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Top Document: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 2)
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Next Document: 3. What is GB?
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** PART 1 **

        1.  Introduction
        2.  Table of Contents

-- Section I. Getting Started

        3.  What is GB?*
        4.  What is HAP? 
        5.  What is GB+?+
        6.  Where can I get the client and/or server code?*
        7.  What are the different versions of the server?*
        8.  What are the different versions of the client?+
        9.  What if I have problems compiling something?*
        10. How can I find out more about gb?*
        11. Where are the current games running? 
        12. Is there a mailing list for GB?*
        13. Do I need a client to play gb?*
        14. How can I start playing a game? 
        15. How much time does it take to play gb? 
        16. Is there a newsgroup for GB?

-- Section II. The Game Set-Up

        17. What is a racegen?+
        18. What race should I choose? 
        19. What's the difference between a normal and a morph? 
        20. Which is better, morphs or normals? 
        21. What kind of planet should I choose? 
        22. What sector preferences should I take? 
        23. What happens if I get a rotten home planet? 
        24. How can I get a postscript map?*

-- Section III. Playing the Game

        25. What is a move seg? 
        26. What is an update? 
        27. What strategy should I use? 
        28. How do I change scope? 
        29. How do I talk to others? 
        30. What should I do first? 
        31. How do I interpret the maps? 
        32. How do factories work? 
        33. What tax rate should I set? 
        34. What's the difference between military and civilians? 
        35. What should I set my mobilization level at? 
        36. How do planetary guns work? 
        37. How do atmosphere processors work? 
        38. What's the quickest way to jump to other systems? 
        39. How do I get hyperdrive on board ships? 
        40. How do I build ships in space?
        41. How come I don't have any resources yet? 
        42. My pods didn't explode when they reached their destination.
        43. How do I get a list of where my crystals are? 
        44. How do I get crystals? 
        45. How do I get a list of ship types I can build?
        46. What are the worst mistakes I may do? 
        47. Final Warnings and Advice

** PART 2 **

        48. Advice from Veterans

-- Section I. Setting up your race

        49. Should I choose a metamorphic race or a normal race?
        50. What type of home planet should I choose?
        51. How should I spent my remaining points?
        52. What sector preferences should I choose?

-- Section II. The Beginning of the Game

        53. What should I do before the first update?
        54. What is the first ship I should build? The second?
        55. What can I do to increase my resource production on a given planet?

-- Section III. Later in the Game

        56. Should I colonize the planets in my own system first, or
            should I focus on arriving in other systems before opponents
        57. What should I do when I see another ship other than my own?

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