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Section - 47. Final Warnings and Advice

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Top Document: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 2)
Previous Document: 46. What are the worst mistakes I may do?
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If you see a bug, tell the deity in charge. Period. Many games are
thrown out of balance by players who find bugs and exploit them. If
you're really in this to have fun and play the game well, you
shouldn't need to cheat to win. You can use the 'bug' command to 
report bugs you find.

Remember that some types of ships are built with damage that takes a
few updates to repair. This means that you'll have to plan ahead, and,
more importantly, don't try to land these or any other damaged ships
unless you want to risk losing them! You have a percentage chance
equal to the ship's damage of crash landing and possibly destroying
your ship!

Use the "tactical" command often to check for the presence of enemy
ships which may not show up on your map. Remember, to check an entire
system for enemies, it might be better to do a "tact g" rather than
just a "tact." This gives tactical reports for your planets only
(which is still full coverage most of the time) and avoids repetitive
tact reports from every single one of your ships in system. Also, be
careful what orders you give in Universal Scope (the top
level)...sometimes, asking for tact reports from all of your ships (or
even just stock reports) can tie up the game and waste a lot of
everyone's time.

Remember that some types of ships can't be built in factories, most
importantly ships such as Stations and Habitats. To build something
like this, you can overload a shuttle in orbit! Also, be sure you know
what the rules are for Habitats in your game (ie. do they produce
extra resources every turn? If so, how many?).

If you've got "smart guns," learn how to use them and take advantage
of them! Don't get caught off-line at an update only to have
everything you hold dear destroyed simply because you didn't set up a
protection network.

The beginning of the game is a critical time when you need to get your
race started off and several updates occur very close together in
order to get things moving. When you sign up for a game, be sure you
can make this first update "blitz" or you may find yourself hopelessly

    ********************* I M P O R T A N T ***************************
     Finally, remember that the deity of the game is there to help you.
       If it weren't for him/her, you wouldn't be playing GB at all.
           So don't whine. Be polite. Make constructive comments.
                   It'll be easier for everyone that way.
    ********************* I M P O R T A N T *************************** 

                     *** RELAX. IT IS ONLY A GAME. ***



                     *** RELAX. IT IS ONLY A GAME. ***



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Top Document: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 2)
Previous Document: 46. What are the worst mistakes I may do?

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