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Recommended Fantasy Authors List - Part 3/5

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Archive-name: fantasy/recommended-authors/part3
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 1998/03/01
Version: 3.0

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
                          Part 3 of 5

Beginning with the March, 1998 posting, only those authors with
six or more recommendations will have detailed listings. THE
AUTHORS, is available at the list web site:

Unfortunately, the Recommended Fantasy Author List has just
gotten too large to continue posting the entire thing.

*Mercedes Lackey (b. 1950)
     "The Valdemar Books" - titles follow
            _Each of the following is a separate series, but
            they all take place at various points in the history
            of the world of Velgarth (which contains the country
            of Valdemar). There is also at least one stand-alone
            (_By the Sword_) about Valdemar. Her fans are as
            dedicated as the Jordanites and they have their own
            newsgroup at alt.books.m-lackey_
     "The Last Herald-Mage" - Magic's Pawn; Magic's Promise;
        Magic's Price
            _Introduces the Herald-Mages and their equine
     "Vows and Honor" - The Oathbound; Oathbreakers
            _A sorceress and a swordswoman are bound together
            with a blood oath that may be impossible to
     "Queen's Own" - Arrows of the Queen; Arrow's Flight;
        Arrow's Fall
            _The story of Talia, the herald to the Queen._
     "Mage Winds Trilogy" - Winds of Fate; Winds of Change;
        Winds of Fury
            _Princess Elspeth of Valdemar becomes caught up in
            the Tayledras' war against an evil mage._
     "Mage Wars Trilogy (co-authored by Larry Dixon)" - The
        Black Gryphon; The White Gryphon; The Silver Gryphon
            _The early history of the land of Valdemar._
     "Mage Storm Trilogy" - Storm Warning; Storm Rising; Storm
            _The most recent series. Valdemar and Karse are old
            enemies, but they are forced into an alliance when
            they are both threatened by a greater foe._
            _A Valdemar standalone that takes place after the
            Mage Storms. This one is described as a young adult
     "Diana Tregard Investigations" - Burning Water; Children of
        the Night; Jinx High
            _Supernatural mysteries, featuring Diana Tregard._
     "Bardic Voices" - The Lark and the Wren; The Robin and the
        Kestrel; The Eagle and the Nightingale
            _The books in this series do stand alone. NOT part
            of the Valdemar series._
     "Bardic Choices" - A Cast of Corbies (co-author Josepha
            _A new series in the Bardic Voices world._
        The Fire Rose
            _A standalone. A 'Beauty and the Beast' style tale
            set in pre-earthquake San Francisco._
            _A standalone, based on Russian folktales. As you
            can see, Lackey is a wildly prolific author, co-
            authoring books with everyone under the sun._

Stephen Lawhead (b. 1950)
     "The Pendragon Cycle" - Taliesin; Merlin; Arthur;
        Pendragon; Grail; Avalon (forthcoming)
            _Once again, we return to Camelot..."The quality
            disintegrated after the first two books - _Arthur_
            was disappointing..." according to one recommender._
     "The Dragon King Trilogy" - In the Hall of the Dragon King;
        The Warlords of Nin; The Sword and the Flame
            _A separate trilogy._
     "The Paradise War" - The Song of Albion; The Silver Hand;
        The Endless Knot
            _Doug noted that even though he isn't particularly
            a fan of celtic fantasy, these books really appealed
            to him._
            _'Joining a select band of monks to present a book
            to the Holy Roman Emperor himself, Aidan jouneys to
            the farthest reaches of the known world,' sez the
            advertising released by HarperPrism publishing._

*Ursula K. Le Guin (b. 1929)
     "Earthsea" - A Wizard of Earthsea; The Tombs of Atuan; The
        Farthest Shore; Tehanu
            _Your FAQmaker says: Read these. _Tehanu_ was
            written 15 years after _The Farthest Shore_ - it's
            very different in tone from the first three, and
            several recommenders specifically DIDN'T recommend
            it (But I do. I'll tell you what to do - wait until
            you are at least 25 before reading _Tehanu_. Age
            seems to be the real separating factor between those
            who like it and those who don't). These books are
            true classics of the genre, beautifully written,
            tightly plotted, and engrossing._

Fritz Leiber (1910-1992)
     "Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser" - Swords and Deviltry; Swords
        Against Death; Swords in the Mist; Swords Against
        Wizardry; Swords Against Lankhmar; Swords and Ice Magic;
        Knight and Knave of Swords
            _Ya wanna know who invented the term 'Sword &
            Sorcery'? This is the guy. The series is made up of
            short stories, novellas, novelettes, and one novel
            (the final book). The above-listed 7 books contain
            all the stories, arranged in chronological order,
            with _Swords and Deviltry_ featuring the Hugo-award
            winning "Ill Met in Lankhmar." Note that the final
            two books (_Swords & Ice Magic_ & _Knight & Knave of
            Swords_) show, IMHO of course, a real drop in

*C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)
     "Chronicles of Narnia" - The Magician's Nephew; The Lion,
        the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Prince Caspian; The Voyage
        of the Dawn Treader; The Horse and His Boy; The Silver
        Chair; The Last Battle
            _Classic! Look for them in the children's sections.
            Most bookstores will have boxed sets available. Note
            that _The Magician's Nephew_ was actually the 6th
            book written, and for many years in the U.S. the
            series was printed with it as book six. However,
            Lewis preferred that the books be read in the above
            order, and recent reprints have respected his
     "The Space Trilogy" - Out of the Silent Planet; Perelandra;
        That Hideous Strength
            _Lewis' adult version of a Christian-allegory

Megan Lindholm (b. 1952)
     "A Saga of the Reindeer People" - The Reindeer People;
        Wolf's Brother
            _Prehistoric fantasy with a minimum of magic._
     "Ki and Vandien series" - Harpy's Flight; The Windsingers;
        The Limbreth Gate; Luck of the Wheels
            _Straightforward fantasy series about a pair of
            wanderers in a well-constructed world where humans
            are only one of a number of intelligent races. The
            fans who have discovered Lindholm via her works
            under the pen name 'Robin Hobb' will find these
            books the closest in tone and subject to what
            they're used to._
        Cloven Hooves
            _Standalone dark fantasy set in present day Alaska
            and Washington state._
        Wizard of the Pigeons
            _Urban fantasy that has a strong cult following.
            Many people consider this to be her best work, and,
            of course, it is out of print and difficult to

R.A. MacAvoy (b. 1949)
        Tea With the Black Dragon
            _Out of print, but worth looking up. This was her
            first book - its sequel (_Twisting the Rope_) is
            nowhere near as good._
     "Damiano trilogy" - Damiano; Damiano's Lute; Raphael
            _Fantasy in Renaissance Italy_
     "Lens of the World trilogy" - Lens of the World; King of
        the Dead; Belly of the Wolf
            _MacAvoy is fond of creating heroes who remain
            stubbornly innocent to the point of idiocy. Some
            readers find this annoying (yeah, I'm one of them),
            but she is a good writer, and always tells an
            interesting story._

*Julian May (b. 1931)
     "The Saga of the Pliocene Exiles" - The Many-Colored Land;
        The Golden Torc; The Nonborn King; The Adversary
            _Set six million years in the past. I'm told this is
            kinda like 'elves and dinosaurs.' It is related to
            May's SF series, "The Galactic Milieu," so if you
            like her you've got more books to look for._

**Anne McCaffrey (b. 1926)
     "Dragonriders of Pern" - Dragonflight; Dragonquest; The
        White Dragon
            _Yeah, they're SF, but they're included here by
            popular request. Lots more have been published since
            the first trilogy, and they've gotten more and more
            SFnal as they've gone along._
     "Harper's Hall trilogy" - Dragonsong; Dragonsinger;
            _Geared more toward the Young Adult market, your
            FAQmaker considers this trilogy to be the most
            fantasy-based of the Pern books._

Dennis McKiernan (b. 1932)
     "The Iron Tower Trilogy" - The Dark Tide; Shadows of Doom;
        The Darkest Day
            _Well, McKiernan wanted to write a sequel to 'Lord
            of the Rings', but the Tolkien estate refused
            permission. So he recreated Middle Earth in "The
            Iron Tower Trilogy" with just enough differences to
            keep from violating copyright and has continued from
            there. A decent writer, and his later books about
            the world of Mithgar are much more original and
            quite enjoyable_
     "Silver Call duology" - Trek to Kraggen-Cor; The Brega Path
            _This was intended to be one book, so you definitely
            don't want to read it unless you have both parts in
        Tales of Mithgar
            _11 short stories set in Mithgar._
        The Eye of the Hunter
        Voyage of the Fox Rider
        The Dragonstone
     "Hel's Crucible duology" - Into the Forge; Into the Fire
        (forthcoming Sept. '98)
            _These books stand alone, but take place in Mithgar,
            the world of the "Iron Tower" trilogy. McKiernan's
            latest book, _The Caverns of Socrates,_ is SF_

Patricia McKillip (b. 1948)
        The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
            _Received the World Fantasy Award when it was
            published in 1975. A marvelous novel and highly
            recommended. It recently (July '96) was returned to
            print in the U.S. by Harcourt Brace under their
            "Magic Carpet" imprint. Hooray!_
        The Throme of the Erril of Sherill
            _Her first published fantasy, and it's hard to find,
            but well worth looking for. A revised edition came
            out in the mid-80's._
     "The Riddlemaster of Hed" - The Riddlemaster of Hed; Heir
        of Sea and Fire; Harpist in the Wind
            _Excellent trilogy. Your FAQmaker sez: Get these and
            read them. Beautifully written._
        The Changeling Sea
            _A young-adult standalone, with a young peasant girl
            saving a prince. Lyrical and moving._
        Something Rich and Strange
            _A standalone, part of Brian Froud's Faerielands
            series of novels based on his illustrations. Very
            atmospheric, quite short, involving a contemporary
            couple living on the western seacoast and their
            encounter with magic._
        The Book of Atrix Wolfe
            _Standalone about a powerful wizard whose attempt to
            stop a war has unexpected (and disastrous) results._
     "Cygnet" - Sorceress and Cygnet; Cygnet and Firebird
            _The first book in this series is well equipped with
            McKillip's usual lyric prose, but the actual plot is
            a bit obscure. Enjoyable, but not her best work._
        Winter Rose
            _Another small gem from McKillip. Faerie and reality
            meet, with results that may be fatal for Rois
            Melior's sister Laurel._
        Song of the Bsilisk (forthcoming Sept. '98)
            _A new standalone from McKillip._

Robin McKinley (b. 1952)
            _Charming retelling of Beauty & the Beast. Her first
            novel-it's out of print now, but worth looking for.
            Do NOT confuse it with Sherri Tepper's _Beauty_ -
            they are VERY different books._
     "Damar series" - The Blue Sword; The Hero and the Crown
            _She only wrote two books set in Damar (and they are
            standalones), and has since gone on to other
        The Outlaws of Sherwood
            _Guess who this one's about._
            _I like McKinley, but most of her work is fairly
            lightweight. This isn't. Based on the uncensored
            version of Perrault's classic fairytale
            'Donkeyskin', it tackles the subject of incest_
        A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories
            _Short story collection. Two of the five stories in
            the book mention Damar._
        Rose Daughter
            _McKinley returns once again to the story of Beauty
            and the Beast. _Publishers Weekly_ calls this one a
            'heady mix of fairy tale, magic and romance.' This
            is being peddled to the Young Adult market, so
            you'll need to leave the sf section of your
            bookstore to find it._

L.E. Modesitt Jr. (b. 1943)
     "Recluce" - The Magic of Recluce; The Towers of the Sunset;
        The Magic Engineer; The Order War; The Death of Chaos;
        Fall of Angels; The Chaos Balance; The White Order
        (forthcoming July '98)
            _This is open-ended - books are listed above in the
            order they were published, and does NOT follow the
            internal chronology of the series. You should try to
            read _The Magic of Recluce_ first (some of the plot
            twists are more effective if you aren't aware of how
            magic works in Recluce), and _The Death of Chaos_ is
            a direct sequel to _tMoR_. However the other books
            all stand alone and can be read in any order._
     "Dutch Republic series" - Of Tangible Ghosts; The Ghost of
        the Revelator (forthcoming Sept. '98)
            _Fantasy taking place in alternate universe that
            features ghosts and an East India Company that
            stayed the dominant economic power in the world._
     "Song and Magic" - The Soprano Sorceress; The Spellsong
        War; one final book
            _A trilogy that will introduce a world where magic
            is accessed through music._

Elizabeth Moon (b. 1945)
     "The Deed of Paksenarrion" - Sheepfarmer's Daughter;
        Divided Allegiance; Oath of Gold
            _Rousing adventure about the soldier and hero
            Paksenarrion. Moon has said that among the themes
            she worked on in the books was "the cost of courage,
            the cost of being a hero." She has written two
            prequels to the trilogy, _Surrender None_ and
            _Liar's Oath_, which are quite a bit darker in tone,
            and several of the recommenders who prefer happy
            endings have advised against reading them. Lately
            Moon has been mainly producing SF._

*Michael Moorcock (b. 1939)
     "Elric" - Elric of Melnibone; The Fortress of the Pearl; A
        Sailor on the Seas of Fate; The Weird of the White Wolf;
        The Vanishing Tower; The Revenge of the Rose; The Bane
        of the Black Sword; Stormbringer
            _There is also at least one book of short stories
            about Elric (I'm taking the word of one
            correspondent about where the two later books -
            tFotP and tRotR - fit in the cycle. I've only read
            the original sextet)._
     "Runestaff (Hawkmoon)" - The Jewel in the Skull; The Mad
        God's Amulet; The Sword of the Dawn; The Runestaff
            _If you don't like the way this tetralogy ends, be
            sure and track down the 'Count Brass' trilogy, which
            brings all the characters back for another go
     "Count Brass" - Count Brass; Champion of Garathorn; The
        Quest for Tanelorn
            _The Runestaff/Count Brass books are my favorites in
            the Eternal Champion cycle. Dorian Hawkmoon suffers
            less from angst than the Moorcock's usual Tortured
     "Corum" - The Knight of Swords; The Queen of Swords; The
        King of Swords; The Bull and the Spear; The Oak and the
        Ram; The Sword and the Stallion
            _Moorcock's entire (well, just about entire - there
            are a few bits & pieces that the rights weren't
            available) Eternal Champion cycle is being reprinted
            in 14 omnibus volumes by White Wolf Publishing_
     "John Daker (Erekose)" - The Eternal Champion; Phoenix in
        Obsidian ('The Silver Warriors' in earlier U.S.
        editions); The Dragon in the Sword
            _All of these books -plus others- comprise the
            'Eternal Champion' cycle. Quality varies, and hard
            core fantasy fans won't like some of the liberties
            Moorcock takes with the genre, but if you like 'em,
            there sure are a LOT of 'em to keep you busy._
        The War Hound & The World's Pain
            _Takes place in the 30-Years War time frame. Jim
            considers it to Moorcock's best non-Eternal Champion
            book (although, if you ask Moorcock, he'll tell you
            that ALL of his books are part of the Eternal
            Champion cycle)._

Andre Norton (b. 1912)
     "Simon Tregarth" - Witch World; Web of the Witch World
            _The duology that started the Witch World. Readers
            who were introduced to Witch World through the later
            books are often surprised by the SF trappings of
            these books. The villains use high-tech weapons, the
            witches' powers are treated as psi rather than
            magic, and Simon arrives via a machine that opens
            doors to parallel worlds._
     "The Children of Simon Tregarth" - Three Against the Witch
        World; Warlock of the Witch World; Sorceress of the
        Witch World
            _Simon Tregarth's kids get a trilogy of their own,
            and the Witch World is thoroughly launched. It was
            also with these books that Norton made the choice to
            move the Witch World strictly into the fantasy
     "Witch World series" - Year of the Unicorn; The Crystal
        Gryphon; Gryphon in Glory; The Jargoon Pard; Zarsthor's
        Bane; The Warding of Witch World; many more
            _It went from an Open-Ended Series to a Shared
            World, but the first 20 or so books are all Andre
            Norton's. And they're good, too. Most are stand-
            alones. Particular favorites that were specifically
            mentioned are _Year of the Unicorn_ and _The Crystal
            Gryphon_, and Stephen casts his vote for _The
            Jargoon Pard_._
     "The Halfblood Chronicles (with Mercedes Lackey)" -
        Elvenbane; Elvenblood
            _Unrelated to the Witch World books, these involve
            a world where humans are enslaved by elves, and a
            prophecy about a half-breed who will lead the humans
            to freedom. At least two more books are due in this
        Mirror of Destiny
            _A non-Witch World standalone about a wise woman's
            apprentice seeking to avert a war between humans and
            the inhabitants of a mystical forest._

Tim Powers (b. 1952)
        The Drawing of the Dark
            _Powers' earliest fantasy, and I'm told that it is
            back in print. A different look at the Arthur legend
            (in 16th century Vienna, of all places)._
        The Anubis Gate
            _All of Powers' books are great, but this is my
            favorite. The book that made his reputation. A wild
            romp through time with gypsies, Dog Faced Joe, a
            hideously evil clown, Egyptian gods, dopplegangers,
            a disguised heroine, Samuel Coleridge and oh so much
            more. Try it._
        On Stranger Tides
            _Blackbeard and voodoo - oh my!_
        The Stress of Her Regard
            _Those muses certainly are jealous mistresses..._
        Last Call
            _The Fisher King in Las Vegas._
        Expiration Date
            _Yet Another Neat Book. This takes place in a modern
            Los Angeles much like our own, except that ghosts
            exist there._
        Earthquake Weather (originally listed as 'Extreme
            _Characters from both _Last Call_ and _Expiration
            Date_ appear in this novel. According to his editor,
            Powers "begs to inform the world [that this] is the
            only time anyone will ever see anything remotely
            resembling a series from him."_

**Terry Pratchett (b. 1948)
     "Discworld" - titles follow
            _Your FAQmaker loves these books, and so do enough
            other a.f.e. readers to make him an official Highly
            Recommended Author. Humorous series, over 15 books
            now, and recent books are as good as the first. The
            books divide up based on their main characters, but
            can all standalone (except the original Rincewind
     "Rincewind" - The Color of Magic; The Light Fantastic;
        Sourcery; Eric; Interesting Times; The Last Continent
        (forthcoming May '98 in the U.K.)
            _The first two are the duology that introduced
            Discworld. Rincewind is an incredibly incompetent
            wizard who gets mixed up with Discworld's first
     "Granny Weatherwax" - Equal Rites; Wyrd Sisters; Witches
        Abroad; Lords and Ladies; Maskerade
            _Granny and her fellow witches are the favorites of
            many Pratchett fans. Unlike Rincewind, Granny is
            FRIGHTENINGLY competent._
     "Death" - Mort; Reaper Man; Soul Music; Hogfather (out in
        the U.K., out who-knows-when in the U.S.)
            _Yes, Death is a regularly appearing character, with
            a horse named Binky and taste for curry._
     "Carrot" - Guards, Guards; Men At Arms; Feet of Clay; Jingo
        (out in the U.K., forthcoming May '98 in U.S.)
            _And then there's Carrot, the six-foot-tall dwarf
            (he's adopted), who has come to Ankh-Morpork to make
            his fortune... The latest book has Ankh-Morpork and
            Klatch preparing to go to war._
        Moving Pictures; Pyramids; Small Gods
            _These are all standalones about Discworld, and all
        Good Omens (with Neil Gaiman)
            _NOT a Discworld book, this one is about the End Of
            The World. It is due to be reprinted in the U.S. in

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