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Section 6: Game-Specific Questions (including spoilers for pack-in games):

Debug mode and level select on Sonic the Hedgehog.

Level select:
1) U, D, L, R, A+Start
2) U, D, D, D, L, R, A+Start (Japanese version)

Debug mode:
1) U+C, D+C, L+C, R+C, then A+Start.
2) U+C, D+C, D+C, D+C, L+C, R+C, A+C+Start. (Japanese version)
3) C, C, C, C, U, D, L, R, A+Start.
4) U, C, D, C, L, C, R, Start, Hold A [immediately after start]

The best information is that 1)-2) do it on older Sonics, and 3)-4) on newer
ones.  I have no idea if 3) and 4) work on the Japanese version.  Keep your
fingers on A and Start until Sonic first appears in an act.  Within debug mode,
B toggles between sprite mode and normal mode; A selects the sprite, and C
places it.  There should be a bunch of hexadecimal numbers on top of your
score.  (Sonic also can't die by getting hit or falling onto spikes in this

Codes for Sonic II.

For the level select, go to the sound select screen, set it to 19, press C, set
to 65, press C, set to 9, press C, set to 17, press C.  Go to the main screen
and wait until the 1 player/2 player menu appears, and press A+start.

For 14 continues, the code is 1, C, 1, C, 2, C, 4, C on the sound test screen.

To become Super Sonic without collecting emeralds, the code is 4, C, 1, C, 2,
C, 6, C.  Select a stage and hold down A while pressing START.  (You still
need to collect 50 rings.)

For debug mode, go into the level select and in its own sound test, 1, C, 9, C,
9, C, 2, C, 1, C, 1, C, 2, C, 4, C.  Select a stage and hold down A while
pressing START.

The 96 worlds on Super Mario World.

> All Stages, All Exits (Yes, Virginia, there are 96)
  (NOTE: exits marked with '*' do NOT contribute to the *96 total)

  Stage                    Exit 1                  Exit 2
  ----------------------   ---------------------   -------------------------
  Yoshi's House            *Yoshi's Island 1       *Yoshi's Island 2
  Yoshi's Island 1         Yellow Switch Palace
  Yoshi's Island 2         Yoshi's Island 3
  Yoshi's Island 3         Yoshi's Island 4
  Yoshi's Island 4         Iggy's Castle
  Yellow Switch Palace     Yellow Switch Palace
  Iggy's Castle            Donut Plains 1
  Donut Plains 1           Donut Plains 2          Donut Secret 1
  Donut Plains 2           Donut Ghost House       Green Switch Palace
  Green Switch Palace      Green Switch Palace
  Donut Ghost House        Donut Plains 3          Top Secret Area
  Top Secret Area
  Donut Plains 3           Donut Plains 4
  Donut Plains 4           Morton's Castle
  Donut Secret 1           Donut Ghost House       Donut Secret House
  Donut Secret House       Donut Secret 2          Star Road 1
  Donut Secret 2           Donut Plains 3
  Morton's Castle          Vanilla Dome 1
  Vanilla Dome1            Vanilla Dome 2          Vanilla Secret 1
  Vanilla Dome 2           Vanilla Ghost House     Red Switch Palace
  Red Switch Palace        Red Switch Palace
  Vanilla Ghost House      Vanilla Dome 3
  Vanilla Dome 3           Vanilla Dome 4
  Vanilla Dome 4           Lemmy's Castle
  Lemmy's Castle           Cheese Bridge Area
  Vanilla Secret 1         Vanilla Secret 2        Star Road 2
  Vanilla Secret 2         Vanilla Secret 3
  Vanilla Secret 3         Vanilla Fortress
  Vanilla Fortress         Butter Bridge 1
  Cheese Bridge Area       Cookie Mountain         Soda Lake
  Soda Lake                Star Road 3
  Cookie Mountain          Ludwig's Castle
  Butter Bridge 1          Butter Bridge 2
  Butter Bridge 2          Ludwig's Castle
  Ludwig's Castle          Forest of Illusion 1
  Forest of Illusion 1     Forest of Illusion 2    Forest Ghost House
  Forest of Illusion 2     Forest of Illusion 3    Blue Switch Palace
  Blue Switch Palace       Blue Switch Palace
  Forest of Illusion 3     Forest Ghost House      Roy's Castle
  Forest Ghost House       Forest of Illusion 4    Forest of Illusion 1
  Forest of Illusion 4     Forest of Illusion 2    Forest Secret Area
  Forest Secret Area       Forest Fortress
  Forest Fortress          Star Road 4
  Roy's Castle             Chocolate Island 1
  Chocolate Island 1       Choco-Ghost House
  Choco-Ghost House        Chocolate Island 2
  Chocolate Island 2       Chocolate Island 3      Chocolate Secret
  Chocolate Island 3       Chocolate Island 3      Chocolate Fortress
  Chocolate Fortress       Chocolate Island 4
  Chocolate Island 4       Chocolate Island 5
  Chocolate Island 5       Wendy's Castle
  Chocolate Secret         Wendy's Castle
  Wendy's Castle           Sunken Ghost Ship
  Sunken Ghost Ship        Valley of Bowser 1
  Valley of Bowser 1       Valley of Bowser 2
  Valley of Bowser 2       Valley Ghost House      Valley Fortress
  Valley Ghost House       Valley of Bowser 3      Larry's Castle
  Valley of Bowser 3       Valley of Bowser 4
  Valley of Bowser 4       Larry's Castle          Star Road 5 & Front Door
  Valley Fortress          Back Door
  Larry's Castle           Front Door
  Back Door                *END 
  Front Door               *END
  Star World 1             Star Road 1             Star Road 2
  Star World 2             Star Road 2             Star Road 3
  Star World 3             Star Road 3             Star Road 4
  Star World 4             Star Road 4             Star Road 5
  Star World 5             Star Road 1             Star Road 6
  Gnarly                   Tubular
  Tubular                  Way Cool
  Way Cool                 Awesome
  Awesome                  Groovy
  Groovy                   Mondo
  Mondo                    Outrageous
  Outrageous               Funky
  Funky                    Star Road 7 (Yoshi's House)

  (Mario Mania)

> Super Mario World Map

         *MAIN MAP*

                                                                |    |
                                                  .---34---33   |    |
                                                  |    |    `---'    |
                                                  P4   |             | 
                                                       |             |
                                                      35             |
                          P3      23------.            |             |
                           |       |      |            |             |
                      *---20      21--.   24       *  .'             |
                           |       |  |   |        |  |              |
                           `---18--'  22  25       `--'              |
                                |         |                          |
                                |         26                         |
                                |         |                          |
                                |         P4                         |
                                |                            .--38---37---.
           14                   |                            |   |        |
            |                   |                           41---+-------39--40
        .--13--------15---.     |                            |   |        |
        |   |        |    |     |                           42   `---43---'
        |   |        |    16---17                            |        |
   12---9   10--.    `-P2                           *---45---'    46--' 
        |   |   |                                                  |
        |   |   |                                                  |
        `---8   11--P1                 To Valley Of    P5          |
            |   |                       Bowser Map      \  48-----47
            |   *                           |            \  |
            |                               |             \ |
            7-.                   P6  .----56              \|
              |                    |  |             .--.    +
     1        6                    |  |             |  |    |\
     |        |                    `--55       51---+--50--49 \  
     |      5-'                       |        |    |  |    |  |
     |      |                         53-------52   `--'    `--'

     **********************                         ************
     *VALLEY OF BOWSER MAP*                         *STAR WORLD*
     **********************                         ************

  19----P2                                               *
  |                                                     / \
  P1                                                   /   \
      *----58   59                              *-----54   57-----*
      |    |    |                                \               /
      60---61   62                                \__36  *   68_/
      |    |    |                                    /   |    \
      63---64---65---66---To Main Map               /    67    \
                                                   /    /  \    \
                                                  *----'    `----*
   ********                                                             |
   *LEGEND*                                          *--69--70--71--72--'

   1- Yellow Switch Palace   31- Butter Bridge 2         61- #7 Larry's Castle
   2- Yoshi's Island 1       32- #4 Ludwig's Castle      62- Valley Fortress
   3- Yoshi's House          33- Cookie Mountain         63- Valley Of Bowser 3
   4- Yoshi's Island 2       34- Cheese Bridge           64- Valley Ghost House
   5- Yoshi's Island 3       35- Soda Lake               65- Valley Of Bowser 2
   6- Yoshi's Island 4       36- Star World 1            66- Valley Of Bowser 1
   7- #1 Iggy's Castle       37- Forest Of Illusion 1    67- Star World 5
   8- Donut Plains 1         38- Forest Ghost House      68- Star World 4
   9- Donut Plains 2         39- Forest Of Illusion 2    69- Gnarly
  10- Donut Secret 1         40- Blue Switch Palace      70- Tubular
  11- Donut Secret House     41- Forest Of Illusion 4    71- Way Cool
  12- Green Switch Palace    42- Forest Secret Area      72- Awesome
  13- Donut Ghost House      43- Forest Of Illusion 3    73- Groovy
  14- Top Secret             44- Chocolate Secret        74- Mondo
  15- Donut Plains 3         45- Forest Fortress         75- Outrageous
  16- Donut Plains 4         46- #5 Roy's Castle         76- Funky
  17- #2 Morton's Castle     47- Chocolate Island 1      * - Star Road
  18- Vanilla Dome 1         48- Chocolate Ghost House   P1..6- Pipes
  19- Donut Secret 2         49- Chocolate Island 2
  20- Vanilla Secret 1       50- Chocolate Island 3
  21- Vanilla Dome 2         51- Chocolate Fortress
  22- Red Switch Palace      52- Chocolate Island 4
  23- Vanilla Ghost House    53- Chocolate Island 5
  24- Vanilla Dome 3         54- Star World 2
  25- Vanilla Dome 4         55- #6 Wendy's Castle
  26- #3 Lemmy's Castle      56- Sunken Ghost Ship
  27- Vanilla Secret 2       57- Star World 3
  28- Vanilla Secret 3       58- Front Door
  29- Vanilla Fortress       59- Back Door
  30- Butter Bridge 1        60- Valley Of Bowser 4

Donkey Kong Country code:

D-Y-D-D-Y, then play the game.  Press START at the GAME OVER screen.  Collect
3 icons and pick up extra lives.  Press START, then SELECT, to restart the
stage you died in.

On the save game select screen, highlight ERASE GAME and use the code
B-A-R-R-A-L  (L and R are the buttons).  Then pick a saved game, and you'll
start with 50 lives.

Highlight ERASE GAME and press D-A-R-B-Y-D-A-Y-SELECT to hear the music,
and SELECT to go to the next song.

Highlight ERASE GAME and press B-A-D-B-U-D-D-Y to let you control Diddy in a
two player game.

Sol-Feace code:

Press the sequence A, B, C, A, B, C, B, C, B, A on the title screen.  Select
continue.  This will let you select the starting stage and get 99 ships in the
options screen.

Streets of Rage code:

Press start on controller 1 to enter options, then press right+A+B+C on
controller 2.  On the non-CD version, you can do this on controller 1.

Streets of Rage II code:

Go to the screen before the options screen, go to the "options" line, and
press A and B on the second controller and hold, then go to the options screen.
The options screen will now have a stage select and extra difficulty levels.

Keith Courage code:

Reset the game, and hold I, II, and SELECT at the same time until "start"
appears.  Press U 8 times for the debug screen.

Ninja Spirit code:

Press START while holding SELECT at the title screen for the sound test option
to appear in the menu.

For a stage select, on the title screen press II, I, II, II, I, II.  Hold
SELECT and press RUN.  You can now stage select 1-3.  To select 4-6, hold down
SELECT while choosing a level.

The message "Do you play Mr. Heli?" appears on the options screen using the
code I, II, II, I, SELECT, RUN from the title screen.

Gate of Thunder code:

On the title screen, I, II, II, I, S, I, II, I, II, S, S, RUN and enter the
configuration menu for a stage select.

Bomberman on Turbo Duo pack-in CD:

The following code on the Gate of Thunder/Bonk CD will let you play
Bomberman, a hidden fourth game: U, R, D, L, II.

``What are all the home Street Fighter versions?''

SNES versions: SF2 (2 meg), SF2HF (turbo) (2 1/2 meg), SSF2 (4 meg)
Genesis versions: SF2HF (turbo) (3 meg), SSF2 (4 1/2 meg)
PC Engine: Fighting Street (renamed SF1), SF2' (Japanese name for Champion
  Edition) (2 1/2 meg)
3DO: Super SF2 Turbo
Amiga: SF2
Atari ST: SF2
IBM PC: SF1, SF2, Super SF2 Turbo

The HF games don't have a true Champion Edition mode; Champion Edition
mode removes the HF-specific moves but leaves in other differences.

The PC Engine version in Japan, Champion Edition, sold at 9800 yen; it's
available heavily discounted.  The game is 2 1/2 megabytes (2 1/2 times as
large as any other PC Engine cartridge of the time).  The controller was
released separately for 3980 yen.

There's an illegal Famicom version of SF2; EGM claimed a legal NES version,
which Capcom denies.

There is an Amiga version, sold only in Europe.  (Some dealers can get you one
in America anyway.)  There's also a legal IBM PC version (which is not very
good) and a widely circulated Asian pirate version.

The Saturn and Playstation will be getting home versions of Street Fighter
Legends (Street Fighter Zero in Japan).

Mortal Kombat versions and codes:

There are versions for SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear, Gameboy, and PCs,
with an upcoming CD-32 version.  The Nintendo one is censored; fatalities are
renamed to "finishing moves"; blood is removed and bloody fatalities are re-
placed by different fatalities without blood.  The Genesis and Game Gear ver-
sions are somewhat censored, but can be fixed with an "Arcade Mode" code.  Use
the code on the text screen which talks about codes: ABACABB (Genesis),
2,1,2,down,up (Game Gear).

The Genesis cheat code is DULLARD entered on the title screen.  Flags are:
   0   Player 2 dies after one hit.  (Unless Reptile gives a hint or player 2
is the second computer player on an endurance match)
   1   Player 1 dies after one hit.
   2   Objects always fly across the moon (makes getting to Reptile easier)
   3   Programmer face/initials fly across the moon.
   4   Reptile always gives hints at the start of a match.
   5   Infinite credits.
   6   Lets the computer do fatalities on you (it normally won't).
   7   Some sort of difficulty code.

The Game Genie blood codes for the SNES version (use all five) are: ddbfd7a7,
ddb4dd07, ddb4dda7, ddb4df07, ddb4dfa7.  On a copier, change
6D 25 AE 29 D0 31 12 36 54 3A 75 42 B7 46 F9 4A to
10 00 18 00 1A 00 1B 00 1C 00 1D 00 1E 00 1F 00.  (It should be at offset
1C18, or sector 14 offset 24.)  These codes only change the color of the
white 'sweat' to blood, and don't fix the fatalities.  The Game Genie codes
just translate to the 00 parts of the copier code. They don't fix the color of
the heart Kano pulls out; I have no idea if the copier codes do.

EGM listed, and printed screen shots for, the one-address code bdb4dd07.  I
have no idea how the two codes compare.  (If this is equivalent to the first
code, and does it in only one address, it might be possible to do other stuff
in addition, like get that heart color right, or spell "Raiden" with an 'i'....)

There is a code to play as Goro on the Gameboy version.  Finish the game, wait
for the credits to finish, and at "The End" hold up+left+select+A.  Enter
your initials and press A.

The Japanese (Super Famicom) version of MK doesn't have the blood or violence.
There is no Japanese Mega Drive version.

Mortal Kombat II versions and codes:

Mortal Kombat II is out on the Genesis, Sega CD, SNES (uncensored), Game Gear,
and Game Boy.  Probe did a 32X and will be doing a Saturn version.  There will
be a PC version on CD; I have no idea who is doing it.  There is a Super
Famicom version in Japan, but it uses green blood.

The code for a random character select is to highlight the top corner character
and press start while holding up.  (SNES, Genesis).

Test mode (Genesis): Go to the options menu and place the cursor on "Done!".
Enter the code LDLRDRLLRR.  No, nobody knows what the "Oooh, Nasty!" flag
does.  (Some people have suggested it always makes the computer do the
bloodiest fatality on you.  Other people have denied this.  I don't own a
Genesis MK2 and can't find the answer.)

"Fergality" (Genesis): Use Raiden on the armory stage and stand outside of
sweep distance.  The code is BACKx3, BLOCK.

Holding down and high punch together from the end of the character select
screen to the start of the fight will disable throws (with a message).  (SNES,
Genesis; 2-player mode only)

For a two-player survival mode, hold the left and right buttons and press start
(on the title screen at the "start" prompt).  (SNES)

Hold the left and right buttons when starting the game to see a new title
screen,  (SNES)

The codes for SNES, all on the character select screen in one player mode,
are as follows (press select afterwards):
DURUL: Attacks by player do lots of damage.
ULUUR: Fight Smoke.
UDDLR: Fight Jade.
UDDRR: Fight Kintaro.
RUURL: Fight Shao Kahn.
LUDDR: Fight Noob Saibot.
LURDL: 30 credits (can be repeated later).
UULUD: Triple the time available to do fatalities.

There will eventually be a MK2 for Playstation.

Mortal Kombat III:

The Playstation has it first, and other next generation systems will be get-
ting it later (including the Jaguar).  There will also be a PC version.

The known code for Playstation MK3 brings up a cheat menu, and is
/\. [], O, X, L1, L2 in the attract mode, then UP on the rotating MK3 logo.

Street Fighter II codes:

Down-Right-Up-Left-Y-B-X-A on the Super Famicom version, Down-Right-Up-Left-Y-B
on the SNES one.  Right and left are the buttons, not the right and left on the
control pad.  Do this at the start of the Capcom screen and finish it before
the screen fades; when it works a tone will sound.  This lets you select a
character versus himself.

The second secret code brings up the CONFIG menu: hold down the select button
and keep holding it while you start the game.  This allows you to change
options in the middle of the game.

If you hold down the left and right buttons on the second controller, you
will be taken through the character description scenes and can let go to select
which character you want to see in the demo.

There is no code to let you play as the last four characters.  The following
Game Genie code can be used in versus mode with the first player as Ryu, and
the second player selecting an ordinary character but picking the boss
character's screen.

    10a40767, f0ae6d04, df80ad64

The code is fairly buggy/crash-prone, and not very useful.

The following code does the same thing without color problems.  f0ae6d04, go to
VS mode, select your player and boss stage, and reset at round start.  Then add
the codes 10a40767, 67666d0d, df80ad64.  Select the same player and boss stage.

To play in one-player mode, add a2a6af04 plus the following codes: M. Bison,
b9a0af04; Sagat, b1a0af04; Vega, 35a0af04; Balrog, cba0af64 and dba0afa4.

On SF2 Turbo, the Down-Right-Up-Left-Y-X code (plus B-A on Japanese versions)
works in two places.  On the Capcom logo, it disables all special moves; where
"turbo" is displayed, and done on controller 2, it lets you choose 11 speeds.
You _can_ disable the special moves in a player-versus-player game; do the code
on the VS. Battle stage select option.

The code 7e183e0f lets you play a SNES/SF NTSC Hyper Fighting on a PAL system
using the Game Action Replay, though it still has some problems.  The Game
Genie code 6dc0efd5 supposedly works too.

On the Genesis version of SF2 Turbo, the code down, z, up, x, a, y, b, c
disables all the _standard_ moves when entered at the CAPCOM logo, sets the
champion mode to a higher speed if entered while the logo is spinning, and
allows picking the same character twice in the match mode.  EGM gives a three-
button controller code as down, c, up, a, a, b, b, c.

On the SNES Super SF2, the code LRLRLRRL on the screen where you select
match/elimination modes, lets you play the same character more times than

Virtua Fighter codes:

Pressing the front L or R button in two player mode after one player wins
lets you select players and stages.  The A button for player 1 and the C
button for player 2 select the normal color, and the C button for player 1
and A button for player 2 select the second color.

``What is the difference between the Japanese and American versions of SFII?''

One background character's hand motions were changed in the US version to look
less like masturbation.  (I am not making this up.)

The bosses' names are also different on both arcade and home versions:
   USA        Japan
Balrog      M. Bison  (named after Mike Tyson)
Vega        Balrog
M. Bison    Vega

The secret codes to play character-versus-character are also different.

On SF2 Turbo Edition, Vega's claw doesn't draw blood when hitting an opponent.

``What are the Ranma 1/2 games available?''

There are a large number of Japanese Ranma 1/2 games; see the anime video
game list.  The first Super Famicom fighting game was ported to the US as
"Street Combat", and is unrecognizeably changed.  The second was ported as
Ranma 1/2 and had only the voices changed (they do _not_ fit the American dub
voices).  The third game, Super Battle, was to be ported as Ranma 1/2: Anything
Goes Martial Arts, with new voices that fit the dubs, but it was cancelled.

``What are the Japanese Super Mario games which correspond to the US ones?  I
hear there was a Mario game in Japan that we never got in the US.''

The Japanese Super Mario 2 was a Famicom Disk System game never ported to
the NES.  The US Super Mario 2 was adapted from a non-Mario Japanese game
called "Dream Factory Doki Doki Panic".  This game in turn was sold in Japan
as Super Mario USA.  The Super Mario All-Stars cartridge (Super Mario
Collection in Japan) is one cartridge with SNES ports of SM1, SM3, and both
the American and Japanese SM2s.

``Can you play Forgotten Worlds (Japanese PCE-SCD) on a TG-16, even though the
controller doesn't fit?''

Button I fires, button II is clockwise.  You can make either SELECT or button
III be counterclockwise, so you can play the game on a TG-16 if you don't mind
using SELECT as an action button.

The controller fits on the Turbo Duo, since the Turbo Duo uses PC Engine type
controllers (the regular TG-16 uses its own odd controllers).

``Is the Japanese version of Mortal Kombat censored?''

The Super Famicom version is.  There is no Mega Drive version at all.

``What Final Fantasy games correspond to the US ones?''

FF1 for the NES was the same for the Famicom.  2 and 3 have had no US release.
FF4 easy edition in Japan is FF2 in the US.  FF6 in Japan is FF3 in the US.
FF5 was to be released in America as Final Fantasy Extreme, but has been can-

Mystic Quest is the same in both countries.

Final Fantasy Adventure for the Gameboy was, in Japan, Seiken Densetsu Final
Fantasy Gaiden (Legend of the Holy Sword -- Final Fantasy Side Story).  Its
sequel, Seiken Densetsu 2, became Secret of Mana in the US.

The Final Fantasy Legend games were part of a different series (Sa-Ga) in
Japan.  They had Super Famicom sequels Romancing Sa-Ga and Romancing Sa-Ga
2, which haven't been released in the US.

``What personal computer roleplaying game series correspond to what video
game system versions?  (Series only.)''

King's Quest
King's Quest I (SMS) (?)
King's Quest V (NES) (?)

Might and Magic
Might and Magic (NES) (?)
Might and Magic II (Genesis)
Might and Magic III (TG-16 SCD, SNES)

Games with PC versions:
Ultima III: Exodus (NES)
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES, SMS) (SMS version probably not released
  in USA)
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny (NES)
Ultima VI: The False Prophet (SNES)
Ultima VII: The Black Gate (SNES)
Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire (SNES)

No PC versions:
Ultima: Runes of Virtue (Gameboy)
Ultima: Runes of Virtue 2 (Gameboy, SNES)

Wizardry I: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (NES)
Wizardry II: Knight of Diamonds (NES)
Wizardry I-II (PC Engine SCD)
Wizardry III-IV (PC Engine SCD)
Wizardry V (PC Engine SCD, SNES)
Wizardry VII (Playstation--Japanese)
Ken Arromdee (,;

"Any creature who would disguise itself as a bone, obviously has no sense of
fair play!"  -- Superboy Annual #1

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