs in this game.

If you power your weapon up to level 3, you can run infinitely. (oops!)

* 6.9.2 - Secret alchemy recipes

There's a lot of secret alchemy spells in this game - look in the most
unlikely places, and you're bound to find them. Here's a few to get you

- Learn "Atlas's Formula of Strength" from the town in the Greko-Roman
world. Search around the item shop, and you'll watch a rat disappear
behind a crate. Follow it. (To use it, you need an Atlas medallion,
which must be purchased from the same person who taught you the recipe.)

- Learn "One Up" by exploring the Haunted Forest. Somewhere in the
forest is a man who will tell you that you have reached a dead end, and
will give you the recipe before you leave.

- Learn "Sting" in the desert. Look for a man near an oasis. (For
obvious reasons, don't use the boat to cross the desert if you want to
find him.)

- Learn "Lance" by entering the room with Lance's treasures, but not
taking any of them.

* 6.10 - Highway Star (USA: Rad Racer) and Rad Racer II

* 6.10.1 - Continue a stage

Did your car run out of gas? Too bad. Instead of starting the entire
game over again, hold down the A button as you press Start to begin a
new game. You should end up in the level you didn't make it through.

* 6.10.2 - Hidden stage select

If continuing the stage didn't work, or if you wish to skip stages, the
game has a built-in stage select code.

In either Highway Star/Rad Racer or Rad Racer II, get to the demo
screen. Press the B button while still on this screen to increase the

Now, here's the trick: There are 16 tachs on the tachometer, and eight
stages in both games. To get to the stage number you wish, multiply that
stage's number by two and enter that amount on the tachometer using the
B button.

(For instance: Entering two on the tachometer takes you to stage 1, four
takes you to stage 2, sixteen takes you to stage 8, etc.)

To complete the stage select, press Start while holding up and right on
the control pad. You should now be in the stage that you selected by
playing with the tachometer during the demo!

* 6.10.3 - Skip to the end

(This trick may not work in Rad Racer II, but it reportedly works in
Highway Star/Rad Racer.)

Using the tachometer trick in article 6.10.2, try getting to the demo
screen and pressing the B button at least 60 times.

Then, hold up & right and press Start. You should see the game's ending.

* 6.11 - The 3D Battles of World Runner

* 6.11.1 - Continue a stage

Because World Runner is almost exactly the same as Highway Star/Rad
Racer in terms of the game engine, the "continue" trick from that game
also works in World Runner.

In other words, if you get the dreaded Game Over, hold down the A button
while pressing Start. You'll continue the same stage.

* 6.12 - SaGa I & II (USA: The Final Fantasy Legend I & II)

* 6.12.1 - Sound Test

You may know about the jukeboxes in SaGa/FFL II, but it costs 1 GP/tune
to use them. You can use this trick to listen to music for free.

In SaGa/FFL I; press Down, Start, and B at the game's title screen to
reveal the sound test.

In SaGa/FFL II; press Down, Select, and B at the game's title screen to
reveal the sound test.

You may have to reset the game to get out of the sound test - no biggie.
Remember that pressing Select, Start, A, and B will reset the Game Boy.

* 6.13 - Final Fantasy Tactics

* 6.13.1 - Square Parodies

FF Tactics has a lot of parodies taken from previous games by Square.
Here's a few of them:

Deep Dungeon trilogy: Deep Dungeon

Final Fantasy: Gulg Volcano (Gurgu Volcano), Tiamat

Final Fantasy II: Parmekian Empire

Final Fantasy IV: Chocobo Forest, Baron, Gilbert (Edward), Tellah & Anna

Final Fantasy V: Boco the Chocobo, Ronkan (Lonkan) Ruins

Final Fantasy VI: Setzer & Daryl

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud, Aerith (Aeris), St. Elmo's Fire, Highwind,
various materia
(It's also been noted how Elmdor looks just like Sephiroth, Celia looks
like Scarlet, Lede looks like Elena, etc.)

This is an incomplete list. Has anyone seen any other parodies? If so,
send them to the maintainer.

* 6.14 - Einhander

* 6.14.1 - Secret Weapons

Other than the weapons mentioned in the manual, each stage contains at
least one secret weapon. Once a secret weapon has been obtained, it can
be used as initial equipment at the start of each new game.

Juno: The Juno is, basically, a gatling gun. It's more powerful version
of the Vulcan, but has a few hundred less rounds of ammunition. To get
it, you need to activate the three special bonuses on Stage 1. Once the
special bonuses have been achieved, engage the Stage 1 boss. Destroy the
T-shaped thing on its back, and then open fire on the gunpods the boss
occasionally uses. If you're lucky, one of these gunpods will be the
Juno. If not, crash your fighter and try again. Note that the submarine
in level 4 also drops the Juno if you destroy the body before you
destroy the command tower. The final red ship during the final stage
also carries a Juno.

Flash: The Flash is an extremely powerful laser weapon. To get it, you
need to achieve the third special bonus in level 3. If you do it
successfully, a Flash will drop from the ceiling. If not, a Hedgehog
will fall instead.

Mosquito: Mosquitos fire laser-activated homing missiles for when a Wasp
absolutely, positively has to be on time. First, defeat the mini-boss of
stage 4. Get the Spreader from the barrels immediately following the
battle, and immediately go below as many levels as you can. You should
see some barrels behind you. Fire the Spreader backwards to dislodge the
Mosquito inside the barrels.

Python: Pythons fire five straight mines in a row. It can be obtained on
level 5 using a top-mounted Wasp. Near the mini-boss, you'll see a black
Star Wars-style transport in the background - fire Wasps at it to get it
to drop the Python.

* 6.14.2 - Secret Special Bonuses

Each stage in the game has three special bonuses which can be obtained.
Getting these special bonuses can unlock several hidden game features,
such as extra weapons and more Einhanders to fly.

Here's a rundown on how to get each special bonus:

Level 1:
* Shoot down every sign you see.
* Shoot down all of the armed craft before and after the signs. The
craft immediately following the signs will have a Riot.
* At the first mini-boss, destroy the bottom of the boss instead of the
head. (This is easier said than done.) After accomplishing this, you'll
take an alternative route to the end of the level.

Level 2:
* At the beginning level, destroy three gunpods to make a red gunpod
appear. Destroy the red gunpod for a bonus.
* At two parts in the level, the game's progression will halt in order
to take out armed trains. Each train generates turrets, and in order to
get the two bonuses, it is necessary to shoot down a certain number of
turrets. (8-10 of them?)

Level 3:
* Shoot down three spinning tops to make a red spinning top appear.
Destroy the red spinning top.
* During the battle with the walking cannon, shoot down a number of
vehicles to receive another bonus.
* After the walking cannon mini-boss, destroy the little aircraft
carrier. Then, destroy all the crafts that fall out of it.

Level 4:
* When fighting the submarine, destroy the submarine's body first.
Afterwards, destroy the command section.
* After defeating the level mini-boss, you'll enter a maze-like area.
Take the lowest route and stay there. Look for a strange-looking enemy.
* Destroying the ground before the stage boss will reveal a bonus. The
easiest way to do this, if you got the stage's second bonus, is to shoot
down (but not destroy) an enemy which appears here.

Level 5:
* Shoot down every moving platform just before the mini-boss.
* Do as much damage to the body parts of the mini-boss without
destroying it. (This is easier said than done!)
* Look for a red aircraft which appears just before the stage boss.

The "rocket and satellite" level:
* After disabling one of the thrusters, a red enemy may occasionally
appear on the screen. Shoot three of them for bonuses.

Final level:
* Three red enemies appear in this level; shoot them for the bonuses.

* 6.14.3 - Secret Einhanders

There are two secret fighters available in this game, but unlocking them
takes quite a bit of work:

To get the "Unknown Fighter Type 1," find any 15 special bonuses. It
doesn't acquire gunpods like the other Einhanders acquire them. Instead,
weapons are powered up by collecting gunpods - if you've played "UN
Squadron" by Capcom, the system will be very familiar to you. For every
five gunpods received, the ship's machine guns are upgraded. Each gunpod
also has a special effect; try them all for a myriad of various

The "Unknown Fighter Type 2" is awarded to the gamer who finishes the
game on the highest difficulty level using only one or two continues.
It's like an Astraea, but has 9999 ammo on all gunpods!

* 6.15 - SaGa Frontier

* 6.15.1 - The Programmer's Room

Ever wonder what happens if you finish the game using all seven
characters on the same system data? Doing this unlocks the Programmer's
Room, which is the "secret ending" mentioned briefly in the game's

To get the Programmer's Room, you need to finish the game with all seven
characters, taking one quest at a time. Playing multiple quests at the
same time on the same system data supposedly destroys any chances of
receiving this ending, but this has yet to be confirmed in the USA

The Programmer's Room includes a sound test feature, as well as battles
against all seven of the game's final bosses.

* 6.15.2 - Lots and lots of money

It is possible to exploit a small bug in the game's buy/sell system to
get all the money anyone will ever need in a single quest. To begin
this, you must first save up a little over 10,000 credits.

In Koorong, you may have noticed that gold gets more expensive as you
buy it, and gets cheaper as you sell it. Well, there is one way to "beat
the system"...

1. Go to Nelson (through Owmi, through Koorong/Kowloon). In one of the
stores, you can buy GoldIngots for the fixed price of 500 credits. Buy
as many GoldIngots as you can. Return to Koorong and sell them all.

2. Go back to Nelson and buy as much gold as you can with the additional
money. Return to Koorong and sell them, etc.

3. After a while of selling at Koorong, you will notice the price drops
as far down as 0. When this happens, continue to offer to sell **ALL**
of your GoldIngots (that is, keep pressing down on the controller to
decrease the amount of GoldIngots owned by your party in the Sell
screen). However, do **not** press the Circle button to sell them!
Instead, once you've reduced the price to 0 and are offering to sell all
your GoldIngots, begin to press up on your controller to increase the
GoldIngots owned by your party while still on the Sell screen. The price
will start to **rise**!

4. Continue to take back your GoldIngots until you have all of them
back, or until you reach the maximum price at 2100 credits, whichever
comes first. Then, start pressing down again to sell all your
GoldIngots. When you have 0 GoldIngots remaining in the Sell screen,
press the Circle button to agree to sell them. You will have quite a few
more credits than you started out with!

Continue to repeat steps 2 through 4 until you have over 50,000 credits!
At this point, you should stop doing this trick, since it will no longer
work reliably afterward.

* 6.16 - Parasite Eve

* 6.16.1 - Second Scenario?

After finishing the game, Square left in a treat which will keep
die-hard RPGers glued to the tubes for hours.

Upon completion of the game, the game will create a new save file, which
starts the game in "EX Mode". Under EX Mode, the game has the following

* The weapon and armor you renamed during Day 6 of the previous game
will appear in the inventory at the beginning of the game.
* The "Tool" and "BP Distribution" menus are always available, even on
day 1.
* After each day is completed, around 2000 additional BP are awarded to
the character.
* Some monsters have been made more difficult to compensate for these
overwhelmingly powerful advantages.
* All of the gear left with Wayne at the end of the previous game
(except for key items) are retained in the EX game.

And, of course, the largest difference between regular and EX games: The
addition of the Chrysler Building. (You may have seen the top of the
building glowing red through the windows of the hospital.)

The Chrysler Building is a 77 floor maze which will take many hours to
complete, but doing so grants a different ending. It's best to try this
only during Day 5, however, due to the extreme difficulty. The building
actually starts out easy, but gets to be overwhelmingly difficult
starting with floor 50.

Also, if you get some Chrysler Building keys and then finish the game
the normal way, but leave the keys with Wayne, the keys will be
preserved into your next EX game. This is very useful for building up
bonus points, which are vital to the hardships in the upper levels of
the Chrysler Building.

* 6.16.2 - One man's junk really is another man's treasure

Confused to the purpose of those junk items? They seem to do nothing but
take up space in your inventory, but Wayne can put them to good use.

Take your junk to Wayne. After collecting 300 pieces of junk, Wayne can
make you one of the game's most powerful weapons.

Be careful, though. If you let Wayne decide on something, you usually
get an inferior item. Although there is a chance you can get the mighty
AK-47 assault rifle this way, you might just end up with a completely
worthless "Super Junk" item.

* 6.16.3 - Toolkits and Wayne's Trading Cards

Wayne's menu has a "Rare T-Card Collection" option. However, nothing in
the game tells you what this does.

As things turn out, there are fourteen rare gun trading cards available
in the game. All fourteen are found scattered around the Chrysler
Building (see article 6.16.1). Give them to Wayne, and they'll work just
like mod permits or blank trading cards, except that you get two
modifications instead of one.

If you give Wayne around 9-12 trading cards, selecting "Rare T-Card
Collection" will have Wayne give you a Toolkit. The Toolkit gives you an
unlimited set of tools.

If you give Wayne all 14 trading cards, selecting the option will have
Wayne give you a Super Toolkit. This gives you an unlimited amount of
super tools!

* 6.17 - Xenogears

* 6.17.1 - Alice's Wedding Dress

Alice may have passed away, but Dan saved her wedding dress from the
destruction of Lahan.

Getting the dress is quite simple: When Fei battles Dan in the
championship battle in Fatima Castle, simply have Fei defend each round.
After a while, Dan will just give Fei the dress and walk away.

* 6.17.2 - The Big Joe Saga

Big Joe might be sort of a joke character in the game, but he actually
does have some secrets. Here's where to find them:

1. Nortune: Once Fei becomes the battling champion, and you can access
the A Block of Nortune, you can see Big Joe standing near an alleyway in
the town. Joe will ask for some money (something like 10,000 G) in
exchange for "something special". Give him the money, and he'll take it
and run. Later on, after the raid on Nortune, return to the same
alleyway to find an M Disc, which you can use in the A Block bar to play
plenty of music. (Joe will also reappear next to the town exit with some
"muchacho information" for you.)

2. The Thames: After the Yggdrasil arrives in Thames, walk to the front
of its top deck and you'll see Big Joe. Talk to him, and you'll play the
familiar Thames card game. If you win, you get the LongDarkCoat, a
useful defensive item.

3. The Ethos HQ: After the Ethos is attacked by Gebler, before taking
the elevator to the basement, search the area around where Fei was
hospitalized. Somewhere around there are some jail cells. Take a peek
into all of them. Hey, look who you saved!

4. Shevat: Big Joe can be seen doing absolutely nothing below one of the
staircases inside the maintenance area of Shevat. How'd he get there?

5. The Lighthouse: Inside one of the open shops in the deserted town is
Big Joe's Gear Shop. It has some incredibly powerful equipment for
gears, but it's very expensive. Still, this is the place where you'll
find a 100-output engine and perfect armor.

6. The Lighthouse: Also inside the lighthouse, there's another shop
which looks like a convenience store. Browse through the store to find
documents explaining infinite attack power and secrets about the
Eldrige. Keep reading the Eldrige secret over and over again, and you
might find a document telling you the shocking story of Big Joe. Then
again, you may not want to read this...!

* 6.17.3 - The Badge Treasure

To get your hands on a secret treasure in Shevat, you need to find the
three badges.

The RPS Badge is in Lahan. Search for a guy who plays Paper, Rock, and
Scissors and play with him until he gives this to you. You need to beat
him five times in a row before you can get the badge. Be warned, this
may take a while...

The H&S Badge is in the town around Fatima Castle. Keep searching for
the boy who plays hide & seek. He appears in a different place each
time, and each time he hides in a place you would never expect to find
anyone. Keep changing the camera angle, and you might just spy him.

The Tag Badge is in Billy's Orphanage. Help one kid fence up some
chickens, and he'll give you this. This is very easy.

* 6.17.4 - Midori's Ring

Midori is missing her favorite ring. Can you find it?

While Fei is at Citan's house at the beginning of the game, search the
exterior of the house to find the ring. (Hint: It's behind some bushes.)

Now, keep it for a while - a very, very, very, very _long_ while. When
you meet Midori again in the Snowfield Hideout near the end of the game,
give her back the ring and she'll give you a better one in return.

Note that, if you missed it early in the game, you can return to the
Mountain Pass during disc 2.

* 6.17.5 - Lots and lots of money

Disc 2 is a difficult place to get lots of money, and you need lots of
money to buy Big Joe's gear parts. What to do?

There is a solution to this, but it involves some work early in disc 1.

First, after Fei agrees to help Bart inside Bart's base, go to Bledavik.
Somewhere inside the town are two children who are stealing things from
the shopkeeper at the end of Bledavik Square. Talk to the shopkeeper,
and after you see them steal the item, follow them. They'll ask for
1,000 G; pay them.

After you do this, finish your business in Bledavik (ie. finish the
tournament, rescue Margie, etc.). Come back to Bledavik after the defeat
of Shakahn.

The children who were stealing from the store earlier now run a meat
shop. For an unbeatable price, you can buy any kind of hobgoblin meat
you want. You should load up on Hob-Steak here, and possibly Hob-Meat
and/or Hob-Jerkey. Nortune will buy Hob-Steak back for about 400 G, but
they won't accept it now due to the oversupply.

Wait until the end of disc 2. You can now take all that hobgoblin meat
to the blue crystal in Nortune and earn an insane amount of money; even
more than you would have made if you could have sold it back in Nortune
during disc 1.

You can also automatically receive hobgoblin meat, even during disc 2,
by having Elly or Emeralda cast a fire-elemental spell on them.

* 6.17.6 - Battling Secrets

The Nortune Battling Arena has some great secrets to obtain. Here's a
few of the better ones:

1. If you have the M Disc, then the battling registrar will ask you what
kind of music you wish to listen to while battling. The normal music
playing in the background of the arena also changes depending on whether
or not you have the M Disc.

2. If you have an analog controller, then put it in its analog mode. You
can now move your gear using the left joystick on your analog

3. If you put an analog controller into analog mode while playing
Special Mode 1, an option will appear which allows you to turn on
vibration. If you turn this on and you have a Dual Shock controller, you
can feel the shocks of your gear being hit.

4. It is possible to play as Elly's omnigear, Regulus (called "Regrs" in
the USA release), even if Elly isn't in the party. To do this, you need
to enter the arena after reaching the third floor of Deus during disc 2.

5. If you start a Special Mode 1 battle, open the character selection
screen, and let it sit there, you'll watch a demo of the two gears

6. Once you've finished a battle, you can use the directional buttons to
change the gear's rotation on the screen. This works for all gears
except for Siebzehn, which simply shows an unrotatable close-up of Maria
riding on the gear's back.

7. If you can select Regulus in a Special Mode 1 battle (see number 4
above), you can also enter Gear-Level-2 difficulty in a Special Mode 2
battle. This level is more difficult, but winning grants you more G and
BP than the other levels.

* 6.17.7 - Shevat's Secret Treasure

Other than the badge treasure mentioned in article 6.17.3, there is a
much larger treasure to be found in Shevat. The chu-chus in town have
all of the clues, especially the one standing on top of the light, which
is a little hard to reach but gives out the clues needed to find each of
the three keys to this secret place.

One of the stones is found directly to the south of Shevat's castle.
Another is found by searching the doll inside the wrecked house. The
third one is a little trickier, and involves catching fish at the
fountain until you get one which has the rock in its mouth.

Bring all three stones to the transporter below Shevat's living
quarters, and you'll be taken to the secret treasure of Shevat's three

* 6.17.8 - The Trader Card

It is possible to defeat Hammer during disc 2 without running away. To
do so, turn on your boosters during the battle, and try & keep your
gears at attack level 3 as much as possible. When Hammer starts to
flash, each gear only gets 3-4 turns before Hammer self destructs. Now
is the time to pummel him using level 3 attacks. Weltall-2 should use
System Id immediately and keep using its Goten X attack against Hammer.

If you manage to defeat Hammer, you'll get the Trader Card, a powerful
accessory which increases the chance that rare items will appear.

Here's a few ideas on what to do with the Trader Card:

* Equip it immediately on a character after Alpha Weltall crushes Fei on
board Mahannon, but before fighting Ramsus and Miang inside Merkava.
With the Trader Card equipped, Omiomorph (Miang's gear) will drop an
ExecutionerGown, the best armor in the game for Maria/Emeralda/Chu-Chu.

* Equip it in the Sandman Desert. The dragons that roam around the area
drop some amazing equipment when defeated, including Citan's best sword.

* Equip it in the forest around Taura's House. Some of the monsters here
will drop shoes that automatically casts "Goddess Wake" on the wearer at
the beginning of battle. It also puts the wearer's gear into a permanent
booster mode with no additional fuel loss during gear combat!

* 6.17.9 - Emeralda's Growth Spurt

During disc 2, take Emeralda to the lighthouse, which is located just
south of Deus. Somewhere inside the ruins below the lighthouse is a
small manhole which the characters can walk into. (It appears in a large
open space just ahead of the entrance. Fei will let you know when you're
getting close to it. It's hard to spot...)

Take Emeralda down there, and you'll learn the rest of the story about
the Zeboim civilization, including the development of Emeralda.

After this, Emeralda will suddenly grow 10-15 years older. This does
nothing to her stats; it just changes her appearance and allows you to
trade the Mermaid Tear (from the drunk guy in Lahan) for a better item
in the Snowfield Hideout.

* 6.18 - Chocobo Racing

* 6.18.1 - Secret Course

To see the game's only hidden course, finish Story Mode once and it will
always be available. The new course, Final Fantasia, is a rough ride
through the world of the Espers.

* 6.18.2 - Secret Characters

There are many secret characters in the game; unlocking them depends on
how many times you finish Story Mode.

Finishing it once gives you Bahamut. His special ability, Megaflare,
takes a while to charge but causes every other cart on the course to
crash hard.

Finishing it twice gives you Squall (from Final Fantasy VIII) and his
special ability, Gunblade.

Finishing it further will unlock some other popular Final Fantasy (and
non-Final Fantasy) characters which can be selected by highlighting
Squall and holding down another button on the controller while pressing

* 6.19 - Vagrant Story

* 6.19.1 - Play it again for the first time

After finishing Vagrant Story, the game prompts for the game to be saved
again. This save data works just like EX save game data in Parasite Eve;
it begins the game again with the same character you built up when you
finished the game.

The clear data also retains all of the items you acquired the previous
time around, except for miscellaneous items. That's right; if you forgot
to use some of the grimoires or elixirs, there's no way to retain them.

The advantage of the clear data is the Rood Inverse. All of the doors
which were sealed with the Rood Inverse the first time through the game
are now unsealed, which allows you to reach the 20% or so of Lea Monde
which you can't reach the first time through the game. Behind the Rood
Inverse-sealed doors are the Gold and Platinum Keys, which with the
Silver and Steel Keys, allow full access to the Iron Maiden bonus

* * * End of FAQ * * *
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