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           | * * * The FAQ * * * |
           |           * * * Part 2 of 3 * * *           |

|                          *** WARNING! ***                           |
  Sections 4 and 5 answer the most frequently asked questions about    
  Square video games. Some of these questions include questions about  
  some of the plot events in the game, or questions about parts of     
  the game which some players might have not reached yet. It is        
  important to **READ THIS PART OF THE FAQ AT YOUR OWN RISK!**         
  From this point forward, there could be (and will be) some           
  serious plot spoilers. If you don't like spoilers, you are           
  hereby advised not to read any further. There are some serious       
  dragons in here.                                                     

|* Sec. 4 -Frequently Asked Questions about the Final Fantasy Series *|

* 4.1 - General Hints about the Final Fantasy Series

* 4.1.1 - Monster XXX or Boss YYY is too difficult, and I have no chance
against them. What should I do?

If you encounter an enemy which you can't defeat, there is one of two
things evident.

One: You may be getting ahead of your party and putting them up against
monsters which - at your party's experience levels - are too difficult
for your party. In this case, you need to go backwards and gain more
experience by fighting enemies which are more of a match for your party.

Two: In a battle - in a video game or in real life - most of your
chances of winning depends on your strategy. You need to come up with a
strategy which is effective enough to defeat your enemy, or your enemy
has a better chance of winning than your party does:
- In all Final Fantasy games, the character at the top of your party's
battle formation is the character who is going to be attacked more, make
sure that character has a lot of HP and a very good defense rating. Keep
your weaker and less defensive party members near the bottom of your
party. (Note: This does not apply to Chrono Trigger.)
- Don't waste magic by overhealing a player or overkilling an enemy when
using spells, use only minor spells to heal minor wounds or do minor
damage to enemies.
- Conserve your most powerful attacks and spells until you **really**
need them.
- Your most powerful character should attack the most powerful enemy,
the last thing you want (especially in Final Fantasy I) is to have
everyone jump on the same enemy.
- Buy new armor as your currency allows. However, there are times when
you'd be best off shopping around before you make any decisions on what
armor to buy. You might see some armor in one town which looks like a
good buy, but if you go to another nearby town, you might find some
better armor for only slightly more money. Example: In Final Fantasy VI,
Albrook sells Diamond Vests, but the other towns in the vicinity sell
Diamond Armor with much better defensive power.
- Fight fire with ice, ice with fire, water with lightning, and sacred
power with the undead.
- And always keep an eye on your characters' HP levels so you know who
needs to be healed and who can fight...

* 4.1.2 - What kind of a party should I choose?

This only applies to Final Fantasy I, III, V, and all SaGa games since
these games allow you to mix & match party members and their

Final Fantasy I and V has lots of party choices, but the only important
thing about them is how they must be balanced. Your FAQ maintainer's
favorite party combinations consist of a Fighter, a White Mage, a Black
Mage, and one of the following: Thief, Black Belt, or Red Mage. Your FAQ
maintainer also highly recommends that you do **not** build a party
without either a Red Mage or a White Mage, because if you use neither in
your party, you will not be able to exit some of the later dungeons in
the game. (This strategy would also apply in theory to Final Fantasy

In Final Fantasy VIII, keep in mind that the two most important ability
junctions are HP and strength. Make sure that all characters in a
mission-critical scenario have magic junctions to HP and strength.

For all the SaGa/Final Fantasy Legend games, the FAQ maintainer's
favorite selections are: Two humans and two mutants, two humans & a
mutant & a monster, a human & a mutant & a robot & a monster, and four
mutants. The absolute worst party you can make in any of the SaGa/Final
Fantasy Legend games has to be a party made up of four monsters, since
the four monsters can only upgrade themselves by fighting more powerful
monsters, so the chicken & the egg syndrome kicks in...

* 4.1.3 - Why do you refer to Final Fantasy III as "Final Fantasy VI"?
          Which Final Fantasy games were put out in the USA, anyway?

This FAQ uses the Japanese names for all the games because all of these
games (with the lone exceptions of Rad Racer II and Secret of Evermore)
were released in Japan first, then brought over to the USA. The
maintainer doesn't mean to confuse anyone.

So, here are a few lists of all of the Final Fantasy/SaGa games released
in Japan, along with their American equivalents...

For the Nintendo Famicom/Entertainment System:
Japan                      USA
Final Fantasy I            Final Fantasy I
Final Fantasy II           N/A
Final Fantasy III          N/A
Final Fantasy I & II*      N/A

For the Nintendo Super Famicom/Entertainment System:
Japan                      USA
Final Fantasy IV           N/A
Final Fantasy IV Easytype  Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy V            N/A
Final Fantasy VI           Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy USA          Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

For the Sony PlayStation:
Japan                      USA
Final Fantasy IV*          Final Fantasy IV (Chronicles)
Final Fantasy V*           Final Fantasy V (Anthology)
Final Fantasy VI*          Final Fantasy VI (Anthology)
Final Fantasy VII          Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII         Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX           Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy Tactics      Final Fantasy Tactics

For the Nintendo Game Boy:
Japan                      USA
Final Fantasy Gaiden       Final Fantasy Adventure
SaGa I                     The Final Fantasy Legend
SaGa II                    Final Fantasy Legend II
SaGa III                   Final Fantasy Legend III

For the Bandai WonderSwan:
Japan                      USA
Final Fantasy I            N/A

N/A = not available/not released
* = Re-released games, available as a collection or separately

What about Europe? Sadly, only Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX have been
released in Europe.

* 4.1.4 - Translation aside, what are the differences between the
Japanese and American versions of these games?

Final Fantasy I (Japan) -> Final Fantasy I (USA):
- The "crystals" in the Japanese version have become "orbs" in the USA
- The clinic's symbol was modified.

Final Fantasy IV -> Final Fantasy IV Easytype/Final Fantasy II:
- Almost all of the plot/character development, character special
abilities, special items, and subplots were removed from the game. See
article 2.3.2 for a summary.
- When the dialogue was censored & translated into English, the censors
didn't do a very good job in doing so. See article 4.3.15 for more

Final Fantasy VI (Japan) -> Final Fantasy III (USA):
- Much of the game's dialogue was censored and replaced with
"appropriate" dialogue which would be less offensive in America. There
were several translation mistakes made in the process.
- The opera lyrics were changed.
- The characters' job descriptions were removed.
- About 90% of the monsters underwent name changes. For instance, the
Sabotenders of FF VI became Cactrots in FF III US.
- In the Returners' Hideout, there was a sheet of paper laying on
Banon's desk. This sheet of paper was a joke that would only make sense
to the Japanese, so no one really understands it in the American
- The message on the tombstone in Darril's Tomb was changed. (In the
Japanese game, it said: "Rest in peace, my friend..." In the US game, it
says: "The World Is Square")
- Mashe was renamed to "Sabin," and Tina was renamed to "Terra". Some
other characters had smaller, more subtle name changes.

Final Fantasy VII (Japan) -> Final Fantasy VII (USA/Europe):
- Several characters had slight name changes: "Barett" is now "Barret,"
the Tarks are now Turks, "Ylena" is now "Elena," and "Aerith" is now
- Square added four new items: the Desert Rose, Earth Harp, Rising Sun,
and Guide Book. They also altered one materia, 'Underwater', which was
in the Japanese game but was not usable in that version.
- Two entirely new bosses have been added: Emerald Weapon and Ruby
Weapon. An existing character, Diamond Weapon, was also made into a boss
- Supposedly, an enemy has been removed: Test Zero (whose validity is
- In the Japanese version, all the menus had two items/materia/etc. per
line. In the US version, the item lists were made longer, but there
could only be one object per line.
- A new feature, 'Exchange', was added to the Materia Screen, which
allows you to switch active Materia orbs between members who are not in
you party.
- The number of characters allowed for a name was increased from six to
nine spaces.
- The random encounter rate was reduced.
- Square added some dialogue to some of the battles to help players
through some battles (e.g. Reno in sector 7, the Tail Scorpion in
reactor #1).
- Overlays outlining exits and climbing points were added.

Final Fantasy Tactics (Japan) -> Final Fantasy Tactics (USA):
- Several of the job names were changed. For instance, "Ying Yang Mage"
became "Oracle," "Beginner" became "Squire," and "Dragoon" became

Final Fantasy VIII (Japan) -> Final Fantasy VIII (USA/Europe):
- Selphie's trademark line was changed from "Ma-mi-mu-me-mo!" to
- The food served at Balamb Garden's cafeteria was changed to hot dogs.
- A few of the monsters, GFs, and battle techniques had minor name
changes between localizations. For example, "Sabotender" became
"Cactaur," Squall's "End of Heart" limit break became "Lion Heart," etc.
- Square added the ability to draw out some GFs from the monsters in
Ultimecia Castle if the player missed certain GFs earlier in the game.
- The game's first timed encounter in the Fire Cave was made easier.
- The USA version also received a much more extensive online help

Final Fantasy Collections (Japan) -> Final Fantasy Anthology (USA):
- Final Fantasy IV was unbundled from the collection.
- Faris was given a pirate's dialect for the USA version of Final
Fantasy V.
- The translation and localization for Final Fantasy VI is nearly
identical to the original localization of Final Fantasy III USA, with a
couple of things edited (eg. "Vicks" became "Biggs," "Fenix Down" became
"PhoenixDown," AtmaWeapon's speech has been uncensored, etc.).
- The USA version also includes a music soundtrack CD containing a
sample of the music from Final Fantasy V and VI.

Final Fantasy IV (Japan PSX), Chrono Trigger (Japan PSX) -> Final
Fantasy Chronicles (USA):
- Final Fantasy IV was almost completely retranslated from scratch.
However, the names of characters, monsters, and places were mostly taken
from the original localization of Final Fantasy II USA.
- Final Fantasy IV's load times were dramatically reduced from the
original Japanese release.
- The translation and localization for Chrono Trigger is nearly
identical to the original localization of Chrono Trigger (see 4.1.5
- NOTE: The US re-release of Final Fantasy IV is based on the original
Japanese game, rather than the "easytype" version that Final Fantasy II
USA was based on.

SaGa series -> Final Fantasy Legend series:
No known differences. Some of the dialogue might have been censored, but
without knowing any of it no one can really tell the difference.

The censorship present in Final Fantasy II & III (USA) can be mostly
attributed to Nintendo. Nintendo has, or appears to have, strict rules
about what can or can't appear in one of their games. Specifically;
their policies attack violence, sex/nudity, death, religion, vulgarity,
blood, or anything else that might make American parents angry at them.
There are a few exceptions to these guidelines (Mortal Kombat II comes
to mind here), but unfortunately, the Final Fantasy games had to be
watered down because of this.

* 4.1.5 - In regard to the previous question, what about non-Final
Fantasy games?


Chrono Trigger (Japan) -> Chrono Trigger (USA):
- The tech selection box in the Japanese version had two columns while
the American version had one column.
- A few characters were renamed. For instance; Flea, Slash, and Ozzie
are Magus's three henchmen in the American version.
- The dialogue was probably censored, although we don't know how much
was if it was at all.

SaGa Frontier (Japan) -> SaGa Frontier (USA):
- For some strange reason (translation perhaps?) "Kowloon" in the
Japanese version became "Koorong" in the USA version.
- "Coon" was renamed to "Riki" in the USA release.
- Difficulty was increased by removing the pre-produced combinations
battle menus.

Parasite Eve (Japan) -> Parasite Eve (USA):
- Some of the video appears to have been edited to make Eve less

Einhander (Japan) -> Einhander (USA):
- The "free" difficulty level, which apparently added a stage select
feature to the game, seems to have been removed from the USA release

Xenogears (Japan) -> Xenogears (USA):
- A few religious references were changed. For instance, the "Church"
became the "Ethos," and the colony ship "Noah's Ark" became "Eldrige".

Vagrant Story (Japan) -> Vagrant Story (USA/Europe):
- The timing for chain combos and defensive tactics was made a little
more forgiving.

Chrono Cross (Japan) -> Chrono Cross (USA):
- Several characters and items were renmaed. Some of the name changes
from the USA release of Chrono Trigger still stand in order to be
consistent. Other name changes include "Yamaneko," who became "Lynx" in
the USA version.

* 4.1.6 - Why can't I resurrect Tellah, General Leo, Aeris, etc.?

In almost every Final Fantasy game, there is at least one character
central to the story who dies. While it's always possible to revive
fallen partners through Life spells or Fenix Downs or Life potions,
there are several characters which Square's writers killed off

Most of the characters who die do so in order to advance/thicken the
game's story.

Here's a summary of the characters (playing & non-playing) who die:

FF I:       N/A
FF II:      Cid, Richard, Minyuu, Josef
FF III:     N/A
FF IV:      Tellah, Anna, Edge's Parents, Baigan
FF V:       Galuf, Zeza, Kelgar
FF VI:      Vicks, Wedge, Leo, Banon (debatable), Shadow (debatable),
            Cid (optional), everyone in Mobliz except for the
FF VII:     A bunch of characters, including: Biggs, Wedge, Jessie,
            Cait Sith*, Aeris, Tseng, Rufus, Hojo, everyone in the
            Sector 7 slums, President Shinra
FF VIII:    Reine
FF Tactics: Algus, Bart, Malak*, Olan, Dycedarg, Teta, Gafgarion,
            Draclau, Wiegraf, Izlude, Miluda, Elmdor, Ovelia,
            Zalbag (who dies, is revived, and dies again), Larg,
SaGa:       Michelle, So-Cho, King Sword, King Shield
SaGa II:    Dad*
SaGa III:   Jupiah*, Dion*
Frontier:   White Rose* (Asellus's quest), Blue (Blue's quest -
CT:         Crono*
PE:         Klamp
Xenogears:  Everyone in Lahan (except Dan, Citan, and the children)
BF Musashi: Kojiro
VS:         Samantha, Grissom (who dies, is revived, and dies again),
            Sydney (debatable), Rosencrantz

* = These characters are exceptions - they die at one point in the game,
but can later be revived.

Once these characters are dead, there's no way to revive them. Period!

* 4.1.7 - Tables of Information

The "Job System"
FF I: Jobs are fixed, however, the characters are promoted to better
      jobs roughly halfway through the game.
FF III: All of the characters start out as warriors, but can learn new
        jobs depending on what crystals they've collected.
FF V: Characters are jobless at the beginning of the game, but each
      time a crystal shatters in the first world, the fragments of the
      crystal are collected by the party. Each crystal fragment has one
      job associated with it. You get all of the jobs this way, except
      for the hidden "mimic" job.
FF VII: The equivalent to the job system in this game is called
        "materia". Your characters can gain different abilities by
        collecting different materia. There are several kinds of
        materia: One that gives your characters magic, one that summons
        monsters, and one that gives your characters different skills.
        There are other materia which increase your characters' HP,
        stats, or allow them to do certain things at certain points of
        the game.
FF Tactics: Same as FF V, except that jobs are a learned skill.
            Crystals are not needed to learn jobs.
FF II, IV, VI, VIII, IX: No job system, each character has one fixed
SaGa trilogy: No job system, characters are free to do what they want.

Chocobos, the Final Fantasy equivalent of horses
FF I: No chocobos.
FF II: There is a single Chocobo Forest in the game with White Chocobos
       the party could ride on.
FF III: There are some more Chocobo Forests in this game. White
        Chocobos have mutated so that they can ford rivers. There is
        also a Big (Lardass) Chocobo who can store the party's
        inventory away.
FF IV: There are lots of Chocobo Forests, and the Chocobo Forest north
       of Toroia needs to be visited in order to finish the game. The
       Black Chocobo, which can fly & land in forests, make their first
       appearance. The White Chocobos can no longer be used for rides,
       but they have acquired magical powers, and can restore the
       party's mages' MP. The Yellow Chocobo first appears in this game,
       and is now the chocobo who can give the party rides.
FF V: The main character (Butz) rides a Yellow Chocobo, but there are
      other chocobos scattered around the place. The White and Big
      Chocobos are extinct; only the Black & Yellow Chocobos remain.
FF VI: The Black Chocobo is now extinct; only the Yellow Chocobo
       remains. Chocobos are so rare that they only appear in stables,
       as well as Figaro Castle. Also, Yellow Chocobos can no longer
       ford rivers.
FF VII: The Black & Big Chocobos have been revived; and there are also
        new Blue (river fording/shallow swimming), Green (mountain
        climbing), and Gold (all territory (including oceans!))
        Chocobos. Black Chocobos no longer fly, but they can fall off
        of cliffs or use waterfalls, as well as everything the Green
        and Blue Chocobos can do. Yellow Chocobos now appear in the
        wild, away from organized forest communities. The colored
        chocobos (with one exception, see article 4.5.33) can only be
        obtained through breeding Yellow Chocobos.
FF VIII: Once again, there's only Yellow Chocobos, and they only show
         up in forests. A PocketStation minigame, "Chocobo World,"
         allows players to use chocobos to acquire special items not
         available in the regular game.
FF IX: Same as FF VIII, excep that the Chocobo World minigame has been
       worked into the main game, so no PocketStation is required.
       Also, chocobos no longer run away once dismounted.
FF Tactics: Yellow Chocobos are the most common chocobos, but every
            once in a while, a Black or Red Chocobo is born. Chocobos
            can be allied with the party, but wild chocobos are not
            afraid to engage your characters. A mediator is needed to
            tame wild chocobos.
SaGa trilogy: No chocobos.

The Final Fantasy "big bosses," and their deadly attacks
FF I       (Chaos):       NUKE
FF II      (Parmeki):     ?
FF III     (Dark Cloud):  Flare Wave
FF IV      (Zeromus):     Big Bang & Black Hole
FF V       (Neo-Exdeath): Almagest (Ultra Gust)
FF VI      (Kefka):       Goner
FF VII     (Sephiroth):   Super Nova
FF VIII    (Ultimecia):   Apocalypse
FF IX      (?):           ?
FF Tactics (Altima):      All-Ultima
SaGa I     (Creator):     FLARE
SaGa II    (Arsenal):     Smasher!
SaGa III   (Xagor):       Dark Force & Flare

Magic & how it works

FF I: Only mages, wizards, knights, and ninjas can learn to use magic.
      Spell points are given on a magic level basis - the more
      experienced the character, the more spell points he will have in
      a magic level. Characters may learn up to three spells in one
      level, and all spells are bought from magic shops.
FF II: Everyone can use magic. Spells are bought as items, which can
       be used to cast a high level version of the spell, or teach
       a character a spell. If the spell is taught to the character,
       it goes up in level after repeated use.
FF III: Only certain jobs can cast certain kinds of magic. All spells
        are bought from magic shops.
FF IV: Only Rydia, Rosa, Tellah, Cecil (paladin), Palom & Porom, Edge,
       and FuSoYa can use magic. Instead of spell points being
       restricted to magic levels, each character has MP, and each
       spell takes a certain amount of MP to cast. Characters learn
       spells by experience; except for FuSoYa, who knows every spell
       in the game; Rydia, who only learns Fire after an encounter
       with an ice wall; and Edge, who gains some spells when he has
       released a certain amount of anger. (Tellah knows
       every spell in the game, except for Holy/White, and Nuke. He
       also can't cast Meteo, because he never has enough MP.)
FF V: Everyone can use magic, but they must either be a mage or have
      mage skills. Most spells are bought from magic shops, and some
      can be found in treasure chests. Once a spell is learned, it is
      added to the party's shared spellbook.
FF VI: Everyone can use magic, but only Terra and Celes have inborn
       magic ability. Spells are learned from obtaining Espers, which
       (almost always) must be found. The source of magic is the three
       Goddess Statues, without which magic can not exist.
FF VII: Characters do not memorize magic, but gain it if they are
        equipped with magic materia. Common spells can be purchased in
        shops, but rare spells can only be learned from rare materia.
        The source of magic is the Lifestream.
FF VIII: Magic is obtained by "drawing" each spell, use by use, out
         of monsters. There is no MP; up to 100 uses of a spell can be
         kept by each character. Sometimes, magic can be immediately
         drawn out and used. The closest approximation to a source of
         magic would be the sorceresses.
FF IX: Magic and special attacks are learned through equipping weapons,
       armor, and accessories. Once an ability acquired through an item
       has earned enough AP, it can be used by the character without
       requiring the equipping of the prerequisite item.
FF Tactics: Same as FF V, except that magic spells are learned skills.
SaGa I: Only mutants and monsters can use magic. Mutants can learn up
        to four spells each.
SaGa II & III: Same as SaGa I, except that humans & robots can learn to
               use magic. However, they do not have the inborn magic
               ability that mutants have.

FF I -
   Pirate Ship: After the party defeats Bikke the Pirate, they acquire
                this ship. It only docks in ports. With the canoe,
                though, it can be docked in rivers.
   Canoe: The sages give this to your party for defeating Lich. It can
          float through rivers.
   Airship: The Lefeinish made these back in their heyday. It provides
            unrestricted travel. It can only land on grass.
FF II - 
   Canoe: Minyuu gives it to the party near the beginning of the game.
          It operates like the canoe in FF I.
   Ships: The party can buy one-way trips on pirate ships, which only
          go between two targets.
   Ice Sled: Josef's Ice Sled is like a canoe which travels over ice.
   Airship: Cid flies the party on the Airship for a fee. After Cid
            dies, he leaves the airship to the party. It provides
            unrestricted travel. It can only land on grass.
   Pirate Ship: After the party defeats the pirates, they acquire
                Leila and this ship. It's similar to the ship
                in FF I.
   Hiryuu: This dragon used to belong to the dragoons. It can fly
           the party into the Whirlwind.
   Hikuutei: The first airship, obtained at the beginning of the game.
             It's destroyed early in the game.
   Canoe: Obtained after the wreck of the Hikuutei. Like the canoe in
          FF I, it only floats through rivers.
   Enterprise: A Viking ship, which gets turned into an airship. It
               allows access to the mainland, but it gets shot down
               by two armies at the kingdom of Salonia.
   Nautilus: This super-fast airship, obtained from Allus in Salonia,
             is the only airship which can fly through certain areas
             of the game (with random encounters!). It also gets
             upgraded to a submarine later in the game.
   Invincible: It's an airship which is larger than the Nautilus, but
               it's nowhere near as fast. It does, however, have a
               number of shops on board and allows the party to
               disembark over any non-mountainous territory. Finally,
               it has an on-board cannon which damages enemies in
               random encounters.
   Hovercraft: Edward's Hovercraft can float over shallow water.
   Enterprise: Cid's airship. It provides unrestricted travel, and
               later on, it can carry the Hovercraft. It can only
               land on grass.
   Falcon: Stolen from the Red Wings. It's the same as the Enterprise,
           except that it can be equipped with a drill.
   Big Whale: The Lunarians invented this airship. It can fly to the
              moon, and return safely.
FF V -
   Ships: There are two ships in this game. Faris has one, and so
          does Cid. They can be docked anywhere.
   Dragons: Hiriyuus are an endangered race, but if you can find one,
            use it to your advantage. It can fly over everything
            except for mountains. Hiriyuus can only land on grass.
   Airships: Fabled ships that can fly through the sky. They provide
             unrestricted travel. Airships can only land on grass and
   Submarines: Same as ships, except that they can dive. The Airship
               gains submarine capabilities later on in the game.
   Blackjack: It comes equipped with a refreshener and an item store.
              It provides unrestricted travel. It can only land on
              grass. It's destroyed after finishing the Floating
              Continent dungeon.
   Falcon: It's faster than the Blackjack, but doesn't have the
           commodities. Otherwise, it's the same.
   Freighter: The Shinra Freighter moves between Junon and Costa
              Del Sol. At the beginning of the game, it's the only
              way to move between continents. It costs money to ride.
   Buggy: The buggy, acquired from Shinra, can cross the desert and
          go through shallows. It disappears during disc 2.
   Tiny Bronco: Cid's airplane can be used as a makeshift boat. It
                can only tread rivers and shallow water, and can only
                be docked at beaches. It disappears during disc 2.
   Highwind: Cid's airship, which was stolen by Shinra. It provides
             unrestricted travel. It can only land on grass.
   Submarine: Whereas the Tiny Bronco can only tread shallow water,
              the Submarine can only tread deep water. It can also
              dive into the water.
   Cars: Rental cars can travel over flat ground like a chocobo.
         They take fuel to drive.
   Balamb Garden: Yes, the Garden moves. It's slow, and can't cross
                  cliffs. It can only land on flat ground.
   Ragnarok: This space ship also acts as an airship. It provides
             unrestricted trave. It can land on just about any flat
FF IX - ?
FF Tactics - N/A
SaGa I -
   Floating Island: Used in floor 5 to sail the seas. It can be
                    docked anywhere.
   Glider: Used in floor 10 to speed over crevices. It can land
           anywhere, but can not fly through trees. It disappears
           after Byak-Ko is defeated, but can be re-acquired.
   Bike: A speeder bike, similar to the ones used in the Star
         Wars trilogy. It can only travel across flat ground.
   Door: An item which teleports the party to any level.
SaGa II -
   Dragons: In Dragon Town, the faster the dragon you purchase,
            the faster it will go. They can only travel across
            flat ground.
   Aegis MAGI: An item which teleports the party to any world.
SaGa III -
   Talon: A time machine/airship. It fights with the party during
          certain battles.

Who the Airships belong to...
FF I: The Lefeinish
FF II: Cid
FF III: Cid & others
FF IV: Cid
FF V: The Lonkan people
FF VI: Setzer & Daryl
FF VIII: Esthar
FF IX: Cid
FF Tactics: N/A
SaGa I: Byak-Ko
SaGa II: N/A
SaGa III: Sol

Cid Anthology
FF I: No one's sure. Cid may be a robot, but...
FF II: Cid is the Master of Airships.
FF III: Same as FF II
FF IV: Same as FF II
FF V: Cid is an engineer who invented the Crystal Amplifier. His
      grandson, Mid, is an aspiring & resourceful engineer.
FF VI: Cid is the Empire's Magitek research lead. He created Celes and
       Kefka in genetic cloning experiments.
FF VII: Same as FF II
FF VIII: Cid is the headmaster of the Garden military academy.
FF IX: Same as FF II. Cid is also a king.
FF Tactics: Cid leads Ivalice's Nanten assault group, which fought for
            Ivalice during the Fifty Years' War. He can join Ramza
            at one point in the game.
SaGa trilogy: Cid doesn't appear in these games.

Bahamut Anthology
FF I: Bahamut is the King of Dragons, and can change the classes of
      characters to something better than they are.
FF II: Bahamut doesn't appear in this game.
FF III: Bahamut is a summoned monster.
FF IV: Bahamut is the King of Monsters. Rydia can learn to summon him.
FF V: Same as FF III
FF VI: Bahamut is an Esper.
FF VII: Bahamut is a materia. He also has two relatives in this game,
        Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO.
FF IX: Same as FF III
FF Tactics: Same as FF III
SaGa trilogy: Bahamut doesn't appear in these games.

The Crystals & the Sources of Elemental Power
FF I: There are four crystals (called "orbs" in the US version) which
      contain the elemental power, and a black crystal which contains
      evil power. The four light crystals are darkened, and need to
      be relit in order for their power to be restored.
FF II: The crystals guard the Ultima spell. There doesn't seem to be any
       specified source of elemental power in this game.
FF III: The four elemental crystals have the same function as FF I,
        except that there's three more black crystals (for a total of
        four black crystals).
FF IV: There is a grand total of 16 crystals in this game: Four in the
       Overworld, four in the Underworld, and eight on the moon. The
       four Overworld crystals contain the elemental power.
FF V: There is a grand total of eight crystals in this game: Four in
      Butz's world, and four in Galuf's world. They contain the
      elemental power. If the crystals are shattered, something
      mysterious may happen...
FF VI: No crystals. The elemental power is contained in the three
       goddess statues.
FF VII: No crystals. The elemental power is in the Lifestream.
FF VIII: No crystals or obvious elemental power.
FF IX: ?
FF Tactics: No crystals, but there are 13 Zodiac Stones that are sort of
            like crystals. The people of Ivalice practice a religion
            very similar to Roman Catholicism, which means that God
            contains the elemental power.
SaGa I: There are four spheres in this game; each one unlocks a certain
        amount of the Tower. The elemental power is granted by Creator.
SaGa II: No crystals. The elemental power is contained in MAGI.
SaGa III: ?

What's in a name?/Renaming the characters
FF I: You can't.
FF II: You can't.
FF III: You can't.
FF IV: Namingway can rename your characters. He appears in every
       town in the game, including some obscure places.
FF V: You can't.
FF VI: You can win a Rename Card by fighting monsters in the
       Colosseum - see article 4.4.19.
FF VII: You can't.
FF VIII: You can't.
FF IX: A certain subquest later in the game allows you to rename
       any character.
FF Tactics: The Soldier Office can change monsters' names.
SaGa I: Your original character can't be renamed. Other characters
        can be "renamed" by dropping them from the party and getting
        replacements from the Guild. (For obvious reasons, these
        replaced characters have different stats than your originals.)
SaGa II: You can't.
SaGa III: You can't.

Relative data sizes of the Final Fantasy games
FF I: 2 megabits (256 kilobytes)
FF II: 2 megabits
FF III: 4 megabits (512 kilobytes)
FF IV (easytype, USA version): 8 megabits (1 megabyte)
FF V: 20 megabits (2.5 megabytes)
FF VI: 24 megabits (3 megabytes)
FF VII: approximately 1.8 gigabytes
FF VIII: approximately 2.4 gigabytes
FF IX: approximately 2.4 gigabytes
FF Tactics: approximately 650 megabytes
SaGa I: 1 megabit (128 kilobytes)
SaGa II & III: 2 megabits each

The Name of the Party
FF I: Light Warriors
FF II: Orphans
FF III: Onion Warriors
FF V: Light Warriors
FF VI: Returners
FF VII: Avalanche
FF Tactics: Hokuten (chapter 1), N/A (all other chapters)
SaGa trilogy: N/A

* 4.1.8 - Known bugs in several Square games (USA releases, USA titles)

Final Fantasy II (SNES version):
- If one acquires the Frying Pan, and doesn't return it until after the
Giant of Bab-il is defeated, it's stuck permanently in the inventory.

Final Fantasy III:
- Occasionally, using Relm's "Sketch" command later in the game can
produce odd results in early copies of this game. See article 4.4.20 for

Final Fantasy VII (PSX version):
- It is possible to accidentally park a chocobo and the Highwind on the
same space. Doing so usually causes the game to lock up.
- Early copies of this game may suddenly crash during the dating scene
on disc 1, and the scene following the defeat of Diamond Weapon on disc
2. Later copies of the game do not have this problem.

Final Fantasy VII (Windows version):
- This game has known problems with non-Intel CPUs. Some problems may
have been fixed by now for Cyrix processors, but AMD processor users may
be out of luck.
- Certain system configurations may suddenly crash early in the game.
This could be caused by anything. Should this happen to anyone, they
should contact Eidos technical support.
- Some system configurations may suddenly stop working during the Cosmo
Canyon observatory scene on disc 1, and the scene displaying the coming
of the weapons on disc 2. The problem's cause is unknown, and at the
time of this writing, Square Soft has not resolved the issue.

Secret of Mana:
- Sometimes, using the software reset (Select, Start, L, R) does not
correctly delete memory left over from the last session. This bug can be
used to exploit some bizarre memory-related bugs (see article 6.8.1).

Secret of Evermore:
- See article 6.9.1 for an explanation of the "unlimited stamina" bug.

Final Fantasy IV (PSX version):
- According to Square EA, some early copies of this game were burned
incorrectly and will not play.

* 4.2 - Final Fantasy I

* 4.2.1 - How do I get into the Sea Shrine?

You need Oxyale to get into the Sea Shrine. Oxyale can be obtained from
a spring in the Town of Gaia, but the fairy that lived at the spring
seems to be kidnapped.

A pirate in Gaia claims to have sold the fairy to a caravan. In the town
of Onrac, on the other side of the world, a person there mentions that
there was a caravan out in the desert and was holding a close-out deal.

Move to the desert and go to the spot with the trees in it. The caravan
is at this oasis, and they have a bottle on sale - for 50,000 GP.
Although it's expensive, you need to buy it.

Now, take the bottle to Gaia, and open the bottle. Head towards the
fairy spring, and the fairy will be back there. Talk to her to get some
Oxyale. You can now take the Oxyale back to Onrac and use the submarine
to reach the Sea Shrine.

* 4.2.2 - How do I get the Excalibur Sword?

The blacksmith in the Dwarf Cave can make one for you. You reach this
place in the game relatively early on, but he can't make you anything
because his supply of Adamant is exhausted.

Unfortunately, you don't get any Adamant until way later in the game.
You can find some inside a chest in the Sky Castle.

When you have it, take it back to the blacksmith, and he'll make
Excalibur for you. Only a Knight can wield it.

* 4.2.3 - How do I get into the Mirage Tower?

First, you need to be able to speak the language of the Lefeinish in
order to deal with them.

If you can't speak the language of the Lefeinish, you can by first
finding the Stone Slab, and taking it to Dr. Unne in Melmond. The Slab
is on the top floor of the Sea Shrine, and it's rather hard to find, but
you should be able to turn it up.

Once you do this, you can deal with the Lefeinish. Talk to all of them,
and one of them will give you a chime. Once you have this chime, you
will be able to enter the Mirage Tower.

* 4.2.4 - What do I do with Matoya?

When you first meet her, she's not much use at all because she's blind.
But if you can make her see again, she can help you wake the sleeping
elf prince.

To make Matoya see again, you need to find the Crystal. The Crystal is
in the possession of Astos, the Dark Elf, and the only way to get it
from him is by giving him the Crown and then beating him in a battle.

The Crown is inside the Marsh Cave. You don't need anything special to
get it, except for a lot of Heal Potions, because it is a very difficult
item to salvage. Remember: Make sure your mages have either FIR2 or LIT2
- they'll need to save them for the Wizards that guard the crown. Good

* 4.2.5 - I defeated the Vampire, now what do I do?

You need to take the Vampire's Ruby, leave the cave, and give the ruby
to the titan in a cave to the northeast of the Earth Cave. You'll now be
able to pass through the cave and talk to Sarda. Sarda will give you a
rod which will allow you to reach the bottom of the Earth Cave.

Take some Soft Potions with you, because the bottom two floors of the
Earth Cave have lots of Cockatrices living in them. Cockatrices can turn
a character to stone in one attack, making them the second most annoying
monsters in the game behind the Sorcerers (who can kill a character in
one hit).

* 4.2.6 - I defeated Lich, now what do I do?

Depart from Melmond and round the outside southern part of the
continent. You'll eventually come across a port on the outside of the
far eastern point of the continent. Dock and hike to Crescent Lake, and
talk to the sages to find out what you need to do next.

* 4.2.7 - I defeated Kary, now what do I do?

Talk to the man in the upper-left corner of Crescent Lake to get an idea
on what to do next.

* 4.2.8 - I got the Floater, but what use is it?

The people of Elfland know.

Travel back to Elfland and talk to all of them again. They'll tell you
what to do with the Floater.

* 4.2.9 - I defeated Kraken, now what?

See 4.2.3. You now need to deal with the Lefeinish in order to get into
the Sky Castle to defeat Tiamat.

* 4.2.10 - I defeated Tiamat, now what?

You must now hurry to the Temple of Fiends to go to the final dungeon.
On your way, talk to the Sages in Crescent Lake to hear an interesting
story about the elements. (Why didn't they tell you this before?)

* 4.2.11 - What items can I use in battles?

Not many, all the ones you can use are quite rare. Here's a list of

Item                      Spell Cast
Black Shirt               ICE2
Defense Sword             RUSE
Heal Helmet               HEL2
Heal Staff                HEL2
Light Axe                 HRM2
Mage Staff                FIR2
Power Gauntlet            SABR
Thor's Gauntlet           LIT2
Thor's Hammer             LIT2
White Shirt               INV2
Wizard Staff              CONF

Avoid getting rid of any of the above items at all costs! They are quite
useful if you can find space to use them in.

* 4.2.12 - What magic should I use to defeat the elemental fiends?

Kary: STUN, SLEP.*
Kraken: LIT, LIT2, LIT3.
Tiamat: RUB, BRAK, BANE, ZAP!, XXXX.**

* = Contrary to popular belief, ICE spells don't work well on Kary.

** = Yes, using fatal spells on Tiamat works (according to Nintendo),
but your chances of succeeding are slim. Your best bet is to take Tiamat
down fighting. Rumor has it that BANE works every time on Tiamat when
you fight her inside the Sky Castle, but I haven't confirmed this.

* 4.3 - Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV Easytype (USA: Final
Fantasy II)

* 4.3.1 - Palom and Porom have been turned to stone. When I approach
them, an item selector box pops open, but nothing has any effect. What
do I do?

Easytype version: What you're seeing is a bug.

Original version: This isn't a bug; this is a chance to waste a Golden

In the non-easytype version of this game, as well as the PSX versions,
there's a needle item which could revive characters who were turned to
stone if used, known as the "Golden Needle." If you had a needle and
tried to use it on Palom/Porom, you'd get a message which said: "No
effect. They have been turned to stone by their own will." The party
would then lose the needle.

The needle was taken out of the easytype version of the game, but the
item selector box would still appear if you talked to Palom or Porom.

And no, you can't unstone Palom and/or Porom at any point in either the
original or easytype versions of the game.

* 4.3.2 - I got the Poison Axe, but no one can use it. What gives?

Cecil can use it, but you first need to un-equip his shield since the
Poison Axe is a two-handed weapon. There are a few other two-handed
weapons as well, like the Avenger Sword.

* 4.3.3 - Where is Odin?
          Odin talks about some Summoned Monsters place. Where's that?

Odin is in the basement of Baron Castle. At the beginning of the game,
the area is off-limits to Cecil. When Cecil returns to Baron through the
Old Waterway, the passage leading to the basement is magically sealed.
Once Kainazzo is defeated, however, the seal will break and Cecil can go
into the basement.

When you first meet Odin, he will probably ask Cecil to go to the Land
of the Summoned Monsters before returning. If you just defeated Kainazzo
and came down here, keep in mind that it's going to be a very
loooooooooong time before you get that far in the game.

When Edge finds the Falcon Airship, and Cid has coated the ship so it
can fly over lava, you can fly to the Summoned Monster Cave, which is on
an island near the middle of the Underworld. At the very bottom of this
cave is the Land of the Summoned Monsters. When you reach this point,
before you leave, make sure Cecil talks to Queen Asura and King
Leviathan. Also, read all the books in the library before continuing.
(We mean it! They're important.)

* 4.3.4 - How do I deal with cursed items?

You can't, but rumor has it that the Cursed Ring does wonders for
Cecil's magic defense. If someone can confirm this, well...

* 4.3.5 - How do I defeat Asura?

You need to prevent her cure spells from hitting herself. The best way
to do this is to cast Reflect on her, then just keep fighting to take
her out.

Original version: This battle is a little tougher than in the easytype
version, since Asura's opening spell is always "Armor," so it'll take a
little longer to win.

* 4.3.6 - How do I defeat Bahamut and/or Wyvern?

Bahamut will slowly count from 5 to 1, and when time runs out, he'll
cast MegaFlare on the party. The force of the spell will wipe out your
entire party in one turn...

To defeat Bahamut, you need to use the same technique you used to defeat
Asura, except this time you should put those Reflect spells on your
party. This will reflect the power of the MegaFlare attack back on
Bahamut and save your skin.

Wyvern is exactly the same as Bahamut, except he doesn't do a countdown
before he launches a MegaFlare attack - he attacks immediately.
(Fortunately, Bahamut's MegaFlare is stronger than Wyvern's.)

* 4.3.7 - How do I defeat Odin?

This one's a little harder. Read the book about Odin in the Land of the
Summoned Monsters. Once you've read it, apply what you've read to when
Odin sticks his sword up into the air. (You may have to do this before
he does, or else he'll charge before you get the chance to pull it off.)

If you're really desperate, read on...

When it's Rydia's second turn during the battle, have her cast Lit-3
("Bolt3" in the PSX version). All other characters should attack as
normal. Keep attacking until the lightning bolt destroys Odin.

(Note: Only Lit-3 works. Lit-1 and Lit-2 barely faze Odin.)

* 4.3.8 - How do I get the rarest armor in the game?

More Adamant.

You got some Adamant by taking the Rat's Tail to the man in the mines in
the Overworld, right? And you used it to turn your Legend Sword into the
Excalibur, right?

You can get a Pink Tail by fighting Pink Puffs somewhere inside the
Subterranean Caves on the moon. Pink Puffs are the rarest monsters in
the game, and your chances of getting a Pink Tail from one is something
like 1:64, so good luck.

* 4.3.9 - The Magus Sisters are giving me problems. How do I defeat

Take out the one in the center first, as she can restore life to the
other two. From there, just take them out, one by one.

* 4.3.10 - Where can I find some really rare items?

Here's a really complete list:

Items not in the manual      Obtained by battling
Adamant Armor                N/A
Artemis Bow                  1 Warlock & 1 or 2 Karys
Bomb (call magic)            2 Grenades/2 Balloons
Crystal Sword                N/A
Dragon Whip                  2 Blue Dragons
Excalibur Sword              N/A
Glass Helmet                 EvilMasks
Imp (call magic)             Imps (various types)
Lilith Rod                   Liliths
Mage (call magic)            2 Mages
Medusa Sword                 3 Black Lizards
Spoon                        N/A (see 6.3.2)

Items _in_ the manual       Obtained by battling
Artemis Arrows              Edge - sneak from Karys
Avenger Sword               2 Behemoths
CatClaw                     Panthers & Black Cats
Crystal Ring                Behemoths or Red Dragons
Cure3 Potions               EvilMasks
Cursed Ring                 Spirits/Ghosts/D. Bone
Dragoon Gauntlet            Red Dragons
Dragoon Spear               3 Red Dragons/1 Red Dragon & 1 Behemoth
Earth Hammer                Edge - sneak from Staleman
Heroine Robe                1 Warlock, 1 Kary & 1 Red Giant
Poison Axe                  2 Red Giants/MacGiants in group
Power Armor                 2 Behemoths
Ribbon                      Warlocks
Rune Axe                    2 Red Giants/MacGiants in group
Silence Staff               Conjurers or Marions
Zeus Gauntlet               2 Skulls and 3 Red Bones

* 4.3.11 - What calls can I find and give Rydia?

Little Rydia starts the game with the Chocobo call, and when she rejoins
the party in the Dwarf Castle, she will also have learned the Mist,
Indra, Shiva, Jinn, and Titan calls.

Here's a rather complete list of all the calls you can find in the game:

Monster      Location                      Effect
Asura**      Land of the Summoned Mnstrs.  Random Cure/Life****
Bahamut**    Bahamut's Cave                MegaFlare
Bomb***      2 Grenades/2 Balloons         Explodes
Chocobo      N/A                           Chocobop!
dummy*       N/A                           Cockatrice Attack
Imp***       Imps (various types)          Imp Attack
Indra        N/A                           Lit Elemental Attack
Jinn         N/A                           Fire Elemental Attack
Leviathan**  Land of the Summoned Mnstrs.  Tsunami Attack
Mage***      2 Mages                       ?
Mist         N/A                           Mist Dragon Attack
Odin**       Castle Baron                  Destroys Enemies
Shiva        N/A                           Ice Elemental Attack
Sylph        Sylph Cave                    Steals HP from Mnstrs.
Titan        N/A                           Earthquake

* = Was removed from the Easytype/USA version. You can still get it, but
only by using codes on the Game Genie.

** = You must fight this enemy to learn its call.

*** = These enemies are regular enemies that can be called on.
Sometimes, when you defeat them in a battle, they'll give you their call
magic as an item. If Rydia is in your party, use the item to learn the
magic. (See 4.3.10.)

**** = When Asura is called upon, she will randomly show one of three
faces. Depending on what face she shows, she will do one of the
following to all allies:
Red face:   Mega-cure (in the easytype version)
            Cast "Armor/Protect" on everyone (in the original version)
Human face: Super-cure
Metal face: Cast "Life1"

* 4.3.12 - What spells should I use to defeat the elemental fiends?

Milon: Fire, Fir-2, Fir-3, Blaze (Edge), Jinn (Rydia), Nuke.
Kainazzo: Lit, Lit-2, Lit-3, Blitz (Edge), Indra (Rydia).
Valvalis: White, Lit-3.
Rubicant: Ice, Ice-2, Ice-3, Flood (Edge), Leviathan (Rydia), Shiva

* = Rubicant's weakness is only revealed when he is attacking. When
Rubicant is cloaked, all spells used against him will heal him instead
of hurting him.

* 4.3.13 - How do I get to the Cave Magnes (the Dark Elf's Cave?)

You can't land your airship there, and you can't swim across the sea.
However, some people in Toroia mention a legend about flying Black
Chocobos which can land in the forest.

There's a Chocobo Forest just north of town. Wouldn't that be a great
place to start looking?

* 4.3.14 - How do I defeat the Dark Elf?

Before you even enter Cave Magnes, you **must** have the TwinHarp in
your inventory. If you don't, you'll lose every single time. (You can
get the TwinHarp by finding Edward in Toroia Castle.)

If you have the TwinHarp, though, after you lose the battle to the Dark
Elf, Edward will start playing his harp, which will be broadcast through
the TwinHarp and distort the magnets inside the cave. At this moment,
you should re-equip all of your characters with their regular weapons
and armor.

Now, the Dark Elf should be easy for the party to demolish. Still having
trouble? Hint: The Weak spell works against him.

* 4.3.15 - Why are the characters speaking in really sloppy English? (US
SNES version)

Well, if you've played through this game, you've probably noticed that
the game was badly translated. Ted Woolsey did not translate the game
(he only translated FF VI and Chrono Trigger when they came to the USA),
instead, this game was translated by a group of Japanese translators who
must have not been totally fluent in English themselves.

Note that most of these "mistranslations" would have made some sense in
Japanese grammar, but were not translated with English grammar in mind,
and that's the prime reason why the characters appear to be speaking in
bad English. When Final Fantasy VI was released in the USA (as Final
Fantasy III), the translation had English grammar in mind, which is why
US FF III's translation looks so much better.

Here's a couple of examples...

- After Cecil and the party arrive in Baron for the second time and have
fought Yang, Tellah says something to Yang which was something like: "It
appears that the Baron was trying to use you while you were amnesiac."
(This sentence would probably be correct in Japanese, but looks funny
when literally translated into English.)

- This isn't a real mistranslation, this was really a badly chosen word
that the translators used and probably didn't know it wasn't used very
often these days, at least inside the USA. When Tellah fights Edward in
Damcyan Castle, Tellah says to him: "You spoony bard!" (He probably
meant "you foolish bard" according to my dictionary. I've also been told
that in the Japanese version, Tellah says "Kono yalou!," which means
"You *%&hole!," so they couldn't do a direct translation for obvious

- This one's my favorite. After the party returns to Baron just after
finishing the Tower of Zot, Cecil had to blurt this out: "Where is it?"
Then Rosa replies: "It is your room in Baron..."

- When you get to Baron the second time and talk to the guards in front
of Castle Baron, they reply: "What are you?" (Again, this part was
supposedly translated directly from Japanese, where the sentence was
literally "what are you?". But translated into English, it looks
incorrect and silly...)

- Yang keeps talking about a "surprise" when Cid is digging up the
Enterprise. Even if Yang was trying to say "secret" instead of
"surprise," it still wouldn't go very well.

- There were a few vaguely strange phrases in the game's intro, such as
the whole dialogue between the Mysidian elder and Cecil...
Elder: What have we done?
Cecil: The crystal or your life!
Elder: Never!
Cecil: Then take the crystal by force!

Note that many of the funny "Engrish" lines from the Super NES version
are absent from the PSX version, with the exception of Tellah's classic
"spoony bard" line.

* 4.3.16 - How can I tell if I have the "original version" or the
"easytype version" of Final Fantasy IV?

As mentioned in articles 2.3.1 and 2.3.2, Square released two different
versions of this game. There was the original game, and then there was
the easy version of the game. The differences between the two are
mentioned in article 2.3.2, but to clear up any confusion:

If you have the version of Final Fantasy IV that was released on the
PSX, whether in Japan or North America, then you have the _original_
version of the game.

If you have the USA Super NES release "Final Fantasy II," then you have
the _easytype_ version of the game.

If you have the Japan Super Famicom release of Final Fantasy IV, and it
says (in katakana) "i-ji taipu" on the title screen, under the word
"Final Fantasy IV," then you have the _easytype_ version of the game.

If you have the Japan Super Famicom release of Final Fantasy IV, and it
does not say the above on the title screen, then you have the _original_
version of the game.

Hopefully this sorts things out.

* 4.4 - Final Fantasy VI (USA: Final Fantasy III)

* 4.4.1 - What time is it?

The folks living in Zozo are l-i-a-r-s.

Remember everything they say about time, write it down, and take the one
time which is _not_ mentioned by anyone.

If you knew the time, you could reset the clock and get the Chain Saw
from a passage opened by setting the clock properly.

Desperate? Read on...

The time is 6:10:50.

* 4.4.2 - How do I get the Water Rondo dance for Mog?

All the dances are learned in self-explanatory places (caves, deserts,
etc.) except for this dance.

There are only two places in the game where Mog can learn this dance -
the Lete River and the Serpent Trench. Both places are only accessible
in the World of Balance, so if you reach the World of Ruin and don't
know this dance, you'll never be able to learn it.

* 4.4.3 - I'm in the World of Ruin, and can't find Shadow...

In the last few seconds before the World of Balance ended, and you made
it to the end of the path, you were given the choice to jump, or to
wait. If you jumped, then Shadow will die and won't show up anywhere in
the World of Ruin.

But if you waited, then just a few seconds before the world would end,
Shadow will re-join your party and he'll be saved. You'll meet him in
the World of Ruin again, and this time, he'll become a full-time member
of your party.

If you **did** save Shadow, but **still** can't find him, here's a hint:
Look in the Cave on the Veldt.

* 4.4.4 - How do I defeat Wrexsoul?

Wrexsoul is a clever one. He only shows up when a randomly selected
character in your party is either near-fatal or wounded.

Wrexsoul chooses a pattern of possessing your characters before the
fight begins, and sticks to this pattern throughout the fight.

To get him to appear, you must hurt or wound a character, and see if
Wrexsoul appears. If not, rejuvenate the person and try on another
character. Keep going until you've figured out Wrexsoul's pattern so you
can easily beat on a character to make Wrexsoul appear and then beat on
Wrexsoul in the little time you have before he disappears again.

Desperate? Read on...

Of course, you can always cast X-Zone on the SoulSavers. If you can get
both SoulSavers into the X-Zone, you've automatically won the fight.
Careful! If you suck the SoulSavers into the X-Zone, you won't get the
Minerva that Wrexsoul drops if he was defeated the usual way.

* 4.4.5 - How do I defeat MagiMaster?

You must find a way to prevent all of your characters from being struck
wounded from his Ultima attack when MagiMaster runs out of HP.

There are several ways of doing this:

1. If you finished the Phoenix Cave before you entered here, and one of
your characters has all the Phoenix's spells, have him/her cast Life 3
on some party members so they will rise up again after Ultima knocks
them down.

2. Buff a character up so they will totally ride out the spell when it's
cast. The Muscle Belt helps here, if you have it.

3. The MagiMaster is a magic creature, and like all magic creatures, he
dies when he runs out of MP. Use Rasp to drain his MP, and Osmose when
your character's low on MP due to all of the Rasping. When MagiMaster
reaches 0 MP, he'll cast Ultima, but won't have enough MP to cast it, so
he'll perish without laying a finger on the party.

4. There's one other way. Use magic to weaken MagiMaster, and when the
MagiMaster is critically low on HP, have one character use the Palidor
Esper. The characters will jump into the air, and if the MagiMaster is
defeated with at least one character still in the air during the fight,
the character(s) in the air won't even be scratched by Ultima, so you
will win the fight. Caution! If you try this, do **not** equip your
Palidor-equipped person with the Gem Box. The Gem Box disables Espers
from being used by its bearer...

* 4.4.6 - Where is the Cursed Shield?

It's in Narshe, but to find it, you must have Locke in your party. Only
Locke can unlock the locked doors in Narshe.

* 4.4.7 - What do I do with the Cursed Shield?

Equip it on a character, and wear it for at least 255 battles. The curse
will be broken, and the shield will become the Paladin Shield - the
game's strongest.

* 4.4.8 - Where is the Atma Weapon? (The one which is a sword usable by
the party, not the monster with the same name.)

It's somewhere deep inside the Gateway to the Esper World.

The Atma Weapon appears simple at first, but becomes a deadlier weapon
as your character gains HP. Like Dyrnwyn from Lloyd Alexander's Prydain
Chronicles, the Atma Weapon grows longer and longer with more and more
HP, and delivers a harder blow as well. It's overall one of the game's
most valuable weapons - it can also be the game's most powerful weapon
if it's equipped on a very experienced character.

* 4.4.9 - How do I increase my chances of getting critical hits on

There are four weapons in the game - the Rune Edge, Ogre Nix, Ragnarok,
and Illumina - which consume MP each time they're used to inflict a
critical hit on the enemy. If you have lots of MP on one character, it
might be worthwhile to try this out.

* 4.4.10 - How do I revive General Leo?

You can't. Let's put an end to this rumor _now_, folks. What's dead is
dead, and what's lost can never be saved (thank you, Billy Corgan).

* 4.4.11 - Where is the Air Anchor?

A thief in Maranda knows the answer to this one. Talk to him in the Inn,
then go search for it in the Fanatics' Tower.

Remember what the thief said, as it is the key to getting the Air

Desperate? Read on...

Head to the first Treasure Room in the Fanatics's Tower, then face the
wall to the right of the treasure chest and press A. Another room will
appear outside, and inside this room is the Air Anchor.

* 4.4.12 - Where can I find the secret characters?

One of them is in Narshe. To find him, you must first defeat Tritoch,
then move on from where it was.

The other is inside the Zone Eater. Don't know where to find the Zone
Eater? Finish Doma Castle, then talk to a man standing outside one of
the stores in Thamasa to find out where. If you ever find the Zone
Eater, let it Engulf your entire party. (Really.)

* 4.4.13 - How do I get the Crusader Esper?

You need to defeat the Eight Dragons:

One is in Narshe.
One is in the Fanatics' Tower.
One is in the Phoenix Cave.
One is in the Ancient Castle.
One is in the Opera House.
One is in Mount Zozo.
Two are in Kefka's Tower.

Beat all of them, and you get Crusader.

* 4.4.14 - Where is the Ancient Castle?

Head back to Figaro Castle later in the game once you have the Airship
and a considerable amount of experience, and submerge the castle. On the
way back to the Figaro Desert, the engineers will report that the castle
has run into something. Stop and explore.

* 4.4.15 - Where are the Golem and ZoneSeek Espers?

They're both on sale in Jidoor. You can catch them both at the Auction,
but they're both rather rare auction items. You're unfortunately more
likely to see an Imp Doll or an Airship Piece auctioned off instead.

* 4.4.16 - Where is the Raiden Esper?

Once you have the Odin Esper, you can convert him to the Raiden Esper.

Have a scholarly conversation with one of Figaro's scholars. He will
give you an important clue on how you can do so. Head back to the Throne
Room of the Ancient Castle and try it.

Give up? Read on...

Go to the Throne Room of the Ancient Castle. Step into the Queen's
Throne (the rightmost throne), step forward five times from the seat of
the throne, and press A. Head back to the Queen's Room, and head down
the stairs. Find the Queen's Statue, and the Esper will be converted.

Careful! Odin is the _only_ Esper in the game which can increase your
characters' speed. Without Odin, you will never be able to increase your
characters' speed, and once you have Raiden, there's no turning back.

* 4.4.17 - Should I get the Ragnarok Esper or the Ragnarok Sword?

It's all up to you.

The Ragnarok Sword is definitely a good sword - it uses MP to do
critical hits on enemies, is ultra-strong, and randomly casts Flare on
an enemy.

However, with the Ragnarok Esper, you can convert enemies into items,
and the bearer of the Esper will learn Ultima, the game's most powerful

* 4.4.18 - Where is the Experience Egg?

Search for it once you enter Darril's Tomb (which only appears once you
reach the World of Ruin).

To find it, keep moving through the tomb until you find a room with four
graves. Read all four graves, then head back to near the beginning. In
the hallway where you began, in the door on the upper-left is a room
with a blank grave.

The four words from the tombstones will appear, and you need to make a
sentence using them. .sdrawkcab knihT :tniH

If you got the puzzle right, the location of the Experience Egg will be
revealed to you.

Mental block today? If so, read on...

From the beginning, head left down the entry hall, turn down (south), go
downstairs. Search the right wall.

* 4.4.19 - Where are the Illumina, Muscle Belt, Rename Card, Marvel
Shoes, Merit Award, Cursed Ring, etc...

These are all rare items in the game which can only be obtained by
betting certain items in the Colosseum and winning the following battle.

The Colosseum only appears in the World of Ruin. (You can go to the
house up north of Kohlingen in the World of Balance to talk to its
devisor, but the Colosseum won't appear quite yet.) When you fight in
the Colosseum, you need to bet an item you have in your inventory and
battle a monster to get a more powerful item. If you bet a rather
common, everyday item, then you will be placed up against Chupon. But if
you bet a more unique or rare item, you will fight against a monster
holding another more unique or rare item. If you lose the battle, you
lose the item. But if you win the battle, you lose the old item and get
the monster's item. If you exit the battle for any reason (ie Chupon
sneezes the character away), nothing changes.

There was a link here which pointed to a list of items usable in the
Colosseum. Since it doesn't work anymore, it wouldn't hurt to post the
entire list...

Final Fantasy 3: Colosseum Betting List

By: Albert Calis

Completed and revised on February 19, 1997

This list is comprised of all the items that you win and the enemies
that you have to fight there for them.  Almost all of the lesser items
you bet end up with you fighting Chupon and winning an Elixir.  But I've
deciphered those items that, when you bet them, you can fight some
rather interesting monsters and possibly win some really cool items.
They are as follows:

Item Wagered        Enemy fought    Item Won

Items and Consumables
Elixir              Cactrot         Rename Card
Fenix Down          Cactrot         Magicite
Rename Card         Doom Drgn       Marvel Shoes
Megalixir           Siegfried(?)    Tintinabar

Daggers and Dirks
Thief Knife         Wart Puck       Thief Glove
Assasin             Test Rider      Sword Breaker
Hardened            Phase           Murasame
Graedus             Karkass         Dirk
Valiant Knife       Woolly          Assasin
Striker             Chupon *        Striker
Stunner             Test Rider      Strato

Knives and Japanese Swords
Murasame            Borras          Aura
Aura                Rhyos           Strato
Strato              Aquila          Pearl Lance
Sky Render          Scullion        Aura Lance

Spears and Lances
Imp's Halberd       Allosaurus      Cat Hood
Pearl Lance         Sky Base        Strato
Aura Lance          Land Worm       Sky Render

Rainbow Brush       Test Rider      Gravity Rod

Flame Sabre         Evil Oscar      Ogre Nix
Blizzard            Scullion        Ogre Nix
Thunder Blade       Steroidite      Ogre Nix
Break Blade         Lethal Wpn      Break Blade
Ogre Nix            SrBehemoth      Soul Sabre
Drainer             Enuo            Drainer
Soul Sabre          Opinicus        Falchion
Falchion            Outsider        Flame Shield
Crystal             Borras          Enhancer
Ragnarok            Didalos         Illumina
Illumina            Scullion        Scimitar
Scimitar            Covert          Ogre Nix
Atmaweapon          GtBehemoth      Graedus

Rods and Staffs
Heal Rod            Pug	            Magus Rod
Punisher            Opinicus        Gravity Rod
Magus Rod           Allosaurus      Strato

Ninja Star          Chaos Drgn      Tack Star
Tack Star           Opinicus        Rising Sun

Special Weapons
Rising Sun          Allosaurus      Bone Club
Bone Club           Test Rider      Red Jacket
Sniper              Borras          Bone Club
Wing Edge           Rhyos           Sniper

Gambler Weapons
Doom Darts          Opinicus        Bone Club
Trump               Allosaurus      Trump
Fixed Dice          Trixter	        Fire Knuckle

Claws and Knuckles
Fire Knuckle        Tumbleweed      Fire Knuckle
Dragon Claw         Test Rider      Sniper
Tiger Fangs         Mantodea        Fire Knuckle

Air Anchor          Brontaur        Zephyr Cape

Thunder Shield      Outsider        Genji Shield
Flame Shield        IronHitman      Ice Shield
Ice Shield          Innoc           Flame Shield
Force Shield        Dark Force      Thornlet
Tortoise Shield     Steroidite      Titanium Helmet
Aegis Shield        Borras          Tortoise Shield
Genji Shield        Retainer        Thunder Shield
Cursed Shield       Didalos         Cursed Ring
Paladin Shield      Hemophyte       Force Shield

Red Jacket          Vectagoyle      Red Jacket
Nutkin Suit         Opinicus        Genji Armor
Genji Armor         Borras          Air Anchor
Imp's Armor         Rhyos           Tortoise Shield
Moogle Suit         Madam           Nutkin Suit
Chocobo Suit        Veteran         Moogle Suit
Tabby Suit          Vectaur         Chocobo Suit
Behemoth Suit       Outsider        Snow Muffler
Minerva Armor       Pug             Czarina Gown
Czarina Gown        Sky Base        Minerva Armor
Force Armor         SrBehemoth      Force Armor
Snow Muffler        Retainer        Charm Bangle
Crystal Mail        Covert          Ice Shield
Mirage Vest         Vectagoyle      Red Jacket

Thornlet            Opinicus        Mirage Vest
Red Cap             Rhyos           Coronet
Genji Helmet        Fortis          Crystal Helmet
Regal Crown         Opinicus        Genji Helmet
Coronet             Evil Oscar      Regal Crown
Cat Hood            Hoover          Merit Award
Crystal Helmet      Dueller         Diamond Helmet
Titanium Helmet     Brachosaur      Cat Hood

Cursed Ring         Steroidite      Air Anchor
Relic Ring          Sky Base        Charm Bangle
Blizzard Orb        Allosaurus      Rage Ring
Moogle Charm        Outsider        Charm Bangle
Rage Ring           Allosaurus      Blizzard Orb
Charm Bangle        Retainer        Dragon Horn
Gold Hairpin        Evil Oscar      Dragon Horn
Dragon Horn         Rhyos           Gold Hairpin
Hero Ring           Rhyos           Pod Bracelet
Pod Bracelet        Hemophyte       Hero Ring
Marvel Shoes        Tyranosaur      Tintinabar
Gauntlet            Vectagoyle      Thunder Shield
Genji Shield        Hemophyte       Thunder Shield
Sneak Ring          Tap dancer      Thief Glove
Thief Glove         Harpy           Dirk
Ribbon              Dark Force      Gold Hairpin
Memento Ring        Chupon          Memento Ring
Tintinabar          Dark force      Exp. Egg
Exp. Egg            Steroidite      Tintinabar
Economizer          Vectagoyle      Dragon Horn
Muscle Belt         Allosaurus      Crystal Orb
Crystal Orb         Borras          Gold Hairpin
Safety Bit          Pug             Dragon Horn
Merit Award         Covert          Rename Card
Gem Box             SrBehemoth      Economizer

* = For the Striker, if Shadow survived the collapse of the Floating
Continent, then you will fight him for the Striker and if you win, he'll
join your party, as well as you winning the Striker.

Any items not listed here means that if you bet that particular item,
you will battle Chupon and try to win an Elixir.  This is basically the
entire list of all the important items.  I might have missed one or two,
but I plan to find them and update the list when I do.

Enjoy! :-)                 \\
                           //    Illumina

* 4.4.20 - I just gave Relm the command to sketch monster XXX, and
everything got all weird/locked up, but now I have 255 Gem Boxes, etc.
What happened?

Congratulations! Many of the early to late copies of the game have a bug
in them known mainly as "Relm's Sketch Bug". If you sketch certain
enemies late in the game, especially invisible enemies or any of your
characters who appear on the other side of the screen (ie Gau), this can

It is highly recommended that you do not sketch any enemies late in the
game, because there are certain side effects to the bug. You can get
lucky and win 255 Atma Weapons, Gem Boxes, Excaliburs, etc. but if
you're not so lucky, all your saved games may just be erased.

Be careful with this one, and find the FakeMustache as soon as possible.

* 4.4.21 - The world has ended, and my party's missing! Where do I find

Celes: Just start the game!
Sabin: Tzen
Terra: Mobliz*
Setzer: Kohlingen
Edgar: Nikeah**
Cyan: Mt. Zozo
Gau: Anywhere on the Veldt (you must have a party of 3)
Relm: Cave on the Veldt*** and/or Jidoor
Shadow: If he's not in the Cave on the Veldt****, he's dead...
Strago: Fanatics' Tower*****
Locke: Phoenix Cave
Mog: Narshe
Banon: He seems to have disappeared, don't worry about him.

* = Terra will not join the party until Phunbaba is defeated. Your party
must confront Phunbaba twice - once to scare him off, and then return to
Mobliz later in the game to destroy him.

** = You'll meet up with Edgar in Nikeah, but he won't join the party
until you reach Figaro Castle.

*** = In this scenario, you must rescue Relm from the Cave, but she will
not join the party until Chadarnook is defeated in Jidoor.

**** = In this scenario, you must rescue Shadow from the Cave, but he
will not join the party unless you bet the Striker at the Colosseum.

***** = Strago will not join the party unless Relm is in the current

* 4.4.22 - My character was low on HP, and he/she just did a really
strange but powerful attack. How did that happen?

What you just witnessed was a "near-fatal" move, or a "limit break" as
it would be called in future Final Fantasies. When a character is low on
HP, there is a very small chance that they will do one of these. Each
character only does one move, and those moves are as follows:

Terra: Riot Blade
Locke: Mirager
Edgar: Royal Shock*
Sabin: Tiger Break
Shadow: Shadow Fang
Cyan: Black Blade
Celes: Spin Edge
Setzer: Red Card
Mog: Moogle Rush
Strago: Sabresoul
Relm: Star Prism
Secret Character #2: X-Meteo

Note that Gau and Secret Character #1 don't have near-fatal moves,
because they don't have "Fight" battle commands.

* = It's Royal _Shock_, not Royal _Shook_!

* 4.4.23 - I want to know where all the Espers are, and I want to know

OK, OK, calm down. Here's a list of all the game's Espers, their
locations, uses, and spells. An asterisk next to a spell indicates that
this spell is unique only to this Esper.

Name: Ramuh
Location: Zozo
Effect: Ramuh appears and zaps the enemies with lightning.
Spells: Bolt (x10), Bolt 2 (x2), Poison* (x5)

Name: Kirin
Location: Zozo
Effect: The "Regen" spell is cast on the entire party.
Spells: Cure (x5), Cure 2 (x1), Regen (x3), Antdot (x4), Scan (x5)

Name: Siren
Location: Zozo
Effect: A siren will appear and sing a very off-tune song. Afterwards,
all the enemies will be muted as if the spell "Mute" was cast on all of
Spells: Sleep (x10), Mute (x8), Slow (x7), Fire (x6)

Name: Stray
Location: Zozo
Effect: All enemies are Muddled as a stray cat skips by them. It doesn't
always work.
Spells: Muddle* (x7), Imp (x5), Float (x2)

Name: Ifrit
Location: Vector
Effect: Ifrit appears and launches a fire-elemental attack on the enemy.
Spells: Fire (x10), Fire 2 (x5), Drain* (x1)

Name: Shiva
Location: Vector
Effect: Shiva appears and freezes all the enemies with an Ice-elemental
Spells: Ice (x10), Ice 2 (x5), Rasp (x4), Osmose (x4), Cure (x3)

Name: Unicorn
Location: Vector
Effect: Cures all status conditions.
Spells: Cure 2 (x4), Remedy (x3), Dispel (x2), Safe (x1), Shell (x1)

Name: Bismark 
Location: Vector
Effect: The battlefield is flooded by water as Bismark swims by and
leaves the enemies in his wake. Water/Ice-elemental.
Spells: Fire (x20), Ice (x20), Bolt (x20), Life (x2)

Name: Maduin
Location: Vector
Effect: Terra's father appears and physically (non-elementally) attacks
the enemies.
Spells: Fire 2 (x3), Ice 2 (x3), Bolt 2 (x3)

Name: Carbunkl
Location: Vector
Effect: Carbunkl casts "Rflect" on all party members.
Spells: Rflect* (x5), Haste (x3), Shell (x2), Safe (x2), Warp (x2)

Name: Phantom
Location: Vector
Effect: A ghost will drift across the screen and cast "Vanish" on all
party members. While your characters are invisible, physical attacks
can't hit them, but magic attacks will work on them and will also remove
the effect.
Spells: Bserk* (x3), Vanish* (x3), Demi* (x5)

Name: Shoat
Location: Vector
Effect: A bull appears on the screen for a few seconds, and by the time
he leaves, he attempts to dispatch all the enemies. It doesn't always
work, though; especially against undead enemies which Shoat ends up
Spells: Bio* (x8), Break* (x5), Doom* (x2)

Name: Sraphim
Location: Tzen
Effect: An angel floats across the screen and heals the party.
Spells: Life (x5), Cure 2 (x8), Cure (x20), Regen (x10), Remedy (x4)

Name: ZoneSeek
Location: Jidoor
Effect: ZoneSeek will appear and cast "Shell" on all the party members.
Spells: Rasp (x20), Osmose (x15), Shell (x5)

Name: Golem
Location: Jidoor
Effect: A stone golem will appear for a second, then disappear. After
that, he blocks many physical attacks by the enemy on the party.
Spells: Safe (x5), Stop (x5), Cure 2 (x5)

Name: Starlet
Location: Jidoor
Effect: A goddess appears and heals the party.
Spells: Cure (x25), Cure 2 (x16), Cure 3 (x1), Regen (x20), Remedy (x20)

Name: Palidor
Location: The Solitary Island
Effect: Palidor will fly across the screen, and all the party members
will jump on its back. After a while, they'll drop down and thrust at
the enemies.
Spells: Haste (x20), Slow (x20), Haste2* (x2), Slow2* (x2), Float (x5)

Name: Fenrir
Location: Mobliz
Effect: The Fenris Wolf appears and makes multiple images of all the
party members. As if in a house of mirrors, the enemies don't know which
one of your characters is the real one, which means that until they
figure it out or the battle ends, physical attacks won't hit a character
who has multiple images.
Spells: Warp (x10), X-Zone* (x5), Stop (x3)

Name: Tritoch
Location: Narshe
Effect: The Esper which started this entire mess will launch a three-way
elemental attack on the enemies. The air freezes and explosions fill the
air as Tritoch appears and shoots lightning bolts at the enemies. Great
for enemies with elemental weaknesses, but will heal enemies who are
strong against any fire/ice/bolt elemental powers.
Spells: Fire 3 (x1), Ice 3* (x1), Bolt 3* (x1)

Name: Terrato
Location: Narshe
Effect: The Midgard Serpent will lift his head out of the ground,
causing a massive earthquake. Your party is transported to somewhere
safe, so it only effects the enemies.
Spells: Quake* (x3), Quartr* (x1), W Wind* (x1)

Name: Ragnarok
Location: Narshe
Effect: Will metamorph the enemy into an object usable by the party. The
object you get depends on the enemy - different enemies leave different
objects, and most carbon-based enemies will just leave you Dried Meat by
default. It doesn't always work.
Spells: Ultima* (x1)

Name: Phoenix
Location: Phoenix Cave
Effect: This only works if one or more of your party members have been
defeated, zombified, or they have been effected in some way. It does
nothing if your whole party is hale and hardy. If (a) character(s)
is/are wounded or zombified, the Phoenix will appear and return them to
consciousness. If (a) character(s) is/are poisoned, seizured, slow,
stopped, muddled, berserked, blind, imped, mute, etc. then a Phoenix
will appear, cure their conditions, and then heal them.
Spells: Life (x10), Life 2 (x2), Life 3* (x1), Cure 3 (x2), Fire 3 (x3)

Name: Bahamut
Location: DoomGaze's stomach (defeat DoomGaze to make him cough it up)
Effect: Bahamut appears and launches a powerful nuclear attack against
all enemies. The effect of "Flare" on all enemies.
Spells: Flare* (x2)

Name: Alexandr
Location: Doma Castle
Effect: A giant robot pops out of the ground, scans the enemies, then
launches a massive attack of sacred power (aka "Pearl") on all enemies.
Spells: Pearl* (x2), Shell (x10), Safe (x10), Dispel (x10), Remedy (x15)

Name: Odin
Location: The Ancient Castle
Effect: Odin, mounted on Slepinir, will fly down from Valhalla and
cleave at all enemies. The attack is more likely to work than Shoat's.
Spells: Meteor (x1)

Name: Raiden
Location: The Ancient Castle
Effect: Same as Odin, except a bolt of lightning flashes through the sky
as Raiden attacks. It's just a visual effect, though. Note that you
can't have Odin and Raiden at the same time (see article 4.4.16 of the
Spells: Quick* (x1)

Name: Crusader
Location: Beyond the reaches of all space and time...
Effect: Three Mage Warriors (from the War of the Magi) appear and zap at
each other with magic for a while. Once they leave, both the party and
the enemies are damaged.
Spells: Meteor (x10), Merton* (x1)

* 4.4.24 - Where can I get the most powerful stuff in the game?

If you're looking for power, and a chance to make this game become
really easy, this is for you. Here are the locations of the most
powerful items that a character can be equipped with:

Atma Weapon: Found in the Gateway to the Esper World (in the World of
Balance). See article 4.4.8.

Offering Relic: Found in the Ancient Castle (in the World of Ruin). When
a character has the Offering equipped and is instructed to fight, he/she
will fight four times in the same battle turn to random enemies (like
Cyan's Quadra techniques.) As far as we've been able to tell, this is
the rarest relic in the game, since there are only two of them (the
other one is in General Leo's inventory and can't be unequipped.)

Gem Box Relic: Found in the Fanatics' Tower (in the World of Ruin). The
Gem Box will allow a character to cast two magic spells in one battle
turn. The only caveat: you can't summon Espers while the Gem Box is

Ragnarok Sword: Found in Narshe (in the World of Ruin). Locke must be in
your party to get this one - the weapon salesman in Narshe has it and
can turn it into a sword. Casts Flare randomly in battle, and consumes
MP for mortal blows like the Rune Edge. See article 4.4.17.

Illumina Sword: Only available at the Colosseum. To get it, you must
trade the Ragnarok Sword. The Illumina is a sword of mystic purity - it
has all the same abilities as the Ragnarok Sword, but it casts Pearl
randomly and raises a few stats a little more than the Ragnarok Sword

Air Anchor Tool: Found in the Fanatics' Tower (in the World of Ruin).
See article 4.4.11.

Chain Saw Tool: Found in Zozo (any time). See article 4.4.1.

Economizer Relic: Found by defeating Brachiosaurs (in the World of
Ruin). Some Brachiosaurs carry this relic around, which can make it so
that casting spells will only reduce a character's MP by one (as well as
Strago's lores). Brachiosaurs are only found in a forest north of the
Veldt, which is shaped like a Tyrannosaur head. Good luck, Brachiosaurs
are the hardest regular enemies in the game.

* 4.4.25 - I got a Snow Muffler and a Bone Club, but how do I equip it
on my sasquatch?

You can't. Secret Character #1 can't be equipped.

Besides, why would you want to do that? Secret Character #1 already has
the Bone Club and Snow Muffler equipped. Take a look at his inventory by
selecting "Equip," then press L or R to select the party. Press A to
look at the entire party's equipment.

There's not much you can do with the Bone Club, but the Snow Muffler is
probably the best armor you can equip Gau with.

* 4.4.26 - Where is the Paladin Ring?

The Paladin Ring does not exist. It has only been rumored to appear in
some prerelease versions of the game.

Please stop any rumors that this item may exist. We've talked it to
death by now.

(Note: To clear this up, the Paladin Ring does not exist in the vast
majority of games which made it to the market. If you try uncursing the
Cursed Ring and get a Paladin Ring, congratulations. But seeing that
most copies do not have the Paladin Ring present, I would not even try.)

* 4.4.27 - Where are the dragons in the forest north of the Veldt?

There are no dragons on the Northeastern continent in the World of Ruin.
This is a translation error in the American version of the game. The
person on the Veldt which tips the party into this should have said
"dinosaurs," but in Japanese, the Kanji for dinosaurs can also be
applied to "fearful dragons," so the text was slightly mistranslated. As
far as we know, this is the only major translation error in the game.

If you do go to the forest on the Northeastern continent, you will find
some of the most difficult monsters in the game - Tyrannosaurs and
Brachiosaurs. Tyrannosaurs can cast Meteor and have a deadly bite, while
Brachiosaurs can use Ultima against you (!). You get a lot of
experience, though, if you emerge victorious.

* 4.4.28 - What is the best way to get through Kefka's Tower?

First, to enter the tower: Fly over the tower in the Falcon, and attempt
to land on top of it. The character selection screen should appear after
this, and you will be asked to divide your party into three groups. The
group to the left of the screen will be referred to as "Group #1" from
here on after, the middle group will be "Group #2," and the right group
will be "Group #3".

When selecting characters to go into these groups: Make sure you assess
each and every party's strengths and weaknesses before you go. Group #1
should be your overall weakest party, Group #3 should be your strongest,
and Group #2 should be somewhere in between the others.

Group #1 will have the easiest path through the tower. There are no
bosses to fight on the initial road through Kefka's Tower. After a
while, Group #1 will run into a locked door in a room where the two
other groups enter from the left and right sides of the room. The other
two groups can step on switches to open this door up. (This room and the
next room will be referred to as the "Convergence Rooms".) In the next
room, Group #1 can either move left or right. If Group #1 moves to the
left, they will have to fight the Doom Magi. If they move to the right,
they will have to fight the Goddess Magi.

(Hint: You might want to put Strago in Group #1. Doom is one of the only
monsters who can teach Strago the Force Field lore, and Goddess is one
of the only monsters who can teach Strago the Quasar lore. Either one of
these should be beneficial to Strago in the final battles.)

Group #2 should also have an easy trip through the tower. There is one
optional boss they may fight - Atma - if you want a Save Point. In the
Rooms of Convergence, the bosses Group #2 will have to fight depends on
where Group #1 went: If Group #1 moved to the left, Group #2 will have
to fight the Goddess Magi. If Group #1 moved to the right, Group #2 will
have to fight Guardian and the Poltergeist Magi.

Group #3 has the longest and most difficult path ahead of them. Along
the path, they will be attacked by one boss. (Remember Baigan from FF
IV? If so, this boss will be somewhat familiar to you.) In the Rooms of
Convergence, the bosses Group #3 will have to fight depends on where
Group #1 went: If Group #1 went to the left, Group #3 will have to fight
Guardian and the Poltergeist Magi. If Group #1 went to the right, Group
#3 will have to fight the Doom Magi.

Groups #2 and 3 will also run into two dragons just before they reach
the Convergence Rooms.

In the Convergence Rooms, it is **highly** recommended that Group #1
moves to the left. This will put Group #2 on the right, and Group #3
straight up the center. The center bosses - Guardian and the Poltergeist
Magi - are also the most difficult, and should only be attempted by
experienced parties.

After the Magi are defeated, have each group move beyond them and stand
on the three switches. All three parties will now be teleported to
Kefka's room. After you choose your order for the upcoming battle, the
party will have to fight resurrections of all three Magi for a while
before fighting Kefka. Doom comes first, then Poltergeist, and then
Goddess. Once they are all killed, the party will then fight Kefka...
Good luck!

* 4.4.29 - How many endings are there? Is there a "secret ending"?

There is only one ending in this game.

If you were hoping for a "secret ending," that was a rumor that was made
up back when the game was first released. There is **no** secret ending
in this game.

If you're still looking for a "secret ending," go play Chrono Trigger,
where there **are** several secret endings. 'nuff said.

* 4.5 - Final Fantasy VII

* 4.5.1 - How do I revive Aeris?

The same way that you revived General Leo in Final Fantasy VI.

(In other words, you can't. Again, I will say that what is lost can
never be saved...)

* 4.5.2 - Why does Aeris have to die?

Aeris is a Cetra, an Ancient.

Even in death, Aeris will always protect the planet from anything that
should try and destroy it.

* 4.5.3 - Why are the characters swearing so much?

Unlike the previous Final Fantasy games, the dialogue in FF VII USA was
unaltered from the dialogue in the Japanese game.

Speculation has it that Nintendo was responsible for censoring the
language in the previous Final Fantasy games.

If FF VII was released for a Nintendo system, even if it was released in
the USA (probably as "Final Fantasy IV"), no one can imagine how much
cutting would be going on behind the scenes. There are plenty of things
that would be changed, but we're not going to list them all. If you've
played both FF III and VII, you'd be able to tell what would be
censored, though.

* 4.5.4 - How do the 'Elemental' and 'Added Effect' materia work?

For the 'Elemental' materia:

You need to have a weapon or bracelet with two connected slots. Put the
Elemental materia in one and any elemental damage-type materia in the
other slot. The materia that can be paired are:

Fire    = Fire          Ifrit       = Fire
Ice     = Ice           Shiva       = Ice
Bolt    = Bolt          Ramuh       = Bolt
Earth   = Quake         Titan       = Earth
Poison  = Bio           Leviathan   = Water
Gravity = Demi          Phoenix     = Fire
Ultima  = Non-element   Alexander   = Holy
                        any Bahamut = Non-element*
                        Chupon      = Wind
                        Choco/Mog   = Wind

* = With any type of Bahamut materia/or the Ultima materia equipped, you
are protected from non-element attacks (such as Ultima). Attaching it to
your weapon is pointless as your attacks are naturally non-element
anyway. No matter how you equip it, this pairing won't show up on the
status screen.

Now, your weapon or bracelet is affected by that elemental type. If you
have the Elemental Materia and one of the materia listed above attached
to your weapon when you attack, you will do that type of damage (holy,
fire, water, etc.). This is good in some situations, such as equipping
Choco/Mog to your weapon and attacking flying monsters (who are weak
against Wind), but it can work in reverse if you (for example) have Ice
attached to your weapon and are attacking an Ice Golem (in which case,
you may cause no damage, or even heal the enemy!)

If your Elemental materia and the materia it has been paired with are
attached to armor, then you are protected from that type of elemental
damage. As your Elemental materia raises levels, the type of protection
offered changes:

Level 1: Half-reduction - Damage from this type of element is halved.
Level 2: Void           - Damage from this type of element causes no
                          loss of HP.
Level 3: Absorb         - Damage taken from this type of element is
                          instead absorbed as free HP.

For the 'Added Effect' materia:

You need to have a weapon or bracelet with two connected slots. Put the
Added Effect materia in one slot and any abnormal status-inducing
materia in the other slot. The materia that can be paired are:

Mystify   = Confusion, Berserk  Choco/Mog = Stop
Poison    = Poison              Hades     = Confusion, Minimum, Poison,
Seal      = Sleep, Silence                  Silence, and Sleep
Time      = Slow, Stop          Odin      = Death
Transform = Minimum
Destruct  = Death

Your weapon or bracelet will now be affected by that status ailment. In
battle, striking your opponent with a weapon that has, say, Seal
attached has a small chance of putting that enemy to sleep or silencing
them. Enemies that are immune to certain status changes (flying enemies
cannot be turned small or changed into frogs, for instance) will still
take normal damage, but won't be affected by that particular status

Assuming you attached 'Added Effect' and one of the listed materia to
your armor, you are now totally resistant to that type of status
ailment. Note that you are only protected from the listed status
ailments (so, if a Molbor used 'Bad Breath' on you and your bracelet had
'Added Effect' attached to 'Transform', you wouldn't be turned into a
frog, but you would still run the risk of being put to sleep, poisoned,

* 4.5.5 - What does it mean when a Materia is 'born'?

When you've mastered a materia (raised it to it's maximum level by
collecting AP), it stops growing. However, a new materia of the same
kind will appear in your Materia menu: however, it will be at level 1
with zero AP. While you can usually find/buy more materia of the same
type, there are some cases in which there is only one materia of that
type (say, Comet or Odin) in the entire game. In that case, you have to
master that materia if you want to get another one, via the 'birth'

* 4.5.6 - How do I learn Enemy Skills?

First, you need to have an Enemy Skill materia. They can be found in
these locations:

 * In the sample chamber after you kill Sample H0512.
 * In the underground training hall in Junon.
 * Take the right road from the entrance of the Forgotten Capital.
   In the shell house where you can spend the night, look behind
   the headboard of the third bed.
 * Talk to the green Chocobo in the Chocobo Sage's house that's
   on the Northern Continent (Disc 2 or 3 only).

Equip an Enemy Skill materia. When fighting certain enemies, they may
use an Enemy Skill on you. Alternately, you can control some of them
using the 'Manipulate' materia and have them use their skill on you.

You'll know if you learned the skill because your character will spin
around and you'll receive a message telling you what skill you got. At
this point, you _have_ to win that battle in order to retain knowledge
of the skill. If you die, run away, or otherwise escape from that
battle, you will not have learned anything.  Also, you can only learn
enemy skills by having a monster use it's skill on you; you cannot have
an ally use an Enemy Skill on another character in hopes of learning
that skill. Furthermore, unlike other materia, learning all 24 Skills
will not cause the Enemy Skill materia to give birth to a new materia.

Here are the enemies you must fight to learn all the Skills, listed in
the order that you can first learn the during the game:

 * Learn 'Matra Magic' from the Sweeper Customs that will fight you
   just outside of Midgar City.
 * Learn 'L4 Suicide' from the Mus that live in the field around the
   Chocobo Barn.
 * Learn 'Beta' from Midgar Zolom in the nearby marsh.  You must
   severely injure him (he'll start waving back and forth), before
   he will be able to use Beta against your party.
 * Learn 'Flame Thrower' from the Arc Dragons flying around in the
   Mythril Mine.
 * Learn 'White Wind' by Manipulating a Zemlezett (found in the area
   near Junon), and having him use it on you. (You need the Manipulate
 * Learn 'Laser' from the Death Claws in Corel Prison. You can also
   learn it from the Dark Dragons in the last dungeon (Disc 3).
 * Learn 'Aqualung' from the Harpys found near the Gold Saucer and
   in the Corel Desert area.  You can also learn it from 'Jenova
   Life', who you fight in the Forgotten Captial.
 * Learn 'Frog Song' from the Touch Mes in the forests in the Gongaga
 * Learn 'Big Guard' from the Beach Plugs that live on the shores of
   the Gongaga Area.
 * Learn '????' from the Judges that roam the halls of the Shinra
   Mansion in Nibleheim.  You can also learn this skill from the
   Behemoths in the area below Midgar (Disc 2), and from the King
   Behemoths in the last dungeon (Disc 3).
 * Learn 'Death Sentence' from the Sneaky Step enemy in the cave under
   Cosmo Canyon. You can also learn this skill from the Bound Fats in
   Zango Valley.
 * Learn 'Trine' from the Materia Keeper boss that you fight in the
   Nible Mountains.  You can also learn this skill from the Stilves
   in Gaea's Wall (Disc 2).
 * Learn 'Death Force' from the Adamantaimais that live on the shore
   of the Wutai area.
 * Learn 'Magic Hammer' from the Razor Weeds in the Wutai Area.
 * Learn 'Bad Breath' from the Molbors on the outside ledges of
   Gaea's Wall.
 * Learn 'Magic Breath' from the Stilves in Gaea's Wall, or from
   the Parasites in the final dungeon (Disc 3).
 * Learn 'Chocobuckle' from the Chocobos found in the Mideel Area.
   You must feed that Chocobo a 'Mimett Greens' during battle, then
   cast L4 Suicide on it.  After enough attempts, it will counter
   with 'Chocobuckle'.
 * Learn 'Goblin Punch' from the Goblins found on Goblin Island and
   Round Island.
 * Learn 'Shadow Flare' during the final battle with the Ultima
   Weapon.  You can also learn it from the Dragon Zombies in the
   last dungeon (Disc 3).

 * Learn 'Dragon Force' from the Dark Dragons in the last dungeon.
 * Learn 'L5 Death' from the Parasites in the last dungeon.
 * Learn 'Angel Whisper' from the Pollensalitas in the last
 * Learn 'Roulette' from the Death Dealers in the last dungeon.
 * Learn 'Pandora's Box' from the Dragon Zombies in the last

This is by no means a complete list, by the way.

* 4.5.7 - I'm at the Wall Market. What do I need to do in order to make
Cloud dress up as a woman?

All that you really need is a dress and a wig. First, go to the Honeybee
Inn and talk to the silver-haired man. Ask about Tifa. Then, go up to
Corneo's mansion and talk to the bouncer. After that, go to the clothing
store and talk to the lady there. She'll tell you that her father is
drunk at the bar. So, go there and talk to the man sitting near the
entrance. He'll ask you what types of cloth should be used in making the
dress. After he's done talking to you, return to the clothing store.

The man will give you a dress depending on what types of cloth you
picked out earlier. After Cloud tries it on, go to the gym and compete
against Big Bro's trainees. Depending on how well you did at the squats
game, you'll get a wig. At this point, you can return to the clothing
store, put on the items, and then go off to Corneo's mansion. However,
while you're still in your normal clothes, there are other areas to
explore and other things to get.

To get a tiara, go to the store that's closed at the north part of town.
Talk to the man there and agree to listen to his problem. Say you'll
help, then go to the inn and spend the night. Cloud will wake up in the
middle of the night and go to the vending machine. Buy an item, then go
back to the store the next day. Depending on the value of the item you
bought, the man will give you a type of tiara as a reward.

To get undergarments, talk to the fat man in the white shirt near the
bottom of the first screen. He'll give you his Member's Card. Now, go to
the Honeybee Inn and go inside. If you go into the upper-left room and
talk to the image of Cloud, you'll pass out, but Mukki will wake you up.
You'll be given the 'Lingerie' as a present. If you want the 'Bikini
briefs' instead, enter the lower-left room and agree to sit in the tub
with Mukki and his pals. After washing, he'll give you the 'Bikini
briefs' regardless of how you answered his questions. A woman in the
Honeybee inn will also put make-up on your face after you get one
undergarment or the other, but I don't think this has any great effect
on the game.

There's another undergarment called 'Mystery Panties'. The description
says that it has a 'childish design on the front'. I have no idea how to
get this item at the moment.

To get some cologne, enter the sushi bar, sit down, and order whatever
dish you like. After eating it, tell the chef that it's okay, and she'll
give you some Coupons. Go to the pharmacy and use the Coupons to buy one
of three items. Now, return to the bar where you found the owner of the
clothing store and try to enter the bathroom in the upper-left corner.
Choose to give the item you got at the Pharmacy to the woman inside the
bathroom, and she'll give you a type of cologne in return.

The more items you have and the better they are, the higher the chance
of Corneo picking Cloud as his bride.

* 4.5.8 - Sector 7 has just been destroyed. I bought Batteries from the
Weapon Shop in Wall Market, but I don't know what to do now.

Return to the Sector 6 Slums and go to Aeris' house. Talk to Elmyra, her
mother. After Barret has been reunited with his daughter, return to the
Wall Market. Go up to the top screen where the entrance to Don Corneo's
mansion is, and look for a path on the right side of the screen. You
will see a bunch of kids run along the path. Follow them, and then climb
up the pipe to continue your quest.

* 4.5.9 - I'm fighting Reno at the support pillar in the Sector 7 Slums.
What do I do about his 'Pyramid' attack?

Simply attack your allies who have are surrounded by a 'Pyramid'. They
will receive no damage, but the Pyramid will break. You must act
quickly, because if all three characters are hit by Pyramids, the game
is over!

* 4.5.10 - I'm in the Shinra HQ. How do I solve Domino's puzzle?

To solve Domino's puzzle, go into each library and read the names of the
files. Each library room has a certain theme (Materia Use, Shinra Weapon
Advancements, etc.). Look for the one file that has been misplaced (say,
a file about materia in a room that is about Industrial Developments).
Write down the first letter of that file's name. Find the misplaced
files in all four rooms, and write them down.

You need four letters to solve this puzzle. These four letters can be
obtained from the "incorrect" books. The letters that you use are an
equidistant number of letters from the left of each title, not counting
spaces or punctuation.

(In other words, if you have the sentences "Use Ultima to do damage to
all enemies." and "Teioh, the Black Chocobo, won the race." and the
number of letters from the left is eight, then you find the eighth
letter from the left of each sentence. In the first sentence, the letter
would be "m". In the other, the letter would be "e".)

So, how are you supposed to find the number of letters from the left to
use? You'll have to talk to Domino and get the possible answers in order
to find out.

Anyway, try to find and re-arrange the letters using the above criteria
into a word that would fit as one of Domino's answers. If you got it
right, Domino will give you the next Keycard and an item as a bonus.
You'll get a less-valuable item depending on how many times you mess up,
and eventually Domino will not give you anything aside from the Keycard
if you messed up badly.

(It should be noted that this puzzle changes every time you start a new
game. The answer is always randomly selected, and the books are always
randomly re-shelved.)

* 4.5.11 - I'm still in the Shinra HQ. Where do I go now that Jenova has

Return to the lab floor where you met Red XIII. Near the south part of
the screen is a passage with two Potions in it that leads away to the
right. It looks as if you'd have to enter this passage from the upper
walkway, but in fact, you enter it from the ground floor. It leads up to
the rest of the Shinra building's floors.

* 4.5.12 - I'm currently listening to Cloud recounting his past at Kalm
Town. Is there anything special I can do during his flashback?

No. Nothing you do in the flashback has an effect on the rest of the
game, nor can you get Vincent or Tifa's 'Final Heaven' manual during the
flashback. The only exception is, if you explore Tifa's house and look
in her closet, read her letters, etc., she will dislike you for doing

* 4.5.13 - How do I capture a Chocobo?
           Do I have to have one in order to cross the marsh near the
Chocobo Barn?

To capture a Chocobo, you must have bought a 'Chocobo Lure' materia from
Choco Billy in the barn. Equip it to any character. Now, go outside and
wander around on the Chocobo tracks. Eventually, you'll enter a battle,
and if you're lucky, the music will be different and one of your enemies
will be a Chocobo.

To safely capture the Chocobo, kill off the other enemies, but don't
hurt the Chocobo. Work quickly, because if the other enemies start
attacking the Chocobo, it will go berserk after a while, attack
everyone, and then escape. You can prevent a Chocobo from running away
by using Greens on it (which you can also buy at the Chocobo Barn; they
come highly recommended). After killing all the enemies, the battle will
end and you'll find yourself riding a Chocobo!

As for crossing the marsh, since chocobos are much faster, it is easier
to avoid the marsh snake (Midgar Zolom). However, if the snake's shadow
touches you, you will still have to fight it. What's more, if you run
away, you'll find yourself back on the side you approached the marsh
from. You can get across the marsh without a Chocobo, but it requires a
lot of luck.

* 4.5.14 - I'm fighting Bottom Swell at Under Junon. What do I do about
the Waterpolos that appear around my character?

To kill the Waterpolos, cast attack magic on them, or use a Summon
spell. Your character will take no damage, but the Waterpolos will die
if you did enough damage (they have 40 HP). Any Waterpolos that are
on-screen when Bottom Swell is killed will also vanish. When a character
is encased in a Waterpolo, they lose life at a rapid pace, so act
quickly before your ally is killed.

* 4.5.15 - I'm supposed to use Mr. Dolphin to get Cloud up on top of the
electrical tower. But, I can't seem to land on the beam. How do I get up
there successfully?

Don't move. When Cloud appears in the water, press Square once to make
the dolphin come and flip into the air. You'll miss. Without moving,
press Square again and Mr. Dolphin will take Cloud up to the beam.

* 4.5.16 - Where do I go once I have the Buggy?

Since the Buggy can cross fords, go across the river near the Gold
Saucer, and continue exploring. You'll eventually find Gongaga Town, and
later on, Cosmo Canyon.

* 4.5.17 - There's an iron safe in the Shinra Mansion at Nibleheim. How
do I open the safe?

If you examine the paper in the southwest corner of the first floor,
you'll find clues hinting at what the numbers are. Here is how to find
the clues:

 * When reading the paper, move the cursor down to the blank space
   and try and choose it.
 * Examine the area around the bed on the upper floor.  Then go out
   and look in the hallway nearby.
 * Search the opposite end of the broken piano.
 * Open the chest in the greenhouse, then examine the chest again
   for another clue.

If you're not to be bothered with searching for clues, the combination
for the safe is:

 * Right to 36, Left to 10, Right to 59, Right to 97.

Remember, operating the lock is like operating a real-life combination
lock. Turn in the specified directions, and don't go past the number you
want, or the safe won't open. Since there's a time limit, I suggest
hurrying toward the number you want, then slowing down when you are
within 7 or so digits so that you won't go past the correct number.
After beating the monster in the safe, you can get a key, the Odin
materia, and the Cosmo Memory manual.

* 4.5.18 - I just escaped from Rocket Town in the Tiny Bronco, Cid's
airplane. What do I need to do now?

Go to the weaponsmith's house on the peninsula near the Gold Saucer and
talk to him. He'll tell you that you need the Keystone, which he gave to
Dio. So, return to the Gold Saucer by means of North Corel. Go to the
Battle Square and examine the Keystone atop the pillar in Dio's Show
Room. Dio will appear. Accept his offer to fight in the Battle Square.
While you'll get bonus items for winning lots of battles, you can lose
even the first battle and he'll still give you the Keystone. From there,
go to the Ancient Temple in the Woodland Area island to continue your

* 4.5.19 - Hey...when I went on a date at the Gold Saucer, it was with
Aeris. But last time I played, it was with Tifa. What gives?

After the 'Keystone' event, there is a dating sequence at the Gold
Saucer. Up until now, the CPU has been keeping track of how Cloud has
been behaving towards the other characters. If Cloud is nicer to one
character than he is to another, he will date that character. If you got
Yuffie early on in the game, she also becomes a possible 'girlfriend'
for that night. And yes, if you're mean to all the women in your party,
but nice to Barret, he'll date you (no, it's not like that)!

Here are some of the events that determine who you will date:
 * Running into Aeris after the reactor explodes - tell her to
   get away (mean response), or chat with her (nice response)
   Aeris will also dislike you if you chat with her but don't
   buy any flowers.
 * Buying flowers from Aeris makes her look favorably toward you,
   and giving the flowers to Tifa makes her like you even more.
   Give the flowers to Marlene, and Barret will like you.
 * Ignore Tifa's story of how things were when she and Cloud
   were young, and she'll dislike you.
 * Teach Barret how to use Materia, and he'll like you.
 * When you meet Aeris in the church, telling her that you 
   don't remember her will count as a mean response.  So does letting
   her fight all the battles when Reno chases you out of the
 * During Cloud's flashback in Nibelheim, if Cloud accidentally
   enters Tifa's house, Tifa will ask if Cloud entered her house.
   You can either say 'yes' (mean response) or say 'no' (nice
 * Yuffie will ask Cloud for a tranquilizer while on board the ship
   from Junon. If you give her a tranquilizer, she'll like you more.
 * If you enter the Pagoda of the Five Strong in Wutai without Yuffie
   in your party, you will never be able to date Yuffie. Don't do it!
 * And so on....

Generally, if you want to go out with a certain character, be nice to
them, and be as cruel as possible to the others. Since there are few
direct situations which involve Yuffie, you can only date her by being
mean to everyone, including Barret. Aeris is the prime candidate for a
date, so unless you're careful, you'll almost always get her for your
companion. In other words, make your decisions carefully!

* 4.5.20 - I finished the clock puzzle and am trying to escape, but the
Demon's Gate boss is beating me up! How do I kill it?

There are two ways...

When the battle begins, cast Barrier and Haste on yourself (or use Big
Guard, if you've got it). Have your characters make physical attacks,
and don't forget to summon Bahamut now that you have that materia.
Although Demon's Gate can cause a lot of damage, this will help to raise
your Limit bars. To further this effect, make sure that you have used
Hypers on your characters prior to the battle. Use Aeris' 'Healing Wind'
break when you need it, and the other characters should always attack
with their best Break when the situation arises. I suggest that you have
a Restore materia attached to an All materia so that you can heal your
characters as needed. The Demon's Gate is level 45, and has 10000 HP and
400 MP. If you need more MP, use Ghost Hands or the Magic Hammer skill
to siphon MP from the boss.

Are you a pacifist? Try using Phoenix Downs on it to reduce it to one
HP/kill it outright, depending on the situation.

* 4.5.21 - Now, I'm at Bone Village. I need to find the Lunar Harp, but
where do I dig?

After choosing to dig for the Lunar Harp, try putting excavators at the
four compass points of the digging area. Then watch in what direction
they turn their heads--this will clue you in to the Harp's location.

Give up?  Go to the upper level of the digging area. Move _slightly_
south from the left edge of the tent and move a little ways to the west.
Dig, and you'll get the Lunar Harp the next morning.

* 4.5.22 - Okay, I finally got to Disc Two. How do I leave Icicle Inn?
There seems to be no exit!

After you encounter Elena and the Shinra guards, the town's entrance
will be blocked. So, there must be another way out... Go to the house
where there is a child in the back room. Talk to him and his pet will
move out of the way, allowing you to take his snowboard. Exit, and enter
the house by the snowman. Examine the map on the wall of the inner room
and take it. Finally, go out to the forest and talk to the man near the
trees. He will let you snowboard out of the town.

* 4.5.23 - I crash-landed into the Great Glacier and don't know what to
do now. Where do I go from here?

Depending on the routes you took while snowboarding, you will crash land
in one of four places. Your main goal is to make it to the red X shown
on the map, so try to figure out where you are by comparing landmarks on
the map and head towards the X. If you take too long, you will pass out,
which will get you to where you want to be, anyway.

* 4.5.24 - I'm having trouble navigating through the snowy wasteland
that's between the Great Glacier and the old man's cabin. How do I get
through this?

Here is a simple map of the snowy field:

                        Old Man's Shack
            S  |                             |  A
         I  t  |                             |  l  M
         c  o  |                             |  e  a         N
         e  n  |                             |  x  t         |
            e  |                             |  a  e     W-- + --E
         G     |                             |  n  r         |
         a  F  |       Cave                  |  d  i         S
         t  a  |                             |  e  a
         e  c  |                             |  r
            e  |                             |
                  Ice Gate (Steaming Lakes)

No matter where you are headed, if you touch any of the four boundaries
at any point, you'll end up in that particular area. To tell in what
direction you are headed, press O to lay down spikes in the snow. This
way, when the screen rotates, you can tell from the position of the
spikes in what direction you are facing and adjust your path

* 4.5.25 - If I go east from the snowy field, there is a woman who tells
me to go away. What am I supposed to do here?

Return to the Great Glacier area. The best path to take is to go south
from the snowy wasteland. This will eventually lead to an area with hot
springs (lakes with steam rising from them). Go down to the edge of the
left lake and touch the water, you will hear a sound effect. Now, leave,
and return to the woman. She will fight you, and if you win the battle,
you'll receive the Alexander Materia.

* 4.5.26 - Hey, I've been incarcerated in Junon! And Tifa's getting
gassed! How can I free her before it's too late?

Actually, Tifa cannot be killed by the gas, so feel free to take your
time. What you need to do is manipulate Tifa by using the buttons, so
that she can pick up the key and unlock herself. There are two ways to
do this, but remember to pace your button presses in time with Tifa's

 * Press:  X, X, T, X+T, T+O, O  (or)  X, X, T, X+T, T+S, S.

Once Tifa is free, examine the back of the room, on the left side of the
chair in order to shut off the gas, then examine the door. From there,
how to escape should become apparent.

* 4.5.27 - Right now, I'm trying to get a Huge Materia and prevent North
Corel from being hit by a train. I'm running out of time and don't know
what to do!

What you have to do is have your train catch up to the Shinra train,
then get on it and stop it before it crashes into North Corel. To speed
up your train, press Up and the Triangle button in a steady, yet fast
motion (Up, T, Up, T...) Once aboard the Shinra train, fight your way to
the front. Then, make sure there are no messages on the screen.  With
Cid grabbing the controls, press:

 * Up + T, Down + X, Down + X  (or)  Down + X, Down + X, Down + X

Don't forget to clear any message boxes between presses. If you entered
either command successfully, the train will stop.

* 4.5.28 - I'm at the underground Submarine Dock, and Reno just sent a
boss, C. Armor, to attack my party. How do I beat this guy?

C. Armor is tricky, because he actually consists of three parts, the
left and right arms, and the main body. C. Armor has the ability to pick
up your allies and hold them there. This is bad because damage inflicted
on the arm holding an ally will also hurt the ally. Even worse, if he's
holding an ally and the other(s) are killed, the game is over!

Since C. Armor and its components are weak against Lightning, use
Bolt-based spells and attacks. Work on taking out it's arms before going
after the main body. The Phoenix materia and Life spells come in handy
here as you will need to revive your allies more than once, presumably.
Also, keep your HPs high, as the main part of C. Armor has a deadly
attack called the Lapis Laser, which causes around 1500 points of
damage! I suggest using Big Guard, or at least Barrier and Haste, in
order to protect yourselves.

* 4.5.29 - What's the code to release the Huge Materia from Cid's

Cid will clue you in as to what the code is should you mess up
initially. However, if you aren't able to get the code correct before
the time limit ends, you'll lose the Huge Materia for good.

Not going to bother with Cid's clues? In that case, the code (to be
entered one button at a time per message box) is: O, S, X, X.

* 4.5.30 - How do I fight the Ultima Weapon? It keeps running away!

First, get in the Highwind and look for the newly-created lake near
Junon. The Ultima Weapon will be there. Crash the Highwind into it and
attack it. When it escapes, follow it as it swerves around in the air.
What you need to do is ram it 4 or 5 times, at which point it will stop
flying back and forth and fly straight to a certain, random location.
Fight it again, and keep repeating this until the Weapon makes it's
final stop at Cosmo Canyon (the number of fights you have to go through
depends on the amount of damage you inflict on it before it escapes).
After the battle at Cosmo Canyon, it will be dead for good.

* 4.5.31 - I'm now on Disc 3, and am in the last dungeon. How do you
kill those Magic Pots?

In the Japanese version of FF7, all you had to do was attack. In the US
version, these guys are invincible to all forms of damage unless you use
an Elixir on them first, which will nullify all their defenses. Need
Elixirs? Try stealing them from the Master Tonberries that roam the
lower levels of the final dungeon. If you're fighting more than one
Magic Pot, try using a Megalixir to affect them all (that is, if you
really want to waste it).

* 4.5.32 - Yeah, but what if I want to kill the Master Tonberries?
They're tough!

Try casting 'Freeze' on them four times (no, you can't use Quadra Magic,
but you can Mimic the spell three times afterward if you want to
conserve MP). They'll solidify and die after the fourth casting of

(NOTE: This trick only works in the Japanese version of the game. It
does not work in the USA version.)

* 4.5.33 - There's this guy in Kalm Town who wants to trade things with
me. What can I trade with him?

There are three items that he will trade with you:

 * Trade the Guide Book for the Underwater Materia.
 * Trade the Desert Rose for the Gold Chocobo.
 * Trade the Earth Harp for a set of Master Materia.

To get the Guide Book, go to Junon and fight enemies that appear in the
glass walkway that leads to the underwater Mako Reactor. One of your
opponents will be the Ghost Ship. Make sure you have a Morph materia
equipped, and kill it with a Morph attack to get the Guide Book. Your
reward, the Underwater Materia, is only useful when fighting the Emerald
Weapon. When you wear it, your entire party can breath underwater, so
you won't have to worry about the 20-minute time limit like you'd
normally have to.

To get the Desert Rose, kill the Ruby Weapon. If you give the Desert
Rose to the trader, he'll put a Gold Chocobo in the stalls at the
Chocobo Barn that you can use. Make sure you've bought a stall, though!
To get the Earth Harp, kill the Emerald Weapon. Trade it with the man at
Kalm and he'll give you a set of three materia: Master Command, Master
Magic, and Master Summon.

* 4.5.34 - I want to get Secret Character #1 in my party. How do I find
this person?

You can have Character #1 (Yuffie), join you during any disc. Go to
either Junon Area or the Gongaga Area and run around in the forests.
There is a slim chance that one of your fights will be against the
'Mystery Ninja'. Defeat her in battle, and you'll find yourself in a
field. Be careful when answering Yuffie's questions! If you mess up, or
if you try to save your game at a Save Point, she will escape and steal
some gil from you!  Answer her questions in this order:

 * Question 1: Second (lower) answer. ("Not Interested")
 * Question 2: First (upper) answer. ("...petrified")
 * Question 3: Second (lower) answer. ("Wait a second!")
 * Question 4: First (upper) answer. ("...That's right.")
 * Question 5: Second (lower) answer. ("...Let's hurry on.")

Yuffie will chase after your group when you are done chatting with her
and she will join you as a more or less permanent member.

* 4.5.35 - Okay, now I want to get Secret Character #2. How do I get
this person to join my party?

Character #2 can join you during any disc. Go to the Shinra Mansion in
Nibleheim. There, you have to open the iron safe on the second floor. 
Take the key inside, and go to the bedroom in the east wing of the
mansion, on the second floor. Touch the curving stone wall to reveal a
staircase. Go down it. In the pink caverns, look for a door on the
northern wall. You can now open it, thanks to the key. Inside is a
crypt; examine the purple coffin in the center of the crypt and Vincent
Valentine will pop out. While talking to him:

 * When you're asked to pick between two choices, choose the
   second (bottom one, "Talk about Sephiroth."). Vincent will climb
   back into his coffin, so open it again.

 * When you're asked a question by Vincent, choose the second (bottom)
   answer ("Who are you?"). Vincent will once again lock himself in his

Now, leave the crypt and try to exit the basement caves. Vincent will
catch up to your party and insist on joining you.

* 4.5.36 - Isn't there some way to get back into Midgar during Disc 2 or
3? How is it done?

After getting the Highwind and getting Cloud back in your party, go to
Midgar. There will be a man out front who tells you that he lost his
keys. Go back to Bone Village and talk with the excavators. Choose any
method that you want in order to dig for items.

See the wrecked F-14 plane? Near the bottom of the screen, there is a
piece of metal sticking out. Go to it and press Right, then Up, so that
Cloud is firmly wedged next to the plane, below the piece of metal.
Choose to dig here and you'll get the Sector 5 Key the next morning that
lets you return to Midgar City.

* 4.5.37 - I'm trying to find all six Turtles' Paradise flyers. Where
are they located?

It's important to find and read these flyers as soon as possible,
because one of them can't be read after Disc 2 ends, preventing you from
getting a reward from the owner of Turtles' Paradise. Here are the
locations of the flyers, listed in the earliest order you can find them:

 * Midgar City, Sector 6 Slums.  There is a two-story house with a
   kid upstairs lying on his bed. Examine the posters by the wall,
   near the stairs, to read the first flyer.
 * Shinra Building, first floor. Go all the way to the back of the
   room, and check out the message board near the elevators. If
   you miss this flyer now, you can read it again during the raid on
   Midgar in Disc 2, but if you miss it again, you're out of luck.
 * Gold Saucer, the Ghost Square. Enter the hotel and read the
   marquee on the wall labeled 'SHOP' next to the shop entrance.
 * Cosmo Canyon, Tigerlily Arms Shop. Read the piece of paper attached
   to the left-hand wood beam.
 * Cosmo Canyon, Shildra Inn. Look for the gold note hanging by the
   door on the second floor of the inn.
 * Wutai, Yuffie's house. In the room with the iron cage, walk all
   the way to the right end of the hall and look at the wall scroll.

After reading all the flyers, go to the Turtles' Paradise bar in Wutai. 
Talk to the owner, and you'll be given one of each item: Power Source,
Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source, Speed Source, Luck Source, and
a Megalixir.

* 4.5.38 - Is there another way to get a Gold Chocobo aside from
striking a deal with the trader at Kalm town? I need some Chocobo
breeding tips!

Here are some brief instructions. Remember, there is a random element to
Chocobo breeding, so it may take a couple of tries to get the kind of
Chocobo you desire. Also, be sure to save after correctly completing a
step as you'll undoubtedly have to reset a couple of times during the
breeding process.

 * After getting the Highwind in Disc 2, return to the Chocobo Barn.
   You can purchase stalls from Choco Bill for 10000 gil per stall,
   and you'll need at least four stalls (you can purchase six total).
   Remember, after you don't need chocobos any more, you should just
   kick them out to make room.

 * Before you can start breeding, though, you need to stock up on
   supplies. Fly to either Bone Village or the Chocobo Sage's
   house. If you run around on the grass, you'll eventually fight
   an enemy called Brachioladus.  Fight that enemy three times,
   stealing a Carob Nut from it each time (you'll need the Steal
   materia first). Then, go to the Goblin Island or Round Island
   and steal a Zeio Nut from the Goblins that live there. Finally,
   go to the Chocobo Sage's house and purchase 40 Sylkis greens
   from him.

 * Equip a Chocobo Lure materia. Fly to the chocobo tracks near
   the Gold Saucer (by the shore), and capture a chocobo. Press
   X to dismount from the chocobo, and choose the option to return
   it to the Chocobo Barn. You need to capture 2 chocobos from
   here, although you can get the other chocobo later or not get it
   at all, if you wish.

 * Now, fly to the chocobo tracks near Mideel. Capture a chocobo
   here, and send it back to the Chocobo Barn. Once again, you can
   capture a second chocobo here, but you don't have to.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: The gender of a Chocobo is not determined until you
 return to the Chocobo Barn and name them. Therefore, it is advised
 that you save your game before naming them. That way, if you don't
 get the kinds you want (see below), then you can reset and try naming
 them again and seeing if their gender changed.

 * Return to the Chocobo Barn and talk to Choco Billy. Name your
   Chocobos (this will put them in the stalls). Now, go up to
   your chocobos and examine them by pressing O. You'll want to
   make sure that you have one male and one female (or two males
   and females, if you caught four chocobos). Furthermore, one
   of them should be the running kind (usually you'll want the
   females), and the other should be the walking kind (usually,
   this should be the males).

 * So, you have at least one male and female, and one is a walker
   and the other is a runner, right? If not, you'll have to
   release the chocobos that aren't the ones you want and go and
   capture more (or reset, if you heeded the important note).

 * Choose to mate the chocobos, and tell Choco Billy that you
   want to feed them a Carob Nut as well. Hopefully, you'll
   get a colored chocobo the next day! It should be green or
   blue. If not, you'll have to reset and give it another go.
   Keep note of your baby chocobo's gender--it's very crucial
   later on.

 IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Later on in this process, it's required that
 you race chocobos at the Gold Saucer (see below). However, if
 you have trouble getting the correct type of chocobo during
 these few steps, you can optionally choose to race them. The
 better your chocobo's race class is, the higher chance you have
 of getting the needed color type of chocobo.

 * At this point, you have three options. You can repeat the last
   few steps (get a chocobo from the Gold Saucer, get a chocobo from
   Mideel, make sure they're both the correct types, and breed them
   using a Carob Nut). Or, if you got two other chocobos the first
   time around, you can then breed them together. Your third choice
   is to use the same pair of chocobos that you just breeded. In
   that case, you'll have to waste some game time, as chocobos that
   have just mated can't do it immediately again.

 * In any case, you'll want to breed your chocobos together and get
   a blue chocobo, using the steps outlined above. Your blue chocobo
   MUST be the opposite gender of your green chocobo, or you can't
   mate them. Feed the blue chick and the green chick 10 Sylkis
   Greens each.

 * Get in the Highwind and go to the Gold Saucer via North Corel's
   ropeway. Go to the Chocobo Square and talk to Ester. Tell her
   that you want to race using either your green or blue chocobo.
   The goal here is to keep racing until your chocobo's race level
   reaches A. To do this, win the races consistently; it will take
   a couple of tries. To insure winning, just use Automatic Mode
   for most of the race and hold R1 + R2 to recover lost Stamina
   while racing. After one chocobo has hit rank A, do the whole
   racing process again with the other one.

 * Once your green and blue chocobos are both rank A, return to the
   Chocobo Barn. Breed the two chocobos together, using your last
   Carob Nut (refer to the above steps for help). If everything
   worked out, you'll have a black chocobo.

 * Fly to the Northern Continent (the snowy one), and look for
   Chocobo tracks on the western edge of the continent. Land and
   then capture a chocobo at the tracks. Return to the Chocobo
   Barn and name it (it should be the opposite gender of your
   black chocobo, and should be the 'dashing' kind--it runs very
   fast with it's head down).

 * Now for the fun part. Feed 10 Sylkis Greens to the black chocobo
   and the dashing yellow chocobo. Then, go _back_ to the Gold
   Saucer and race both Chocobos up to race class A again! When
   they're both at rank A, go back to the Chocobo Barn and tell
   Choco Billy that you want to mate them, using the Zeio Nut this
   time around. With a little luck, you'll get the Gold Chocobo!

What's the point of doing all this? Well, Green Chocobos can cross
mountains, Blue Chocobos can walk along rivers and shallow areas of the
sea, and Black Chocobos can do both, and they can also go up and down
waterfalls, or over any cliff or drop (like the Glacier up north or the
canyon surrounding the Forgotten Capital), unlike the other two types of
colored chocobos. The Gold Chocobo can do everything a Black Chocobo can
do, and it can also cross the deep sea areas as well.

Unlike wild chocobos that you can catch, the ones that you've named are
tamer, and if you get off them, they will stay where you left them until
you get back on. You can also ride a tame chocobo into the Highwind and
transport them around with you on the airship.

* 4.5.39 - How do I enter the 'secret' battle that Master Dio is
sponsoring at the Gold Saucer's Battle Square?

First you must have gotten Cloud's Ultima Weapon, and he must know all
his Limit Breaks except for his Extreme Limit Break. Go to the Gold
Saucer during Disc 2 or 3 and collect enough Battle Points so that you
can buy either the Omnislash Manual or the W-Summon materia. Purchase
one or the other, then collect more points and buy the remaining item.
Use the manual so that Cloud will learn his Level 4 Limit Break, then,
go and talk to the receptionist, just as you would if you wanted to
fight a normal battle. Instead, you'll be given the option to partake in
Dio's secret battle against his hand-picked enemies (all bosses, I
believe). Only Cloud can fight the 'secret' battle. Depending on how
well he does, he can get the Combat Diary, Gambler, or Autograph items,
and if he wins all eight battles, he'll be given the 'Final Attack'

* 4.5.40 - Where can I get all the Materia Orbs in the game?

Here's a list showing at least one location/situation in which you can
find, buy, or be given a Materia orb. If a disc number is given, then it
means that you can only get it during that particular disc, or that it
isn't available until that disc:

MP Plus          - Purchase at Cosmo Canyon/Mideel.
HP Plus          - Purchase at Cosmo Canyon/Mideel.
Speed Plus       - Gold Saucer, a Battle Square item.
Magic Plus       - Bottom of the ladder in the caves beyond the
                   Forgotten Capital (Disc 2).
Luck Plus        - At the Ancient Temple (Disc 1).
EXP. Plus        - Purchase at the Gold Saucer's Wonder Square.
Gil Plus         - Purchase at the Gold Saucer's Wonder Square.
Enemy Away       - Gold Saucer, win this at the Chocobo Square races.
Enemy Plus       - Gold Saucer, a Battle Square item.
Chocobo Lure     - Buy from Choco Billy at the Chocobo Barn.
                   There's another one which appears next to the
                   stable at the Chocobo Barn (Disc 2).
Pre-emptive      - Gold Saucer, a Battle Square item.
Long Range       - Found in the Mythril Mine.
Mega All         - Found in the last dungeon; it's floating in the air
                   and you have to grab it while jumping (Disc 3).
Counter Attack   - Caves in Mt. Nibel, or as a chocobo race prize.
Slash-All        - Found near a snapping plant in the Old Forest.
Double Cut       - Found in the wrecked underwater plane.
Protect          - In the garden next to Aeris' house.
Underwater       - Offer the Guide Book with the trader at Kalm.
HP<->MP          - Cave in the desert peninsula near North Corel.
W-Magic          - Found in the last dungeon; search the trees
                   north of the shining light in the outside area.
W-Summon         - Gold Saucer, a Battle Square item (Disc 2).
W-Item           - The south end of the tunnels beneath Midgar (Disc 2).
All              - Sector 7 Slums, the Training Hall.
Counter          - In the last dungeon in the center of the patch of
                   shiny light in the outside area (Disc 3).
Magic Counter    - Gold Saucer, win this at the Chocobo Square races.
MP Turbo         - At the Ancient Temple (Disc 1).
MP Absorb        - Shop at Wutai, during Yuffie's sub-quest.
HP Absorb        - Chest in the attic above the cat room in Wutai.  You
                   must complete Yuffie's sub-quest first.
Elemental        - Shinra HQ, answer Domino's riddle correctly the first
                   time around.
Added Effect     - Cosmo Canyon, found in the Gi Tribe's cave.
Sneak Attack     - Gold Saucer, win this at the Chocobo Square races.
Final Attack     - Gold Saucer, win if you complete the 'special'
                   battle at the Battle Square (Disc 2).
Added Cut        - The 'map' area before the snowy field (the one where
                   you can pass out).  Take the northeastern path at the
                   mountain crossroads and look for this materia while
                   you're traveling along the repeating path (Disc 2).
Steal as well    - Extinguish the fires in the cave at the Dachao
                   Statue area east of Wutai town.
Quadra Magic     - Cave at the end of the peninsula near Mideel.
Steal            - Find in the sewers prior to fighting Aps (Disc 1).
Sense            - Midgar, in the playground after Sector 7 is
Throw            - Yuffie comes with one of these.
Morph            - At the Ancient Temple (Disc 1).
Deathblow        - Path in the jungle area near Gongaga Town.
Manipulate       - Cait Sith comes with one of these.
Mime             - Cave beyond the mountains in the Wutai Area.
Enemy Skill      - Refer to the 'How do I use Enemy Skills?' question.
Master Command   - Cosmo Canyon, master the required materia.
Fire             - Red 13 comes with one of these.
Ice              - Cloud comes with one of these.
Earth            - Purchase at Kalm town.
Lightning        - Cloud comes with one of these.
Restore          - Near the reactor during Cloud's first mission.
Treatment        - Purchase from Kalm/Gongaga Village.
Revive           - Purchase at Junon or Costa Del Sol.
Seal             - Purchase at Junon.
Mystify          - Purchase at Cosmo Canyon.
Transform        - Cait Sith comes with one of these.
Exit             - Purchase from Rocket Town.
Poison           - Shinra HQ, chest near a Save Point and Jenova.
Gravity          - Dropped after beating Gi*Nanataku in the Gi Cave.
Barrier          - Purchase from Rocket Town.
Comet            - Found in the Forgotten Capital.
Time             - Purchase from Gongaga Village or Rocket Town.
Destruct         - Purchase from Condor Fort (Disc 2), or Mideel.
Contain          - After Mideel is destroyed, find the hyperactive
                   kid and feed his chocobo a Mimett Greens, then
                   scratch the chocobo's ear (Disc 2).
FullCure         - Room behind the shop at Cosmo Canyon (Disc 2).
Shield           - In the lake area of the final dungeon (Disc 3).
Ultima           - Given to you for free if you save North Corel.  If
                   you mess up, it costs 50000 gil.  If you didn't
                   even make it to the Shinra train, you can't get it.
Master Magic     - Cosmo Canyon, master the required materia.
Choco/Mog        - Listen to the chocobos at the Chocobo Barn (Disc 1).
Shiva            - Rescue Priscilla from Bottom Swell at Junon (Disc 1).
Ifrit            - Kill Jenova Birth aboard the cargo boat (Disc 1).
Titan            - Check the ruined machinery near Gongaga Town.
Ramuh            - Check the alcoves in the Chocobo racer's room
                   (Disc 1).
Odin             - Open the safe in the Shinra Mansion at Nibelheim.
Leviathan        - Win from Godo at the Pagoda of Five Strong in Wutai.
Bahamut          - Ancient Temple, after fighting the red dragon boss
                   (Disc 1).
Kjata            - In the forest past Bone Village; it's floating
Alexander        - Refer to the 'Woman who tells me to go away'
Phoenix          - Win the Huge Materia Simulation Battle at Fort Condor
                   during Disc 2.
Neo Bahamut      - Found in the Tornado Maze, on the same screen with
                   the Save Point, near the bottom ledge (Disc 2).
Hades            - Found near the ruined helicopter in the wrecked
                   underwater plane (Disc 2).
Typoon           - Found in a large item bag in the Old Forest (Disc 2).
Bahamut ZERO     - Cosmo Canyon, take Bahamut and Neo Bahamut there.
Knights of Round - Use a Gold Chocobo to reach Round Island (Disc 2).
Master Summon    - Cosmo Canyon, master the required materia.

* 4.5.41 - How do I get the Huge Materia and Master Materia?

There are four Huge Materia that can be found during Disc 2 or 3:

 * Huge Green Materia: Successfully win the simulated battle at
   Fort Condor.
 * Huge Yellow Materia: Prevent the Shinra train from crashing into
   North Corel.
 * Huge Blue Materia: Use the passcode to eject the Huge Materia
   from the warhead of Cid's rocket.
 * Huge Red Materia: Successfully complete the submarine attack (you
   have to sink the red sub with your missiles). Then, get in your
   silver sub and explore the sea floor near the chain of islands to
   the south. You can then extract the Red Materia from the ruined
   red submarine.

Huge Materia is obtained in order of location. For instance, if you
missed the Huge Materia in Cid's rocket, but you got the Huge Materia in
the submarine, the submarine Huge Materia will be the Blue Huge Materia,
and you won't receive the Red Huge Materia at all.

In order to get the Master Materia, you must have the Green, Yellow,
Blue, and Red Huge Materia. After getting them, return to Cosmo Canyon.
Bugen Hagen will let you keep the Huge Materia in his observatory.  Now,
you can get the Master materia:

 * To get the Master Magic materia, you must master _every_ magic
   (green) materia in the game. Whether they are equipped or in
   your materia list, go to Cosmo Canyon and touch the Huge Green
   Materia to receive the Master Magic materia, which lets you cast
   any magic spell.
 * To get the Master Summon materia, you must master _every_ summon
   (red) materia in the game. This means that you will have to also
   have obtained Bahamut and Neo Bahamut, because the only way to get
   Bahamut Zero is to take both Bahamut summon materia (mastered or
   not), and touch the Huge Blue Materia. Once you've mastered all
   the summon materia, go to Cosmo Canyon and touch the Huge Red
   Materia to receive the Master Summon materia, which lets you call
   any summoned monster.
 * To get the Master Command materia, you must master these Command
   (yellow) materia: Deathblow, Manipulate, Mime, Morph, Sense, Steal,
   and Throw materia. Then return to Cosmo Canyon and touch the Huge
   Yellow Materia to receive the Master Command materia, which has
   all the abilities of the aforementioned Command materia.

You can get as many Master materia as you want, provided that you master
another whole set of materia (either buy them in stores or use the
'birth' copy) and return to Cosmo Canyon.

* 4.5.42 - Are there any Materia besides the ones listed above?

No. In the story itself, there is Sephiroth's Black Materia that he uses
to cast Meteo, and Aeris' White Materia that is used to cast Holy, but
these materia aren't real, usable items. There are also seven materia
present that can't be obtained through normal means. In the US version,
they have been left untranslated, (and were for some reason altered in
terms of number of level stars, stats., etc.), but the Japanese version
of FF7 had fairly accurate descriptions of them. They are:

Housoku (Law)
A Command materia (yellow). It has 2 levels.  It lets you use Coin Toss
and Throw (unmentioned in the description).

A Combination materia (blue). It has 5 levels. It also has no
description, and apparently has no effect in terms of gameplay, either.

SuichuuKokyuu (Underwater Breath/Respiration)
An Independent materia (purple). It has 1 level. It also has no
description, and apparently had no effect in terms of gameplay in the
Japanese version. For the US release, this was made into the
'Underwater' materia that is used to nullify the time limit when
fighting the Emerald Weapon.

A Magic materia (green). It has 3 levels, and lets you cast the MBarrier
spell at each level.

A Magic materia (green). It has 4 levels, and lets you cast the Reflect
and Wall spells.

Rifuabu (no translation, but has something to do with 'reflect')
A Magic materia (green). It has 3 levels, and lets you cast the Wall
spell after it reaches 2nd level.

In the case of the three Magic materia, they would affect your stats as
so when equipped:  Strength -02, Magic +02, MaxHP -05%, Vitality -01,
Magic def +01, MaxMP +05%.

* 4.5.43 - How do I gain new Limit Breaks?

The answer is highly debatable, but what's listed here is what seems to
be the best method to learning new Limit Breaks:

Level 1, first Limit Break:
 * You start with this one, so don't sweat it.

Level 1, second Limit Break:
 * You must use your first Limit Break of that level ten times.

Level 2, first Limit Break:
 * Kill a certain number of enemies. You don't have to win that battle,
   you just have to kill a particular enemy using the character who's
   trying to learn a new Break.  You can kill them in any way, too;
   use magic, use Morph, use an item, whatever. The number of enemies
   you have to kill tends to be between 40 - 80. It's been proven that
   Vincent can kill less enemies to learn his second Breaks, but the
   exact number is unknown.

Level 2, second Limit Break:
 * You must use your first Limit Break of that level eight times.

Level 3, first Limit Break:
 * See 'Level 2, first Limit Break' notes.

Level 3, second Limit Break:
 * You must use your first Limit Break of that level six times.

Level 4, Extreme Limit Break:
 * You must know all your other Limit Breaks. Then, select your
   character's 'Extreme Limit Break' manual and use it on them just
   as you would any other item. See below for details on finding
   your character's Extreme Limit Break manual.

Note that Limit Breaks work differently from character to character...

Cloud, Barret, Aeris, Yuffie, Red XIII, and Cid all have two Limit
Breaks each for levels 1-3, and one level 4 Limit Break.

Tifa acquires Limit Breaks the same way as Cloud & the others do, except
that hers work differently. When Tifa gets a limit break in battle, she
will attempt to use all of her currently available Limit Breaks. For
each Limit Break she has available, an extra slot appears on a slot
machine that appears when Tifa executes a Limit Break. If you get a
"miss," Tifa will not execute that particular Limit Break during that
battle. A "hit" means that the corresponding Limit Break will do normal
damage, and a "yeah!" means that it will do additional damage.

Vincent only acquires one Limit Break per level. All of his Limit Breaks
change Vincent into a beast. While Vincent is a beast, his HP doubles
and he can't be controlled, but he has some powerful attacks.

Cait Sith only acquires one level 1 and one level 2 Limit Break.

* 4.5.44 - Where are the Extreme Limit Break manuals located at?

Here's how to find and obtain each manual:

Cloud:   You can purchase 'OmniSlash' as a prize at the Gold Saucer's
         Battle Square during Disc 2 or 3.
Barret:  To get the 'Catastrophe', talk to a girl in one of the houses
         near the train tracks after you succeed or fail at the North
         Corel Huge Materia Quest in Disc 2.
Tifa:    Go to Nibleheim and enter Tifa's house during Disc 2. With
         her in your party, play the piano in her house using this

                X, S, T, L1+T, L1+S, X, S, T, L1+X, O, X, S, X

         Play it repeatedly and Tifa will find a letter from her mentor,
         as well as the Final Heaven manual.

Aeris:   To get the 'Great Gospel', after getting the buggy, pilot it
         _into_ Costa Del Sol. You can now ride back to Junon. Exit,
         and drive the Buggy back over the river fords to a cave.
         Inside the cave is a sleeping man who will tell you how many
         battles you've been through.  If the last two numbers of the
         battles are the same (22, 155, 888), he'll give you a lump of
         Mythril.  Return to the weaponsmith's house on the peninsula
         near the Gold Saucer, and give him the Mythril, then go up the
         stairs and open the small metal lid at the end of the walkway
         for the Great Gospel Manual.
Red 13:  You'll win his manual (Cosmo Memory) if you go to Nibleheim,
         open the iron safe, and defeat the boss inside, "Lost Number,"
         during any disc.
Yuffie:  You can get her manual (All Creation) if you go to Wutai and
         beat her father, Godo, on the fifth floor of the pagoda
         northwest of the village.
Cait:    (He doesn't have an Extreme Limit Break.)
Vincent: (Refer to the 'Ultimate Weapon' section below.)
Cid:     While exploring the sunken Shinra plane, open the chests to
         find his Extreme Limit manual, 'Highwind'.

* 4.5.45 - Where can I find my character's Ultimate Weapon?
           What makes the Ultimate Weapons so special?

Ultimate weapons have zero Materia growth, but have eight holders, and
every two holders are linked. When using the 'Morph' materia, the amount
of damage inflicted drops to 1/8th, but with an Ultimate Weapon, the
amount only drops to 1/3rd. There are also special ways to increase the
amount of damage these weapons do:

Cloud Strife's 'Ultima Weapon': 
 * Kill the Ultima Weapon during Disc 2 or 3 to get the Ultima Weapon.
   This weapon does damage based on the (lack of) difference between
   Cloud's current HP and maximum HP. In other words, the fuller your
   life is, the more damage you do. Note that this isn't similar to
   the way the Atma Weapon worked in FF III.

Barret Wallace's 'Missing Score':
 * Stick Barett in your party while climbing up the stairs to the Mako
   Cannon during the raid on Midgar during Disc 2. If Barett's in your
   party, a chest will be visible on one of the landings that contains
   his Ultimate Weapon. To empower Barett's weapon, attach materia to
   it that have lots of AP (such as mastered materia).
Tifa Lockheart's 'Premium Heart':
 * Get the Sector 5 Key and return to Midgar during Disc 2 or 3. Go to
   the Wall Market and enter the building labeled "Item".  Examine the
   computer and you'll get her weapon. During a battle, Tifa's weapon  
   does more damage the closer she gets to maxing her Limit Break.
   If she does a Limit Break and misses one of the slots, the weapon's
   power will momentarily increase, then lessen.
Aeris Gainsborough's 'Princess Guard':
 * While exploring the Ancient Temple during Disc 1, open the chest in
   one of the corridors connected to the clock puzzle room in order to
   get the Princess Guard. If her allies are in critical condition 
   or are killed, the power of her weapon shoots up. (Note: Materia
   has normal growth in the Princess Guard - it's the only ultimate
   weapon which has materia growth.)
Red XIII's 'Limited Moon':
 * Prior to the raid on Midgar City in Disc 2, or during any time in
   Disc 3, go to Cosmo Canyon with Red XIII in you party. Bugenhagen
   will give him his Ultimate Weapon before dying. The Limited Moon
   does more damage depending on how much current MP Red has, just 
   like how the Ultima Weapon's ability to inflict damage depends on
   Cloud's current HP to maximum HP.
Yuffie Kisaragi's 'Conformer':
 * Her Ultimate Weapon is found in one of the chests in the wrecked
   Shinra plane that's lying on the sea floor. When fighting enemies,
   if they are of a level higher than Yuffie's, she does more damage
   per hit.

Cait Sith's 'HP Shout':
 * Found in the back row of lockers on Floor 64 of the Shinra HQ,
   during the raid on Midgar City in Disc 2. Just like the Ultima
   Weapon, Cait does more damage depending on how close his
   current HP is to his maximum HP.

Vincent Valentine's 'Death Penalty':
 * Put Vincent in your party and visit Lucresia during Disc 2; she's in
   the Waterfall Cavern on the Western Continent and you can get there
   using a Green Chocobo or the submarine. You should go here as soon
   as you're able to. Then, visit Lucresia again before you go off to
   kill Hojo, and she'll give Vincent the Death Penalty and his Extreme
   Limit Manual, Chaos. The Death Penalty's power raises in proportion
   to how many enemies Vincent has killed since joining your group.

Cid Highwind's 'Venus Gospel':
 * After the Rocket Huge Materia Quest, return to Rocket Town. Talk to
   the old man who gave Cloud the Yoshiyuki. Chat with him repeatedly
   and he'll produce the Venus Gospel for Cid. Like Red's Limited Moon,
   the amount of damage this weapon does depends on how close Cid's
   current MP is to his maximum MP.

* 4.5.46 - What are the Weapons? How do I defeat them?

The Weapons, as Aeris's mother recalls, are a sort of planetary
self-defense force. They are created by the planet in order to defend
the planet from whatever might hurt it (again, applied Gaia theory).
Four of the six weapons seem to be targeting Shinra, because of their
Mako plants depleting the planet's life energy.

There are five Weapons created by the planet: "Weapon," Diamond Weapon,
Ultima Weapon, Emerald Weapon (USA and International versions only), and
Ruby Weapon (USA and International versions only).

For more information about the Weapons, we bring you:

By: Kao Megura and Nick Zitzmann

Weapon: The first weapon, whose name is unspecified in the game, appears
        shortly after Jenova is defeated in disc 2. He heads toward
        Junon, where he is destroyed by the Sister Ray.

Ultima Weapon: He appears after Cid & the others return to Mideel to
               check on Tifa & Cloud. You fight him at several different
               places in the game, see article 4.5.30.
Ultima Weapon's stats:
               The statistics of this monster change depending on where
               and when you fight it:
The first time you fight it (Mideel):
 - It can use Quake 3 and the Ultima Beam against you.
 - You can steal a Curse Ring from it.
Any aerial battle (Junon Lake, Mideel, North Corel):
 - It can use a spark attack and the Ultima Beam.
 - You can steal a Circlet form it.
Any ground battle (Fort Condor, Mideel, Gongaga):
 - It can use Quake 3 and the Ultima Beam against you.
 - You can steal a Reflect Ring from it.
The last battle with the Ultimate Weapon (Cosmo Canyon):
 - It can use the Ultima Beam and Shadow Flare (an enemy skill)
 - You can win the Ultima Weapon from it.
 - During the last battle, it's stats. change:
  LV: ??          EXP: 35000       Steal: n/a
  HP: ??          AP:  3500        Win:   Ultima Weapon
  MP: 400         Gil: 25000       Morph: n/a
  Control: n/a
               Note that the number of battles you fight depends on
               how much damage you inflict per battle--if you injure
               it enough in your second fight, it will fly to Cosmo
               Canyon for the last fight.
Normal way to defeat Ultima Weapon:
               You can protect yourself from the Ultima Beam by
               equipping someone's bracelet with 'Elemental' plus
               'Ultima' or 'Bahamut (any kind)', I (Kao) believe. The
               best way to attack it is to cast MBarrier on yourself
               and hit it with summon spells or physical attacks. It's
               the weakest of all the Weapons and shouldn't be too hard
               to kill.
Quick & dirty way to defeat Ultima Weapon:
               If you happen to have Knights of the Round, it should do
               enough damage to put Ultima Weapon away.

Diamond Weapon: As soon as the party returns to the Highwind after the
                return to the Forgotten Capital during disc 2, Diamond
                Weapon surfaces and initiates an attack on Midgar. In
                the USA & International versions of the game, Cloud &
                the others will have to attack Diamond Weapon up until
                the defense forces in Midgar are ready.
Diamond Weapon's stats:
 LV: ??          EXP: 35000       Steal: Rising Sun
 HP: 30000       AP:  3500        Win:   n/a
 MP: 3000        Gil: 25000       Morph: n/a
 Control: n/a
 Notes:   Cannot be 'sensed'.  Weak against Lightning and Slow.
Diamond Weapon's attacks:
 <no name>
   A laser ray attack causing 700+ damage to one target.
 <no name>
   A foot stomp attack causing 1000+ damage to one target.
   This is done when the Weapon's HPs are getting low. Unless you
   kill it in 3 rounds, it will use the 'Diamond Flash' attack.
   Afterwards, it will keep doing these two attacks repeatedly.
 'Diamond Flash'
   This causes around 1500-3500 damage to all party members, and
   casts 'Silence' as well (probably 'Minimum' too).
Normal way to defeat Diamond Weapon:
                Diamond Weapon is protected from physical attacks by a
                strong exterior shell, so forget about physical attacks.
                To beat it, cast Barrier on yourselves to reduce
                physical damage, then cast Slow on the Diamond Weapon.
                Use magic (Bolt 3, Tornado, Break, and Ultima
                all work well) to wear him down.  Eventually, the
                Diamond Weapon may open up its protective covering,
                allowing you to use physical attacks (but it's
                possible to fight it repeatedly and never have this
                happen once, or for it to do this at the start of a
                battle--it's seemingly random.) If it does lower its
                defenses, you should use Limit Breaks, and if a
                character has the Double Cut materia, that will come
                in handy. Note that the Diamond Weapon will
                automatically become vulnerable to physical attacks if
                it does the 'Diamond Flash' attack.
Quick & dirty way to defeat Diamond Weapon:
                If you have the Knights of Round materia, use it here.
                One shot of KOTR should do the trick.

Emerald Weapon: After you received the submarine from the underwater
                base during disc 2, you may see Emerald Weapon roaming
                around on the floor of the ocean. He serves no purpose
                to the plot of the game, but he has a valuable item
                (the Earth Harp) that you obtain if you can defeat him.
                Unless one of your characters has an Underwater
                materia equipped, you're on a time limit during this
                battle. Good luck!
Emerald Weapon's stats:
  LV: ??          EXP: 50000       Steal: n/a
  HP: 1000000     AP:  50000       Win:   Earth Harp
  MP: 100         Gil: 50000       Morph: n/a
  Control: n/a
Emerald Weapon's attacks:
 'Emerald Shoot'
   Causes 8000+ damage to one target.
 'Emerald Beam'
   Causes 6000+ damage to all targets.
 'Revenge Stamp'
   Causes 3000+ damage to all targets.  It's used as a counterattack.
 'Aire Tam Storm'
   Causes 1111 points of damage, multiplied by the amount of materia
   the character is currently using (ie. a character with nine or more
   materia equipped will be hit for 9999 points of damage). This
   attack is only used when all of the Weapon's Eyes are destroyed.
   It will stop using this once it hides its Eyes and goes back to
   regenerating them.
And here are the statistics of it's 'Eyes':
  LV: ??          EXP: (shared)    Steal: n/a
  HP: ~25000      AP:  (shared)    Win:   (shared)
  MP: 0           Gil: (shared)    Morph: n/a
  Control: n/a
The attacks of the four Eyes include:
 <no name>
   Causes 5000+ damage to one opponent.
 <no name>
   Drains 550+ MP from one opponent.
                (The 'Eyes' appear after you've been fighting for a
                while.  They attack continuously, and after killing all
                four of them, the Emerald Weapon will hide them and
                then rejuvenate them after a while.)
Normal way to defeat Emerald Weapon:
                Choose three characters, and give them their Ultimate
                Weapons. We suggest Barett (because you'll be equipping
                a lot of materia, which increases the power of his
                Missing Score anyway), and Yuffie (because her
                Conformer will usually cause max. damage against the
                Emerald Weapon if there is a large difference between
                their levels). Make sure you have an Escort Guard, as
                this will cut the damage of Aire Tam Storm by 2/3rds
                (really!). The other character(s) should be wearing
                Wizard Bracelets.

                Now, give each character enough HP Plus materia so that
                they all have high life (at least 9000 points). One
                person should have 'Revive' or 'Phoenix' handy.
                Although it's optional, the 'Underwater' materia is
                also useful.If you don't have many Elixirs or other
                restorative items on you, then 'Restore' + 'All' would
                also be advisable. However, make sure that's _all_
                the materia they have, because you'll want to fill
                their other slots with Counter Attack orbs. It is
                suggested that you get as many of these as you can
                (see article 4.5.40), maxing them all out by fighting
                enemies like Magic Pots (be sure to equip your double
                and triple AP weapons), and continuing to do this until
                you have at least 8 Counter Attack materia per person,
                although it's advisable that you have enough to
                fill up all the empty slots.

                Go into battle with the Emerald Weapon, but don't do
                anything (maybe cast Barrier on yourselves if you think
                it's necessary).  Wait until the Weapon attacks your
                party, and then you'll counterattack once for each
                Counter Attack materia equipped! So if the Emerald
                Weapon used Revenge Stamp and every character had 10
                Counter Attack orbs, you'd do 30 attacks in all against
                the Weapon, and they'd all do 9999 damage (except for
                Cloud, since his damage amount changes on how much HP
                he has--for that reason, you may consider giving him a
                normal weapon). You can then use your turns to heal
                yourselves, since you'll be attacking more or less
                Warning! I (Nick) found that Emerald Weapon, unlike
                most "normal" monsters, can counter-counterattack.
                That is, it can counterattack your counterattacks.
                So make sure you keep your HP high!

                The second method is to get the W-Summon and Knights of
                Round Materia (or Master Summon), and at least one Mime
                materia. Cast KoR twice and then keep Miming it. This
                strategy works very well if you can get Mime for all
                three members, but it also requires you to have gotten
                Knights of the Round or to have beaten the Ruby Weapon
                beforehand, which isn't easy or practical.
Quick & dirty way to defeat Emerald Weapon:
                This one's so difficult that there really isn't a way.
                Try doing this: As above, but instead of Counter Attack
                Materia, use the 'double Knights of Round' strategy
                described in the 'Ruby Weapon' section below.

                Remember that you can run away from the Emerald Weapon
                if things get a little hairy.

Ruby Weapon: Once you have the Highwind, you can encounter Ruby
             Weapon in the desert surrounding the Gold Saucer.
             Bumping into his location in the desert should cause
             him to surface. Like the Emerald Weapon, he serves
             no purpose to the game's plot, but it does have a
             valuable item (the Desert Rose) if you can defeat it.
Ruby Weapon's stats:
  LV: ??          EXP: 50000       Steal: n/a
  HP: 1000000     AP:  50000       Win:   Desert Rose
  MP: ???         Gil: 50000       Morph: n/a
  Control: n/a
  Notes:   Is weak against Stop, Dazers, and Hades.
Ruby Weapon's attacks:
   Removes one character from your party for the duration of the
   battle. It will always do this attack when there is more than one
   character in your party who is alive.
 'Grand Sweep'
   Damages all allies for about 5000+ points.
 <no name>
   A claw attack that hits one target for 3500+ damage.
 'Ruby Fire'
   Causes variable Fire-element damage to one target.
 'Ruby Ray'
   Causes around 3000 damage to one ally.
   The magic spell.  Used as a counterattack.
             (Note that Whirlsand, Grand Sweep, and <no name> can't be
             used by the Ruby Weapon when its claws are in the
Normal way to defeat Ruby Weapon:
             You can use any characters you want, as long as they all
             have high HP (9000 at least). One of them should be
             wearing 'Mystile'; the others should wear something that
             offers protection against fire, or should have 'Elemental'
             + 'Fire' or 'Phoenix' attached to their bracelet.

             I (Kao) personally suggest killing the Emerald Weapon
             first so that you can get the set of Master materia from
             Kalm to use in this battle.  And since you don't need lots
             of Materia slots, you might as well use your triple and
             double AP weapons in this battle, since you can load them
             up with non-mastered materia and then get lots of AP when
             the battle is over.

             Give one character this materia chain:
 Master Summon + HP Absorb  or  Knights of Round + HP Absorb, Hades.

             That character also needs to have 'W-Summon', and enough
             MP Plus materia so that he/she has enough MP to cast KoR
             and Hades once. One character needs to have 'Master
             Command' or 'Mime', but I suggest that all three
             characters have it. If you don't have a lot of
             restorative items, pack an All + Restore materia.

             Now, kill off your two teammates and go into battle with
             the Ruby Weapon. As soon as it puts its hands into the
             ground, revive your allies. Have one character cast Hades
             and Knights of Round, then keep Miming it. Hades has a
             chance of paralyzing the Ruby Weapon, preventing it from
             attacking. And since you're continually summoning
             monsters, its tentacles won't get much of a chance to
             attack either. Best of all, the HP Absorb materia will
             earn you at least 6800 HP when using Knights of the Round,
             making you party practically invincible. There
             are two things you need to watch out for, though. First
             of all, since the Ruby Weapon uses the Ultima spell as a
             counterattack, it can hit you with it between a W-Summon
             if it isn't paralyzed.  Secondly, if you have to stop
             Miming in order to revive a character, etc, make sure that
             the Ruby's Tentacles haven't drained too much MP from the
             person with Master Summon/KoR-Hades, so that they can cast
             it and you can go back to using Mime repeatedly.
             Remember: Ruby Weapon is virtually indestructible until its
             hands are in the ground. Make sure you hold your attacks
             until this happens.
             You may find that this boss is much more difficult than
             Emerald Weapon...
Quick & dirty way to defeat Ruby Weapon:
             Try this: As above, but W-Summon Knights of Round twice.
             This will do much more damage, especially with three
             people Miming it, but is also a little risky. If you need
             to stop Miming, cast Stop or use a set of Dazers on the
             Ruby Weapon so that it won't be able to attack you while
             you're busy reviving/healing, etc. This strategy also
             works well for the Emerald Weapon (too bad you can't stop
             it with spells or Dazers, though).

             Remember that you can run away from the Ruby Weapon, too,
             as long as its tentacles aren't waving around behind you.

* 4.5.47 - What do the greens and nuts do to my chocobos?

Here's a list of the greens, and what they do (thanks to

Gizzard greens: Speed +, Stamina +
Karaka greens: Intelligence +
Tantal greens:  Speed +, Stamina+, Intelligence+
Phasana greens: Intelligence +
Kurrie greens: Speed +, Stamina +
Mimitt greens: Speed +
Sylkis greens:  Speed +,  Stamina +, Intelligence +
Reagan greens: Speed +, Stamina +
(All of them make your chocobo get along better.)

There are a bunch of nuts, and some of them may modify some of the
statistics of your newborn chocobo. The only two nuts which actually can
mutate your baby chocobo are the Carob and Zeio nuts. Neither one are
sold in stores; you must obtain them in battle (see article 4.5.38 for

* 4.5.48 - What other neat things can I do with my materia?

Here's some extra stuff you might want to know:

You can make your normal attacks be affected by Support Materia by
equipping Master Command and linking to that. For example:

 - Equip Master Command and Steal as well together.  When you make
   a normal attack, you'll also steal from your enemy.

 - You can also use this with Double Cut or the Slash All materia.
   Using the above combination, you could steal four times if you
   had the 4x-cut ability, or steal from all enemies using Slash All.
   This works very well with materia such as HP Absorb or MP Absorb.

 - Note that you can't do Master Command + Counter to make your
   attacks (with or without Double Cut or Slash-All) counter normally.

Finally, you can also chain Materia together to have more than one
materia work at once. For instance:

 - Equip Gravity + All, Gravity + HP Absorb, and Gravity + Steal as
   You can cast a Demi spell on all enemies, steal HP from all of them,
   and then attempt to steal from each enemy.

Remember, you can use any type of Materia but Independent (there are
some other exceptions) in your materia chains.

* 4.5.49 - How do I perform that "unlimited money trick" that I've heard

There is no "unlimited money trick" in FF VII.

The person who might have spread this false rumor may have also
mentioned a town named Manchuria, a town which does not exist in any
Final Fantasy game (let alone VII).

Please! Stop this rumor!

* 4.6 - SaGa I (USA: The Final Fantasy Legend I)

* 4.6.1 - How do I get the Excalibur?

It's on Floor 21 of the Tower. Find the exit from the tower on this
level, and you'll find yourself in a world full of flowers and
mountains. Somewhere in this world is a straw hut with an old man lying
in bed. Talk to him to get the Excalibur.

The Excalibur, when used, will attack a whole group of enemies at once.

* 4.6.2 - Where is the Nuke Bomb?

It's on Floor 19 of the Tower. Somewhere on this level is a little room
with corpses littering the floor. Take the stairs, and you'll find a
dead corpse and his diary. Read the diary, and you get the Nuke Bomb -
the game's most powerful weapon. (Note that the item is added to your
inventory without notifying you.)

The diary also contains an extremely important clue about the forces
controlling Ashura, so read it carefully.

* 4.6.3 - How do I solve Ryu-O's riddle on Floor 5?

Ryu-O has the other orb required to get the Sphere for Floor 5, but you
must solve his riddle to get the Sphere.

He'll give you a list of items. Write this list down somewhere, and go
look up the price for each item at the store in the town near the Tower.

Add the prices up, and buy an item whose price matches the number you
got when you added the numbers together. Take the fresh item (don't use
it!) to Ryu-O and he'll give you the Orb.

If it still doesn't work, you may have to put the item in possession of
your party's leader in order for it to work.

* 4.6.4 - What's the best way to defeat Ashura?

The best way is to equip your lead character with the Revenge Sword, and
use it. That way, if Ashura uses a particularly strong attack on your
lead character, the lead will counter attack and do twice the damage of
Ashura's attack.

If you have the Glass Sword, use it.

Also, your mutants should use Flare on Ashura.

* 4.6.5 - Where can I find a Board?

You need a ROM before you can get a Board. (Sound strange? I realize
that, but that's the way it goes.)

Find the ROM in the deserted town on Floor 16. If you can't find the
deserted town, head to the Library and search for it.

Take the ROM to Ameyoko town (in the northeast.) In the far-upper-right
corner of town is a Board Shop - it's tough to find. Go there and use
your ROM to get a Board.

When you have the Board, head back to the Pub and show it to So-Cho so
you can start looking for the plutonium.

* 4.6.6 - How do I get through Sei-Ryu's Castle?

First off, most of the doors are locked. Find the key to unlock them -
it should be somewhere near the entrance to the castle.

After a while of exploring the castle, you should find three rooms - one
with a horizontal line of orbs, one with a vertical line of orbs, and
another one filled with orbs. Back in the town, there was a person who
told you to "remember where the two lines meet." Keep this in mind, and
use the clues in the first two rooms to find where the lines intersect.
Find where the "lines" intersect in the third room. If you guessed
correctly, Sei-Ryu will attack the party. If not, you'll be attacked by
an AtomCrab instead.

Give up? Read on...

Go to the third room. Select the orb which is two orbs away from the top
and two orbs away from the right. That orb hides Sei-Ryu.

* 4.6.7 - What is the best weapon in the game, and where can I find it?

The King Sword, actually, is the game's best weapon: It can be used an
unlimited amount of times, and can critically hit _any_ monster. Too bad
you lose it at the beginning of the game...

Aside from the King Sword, the Glass Sword is the best weapon in the
game. Only the Nuke Bomb can do more damage than it can, and that can
only be used once. The Glass Sword can be used 50 times!

You can find it in the upper levels of the Tower. While proceeding up
the Tower, take a look in the room to the right of the stairs on each
floor up. The Glass Sword is in one of these rooms. The Aegis (Aezis)
Shield and some other goodies can be found the same way.

* 4.6.8 - Where did my glider go?

Once you defeat Byak-Ko on floor 10, the game assumes that you don't
need the glider anymore after you have the sphere and take off for the

If you do revisit floor 10 for any reason, you can get the glider back
by talking to some of the people inside the Pub in the first town.

* 4.7 - SaGa II (USA: The Final Fantasy Legend II)

* 4.7.1 - Do I really need to conquer the Nasty Dungeon?

If you want to have any remotely possible chances of finishing the game,
you should explore the depths of the dungeon. You _can_ try to finish
the game without exploring it, but many powerful items (the Gungnir
Spear, the Glass Sword, a Nuke Bomb, etc.) lie on the bottom level.

Maybe not the first time you enter, though, because the monsters at the
bottom of the dungeon are particularly difficult. Come back when you
have the items and experience, and take them on.

There are eight levels in the Nasty Dungeon; each one becomes
increasingly more difficult.

Helpful Hint: When you reach the end of the Dungeon, the sprite
character will ask you if you thought it was nasty. Careless of what you
really think, say "yes". If you say "no," you will be teleported back to
the fifth level and have to finish all over again...

* 4.7.2 - What do I do in Venus's World?

You can start by searching for MAGI in the city sewers.

You can't enter the sewers from inside Venus's City, but you can from
the outside. There should be another way in somewhere around the
Outcasts' Village. (Look behind the city walls.)

After you get all the MAGI in the sewers, talk to Venus & then Flora in
Venus's City to make the volcano rise. Go into the volcano to find more

* 4.7.3 - What do I do with the Masamune, Aegis, and Heart MAGIs?

These MAGI, when equipped, can be used as items in battle. In battle,
scroll down the person's inventory, and a ninth item - the MAGI - will
appear. You can use it as an item now.

The Masamune MAGI can be used as a sword.

The Aegis MAGI works the same way as a shield, except it covers the
entire party instead of just one character.

The Heart MAGI will revive a stunned character in battle, but it only
works once until it is recharged at an inn or with a tent.

* 4.7.4 - Where is the Seven Sword?

This item's more trouble to get than it's worth, but if you really want
to know...

The Seven Sword is in the possession of Haniwas in the Center of the
World. Unfortunately, Haniwas are very rare enemies. Even more
unfortunately, only a few of them hold the Seven Sword. You could spend
days fighting in the Center of the World, and not get anything.

Edmund Wong ( tells us how to easily find

"There is a certain pattern of battles in FF Legend 2. If you haven't
noticed already, as soon as you walk on ground that enemies can actually
attack you on, they will attack you on your first step, your fourth
step, and your fifth step (if you re-load a game where your characters
are already on ground that will allow enemies to attack, that re-loading
counts as one step). After that, the game will allow you to walk for
quite a long time before the fourth attack begins.

"This applies to the center of the world. If you have many tents plus
the hyper cannon equipped on the robot OR if your characters are strong
enough to take down the Haniwa with Flare and other strong weapons,
you're set. You use a tent and save before reaching Arsenal. Turn off
the Game Boy and turn it back on (resetting it by pressing all buttons
does not work). Reload your game and right when you enter the game, you
will immediately be attacked (first step). You have two options:  (1)
Fight off these enemies [the hard way] OR (2) pressing all the buttons
at the same time to reset the Game Boy. Although you will get no gold or
anything from the enemies, the FFL2 cartridge will think that you
already fought the battle and will remember that you already made the
step. After reloading the game OR killing all the enemies, you take
another three steps before you are attacked for the second time. Again,
you can take either of the two options (the FF Legend 2 cartridge does
remember how many steps you have already took). After that, you will be
attacked on your next step. Again, the two options can be done. Finally,
after all this is done, you will be allowed to walk around for quite a
while, but you will eventually be attacked. If you are in the center of
the world, the enemy that will attack you is the Haniwa. Use the Hyper
Cannon to immediately destroy it OR fight it off with Flare and other
weapons and you might win the Seven Sword. After this is done, you save
and turn off the Game Boy. Use a tent before you save if you lost any HP
during the battle, OR if you used the Hyper Cannon and cannot fight it
off without it (if you do equip the 3-use Hyper Cannon with the Robot,
it becomes 1-use, but every time you use a Tent, you will be able to use
it again!). Turn it back on and repeat this process. You will
continually fight Haniwas, and eventually you will win the Seven Sword."

NOTE: This trick does not work if you are playing the game on a Super
Game Boy, for some strange reason. In order to get it to work, you must
use a regular Game Boy.

* 4.7.5 - How do I defeat Apollo?

The key to fighting Apollo is to jump on him immediately and keep
fighting. When you first find him, he won't attack you for at least six
or so rounds, so fight now.

This may sound self-explanatory, but use your best weapons against him.
The Samurai Bow seems to be quite effective, and so is the Excalibur.

If a character should become stunned, make sure one of your stronger
characters has the Heart MAGI equipped so he/she/it can revive fallen

When Apollo's HP becomes critical, he'll start melting. Apollo will
explode when his HP reaches 0.

NOTE: In order to win this battle, Dad and at least one other character
must still be alive when Apollo starts melting. If not, Apollo will
explode and destroy your party almost instantly.

* 4.7.6 - What are the best items in the game, and where are they?

Here's some of the items to look out for when playing FFL II:

Parasuit: The Parasuit is a full suit of armor for a character (kind of
like the Power Armor from FFL I.) Humans and mutants can't wear other
pieces of armor while the Parasuit is equipped; but it gives its bearer
over 70 defense points and protection against fire, ice, and gas.
There's only two of them in the game: One is in the Nasty Dungeon, the
other is in the Final Dungeon.

Samurai Bow: The Samurai Bows are by far the most powerful bows in the
game - they can do massive amounts of damage to one group of enemies at
a time. Highly recommended gear for robots - your robot will become a
walking war machine with one or two Samurai Bows equipped. You can find
the two Samurai Bows in the Shogun's Palace (in Edo) and the Nasty
Dungeon. Don't lose them!

Gungnir Spear: Same as the Samurai Bows, except that the Gungnir Spear
runs off strength instead of agility. The only one in the game is in the
Nasty Dungeon, although Odin is also known to use one.

Excalibur Sword: Same as the Gungnir Spear, except that it can be used
an unlimited amount of times. It is hiding in the Final Dungeon.

Seven Sword: See article 4.7.4.

Glass Sword: The Glass Sword deals a huge amount of damage to one enemy,
but it can only be used once. The only one in the game is in the Nasty

Hermes and Hecate Shoes: Where the Geta Shoes boost a character's
strength, the Hermes Shoes boost a character's agility and the Hecate
Shoes boost a character's mana. The Hermes Shoes are located in
Dunatis's Cave (in Apollo's World), and the Hecate Shoes are on board
the Bannana Boat (in Edo.)

Nuke Bomb: Same as the Nuke Bomb in FFL I - they do huge amounts of
damage to all enemies. There are two of them in this game - one in the
Nasty Dungeon and one in the Final Dungeon.

Hyper Cannon: The Hyper Cannon kills all of the enemies on the screen
instantly, but it doesn't work on bosses. You can find it in the Nasty

Abacus: This item isn't particularly strong - its only use is to
paralyze enemies, but it is one of the most difficult items to find in
the game. To get it, you must defeat Echigoya (in Edo) and be extremely
lucky. There's only a small chance that Echigoya will drop the Abacus
once he's defeated.

* 4.8 - Final Fantasy Tactics

* 4.8.1 - How do I kill Gafgarion?

You fight Gafgarion three times in the game. The strategy to beat him
depends on where you are.

First time: Before entering the battle at the falls, change Gafgarion's
class to something other than Black Knight, and make sure he's
completely unequipped. He'll go down easily.

Second time: To stop his Dark Sword ability, try to use either Steal
Weapon or Weapon Break.

Third time: This is a duel between Ramza and Gafgarion, and there's no
way to win while Gafgarion keeps using his Dark Sword ability. Try to
steal or break his weapon again. If that doesn't work, make sure that
Ramza has the Chakra punch art ability, and keep using it repeatedly
until the melee outside the castle gates clears up. Once you've defeated
the enemies outside of the castle, move Ramza into position next to the
gate switch. Now, rush in and go for the kill.

* 4.8.2 - How do I survive the battles at Riovannes Castle?

There's three of them - one easy battle and two super-tough battles.
General hint: Although it will prompt you to save the game, do not save
the game over your current game in progress! Doing so may result in you
having to play the entire game over again!

Battle one:
This battle is relatively easy, and shouldn't be a problem for your
characters. Just take out Malak and those three archers, and the rest
shouldn't be a problem.

Battle two:
Wiegraf can kill Ramza in two turns, while Ramza can barely scratch
Wiegraf. This battle requires you to know what you're doing, which is
the biggest problem with this battle...

The following works, however: Give Ramza the Auto Potion, Accumulate
(use with the "Guts" command), and Move-HP Up abilities. Throw away all
of your Potions and Hi-Potions, and only use X-Potions. Support ability
is up to you, but it's a good idea to use Two Blades. Make sure Ramza
has a high Brave level - if necessary, use mediator skills to raise
Ramza's bravery. (The braver the character, the more likely the reaction
ability will work.)

Now, keep Accumulating during this battle, and running away from
Wiegraf. If Wiegraf hits Ramza with a Holy Sword attack, Ramza should
counter with an X-Potion. If not, or if Ramza's attack power reaches
25-35, charge Wiegraf and try to take him out. It should only take a
single attack.

When Wiegraf uses the Brave Stone, immediately try to take out the
demon. He should also go down in a single turn.

Battle three:
This battle is particularly infuriating, since Celia and Lede can kill
any character in a single hit. Since their goal is to take the stone
from Rafa, it is critical that you keep Rafa's HP high, or else this
will be a very short battle.

About the best way to win this battle is to use your warriors to take
out Elmdor quickly and efficiently. Since your characters on the ground
will be targeted by Celia and Lede, it's probably best to use lancers.
Keep jumping on Elmdor to weaken him, and end the battle.

* 4.8.3 - How do I learn the Ultima spell?

Celia and Lede know the spell, and if they cast it on Ramza while he is
a squire, then Ramza will learn it. It's the only way to master Ramza's
squire job.

* 4.8.4 - What does the "Secret Hunt" thief skill do?

Secret Hunt allows your character to poach the monsters they kill, and
sell them back at fur shops. One of the key advantages to this is it
makes the enemy completely disappear, which is very helpful for removing
undead monsters (which might otherwise revive).

Fur shops open up during Chapter 3 inside trade cities.

* 4.8.5 - How do I get the secret character?

To get started, you need to be on Chapter 4 of the game, and have
Mustadio in your party.

Go to Goug Machine City during Chapter 4. Mustadio's father will
demonstrate a weird machine.

After that, go to Goland Coal City and listen to rumors at the bar. One
of the rumors is about a monster underground Goland.

Once you've heard that rumor, head next door to Lesalia Imperial
Capital. Ramza will take the "underground monster" quest, and Beowulf
will ask if he can join the party. Let him join.

Go to Goland, and you'll engage in four back-to-back battles. After
they're all finished, Beowulf and Reis will join the party as PCs.

Head back to Goug, and the weird machine will transform into Worker 8.
Worker 8 will then join you.

Go to the bar in Zeltennia Castle, and a shrine will appear on the map.
Now, walk all the way back to Goug Machine City. Mustadio's father will
demonstrate another strange machine.

On your way to Limberry Castle, Ramza may run into a flower girl (Aeris
Gainsborough, from FF VII). If so, make sure you buy a flower.

Go to the shrine (you're probably getting sick of all the random battles
by now, huh?) and you'll fight Worker 7*new. Defeat him to acquire a
Zodiac Stone. Beowulf will use this stone to transform Reis back into a

Back at Goug, the Zodiac Stone you just acquired will summon the secret
character - whom is none other than Cloud Strife, the lead character
from Final Fantasy VII. However, he'll run off in pursuit of Sephiroth
(Sephiros?) before Ramza can introduce himself.

After that, go to Zarghidas Trade City. Aeris is attacked, and Cloud is
having a breakdown. Your goal is to save Cloud. Afterwards, Cloud will
join Ramza.

This story's not over yet. In order to use his Limit commands, Cloud
must be equipped with the Materia Blade. If you point to Cloud's name in
the status screen, he says "It's hidden on the top of the volcano!" That
would be a good place to check, no?

* 4.8.6 - How do I survive the battles at Limberry Castle?

To believe Ramza saved the life of Marquis Elmdor during Chapter 1! Now,
Elmdor is Ramza's worst enemy, and he may have a clue to the location of
Alma. However, you'll have to survive three difficult battles to find

Battle one:
Just bring Celia or Lede's HP to critical levels, and this battle will
end. Don't worry about the demons too much. If Orlandu is in your party,
he can strike down either character almost single-handedly.

Battle two:
Use women for this battle - Celia and Lede's Allure special attack has
an almost perfect chance of charming any male character in the party.
Also, equip every character with Angel Rings. Celia and Lede can use
their Stop Bracelet attack to instantly kill any party member without
fail, so the Angel Rings will give the characters a certain amount of
protection. Also, equip one character with the Barette, so Elmdor's
Blood Suck commands will be nullified.

Elmdor is equipped with the Masamune, a full set of Genji hardware, and
has the Blade Grasp reaction ability. As a result, it'll be nearly
impossible to use physical attacks on him. Agrias is the best character
to use for this battle, since she can not be charmed by Celia/Lede, and
her Holy Sword abilities will always damage Elmdor. Be careful about
using Orlandu, since if Celia/Lede charms him, it'll be all over
quickly. Worker 8 can also dish out some serious damage on Elmdor.

Do not attack Celia or Lede. It's important that they be left alive.
(You'll see why if you kill them...)

This battle is Ramza's last chance to learn Ultima (see article 4.8.3).

Battle three:
Mustadio's Snipe skill will prove its usefulness in this battle against
the undead. Use Mustadio to get most of the undead out of the way, but
don't kill all of them. That's what Meliadoul's for.

Just keep attacking the Zodiac demon with your strongest attacks, and
it'll be all over. The previous battle really was more difficult.

Meliadoul will join the party after the conclusion of this battle.

* 4.8.7 - How do I get various jobs?

Here's a list of all the jobs, and how to acquire them. Prerequisites
are listed in brackets.


Squire [no prerequisite]:
Squires have no really strong points. However, most of the jobs
involving combat require some Squire skill.

Chemist [no prerequisite]:
Chemists are the only class that can use items. Later in the game, they
can be equipped with guns. Most of the jobs involving magic require some
Chemist skill.


Knight [L2 Squire]
Early in the game, knights are useful as military units. They can break
the equipment of other characters, which is sometimes useful in
disabling human opponents. However, there are better physical jobs out

Archer [L2 Squire]
Archers are the only characters in the game that can be equipped with
bows. Having a long range attack is useful by itself, but the archer is
especially useful when he/she is located higher than the target. The
Charge skills aren't that useful, but the Concentrate ability is.

Monk [L2 Knight]
Monks can pound enemies for huge amounts of damage, and they aren't even
equipped with weapons. The Punch Art and Counter abilities are also
worth learning.

Priest [L2 Chemist]
Priests are the White Wizards of previous Final Fantasy games. They can
use white magic spells, but none of them (except for Holy) are all that

Wizard [L2 Chemist]
Wizards are the Black Wizards of previous Final Fantasy games. They can
use black magic spells, but later in the game, only the costlier spells
will be useful. They're useful when the spells are cheap, at the
beginning of the game, but are difficult to maintain afterward.

Time Mage [L2 Wizard]
Time Mages provide easy ways to drive your competition crazy - they can
speed up characters, slow/stop them, and cast the mighty Meteo spell.
Worse yet, the computer can usually make very effective use of them.
Nevertheless, it wouldn't hurt to have some characters with time magic

Summoner [L2 Time Mage]
Summon spells are not only visually impressive, but in a few ways,
they're the most powerful type of magic that can be cast. Summon spells
affect an entire area instead of five squares, and typically deal out
big damage. However, spells take a lot of JP to earn.

Thief [L2 Archer]
Thieves can steal stuff from enemies, but tend to be killed very easily
because of their low armor. Draw your own conclusions.

Mediator [L2 Oracle]
Mediators have abilities no other class can perform: Their Talk Skill
can increase/decrease the bravery/faith of any character, and their
Invitation skill can invite any normal enemy into the party. They can
also use guns, which adds a little to their value.

Oracle (Yin-Yang Mage) [L2 Priest]
Yin-Yang Magic can change the status of the enemy, but it adds more
insult than injury. As a result, this class is rather useless. Temple
Knights are more useful, and perform the same general actions.

Geomancer [L3 Monk]
Geomancers can equip most of the same equipment as knights and squires,
and can use the elements to assault the enemies. However, since the
magic is rather weak and never improves, it's only useful at the
beginning of the game.

Lancer (Dragoon) [L3 Thief]
The Highwind family would be proud of these guys. Jump attacks increase
the power of regular attacks, and once a lancer is in the air, they
can't be attacked until they come back down. This job is one of the best
attack jobs to acquire.


Samurai [L3 Knight, L4 Monk, L2 Lancer]
Samurai can unleash the hidden powers of Japanese katana blades, which
typically can heal the party or hurt enemies. Moreover, healing katanas
won't affect enemies, and hurting ones won't affect allies. The only
problem is these katanas can be destroyed after repeated use.

Ninja [L3 Archer, L4 Thief, L2 Geomancer]
Ninjas are the fastest characters, can be equipped with two weapons, and
can throw objects & projectiles at enemies. Need we say more? As
warriors, these guys are excellent for sneak attacks. However, their low
armor prohibits them from being too confrontational.

Calculator [L4 Priest, L4 Wizard, L3 Time Mage, L3 Oracle]
Calculators select magic targets based on different calculations - for
instance; the height, level, or experience of the targets. They can
theoretically hit every target on the screen, and their magic is cast
instantly with no charge delays. However, they are the game's slowest

Bard [male, L4 Summoner, L4 Mediator]
Bards can sing songs that affect every allied character on the screen.
Their ability to hit every allied character is their strongest point.
However, since the effects are often rather weak, and the charge time is
rather long, they're not always that useful.

Dancer [female, L4 Geomancer, L4 Lancer]
Same as bards, except their dances hit every enemy on the screen. Just
like the bards, unfortunately, the dances are rather weak.

Mime [L8 Squire, L8 Chemist, L4 Summoner, L4 Mediator, L4 Geomancer, L4
Mimes don't have any commands of their own; instead, they mimic the
actions of the other characters. This has the potential to be the
strongest job in the game, however, the prerequisites turn most gamers
away from this prestigious job.


Squire [Ramza, Delita (ch. 1 only), Algus]
These three characters have special abilities which can not be obtained
by any other squire. Ramza's abilities especially change from chapter to
chapter. Delita and Algus won't be in the party long enough to gain some
of their more advanced techniques, though.

Holy Knight [Agrias, Delita (ch. 2 onward)]
Holy Knights can do some impressive tricks with their swords, which work
with perfect accuracy and cause big damage. They're very useful
characters, especially for some enemies which can't be hit by physical

Dark Knight [Gafgarion]
Gafgarion can perform two neat sword tricks which drain HP and MP away
from their targets. However, Gafgarion is in the party for too short a
time to be really useful.

Engineer [Mustadio]
Mustadio can be equipped with guns, and can use them to change the
status of the enemy. Mustadio is very good at paralyzing enemies, but he
only has three abilities to learn. Nevertheless, these three jobs can
save your party many times.

Princess [Ovelia]
Ovelia's Mbarrier attack provides decent magic defense, however, she's
with the party for only one battle.

Cleric [Alma]
Alma's basically the same as Ovelia.

Astrologist [Olan]
Olan is no different than any squire. However, his special attack,
Galaxy Stop, can paralyze every enemy on the screen. Unfortunately, Olan
only fights one battle with Ramza.

Heaven Knight [Rafa]
"Truth" attacks are very unpredictable, and tend to have more of a
chance of hitting allies rather than enemies. In other words, Rafa is
not a very useful character. You can dispose of her and you'll never
miss her.

Hell Knight [Malak]
To believe God even gave this guy a second chance on life! Malak is even
less useful than his sister, especially since "Un-Truth" attacks don't
ignore faith. Again, you won't miss him if you choose not to let him

Holy Swordsman [Orlandu]
Orlandu can use all of the sword skills used by Agrias, Gafgarion, and
Meliadoul. If that wasn't good enough, his sword skills are typically
twice as powerful, and he comes with the mighty Excalibur sword. Orlandu
really upsets the balance of difficulty in this game. The only reason
you wouldn't want to use him is if you wanted to make the game more

Arc Knight [Zalbag]
The Arc Knight might have some neat special skills, but since Zalbag is
with the party for such a short time, you'll never see them.

Divine Knight [Meliadoul]
It's a shame Meliadoul didn't trust Ramza at the beginning of Chapter 4,
because she would have been more useful if she joined the party before
Orlandu. Nevertheless, her Save the Queen sword and battle strength make
her a welcome addition to anyone's party. Just remember: Mighty Sword
techniques are useless on animals - they only damage humans with the
equipment the skill is designed to break. It also doesn't work against
characters with the Maintenance support skill.

Temple Knight [Beowulf]
Beowulf is everything the Oracle job should have been. His "Magic Sword"
spells are cast without any charge time, are typically more effective
than Yin-Yang magic, and have a few more powerful spells. All in all,
Beowulf is a very powerful character, only second to Orlandu.

Holy Dragon [Reis]
Reis is like any other dragon, except she can use all three Bracelet
abilities. She's extremely powerful, but can't be equipped with armor,
so she tends to be killed really easily.

Steel Giant [Worker 8]
Worker 8 is a useful character since he is extremely powerful and has
several bone-crunching special attacks. However, he can't change jobs,
can't be re-equipped, and has no faith.

Dragoner [Reis]
After Reis transforms, she's basically the same as she used to be,
except she gains a few mediator-esque skills.

Soldier [Cloud]
The game's secret character could have been a bit better. His attacks
take a while to charge up, and there is absolutely no FF VII-esque Limit
Break animation. What was Square thinking of? Nevertheless, Cloud is the
only male character in the game which can be equipped with the Barette,
which makes Cloud basically immune to status changes. However, he's not
very useful otherwise.

* 4.9 - Final Fantasy V

* 4.9.1 - There is a dead end in the Valley of the Dragons. What next?

It's actually not a dead end. There's a cleverly hidden passageway which
allows you to continue.

To see the passageway, arrive at the "dead end" room, then make one
character a Geomancer. There is a hole in the ground inside this room
which allows you to continue on your way.

* 4.9.2 - How do I defeat Bahamut or any of the other difficult
near-end-game bosses?

There are a number of different strategies to use. Here's one:

Have one or two characters master the Ninja and Hunter jobs. Then,
remove their class (change them to "bare"), and set them to use the
2-handed ability and the four-attack command.

With two weapons (preferably weapons from Kuza Castle or better) and the
four-attack command, the character will hit the boss eight times for big
damage each time. With the more powerful weapons, it's not uncommon to
be doing 10,000 points of damage per attack...

* 4.10 - Final Fantasy VIII

* 4.10.1 - How do I get from Balamb to Timber?

Enter Balamb town, and head left after going straight down the road.
This takes you to the train station which has a route to Timber.

* 4.10.2 - Where are all the GFs?

Here are the GFs which you can collect/junction/summon by normal means:

Quetzalcoatl and Shiva (Disc 1): You start the game with these two.
Ifrit (Disc 1): Acquired in the Fire Cave.
Siren* (Discs 1 & 4): Can be drawn from Elvoret during the mission in 
Diablos (All Discs): Acquired by using the Magic Lamp item. You get
                     the Magic Lamp by talking to Cid following the
                     dance scene. (It can't be acquired at any later
                     time in the game.)
Brothers (Discs 1 & 4): Acquired in the Tomb of the Unknown King.
Carbuncle* (Discs 1 & 4): Can be drawn from Iguion during the mission
           in Deling City.
Leviathan* (Discs 2 & 4): Can be drawn from NORG during the revisit to
           Balamb Garden.
Pandemona* (Discs 2 & 4): Can be drawn from Fujin during the mission in
Cerebus* (Discs 2 & 4): Acquired in Galbadia Garden.
Alexander* (Discs 2 & 4): Can be drawn from Edea in Galbadia Garden.
Doomtrain (Discs 3 & 4): Acquired by using the Solomon's Ring item, 6
          Steel Pipes, 6 Remedy+ (requires Alexander for refining
          through Med LV-Up), and 6 Malboro Tentacles. Note that
          Solomon's Ring can only be found at Tears' Point, and only
          before Lunatic Pandora arrives at the point (in other words,
          it's only available after entering Esthar and before
          entering space).
Bahamut (Discs 3 & 4): Acquired at an underwater base. It's in the
        southwesternmost corner of the map, and requires approaching
        a blue light. Pick the first option first, the second option
        second, and the third (invisible) option third.
Tonberry (Discs 2, 3, 4): Acquired in the Centra Ruins. First, acquire
         the GF Odin. Then, fight 20 Tonberries. After defeating all of
         them, you'll fight the King Tonberry immediately afterward.
Cactaur (Discs 3 & 4): Acquired on Cactus Island, in Centra. (You must
        defeat the Giant Cactaur to receive this GF.)
Eden* (Discs 3 & 4): Can be drawn from Ultima Weapon in the underwater
      base. To get there, you must have Zell in your party, and you
      must spend all but ten units of power getting to the bottom of
      the base. At the bottom, let Zell handle opening the door.

Here are the GFs which can only be summoned, but not junctioned:

Odin (Discs 2, 3, 4): Enter the Centra Ruins and complete it within
     the time limit. Get both eyes from the gargoyle statues, and
     place them both in the statue on top to receive a passcode.
     Take the eyes, place them in the gargoyle down below, and then
     enter the passcode to fight Odin. (Odin will randomly enter a
     battle and destroy all the enemies, but the chance of him
     appearing is random and depends on luck.)
Gilgamesh (Disc 3): If you got Odin before the end of disc 3, then
          Odin will become Gilgamesh.
Phoenix (Discs 2, 3, 4): Summoned by using a Phoenix Pinion, which
        can be refined from Mega Phoenixes (which can be refined
        from Phoenix Downs).
Chicobo (Discs 2, 3, 4): Summoned by using Gyashl Greens, which can
        be purchased from Chocoboy inside Chocobo Forests.
MiniMog, Moomba (Discs 2, 3, 4): These two are only available through
                the PocketStation "Chocobo World" minigame.

* = If you missed drawing out this GF at this point in time, and if
you're playing the non-Japanese version of the game, you can receive it
again inside the final dungeon during disc 4.

Also, note that for the junctionable GFs which are not drawn out of
enemies, you will need to fight and defeat the GFs to earn their

* 4.10.3 - Where is the White SeeD ship?

The White SeeD ship is hidden in a random inlet somewhere in the portion
of Centra northwest of Edea's house. Because its location is randomly
selected between several inlets, it could be anywhere.

Sorry this isn't more helpful, but its location is going to be a little
different for everyone... Don't give up hope, though; it is out there.

* 4.10.4 - How do I defeat Sorceress Adel?

The easiest way to defeat Adel is to use either Squall, Zell, or
Quistis. Simply cast Aura on them, which you should have drawn out
during the previous battle against Seifer, then use their best limit
breaks. One of Squall's Renzokuken/Lion Heart limit breaks will
instantly wipe out Adel. Also try Quistis's Shockwave Pulsar. Any move
with Zell will work, but avoid using Final Heaven (since it'll hurt
Rinoa as well) and Meteor Strike (which doesn't work during this

If that fails, or you don't have Squall's Lion Heart sword or Quistis's
Shockwave Pulsar spell, it'll be a little more difficult. Try these:
* Don't summon GFs, except for Cerberus and Carbuncle. Remember that GFs
will attack Rinoa, and you want to avoid harming Rinoa at all costs.
* If you have the Regen spell, cast it on Rinoa right away.
* Junction as much as you can to strength, vitality, and HP.
* Did you know that you can refine tents into Curaga spells?
* If you don't have Cerberus, then cast Double or Triple (preferrably
the latter) on someone who has lots of Curagas. That person will be your
designated healer for this battle.
* Keep fighting; Adel will drop sooner or later (and it's going to be
later unless you were able to pull off a Renzokuken/Lion Heart).

But wait! After defeating Adel, you'll be launched into a series of
battles that are even more difficult before you can go to the game's
final dungeon. If you are having troubles with Adel and want to cheat
your way around it, think twice.

* 4.11 - Final Fantasy IX

* 4.11.1 - Is this game ever going to be released for Windows, like
Final Fantasy VII and VIII were?

One word: No.

|* Sec. 5 - Frequently Asked Questions about Other Square Soft Games *|

* 5.1 - Chrono Trigger

* 5.1.1 - How do I defeat the Golem Twins?

This doesn't seem very obvious at first. However, the Golem Twins copy
whatever attack you might use against them. Your character's physical
attack, unfortunately, is their strongest copycat attack.

Refrain from physical attacks at all times while fighting, and
concentrate on high-powered magic attacks. Try this: Take Lucca with
you; equip her with the Taban Suit and equip the others with either Red
Vests, Red Mail, or Ruby Suits. Have Lucca cast Flare, and the other
characters hang tight and restore Lucca's MP. The fire copycat attacks
used by the Golem Twins will have little/no effect against the Taban
Suit and Ruby Suits, and will be absorbed by the Red Vests and Red Mail.

* 5.1.2 - I'm at the Forest Ruins. What do I do?

You can't do anything here unless you have charged the Pendant up in
12,000 BC so you can break the seal here.

Inside are two treasure chests, but you can only take from one. The one
on the left is the Safe Helm; the one on the right is the Swallow sword.

Personally, the FAQ maintainer recommends the Safe Helm, but you can
take whatever you like.

* 5.1.3 - How do I forge the Masamune?

You first need to go to 600 AD and head to the Denadoro Mountains. On
top of the mountain somewhere is the Masamune, but you must first beat
Masa & Mune twice before you can get it. (Hint: If you encounter any
Ogans on your climb, use Lucca's Flame Toss tech to turn them into
regular Goblins.)

When you beat Masa & Mune the second time, you'll get the Broken Sword.
(Apparently, the Masamune has been broken all this time.)

Take the Broken Sword to Frog in the Cursed Woods. He'll move out of the
way so you can open the pot behind him. Inside is the Broken Hilt.

Take both to Melchior in 1000 AD. He'll tell you that you need some rare
Red Rock to finish forging the Masamune, but it can only be found in
ancient times.

Now, here's the long one... Head back to 65,000,000 BC via the End of
Time. Visit Ayla at the Ioka Village, and beat her in a soup-drinking
contest to win the rock.

On the morrow, you'll have the Rock, but you'll lose the Time Key. To
get it back, you must go into the Forest Maze. After you get through the
Forest Maze, go into the Reptite Lair and defeat Nizbel to get the Time
Key back.

Finally, head back to 1000 AD and forge the Masamune at Melchior's.

(You first need to find the Magic Cave in 600 AD before Frog will equip
the sword, though. It's just to the east of the Denadoro Mountains.)

* 5.1.4 - What do I do in the Northern Ruins?

It's a structural wreck in 1000 AD. A carpenter in 600 AD can help out,
but he doesn't have any tools.

Go to the inn in 1000 AD, and ask the carpenter there for his tools.
Take the tools to the carpenter in 600 AD, and have him repair some of
the structure. When he's done, go in and defeat the ghosts in the way.
Keep heading back, recruiting more help, fighting ghosts, going back,
etc. until the whole place has been fixed.

Now, take Frog to the room you reach from going to the far left at the
entrance. In this room at the end will be Cyrus's grave. Cyrus's soul
will talk to Frog, and the real power of the Masamune will be revealed.
The Northern Ruins will now be called the "Hero's Grave".

While you're at it, take time to search around for treasure. The Moon
Armor, as well as other extremely powerful items, can be found here.

* 5.1.5 - There's something in some chests in 600 AD which interfere
with the Pendant. Should I remove the contents?

No. If you're asked this, say "no," go back to the same place in 1000
AD, and open the chests. You'll get an upgraded item.

* 5.1.6 - My party is in the Blackbird, and I've lost everything. What
do I do?

You wouldn't be able to do anything under regular circumstances, but one
guard decided to nod off while guarding some of your stolen inventory.

Climb into the air ducts above, and find this sleeping guard below. Get
your stuff. With one character equipped, you should be able to find all
your other equipment.

Bonus hint: If you took Ayla before you got into this mess, it makes
things easier since Ayla can fight unarmed, meaning you'll never be able
to get caught outside and dragged back to the cell.

* 5.1.7 - What do I do with Fiona in 600 AD?

You can help her later on in the game.

First off, in 12,000 BC, a lady asks you if she should plant or burn a
seedling she has. Tell her to plant it. She'll agree - maybe one day it
will save the environment. It will.

Now, once you do that, a whirlpool will appear in the desert in 600 AD.
Head into the whirlpool and defeat all the monsters inside.

When you've defeated the boss inside, leave and report back to Fiona.
The desert will no longer be an obstacle, but it'll now take too long to
replant the forest. The only person who will be alive that long is Robo
- bring Robo to Fiona, and have Robo do the work.

Go to 1000 AD, and the desert will now become Fiona's Shrine. Inside is
Robo. After you get Robo back, the party camps out and leads an
interesting discussion about time passing.

After the discussion, Lucca finds a time warp leading back to the day
she feared most - the day her mother became a vegetable. To prevent this
from happening, go to the side of the machine. Wait until you hear the
beep, then input Lara's name. (Hint: Hear the beep, and press L-A-R-A on
the Super NES version of the game, or L1-O-R1-O on the PSX version of
the game.)

Once you return, your net result from all this Fiona business is the
Green Dream - an accessory which instantly revives a wounded fighter.

* 5.1.8 - What must I do to get the New Game + mode to be active on my
copy of the game?

You must go through the game, and finish the Black Omen before fighting
Lavos. It's the only way!

In the PSX version of the game, you must also save the system data
acquired at the end of the game before the New Game + command will

* 5.1.9 - How do I remove the curse on Frog?

You technically can't, because it's never lifted totally until Lavos is

But anyways, if you want to see it, defeat Magus twice, then defeat
Lavos. Frog will now be Glenn again, but you won't be able to get the
secret character if you do this.

* 5.1.10 - How many secret characters are in this game?

One. You meet him after you finish the Blackbird in 12,000 BC. Meet him
on the northern point.

When he asks to fight you, say "no" and he'll join your party.

Well now, isn't this guy familiar?

* 5.1.11 - Are there any hidden weapons for my secret character?

Yes. Look for them _carefully_ in the guillotine room of Ozzie's Fort.
They're hidden along a wall in the room.

* 5.1.12 - How do I defeat the Son of Sun?

It's easier than it looks. Don't attack the center, but instead focus
your attacks on the flames. One of the flames holds the Son's HP - if
you hit it, the Son of Sun will lose HP. The other flames just

Find that one flame through trial and error, then rank on it up until
the Son of Sun shuffles the flames. Then, find it again and repeat the
process until the Son of Sun becomes the Moon Stone.

Alternatively, if you have the secret character in your party, have the
secret character cast "Black Hole". Some of the Son of Sun's flames will
be swept away, so your chances of finding the real flame is much higher.
This works until the Son of Sun uses Roulette to shuffle the flames, and
then the other flames will be back.

* 5.1.13 - The Moon Stone is missing, and I suspect the greedy mayor has
it. What do I do to get it?

You need to change this guy's heritage for good.

First, go to the Snail Stop, and buy some Jerky. Go back to 600 AD, and
give the Jerky to the lady in the elder's house. When she puts up an
offer to buy it, tell her you'll give it to her. She'll teach her kids

Now, go to the future, and the mayor will be willing to give you your
Moon Stone back.

* 5.1.14 - What does the right telepod do? It's shining like a tab...

In the New Game + game, and _only_ a New Game + game, pressing the
talk/selection button (default is A in the SNES release, and X in the
PSX release) in front of the Right Telepod will instantly warp the party
to the Day of Lavos with no return.

It doesn't appear in regular new games, since a new adventurer would
easily be overpowered by Lavos.

You can get some interesting endings by using this...

* 5.1.15 - How many endings are in this game?

There are lots of variations, but it's generally agreed that there are
about 15. Here's a list of known endings:

RT  - Right Telepod (see article 5.1.14)
EOT - End of Time (use the bucket to warp to the Day of Lavos, 1999 AD)
BO  - Black Omen (appears after Dalton Plus is defeated)
EP  - Epoch (take the Epoch to 1999 AD)

- Programmers' Ending (RT- fight Lavos the very first time you go see
Lucca's telepods at the fair)*
- Frog Ending (RT- fight Lavos the first time you return from 600 AD
before you go to the castle)
- Nu Ending (RT, EOT- fight Lavos after going to the End of Time for the
first time)
- Robo-Tata Ending (RT, EOT- fight Lavos after you arrive in 600 AD for
the second time)
- Various Scenes Ending (RT, EOT- fight Lavos after you get the Hero
- Various Character Ending (RT, EOT- fight Lavos after you return from
65,000,000 BC)
- Frog vs. Magus Ending (RT, EOT- fight Lavos after you show Frog the
Masamune and have him join your party)
- Reptite Ending (RT, EOT- fight Lavos after you defeat Magus)
- Magus Ending (RT, EOT- fight Lavos after you defeat Azala and Black
- Slide Show Ending (RT, EOT- fight Lavos after you watch Schala enter
the Queen's Chamber in 12,000 BC)**
- No Crono Ending I (RT, EOT, BO- fight Lavos after the Black Omen
- No Crono Ending II (EP- fight Lavos after the Black Omen appears)***
- Epoch Ending (RT, EOT, BO- fight Lavos after you clear Death Peak)***
- Balloon Ending (EP- fight Lavos after you clear Death Peak)***
- Bad Ending (RT, EOT, BO, EP- fight Lavos at any time and let Lavos


* = You can also get this ending when you fight Lavos in 12,000 BC at
the end of the Ocean Palace. Lavos is ultra-difficult to defeat this
way, but the effort is worth it as this is a very neat ending.

** = This appears to be a very special ending indeed - it _only_ occurs
at this place and this place only. If you defeat Lavos at this time, you
will see this ending. If you make progress in the game, however (where
you get the Pendant powered up and Schala seals Crono out of Zeal), and
then defeat Lavos, you will instead get the Magus Ending.

*** = There are a lot of variations on these endings. The end result of
these endings depends on the number of cats Crono has (you can get more
cats by playing the 80-point game in the Tent of Horrors), if Lucca
saved Lara's legs (if you don't then Lara will be a vegetable, if you do
then Lara will feel like dancing), if you have the secret character in
your party or not (if you don't then Frog will transform back into
Glenn), and many others.

If you see an ending which is not listed here, report it to the FAQ
author and/or the newsgroup.

* 5.1.16 - There's a locked drawer in a house in Dorino. How do I open

You need to bring the residents some Nagaette Bromide. Nagaette Bromide
is hidden in the lower-left room from the main hallway in the Cathedral;
find it and give it to them to receive a tab.

Because you have to fight several Henchmen after you get the Bromide, it
can be difficult for a beginner to get the Bromide.

* 5.1.17 - Gaspar says that someone needs my help, and to find that
person fast. Who is this person?

Queen Zeal.

Gaspar will keep giving you this message until your party has finished
the Black Omen. There's no other way to make it go away.

* 5.1.18 - Does Ayla's weapon ever change?

Seemingly, no; but it can happen.

When Ayla reaches a particularly high level (like level 70 or so), her
Fist gets upgraded and hits harder.

This may happen several more times - up until Ayla reaches around level
98 or so, and has the game's ultimate weapon in her fists. Now, she can
punch an enemy, and if it's a critical hit, it's always 9,999 HP damage!

* 5.1.19 - Can I get Schala to join my party?

No! This is a false rumor that started in the newsgroup that went wildly
out of control.

* 5.1.20 - Can I avoid going to jail at the beginning of the game?

No, there's no way to avoid getting locked up. (At least one magazine
incorrectly informed readers that it was possible.) You can change the
juror's minds about Crono's guiltiness, though. There are certain things
you can do at the beginning of the game that will make Crono more

- Nearby Gato: You might see some old man's lunch. If Crono eats the
lunch, the old man will later accuse him of eating the lunch.
- Near the telepods: Before approaching the telepods for the first time,
Marle will stop and browse a candy store. If Crono tries to run away
twice, Marle will say: "There's no need to drag me off like a
- At Leene's Bell: When Crono first bumps into Marle, if Crono takes
Marle's necklace _before_ talking to Marle following the collision, this
will be noted in court.
- At Melchior's: If Marle is in the party, Melchior will ask Crono if he
could talk Marle into selling her necklace. If you say "yes," the
prosecution will note this in court.
- Nearby the caveman dance: A girl has lost her cat. The cat is nearby
Gato's place. Talk to it once, and it'll follow you - talk to it twice,
and it'll run away. If it runs away, the girl is called in as a witness
for the prosecution in the case. (If you return the cat, the girl is
called in as a witness for the defense in the case.)
- While in court: The prosecutor will ask Crono who was responsible for
the collision. If you blame it on Marle when you really bumped into her,
it counts against you.
- Also while in court: The prosecutor will ask Crono if he was tempted
by Marle's fortune. It counts against Crono if you admit to temptation.

If you want to be innocent, try not to do any of the above.

If Crono is found guilty, he is immediately locked up and detained for
five days before being executed.

If Crono is found innocent, he is detained for five days, but the
Chancellor has him executed anyway. The only difference between being
guilty and innocent, besides the dialogue, is if Crono is found
innocent, some sympathizers will leave him some Ethers.

* 5.2 - Seiken Densetsu III (not released in the USA)

* 5.2.1 - What do I do in the Black Market?

Here's the item list of Baizel's Black Market. The market is open only
at night, and this list is from near the end of the game, so I don't
remember if there were any other merchants from the middle of the

itemname (price):[translation]{description} what it's for

Guy on the Right:  (item on top when you rotate the ring clockwise)

Darts (5): just darts 
Spectre no Hitomi (40): [spectre eyes] {blue eye} release sabre gauge
Kurayami no Coin (22): [darkness coin] {darker coin} shadow magic damage
Maamapoto no Abura (22): [Maamapoto's oil] {red jar} heal status
Poto no Abura (30): [Poto's oil] {green jar} heal HP
Hikari no Coin (22): [light coin] {silver/gray coin} light magic damage
Pumpkin Bomb (16)
Hand Axe (5)

Guy on the Left: (clockwise as above)

Daichi no Coin (22): [earth coin]{gold coin} earth magic damage
Kerberos no tsume (40): [kerberos' claw]{brown claw} fire property to
Doreiku no uroko (22): [Drake's scale]{orange egg-like} Raise strength
Hono'o no Coin (22): [Fire Coin]{brighter/darker brown} fire magic
Poseidon no tsume (40): [poseidon's claw]{blue claw} water property
Sahagin no uroko (22): [Sagagin's scale]{blue egg} Raise Int/Wis
Ko'ori no Coin (22): [ice coin]{blue coin} water magic damage
Siren no tsume (40): [siren's claw] {white claw} wind property to weapon
Baado no uroko (22): [Bird's scale] {yellow egg} Raise speed
Arashi no coin (22): [storm coin] {yellow coin} wind damage
MoleBear no tsume (40): [molebear's claw]{yellow claw} earth property to
Barette no Uroko (22): [Barette's scale]{lavender egg} Raise Defense

I think that's all. Remember to buy Doreiku no Uroko here. Now that I
look at the list, maybe Barette no Uroko might also be a good idea. ^_^

* 5.3 - SaGa Frontier

* 5.3.1 - What do I do next?

SaGa Frontier is **completely** open ended. Because there is no central
storyline, and because the quests are very different, the "next quest"
varies from character to character.

Here's some ideas on what to do for each quest, listed in order of
general linearity from most to least:

Red: Talk to the engineer to move to the next region. Once you're off
     the Cygnus crew, explore each region to find a character who will
     join you. Take up their quest. It might lead you to a BlackX base.

Emelia: Go level-building in between quests, and talk to Roufas when
        you're ready to move on.

T260G: ?

Riki: You can search for the rings in any order you want. Talk to
      Mei-Ling in Koorong for guidance.

Blue: You start with the gift for Realm magic, and have to find the
      gifts (in order) for Rune/Arcane and then Time/Space Magic to
      fight Rouge.

Lute: Roam the world and do some serious level-building. When you're
      ready to end Lute's quest, go to the cafeteria in Owmi.

Asellus: You first have to find a way to escape from Fascinaturu.
         Once you've done so, head home to Shrike for a family reunion.
         You'll also need to visit Lord Manor in Owmi. From there,
         seven mini- events are triggered at random places throughout
         the world...

* 5.3.2 - How does magic work in this game?

Magic is divided into a number of categories, and each category is
paired with a similar (but contradicting) category.

When a character earns magic from one category, he/she will be unable to
obtain spells from the contradicting category. Here's a list of each
category and contradicting category: (These are the names of the magic
in the English version.)

    Realm / Mystic
    Light / Shadow
    Rune  / Arcane
    Mind  / Evil
    Time  / Space
    Heart / Mirage

Each category has a "gift". When a character has the gift for the magic
category, he/she can naturally learn magic spells in that category
without having to buy them. Also, there are certain high-level magic
spells in each category that can not be bought, and are only obtainable
by characters with the gift for the particular magic category.

Here's a more in-depth explanation of the magic in this game...

Name: Realm
Description: Basic attack/defense spells taught by the Magic Kingdom.
Purchaseable region: Magic Kingdom
Obtaining the gift: Only Blue and Rouge have the gift, no one else
                    can get it.
Notes: "VermillionSand" does a four-digit amount of non-elemental
       damage to all enemies, and can sometimes blind them. It's truly
       a useful spell!

Name: Mystic
Description: Basic attack/defense spells taught by Fascinaturu.
Purchaseable region: Fascinaturu
Obtaining the gift: Only full-blooded mystics have the gift, no one
                    else can get it.
   Note about Asellus: Asellus automatically receives the gift after
                    killing the FireSage boss.
Notes: "GlassShield" is probably the best way to protect weaker

Name: Light
Description: Light elemental spells which do major damage to the undead.
Purchaseable region: Luminous
Obtaining the gift: Complete the Luminous Labyrinth.
Notes: "LightSword" gives the caster the mightiest sword in the
       game for the remainder of the battle.

Name: Shadow
Description: Shadow elemental black magic spells.
Purchaseable region: Luminous
Obtaining the gift: Complete the Shadow Labyrinth.
Notes: "ShadowStalker" creates a duplicate of the caster, nearly
       doubling the effect of their actions in battle.

Name: Rune
Description: Utilizes the power of runes to create energy.
Purchaseable region: Devin
Obtaining the gift: Find the four Runes...
   Koorong: In the room after climbing down a ladder, with lots of rocks
            and a manhole, take the manhole. (The rocks lead back to
            the airport in Koorong.) You will find a cave with the Rune.
   Shrike: Ignore the warning in Muu's Tomb and raid the place. Keep
           going down the stairs until you arrive in a room with a
           dragon skeleton. Have fun defeating this guy...
   Tanzer: After you get the Shrike rune and use a regional transport,
           you'll end up here. Fei-on will show you the way.
   Despair: Talk to Annie in Koorong after obtaining any other rune.
            Hint: Don't forget to equip a LaserScope!
   Note about Emelia: Emelia doesn't need to get the Despair rune
            because she already has it. Remember?
Notes: "StasisRune" is a useless spell, except during Blue's quest,
       where casting it during "OverDrive" will give Blue eight turns
       per round under normal combat conditions and with no loss of

Name: Arcane
Description: Uses the power of tarot cards to create energy.
Purchaseable region: Devin
Obtaining the gift: Find the four Tarot cards...
   Baccarat: Talk to Emelia to reveal the gnomes. Follow them to the
             basement, and give them four GoldIngots to get the card.
   Yorkland: Talk to each brewer to get drunk and gain information.
             From there, enter the swamp. Try to avoid being in the line
             of sight of the enemies, because they are powerful enemies.
   Wakatu: First, get Gen in Scrap. Go to Wakatu and let Gen lead the
           way. When you reach the card, to get it, press a button when
           you hear the swords clink together.
   IRPO: You'll be asked to go to Mosperiburg and get a rare flower.
         This is easier said than done. Good luck with the Suzaku boss!
   Note about Red: Red doesn't need to go to Mosperiburg; if Fuse is in
         the party, Fuse will just give him the IRPO card upon arrival
         at IRPO.
Notes: "Tower" is the best offensive spell in the game! It converts all
       the caster's WP into energy, delivering tremendous damage, but
       leaves the caster completely depleted afterwards.

Name: Mind
Description: Uses the hidden powers of the mind for defense.
Purchaseable region: Kyo
Obtaining the gift: You must go through a training session. Only humans
                    can get the gift.
   Note about Blue/Rouge: Blue/Rouge can not obtain the gift until
        the corresponding brother is dead.
Notes: "MindHeal" is far more powerful than StarlightHeal, but it only
       works on the caster.

Name: Evil
Description: Uses the evil powers of the mind for offense.
Purchaseable region: N/A
Obtaining the gift: N/A
Notes: Only Zozma, a mystic, has the basic magic. He appears in Emelia
       and Asellus's quests. Higher level Evil spells can only be used
       by enemies.

Name: Time
Description: Powerful magic which uses time itself against enemies.
Purchaseable region: TimeLord's Region
Obtaining the gift: Only TimeLord, a mystic, has the gift.
   Note about Blue: Blue will have to kill TimeLord in order to steal
                    the gift.
Notes: "OverDrive" grants the caster eight turns, during which he
       will not lose JP/WP, but leaves him depleted afterwards.

Name: Space
Description: Powerful magic which uses space against enemies.
Purchaseable region: Kylin's Paradise
Obtaining the gift: Only Kylin has the gift.
   Note about Blue: Same as Time magic.
Notes: Nothing extremely special here.

Name: Heart
Description: High-level heal and revive spells.
Purchaseable region: N/A
Obtaining the gift: Only Blue/Rouge can acquire the gift. The
                    brother who emerges victorious will automatically
                    obtain the gift.
Notes: A cure spell which heals the party, and a revive spell
       with no depletion of LP. These spells are keepers!

Name: Mirage
Description: Summons monsters to attack the enemy.
Purchaseable region: N/A
Obtaining the gift: Only Rei, a mystic, has the gift. She only shows
                    up in Asellus's quest.
Notes: The spells are just like the regular "PhantasmShot" creature
       summoning Mystic magic, except with better control over which
       creatures are summoned.

* 5.4 - Parasite Eve

* 5.4.1 - Where can I find key XXX?

If this was a real RPG, Aya would theoretically be able to shoot down
every door she came into contact with. Unfortunately, Parasite Eve is a
computer RPG, and so the player has to live by the computer's rules.
That means that Aya will have to find keys for just about every door in
this game.

Here's a list of the keys, and where to find them...

Backstage Key: Search the burnt body in the first save room.

Rehearse Key: After getting the previous key, go into one of the locked
rooms and read Melissa's diary to receive this key.

Zoo Key: Inside the first save room in Central Park; search a drawer for
this key.

Weapons Key: It's sitting on a table in the department's screening room.
It's used to open the weapons storage.

Locker Key: A dying policeman will hand this item over. It's used to
unlock a special locker inside the department's locker room.

Morgue Key: Inside the save room in the basement of the hospital; search
the drawers to find the key. (It's discarded when used.)

Blue Key Card: Search the burnt body inside the morgue. (It's discarded
when used.)

Green Key Card: Rescue the nurse inside the familiar-looking operating
room. (It's discarded when used.)

Elevator Key: On the 13th floor of the hospital, look in the hospital
records to find this key. (It's discarded when used.)

Warehouse Key: It's found lying on the ground on one of the first scenes
inside the Warehouse.

Klamp Key: First, deactivate the security system in the museum. Then,
return to Klamp's office to obtain this.

* 5.4.2 - What does Maeda's Gun do?

It has no effect on normal monsters, and does no more than 1 HP damage.
However, when used on the various forms of the boss on Day 6, the gun
does tremendous damage. This gun is essential for finishing the game, so
hold onto it!

* 5.4.3 - What do the various weapon effects do to the weapon?

Here's a mini-guide to what the various weapon effects do...

Rate of fire: Determines how many munitions can be fired during one
turn. Having high rates of fire is fun, but lower rates of fire actually
do more damage per munition fired. The amount of damage done by a weapon
per munition fired is greatly reduced if the rate of fire is increased,
so be careful about modifying this attribute.

Burst: Used by every shotgun. Some of the damage done to one target may
also affect a nearby target.

Explosion*: Used by the more powerful shotguns. It's a more powerful
version of Burst.

Scatter: Used mainly by machine guns. With a scatter gun, the gun will
fire at random targets inside the gun's range.

Double Turns: The two-gun icon indicates the gun allows Aya to act twice
in one turn without any damage penalty.

Triple Turns*: The three gun icon indicate that Aya gets three
consecutive turns.

1st: Weapons with this icon will allow Aya to always strike first (that
is, her charge meter is always full at the beginning of every battle).

Critical Hit Rate Up: Self-explanatory.

Tranquilizer Rounds: Usually associated with grenade launchers. These
kinds of rounds cause certain monsters to be temporarily numbed.

Acid Rounds: Usually associated with grenade launchers. Rounds will
contain acid, and do bonus damage to monsters vulnerable to acid. It
makes the launcher useless against acid-based monsters.

Flame Rounds: Also associated with grenade launchers. Rounds will burn,
and do bonus damage to monsters weak against fire. It makes the launcher
useless against fiery monsters.

Ice Rounds: (You get the idea by now, don't you?)

Cyanide Rounds*: This comes from one of the most powerful M79 grenade
launchers. The lethal cyanide from this weapon will randomly do
**TREMENDOUS** damage (500+ points) to any non-venom-producing target
(such as snakes). Note that the cyanide option doesn't make the weapon
useless against venom-producing monsters, but the cyanide damage will
not kick in.

Steal: Clubs 2 and 3 can steal items from the enemy. This has a slight
penalty on weapon strength.

Super Steal*: The highest of high level clubs can steal items from the
enemy with no weapon strength penalty.

Note that it is impossible to modify rocket launchers and Maeda's Gun.
You can only modify a club using another club.

* = Only available in the EX game, inside the Chrysler Building. (See
article 6.16.1.)

* 5.5 - Xenogears

* 5.5.1 - How do I defeat Calamity?

Unless you wish to make this battle very hard on yourself, you should go
to Ol' Man Balthesar and buy all of the most expensive gear parts he
sells. Upgrading your gears dramatically increases your chance of
survival in gear battles such as this one.

* 5.5.2 - How do I get a gear to perform combos?

Each gear can perform combos which usually become available after their
pilots have learned similar combo moves. To reach the higher levels of
gear combos, your character needs to learn the more powerful 6 AP
attacks. (The 7 AP attacks don't do anything for your gears.)

Once you have some combos, simple fighting will raise the gear's attack
level. For each time a gear attacks but does not use a combo, if the
pilot has learned the required prerequisite combos, then the gear's
attack level will rise.

(NOTE: There are two exceptions to this rule. Seibzehn begins the game
with the ability to reach attack level 3 without any pilot
prerequisites, and Chu-Chu is incapable of performing combos.)

Attack levels always start at zero. At level 1, the gear can use one of
two possible weak attack combos. Level 2 enables up to two medium attack
combos, while level 3 enables up to two fierce attack combos.

How to gain attack levels: Level 1 requires each character's first two
4-point attacks, level 2 requires the first two 5-point attacks, and
level 3 requires the first two 6-point attacks. What about the remaining
three attacks? They can be performed, but only if the gear is equipped
with accessories called "DeathBlowers." For example, the DeathBlower1
will give the gear an additional level 1 attack if the character has
their third 4-point attack.

Attack level is appropriately decreased when using a combo. For example,
a weak combo will decrease the attack level by 1, while a fierce combo
will decrease the attack level by 3.

Now that we've briefly described gear combos, note that there is one
additional attack level. The "infinite" attack level allows your
character to execute one of three devastating fuel-efficient attacks,
but it only lasts for three turns. Charging while in infinite attack
mode restores several times more fuel than normal.

Your characters can not enter infinite attack mode until after you have
defeated Achtzehn at Shevat during disc 1. After this, each character
will have their limiters removed, which will allow them to enter this
attack mode.

To reach infinite attack level, your character must be at attack level 3
during a battle. They then have a random chance of reaching infinite
attack level. The gear's chances of reaching infinite attack level are
increased when it does or takes damage. In other words, the more damage
done or taken by an attack level 3 gear during battle, the greater the
chance of the gear reaching infinite attack level. Usually, infinite
attack level kicks in after a gear's "hyper mode" has reached about 60%
or higher.

Each character has up to three infinite attack level moves. The other
two become available as the character increases in level, which should
happen around levels 50 and 60 or so.

(This is true for all gears except for Weltall-2. With Weltall-2, you
can take the normal approach to reaching the infinite attack level, or
immediately enter infinite attack level by using the special "System Id"

Also, Xenogears (and only Xenogears) is in a permanent 99% hyper mode.
This means that after reaching attack level 3, if you make one more
attack without using a combo, then Xenogears will immediately enter
hyper mode!

* 5.5.3 - How do I get gear parts in Dazil?

At the beginning of the game, after escaping the forest with Citan, you
don't. You need to let Citan hitch a desert ride and let Fei go to
sleep. The next morning, it wouldn't hurt if you have Fei follow

* 5.5.4 - How do I defeat Redrum?

Probably the best way to defeat him is to perform a single weak attack
every turn up. Conserve your characters' AP, build it up to the maximum
of 26 points, then _really_ let 'em have it in the Combo menu! Don't
forget to heal your allies should Redrum use his excessively annoying
Murder attack.

Redrum is quite difficult, so don't be discouraged if you can't beat him
on the first try.

* 5.5.5 - How do I defeat Id?

Use the same strategy as defined in the question above (5.5.4), but you
must make sure of one thing: You should have Billy in your party, and
unless you want to make this battle overwhelmingly difficult, Billy
**MUST** cast his all-healing spell every single turn he gets. (Citan
can do something similar, but it takes him two turns to get a version of
the spell off which affects the entire party. With the amount of damage
Id can create, you might not have those two turns.)

* 5.5.6 - How do I defeat Shakahn's gear?

You must have Seibzehn in your party or you have little to no chance.
Seibzehn is the only gear whose defenses can survive his attack, and do
enough damage to set Shakahn back a bit.

* 5.5.7 - How do I solve the puzzles in Anima Dungeon 2?

The puzzles in this dungeon range from slightly confusing to maddening,
but they are all solvable. For hints, you need to read the writing on
the walls, which usually give adequate (but vague) hints on how to solve
the puzzles.

Does writing on the wall scare you? If so, read on...

For the first puzzle, you need to move to various places in the room to
get three blocks to appear. The exact placements of the triggers are
hard to describe, but here's a hint: Once you've got one down, don't
push it in quite yet. One of the triggers may be on top of one of those
stones, and you'll need the block to reach it.

For the second puzzle, avoid walking in the middle of the room. Walk on
the sides until you reach the end of the room. Note the direction which
leads to the dead end of the room you're in. Walk in the opposite
direction, straight down the middle, until your characters fall through
a trap. At that point, press and hold in the same direction as the dead
end to find a secret passage.

For the third puzzle, remain calm when the ceiling caves in. If you
don't move an inch, it won't hurt you. Jump on top and ride it back up
to find the room which takes you to the next puzzle...

For the fourth puzzle, you're in a room with water levels ranging
between 1 and 10, and starts at level 10 (the highest). The object is to
set the water level to 5. There's a switch on one side of the room which
enables you to switch between filling three and seven levels at a time.
(It defaults to three.) So, here's the strategy: Press the button to
drain the water level _three_ times, to lower the water level to 1.
Press the switch on the wall with seven marks to make the water level
refill by seven spaces. Press the other button to fill the water, and
it'll reach level 8. Now, press the switch with three marks to go back
to filling three levels. Drain the water once, and it'll reach level 5.
Problem solved!

* 5.5.8 - Someone in the Snowfield Hideout wants the Kishin Sword. What
do I do?

Give it to him.

If Fenrir is currently equipped with the Kishin Sword (which was dropped
earlier in the game, from the elementals), unequip it temporarily and
talk to the guy again.

* 5.5.9 - Does the "special options" gear menu actually do anything?

Why, yes, it does, as a matter of fact. It does nothing early in the
game, but has some nice gear-specific options later in the game.

For all gears (optional): Fix Frame HP - becomes active when the gear is
equipped with a Frame HPxx accessory. The xx determines how much HP the
frame fixer will restore as a percentage of your gear's total HP, but
the more powerful accessories also consume more fuel as well. Note that
using it outside of battle will always restore 10% of the gear's HP.

For Brigandier and Andvari: Ygg. D-charge - becomes active after Bart's
first underwater battle with Ramsus. Using it will call the Yggdrasil,
which will drop depth charges on all the enemies.

For Vierge: Aerod - becomes active after Dominia is defeated under the
sea. It does non-elemental ether damage to all enemies.

For Weltall-2: System Id - is active upon acquiring Weltall-2. It
immediately puts Weltall-2 into infinite attack level (see article

For Weltall-2: Thor Wave - is active upon acquiring Weltall-2. Despite
the name, this option does a non-elemental ether attack.

For Weltall-2: Hellfire - is active upon acquiring Weltall-2. It does
fire-based ether damage to all enemies.

For Renmazuo and El-Renmazuo: Jessie's Cannon - is active after
defeating Bishop Stone, after Fei comes to senses during disc 1. Jessie
fires a giant cannon which damages all enemies.

For El-Renmazuo: Jessie Blasta - becomes active after the omnigear
upgrade. It's a more powerful version of Jessie's Cannon, but it uses
more fuel as well.

Seibzehn uses a number of special options which can normally be used by
using Maria's "Controls" ether abilities. Specifically, Seibzehn begins
with a missile launcher, and unlocks a cannon after its first battle
against Achtzen.

Also, note that the Yggdrasil IV, used by Bart in the battle against Ft.
Avalanche during disc 2, has a special option called "Yggdrasil Cannon".
It does 9999 HP damage, but costs 9000 fuel units to use. Still, the
effect is worth watching.

Note that other than Fix Frame HP; Weltall, Xenogears, Heimdal, Fenrir,
Stier, El-Stier, and (of course) Chu-Chu do not acquire special options.

* 5.5.10 - Where can I find some more guns for Billy and Renmazuo?

Billy/Renmazuo have four guns available for each character, for a total
of eight guns. Each gun has an attack rank, from A at the lowest to AAA
at the highest. Each gun also has its own special set of bullets which
only work with that gun. Here's where you can find each gun:

- Rank A (M10):
(Billy and Renmazuo start the game with these guns.)

- Rank AA (M686):
Renmazuo's M686-G isn't that hard to find; it's dropped by the Giant
Wels you fight in Renmazuo's first battle. The M686 for Billy is a
little trickier to find, though. It's in the orphanage, and in order to
get it, you need to find three books. Book A is given to you from a kid
in the orphanage foyer. Book B is given to you from a kid using the
bathroom, but this only seems to happen on your first trip to the
orphanage. For the third book, put Rico into your party and talk to the
kid in the room next to the bathroom. Return to the orphanage a little
later on, and put the books into the bookshelf to reach a secret room
with Billy's M686 inside.

- Rank AA (Matchlock):
The Matchlock and Matchlock-G are available for sale inside Solaris at
the end of disc 1. Matchlocks are more powerful than the M686 guns, but
they do elemental damage and evidently make the shotgun weapon do the
same elemental damage.

- Rank AAA (Godfather):
To find El-Renmazuo's finest weapon, you need to find the lighthouse
near the end of disc 2. Inside the lighthouse is a number of buildings
containing, among other things, a gear shop, a convenience store, and a
subway. Inside one of these buildings is the Godfather-G. For Billy's
equivalent weapon, you need to go to the Sandman Desert, which is
located on a small desert island at the end of disc 2. Head to the right
of the sandfalls from the beginning until you're clear of them. Head
north, then follow the sandsharks to the next scene. The Godfather is in
a treasure chest in the next scene - to get it, change the camera angle
and try to move as far as you can to the right.

* 5.6 - Brave Fencer Musashiden (USA: Brave Fencer Musashi)

* 5.6.1 - Where are the scrolls and crest guardians?

Earth Scroll: After saving Steamwood from almost certain disaster,
return to the mountains. After crossing the river, head left. Race
Rootrick to the top of the cliff to find the scroll.

Earth Guardian: Find the four people the elder asks you to find after
obtaining the earth scroll to proceed through Hell's Valley and fight
this boss.

Water Scroll: After defeating the group of giant vambees, get the rope
from the church and climb down the well. You can't miss it!

Water Guardian: Once you get the angel key from the church, head back
down into the restaurant dungeon and unlock the big door which is
straight forward from Musashi's starting point. You'll go through a
little dungeon; the crest guardian is at the very end of this dungeon.

Fire Scroll: Once the mayor's wife gives you some salt, go down to the
beach and use the salt on the slug guarding the way in. The Fire Scroll
is nearby.

Fire Guardian: He's at the end of the ice palace.

Wind Scroll: After defeating the fire crest guardian, head to the fire
crest to get the Wind Scroll.

Wind Guardian: She's at the end of the dungeon which opens up after
saving the gondola from the giant ant. Once you finish the little
boulder-dodging mini-game, the guardian will appear in the next chamber.

Sky Scroll: If you haven't already done so, look for the earth crest and
activate it to climb the cliff. Activate the nearby wind crest (see the
article below).

Sky Guardian: You'll find it, oh yes you will!

* 5.6.2 - OK, so where are the crests?

Earth Crest: It's at the end of a pipe in the Steamwood Forest. It
allows you access to the wind crest.

Water Crest 1: Look for this crest in the Grillin' Resivoir. It refills
the resivoir when activated.

Water Crest 2: There's another crest just outside town, surrounded by a
little lake. Using this crest drains the lake, allowing you to get the
treasure box inside.

Fire Crest: This is also inside the Grillin' Resivoir, in the cave which
becomes available after the resivoir is refilled.

Wind Crest: It's just beyond the Earth Crest. Note that it can only be
activated when it's raining. Activating it takes you to the place where
the Sky Scroll is located, but watch out: As Jon warns you, once this is
done, you can't return!

Sky Crest: (It would be unfair to reveal what this crest does...)

* 5.7 - Vagrant Story

* 5.7.1 - I took the FAQ's advice in article 4.1.1, but I'm still
getting wasted. Help!

Believe it or not, all of the battles in Vagrant Story can be won using
a bit of elemental analysis:

* First, use a weapon which has a strong affinity against monsters of
the monster's type.
* If the monster is more slimy than solid, use an edged or piercing
* If the monster has a hard-as-armor exterior, use a blunt weapon.
* If the monster uses fire magic, use ice affinity attacks.
* If the monster uses ice magic, use fire affinity attacks.
* If the monster throws thunderbolts, use earth affinity attacks.
* If the monster uses various gasses, use air affinity attacks.
* If the monster is undead or evil, use light affinity attacks.
* If the monster doesn't affiliate themselves with an affinity, then use
spells such as Herakles and Prostasia to empower yourself.
* Always use accessories, gems, or (if you haven't cast any "fusion"
enchanter spells) magic to defend yourself from elemental attacks.
* Make it a priority to learn the defensive techniques that halve
elemental damage. When these skills are used successfully in battle, the
enemy may do a lethal amount of damage with a spell or special attack,
but if the defensive technique is used, Ashley can never fall to 0 HP.
This is very important for monsters with strong elemental attacks early
in the game.
* Be careful about using combo moves. All bosses and some monsters are
immune to certain status changes. It's a good idea not to use moves
which dramatically increase risk during long battles. Remember that,
after eight consecutive combos, risk will start to rise to incredible

Of course, some bosses (especially early and late in the game) can be
completely overwhelming. If you've done everything you are capable of
doing and just can't inflict any damage on a boss, then you can still
win, but it will take longer. Just be patient and keep attacking the
boss, using the appropriate offensive and defensive techniques, until
you win. It helps to have plenty of Vera Roots, since you need to keep
your risk at 30 or lower for the entire battle.

* * * To Be Continued in Part 3 * * *
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