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Recommended Fantasy Authors List - Part 2/5

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Archive-name: fantasy/recommended-authors/part2
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 1998/03/01
Version: 3.0

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
                          Part 2 of 5

Beginning with the March, 1998 posting, only those authors with
six or more recommendations will have detailed listings. THE
AUTHORS, is available at the list web site:

Unfortunately, the Recommended Fantasy Author List has just
gotten too large to continue posting the entire thing.

Pamela Dean (b. 1953)
     "The Secret Country" - The Secret Country; The Hidden Land;
        The Whim of the Dragon
            _Another series usually found in the children's
            section of your library._
        The Dubious Hills
            _Set in the same world as _The Secret Country_, but
            featuring different characters. An unusual book,
            this one is not geared toward children._
            _The college setting of this one makes it quite
            popular with the academic crowd. Stand-alone
            contemporary retelling of the Tam-Lin legend. Part
            of the 'Fairy Tale' series._
        Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary (forthcoming June '98)
            _This was originally scheduled for July, 1997._

L. Sprague de Camp (b. 1907)
     "The Reluctant King" - Goblin Tower; The Clocks of Iraz;
        The Unbeheaded King; The Honorable Barbarian
            _Classic. Fast-paced heroic adventure with an added
            dash of humor_
        The Complete Compleat Enchanter (co-author Fletcher
            _Great series of novelettes! Published in a variety
            of configurations, the above title is the U.S.
            edition that contains all the stories. In the U.K.,
            look for _The Intrepid Enchanter_. Harold Shea
            travels to a variety of magical worlds, finding
            love, adventure, and poetry._
        The Exotic Enchanter (co-author Christopher Stasheff)
            _de Camp continues Harold Shea's adventures with a
            new co-author. There has also been at least one
            collection of short stories in this series_

Charles de Lint (b. 1951)
     "Jack of Kinrowen" - Jack the Giant Killer; Drink Down the
        Moon (Omnibus edition with JoK title available from Tor)
            __Jack the Giant Killer_ was originally published as
            part of the 'Fairy Tale' series._
     "Newford series" - Our Lady of the Harbor; Paperjack; The
        Wishing Well; Memory and Dream
            _Standalones taking place in the fictional town of
            Newford. Most (if not all) of the short stories in
            the two collections mentioned below take place in
            Newford also._
     "Short story collections" - Dreams Underfoot; The Ivory and
        the Horn
            _de Lint's short story collections are a good
            introduction to the author - if you don't like
            these, you won't like his novels._
        The Little Country
        Someplace To Be Flying (forthcoming Feb. '98)
            _He's written many books, with a fair number only
            available in small press editions. Most are
            stand-alone (although related to each other), all
            are good. The best-known and most productive author
            in the 'urban fantasy' sub-genre. Can be difficult
            to find in U.S. (this is changing - Tor, his
            publisher, is showing their good taste and really
            pushing his work), readily available in Canada &

**Stephen Donaldson (b. 1947)
     "Thomas Covenant - First Chronicles" - Lord Foul's Bane;
        The Illearth War; The Power That Preserves
            _VERY highly recommended. This is a powerful
            trilogy, and you should read it._
     "Thomas Covenant - Second Chronicles" - The Wounded Land;
        The One Tree; White Gold Wielder
            _The Covenant books can be *quite* grim &
            depressing, but they are well written and worth your
            time. Those who love Donaldson's work describe
            Covenant as a flawed but decent human struggling to
            come to terms with both his illness and his power.
            Others with less charity in their souls consider
            Covenant to be whiny, self-pitying, and a poor
            excuse for a hero. Give the Chronicles a try & see
            which category you fall into._
     "Thomas Covenant - Final Chronicles" - ?? (forthcoming
        maybe someday)
            _Yep, you read that right. Donaldson confirmed in a
            recent (September 1997) interview that "I already
            have all the ideas for the grand scheme so the
            second chronicles is ready for the last chronicles."
            However, he didn't give any hints as to when he
            would actually start writing down the ideas, so
            don't get your hopes up yet. He just finished up a
            five-book SF series with characters that make the
            folks in the Covenant books look cheerful and
     "Mordant's Need" - The Mirror of Her Dreams; A Man Rides
            _Several people have remarked that, although the
            Covenant books weren't their cup of tea, *this*
            duology was very enjoyable, and nowhere near as
            gloomy as his usual (although the heroine has more
            than her share of self-image problems...)_

*Dave Duncan (b. 1933)
     "Seventh Sword" - The Reluctant Swordsman; The Coming of
        Wisdom; The Destiny of the Sword
            _His first work. Has some ragged edges, but moves
            right along._
     "A Man of His Word" - The Magic Casement; Faery Lands
        Forlorn; Perilous Seas; Emperor and Clown
            _A stableboy sets forth on a quest, and ends up with
            a (need I say it?) great destiny._
     "A Handful of Men" - The Cutting Edge; Upland Outlaws; The
        Stricken Field; The Living God
            _Follows the same characters as 'A Man of His Word'
     "Omar the Storyteller" - The Reaver's Road; The Hunter's
            _Described as being 'a little lighter' than Duncan's
            epic fantasies, this on-going series features Omar
            the storyteller. The books are completely self-
            contained, and stand alone._
        The Cursed
            _Stand-alone about a land afflicted by changes
            brought about by the baleful influence of certain
            stars. Duncan also has a new book out under the
            pseudonym Ken Hood titled _Demon Sword_._
     "The Great Game" - Past Imperative; Present Tense; Future
            _This looks interesting - in 1914, a young man
            suffering from amnesia and accused of murder ends up
            at Stonehenge, where he is transported to an
            alternate reality._

Lord Dunsany (1879-1957)
        The King of Elfland's Daughter
            _Early fantasy. Dunsany was very influential in the
            field. The above is probably his most accessible
            book for modern readers (although I like _The
            Charwoman's Shadow_ too, but then, I've got a
            definite fondness for early fantasy). It should be
            available at most larger libraries_

**David Eddings (b. 1931)
     "The Belgariad" - Pawn of Prophecy; Queen of Sorcery;
        Magician's Gambit; Castle of Wizardry; Enchanter's End
            _Eddings' fantasy debut, and, my, was it successful.
            The forces of dark and light are rushing toward a
            climatic confrontation, and young farm boy Garion is
            swept into the battle._
     "The Malloreon" - Guardians of the West; King of the
        Murgos; The Demon Lord of Karanda; The Sorceress of
        Darshiva; The Seeress of Kell
            _Continuing the adventures of Garion and Company._
     "The Prequels" - Belgarath the Sorcerer; Polgara the
            _Yep, two more books about our favorite sorcerer and
            his daughter. These are both prequels to the events
            of the Belgariad, and should finally answer such
            burning questions as: Why did Poledra have to
            pretend she'd died? and How exactly DID the orb get
            onto the shield?_
     "The Elenium" - The Diamond Throne; The Ruby Knight; The
        Sapphire Rose
            _Eddings creates a new world and characters. The
            hero Sparhawk sets off to save his queen and
     "The Tamuli" - Domes of Fire; The Shining Ones; The Hidden
            _More adventures of Sparhawk (Eddings does like to
            get a lot of use out of his characters).
            Eddings is by far the most highly recommended author
            on the List (hardly surprising, as the list
            originated in the newsgroup)._

Teresa Edgerton (b. 1949)
     "The Green Lion Trilogy" - Child of Saturn; The Moon in
        Hiding; The Work of the Sun
            _Celtic-inspired fantasy in a complex, well-realized
     "Kingdom of Celydonn trilogy" - The Castle of the Silver
        Wheel; The Grail and the Ring; The Moon and the Thorn
            _More about the world of the "Green Lion" trilogy.
            Dwayne says the two books he's read are excellent,
            and I agree, although ^Castle^ is a trifle slow-
            moving in spots. The final book was recently
            released, and it is a satisfying conclusion to the
        Goblin Moon; The Gnome's Engine
            _Jonathan says these are "just awesome - full of
            intrigue and suspense." Not part of the Celydonn
            series, the world of these books is built more along
            Victorian lines._

Phyllis Eisenstein (b. 1946)
     "Cray the Sorcerer" - Sorcerer's Son; The Crystal Palace
            _Stand-alones about Cray, a sorcerer._
     "Tales of Alaric the Minstrel" - Born to Exile; In the Red
        Lord's Reach
            _Two books so far, the first is episodic and has the
            feel of a short story collection, second is a novel.
            Alaric is gifted with the magical ability of

**Raymond Feist (b. 1945)
     "Riftwar Saga" - Magician: Apprentice; Magician: Master;
        Silverthorn; A Darkness at Sethanon
            _Fast-paced adventure, and full of action. The first
            two books were originally published in one volume
            under the title _Magician_._
     "Midkemia series" - Prince of the Blood; The King's
            _Technically, these two are stand-alone books,
            although they feature characters and situations
            introduced in the Riftwar Saga, and set up
            situations that are due to be resolved in the
            Serpentwar saga._
     "The Serpentwar Saga" - Shadow of a Dark Queen; Rise of a
        Merchant Prince; Rage of a Demon King; Shards of a
        Broken Crown (title originally announced as 'The Honor
        of a Bastard Knight', forthcoming April '98)
            _A new Midkemia series._
        Faerie Tale
            _NOT a Midkemia book. A dark, modern fairy tale._
        Boy's Adventure (forthcoming late '98/early '99)
            _Standalone dark fantasy._
     "Krondor series" - Betrayal at Krondor (forthcoming);
        Return to Krondor (forthcoming)
            _Novelizations of Feist's 'Krondor' CD-ROM game.
            Feist is the second most highly recommended author
            on this list (after Eddings, of course) - his work
            definitely strikes a chord with most Eddings fans._

Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts 
     "Daughter of the Empire trilogy" - Daughter of the Empire;
        Servant of the Empire; Mistress of the Empire
            _Loosely related to Riftwar saga (they take place on
            the other side of the Rift)._

Alan Dean Foster (b. 1946)
     "Spellsinger" - Spellsinger; The Hour of the Gate
            _These are the initial duology. A young man ends up
            in a world where music has magic. It has become an
            open-ended series. Foster is an entertaining and
            competent writer (I've enjoyed his SF books about
            Flinx and Humanx Commonwealth), however, I've
            received reports that the later books in this series
            have fallen off quite a bit in quality._

C.S. Friedman (b. 1955)
     "The Coldfire Trilogy" - Black Sun Rising; When True Night
        Falls; Crown of Shadows
            _Sorta SF, but it takes place on a world where magic
            works, and it's not a really pleasant place for
            humans...."Extremely well written, interesting, and
            a lot different than the typical "sword & sorcery"
            type book...I would recommend this series to
            anyone." Her sf novel _In Conquest Born_ has also
            been mentioned by several recommenders. Doug would
            like to add the warning that Friedman makes Stephen
            Donaldson look like a comedy writer, and that
            depressed persons should avoid these books._

*David Gemmell (b. 1948)
     "The Drenai" - Legend; King Beyond the Gate; Quest For Lost
        Heroes; Waylander; Waylander II; The First Chronicles of
        Druss the Legend; Second Chronicles of Druss the Legend;
        The Legend of Deathwalker
            _The Drenai books are good, solid standalone fantasy
            adventures that take place in the same world.
            Gemmell is a retailing phenomenon in England, with
            a publishing imprint named after his first book.
            Only the first four Drenai books have been published
            in the U.S. - the final four won't start appearing
            in the U.S. until late 1998._
     "The Lion of Macedon" - Lion of Macedon; Dark Prince
            _Fantasy version of the life of Alexander the Great.
            History purists be warned - Gemmell plays fast and
            loose with Greek history and mythology. Only
            available in trade paperback in the U.S._
     "The Stones of Power" - Ghost King; Last Sword of Power;
        Wolf in Shadow; The Last Guardian; Bloodstone
            _The second first two books take place in a vaguely
            Arthurian past, and the others feature Jon Shannow,
            and take place in the far future. The connecting
            feature of the two eras are the Sipstrassi, the
            stones of power._
        Knights of Dark Renown
            _A stand-alone. It is out in the U.S._
            _Another stand-alone._
     "The Hawk Queen" - Ironhand's Daughter; Hawk Eternal (both
        are only out in the U.K.)
            _The Gemmellites don't seem to be particularly
            enthusiastic about this particular duology
            (commentary has ranged from the lukewarm to the
        Dark Moon
        The Winter Warriors
        Echoes of the Great Song
            _Gemmell's work is very popular in Britain, but he's
            still relatively unknown in the U.S. He IS worth
            looking up - an entertaining author who tells a
            fast-paced story. Fairly traditional fantasy, with
            heroic heroes (who have flaws, but overcome them
            when the chips are down) and dastardly villains._

William Goldman (b. 1931)
        The Princess Bride
            _A fast-paced, funny romp through every fantasy
            cliche you can think of (watch out for the rodents
            of unusual size). Written by an author best known
            for his screenplays (think ^Butch Cassidy and the
            Sundance Kid^), which may be why the movie actually
            does a good job of capturing the tone of the book._

Terry Goodkind (b. 1948)
     "The Sword of Truth" - Wizard's First Rule; Stone of Tears;
        Blood of the Fold; Temple of the Winds; more forthcoming
            _Goodkind's debut novel made a big splash, and he
            quickly followed it up. Mikey REALLY likes _First
            Rule_ and highly recommends it. Goodkind has sold
            five books in the series to Tor, so there's at least
            one more in the pipeline. Do note that these contain
            a fair amount of graphic torture and s&m._

Simon Green (b. 1955)
        Blue Moon Rising
            _"My favorite new book this year....standard fantasy
            with enough of a twist to keep me interested,"
            reports Nathan. Your FAQMaster agrees - it moves
            quickly, the characters are standard types but still
            manage to be interesting, and it kept me reading
            straight through to the end._
        Down Among the Dead Men; Blood and Honor
            _Both set in the same world as _Blue Moon,_ but
            they're not really sequels. "Down" takes place years
            after, and features a totally different set of
            characters, while "Blood" is about an actor who must
            play the double of a prince during a crisis.
            Action-packed adventure._
     "Hawke and Fisher series" - Guard Against Dishonor; Hawke
        and Fisher; The Bones of Haven; The God Killer; Winner
        Take All; Wolf In the Fold
            _Apparently the characters of Hawke and Fisher are
            VERY similar to the two main characters of _Blue
            Moon Rising_. This is early Green, and not readily
            available in the U.S._
        Shadows Fall
            _Simon Green Gets Ambitious. Shadows Fall is the
            town where legends go to die, and where the
            apocalypse is about to occur. Not completely
            successful, but worth reading, and it is always nice
            to see an author trying to stretch his repertoire.
            Green is currently in the midst of a galaxy-sweeping
            space opera._

*Barbara Hambly (b. 1951)
     "Darwath Trilogy" - The Time of the Dark; The Walls of Air;
        The Armies of Daylight
            _Another 'folks from our world cross into fantastic
            realm,' but quite well done (especially considering
            that this was Hambly's first fantasy) with
            intelligent characters and some interesting twists._
     "A New Darwath series" - Mother of Winter; Icefalcon's
        Quest (forthcoming Feb. '98)
            _Hambly returns to the world of Darwath, the setting
            of her first fantasy trilogy, after a decade away._
            _Standalone about a witch and hero, and a kingdom
            that's in a lot of trouble. A good introduction to
            Hambly's work._
     "Windrose Chronicles" - The Silent Tower; The Silicon Mage;
        Dog Wizard
            _The first two are basically one book that got split
            in two due to size. _Dog Wizard_ continues the plot,
            and leaves a fair amount of dangling threads at the
            end. This may be turning into an open-ended series_
        Stranger at the Wedding (U.K. title - Sorcerer's Ward)
            _A standalone set in same world as "Windrose
            Chronicles," but featuring different characters. One
            of Hambly's weaker offerings._
     "Sun Cross duology" - Rainbow Abyss; The Magicians of Night
            _Wizards cross from their world into ours, and end
            up in Nazi Germany._
     "Sun Wolf/Starhawk" - The Ladies of Madrigyn; The Witches
        of Wenshar; The Dark Hand of Magic
            _Although each of these is a separate, self-
            contained story, they are best enjoyed in order, and
            _Dark Hand of Magic_ does bring the series to a
            fairly definite close._
     "James Asher Chronicles" - Those Who Hunt the Night;
        Traveling With the Dead
            _Hambly does the vampire routine. And she does it
            quite well - in fact, _TWHtN_ took the _Locus_
            fantasy novel award the year it came out._
        Bride of the Rat God
            _Lots of fun - 1920's Hollywood and Chinese magic._

Robin Hobb (b. 1952)
     "The Farseer Trilogy" - Assassin's Apprentice; Royal
        Assassin; Assassin's Quest
            _This is very good. A royal bastard is being trained
            as an assassin, and is drawn deeply into court
            politics and intrigue. It's being advertised as the
            first work of a new author, but if you really like
            it, you won't have to wait to try more of her work.
            Hobb is a pseudonym for Megan Lindholm, and she has
            a fair number of works out under her own name._
     "The Liveships series" - Ship of Magic (forthcoming April
            _This is set in the same world as 'Farseer',
            although it a a new story and doesn't feature any of
            the characters from the original trilogy._

P.C. Hodgell (b. 1951)
     "Chronicles of the Kencyrath" - God Stalk; Dark of the
        Moon; Seeker's Mask
            _First two were published in mass-market paperback.
            Current works are only available through Hypatia
            Press, a small press in Oregon which is currently
            having financial problems, so finding her books is
            problematic at best. Hodgell is a cult favorite over
            on r.a.sf.w., and reportedly outlined a fourth Jaime
            book, but has put it aside to work on other

Barry Hughart (b. 1934)
     "Master Li and Number Ten Ox series" - The Bridge of Birds;
        The Story of the Stone; Eight Skilled Gentlemen
            _Open-ended series set in ancient China. HIGHLY
            recommended by your FAQ maker (especially the first

Brian Jacques (b. 1939)
     "Redwall series" - Redwall; Mossflower; Mattimeo; Mariel of
        Redwall; Salamandastron; Martin the Warrior; The
        Bellmaker; The Outcasts of Redwall; The Pearls of Lutra;
        The Long Patrol (out in U.K., forthcoming in U.S. Feb.
            _These are fun. I buy them for my niece, and always
            read them myself before I give them to her. Redwall
            is an Abbey run by a group of mice, and this series
            of standalone books details their adventures. They
            are geared toward the children's market (and are
            incredibly popular - ask your local children's
            librarian about how quickly they fly off the shelves)._

Diana Wynne Jones (b. 1934)
     "The Dalemark Sequence" - Drowned Ammet; Cart and Cwidder;
        The Spellcoats; The Crown of Dalemark
            _Young adult standalone novels all taking place in
            Dalemark. The first three books all stand alone, and
            can be read in any order, but the final book ties
            them all together, and will be best enjoyed if
            you've read all of the others._
     "Crestomanci books" - The Lives of Christopher Chant;
        Charmed Life; Witch Week; The Magicians of Caprona
            _Stand-alones that all have the magician Crestomanci
            involved somehow._
     "The Magician Howl series" - Howl's Moving Castle; Castle
        in the Air
            _The second book of this one is hard to find in the
            U.S. - Books of Wonder in New York stocks most of
            Jones' work, and they are good place to look if you
            can't find a fix anywhere else._
        The Homeward Bounders
            _Standalone about a boy doomed to wander between
        Archer's Goon
        A Sudden Wild Magic
            _This one is fairly recent and is being marketed as
            an adult book, making it the most widely available
            book of hers in the U.S. Alas, it is also one of her
            weakest offerings, so look up any of her other books
            before you decide on her abilities._
        Time of the Ghost (published Sept. '96 in the U.S, but
        it's been out for more than a decade in Britain)
            _Most of Jones' work is geared toward the Young
            Adult market, but don't let that stop you. I
            particularly liked _Archer's Goon_, _The Homeward
            Bounders_ and _Howl's Moving Castle_, Eriond likes
            _Dogsbody_ the best, but he reads everything of hers
            he can find (so do I)._

**Robert Jordan (b. 1948)
     "The Wheel of Time" - The Eye of the World; The Great Hunt;
        The Dragon Reborn; The Shadow Rising; The Fires of
        Heaven; Lord of Chaos; A Crown of Swords; The Path of
        Daggers (forthcoming); plus at least two more
            _Jordan recently stated that he thinks it should
            take about three more books to complete the series,
            but he isn't making any promises. Many a.f.e.
            regulars are passionately devoted to this series.
            Huge (all the books are 500+ pages), sprawling, and
            madly complex._
        The Conan Chronicles
            _For the Joradanites who need a fix while awaiting
            the next volume of The Wheel of Time, this omnibus
            edition collects Jordan's Conan novels._

**Guy Gavriel Kay (b. 1954)
     "The Fionavar Tapestry" - The Summer Tree; The Wandering
        Fire; The Darkest Road
            _Bad Things Can Happen To Good People in Kay's
            books. Be forewarned, but read them anyway. This is
            yet another take on Arthurian legend._
            _A standalone about a land under a particularly
            nasty curse, and the inhabitants' fight to end it.
            Complex, very well written. Your FAQmaker tried it
            after receiving numerous glowing recommendations,
            and now adds her voice to the chorus_
        A Song for Arbonne
            _Another excellent standalone from Kay. The fantasy
            world is loosely based on medieval France
            (specifically Eleanor of Aquitaine's Court of
        The Lions of Al-Rassan
            _Kay's latest, set in a time and place reminiscent
            of Moorish Spain. Wow, do I like his stuff - great
            characters, marvelous story, vivid world. He just
            gets better and better. The fantasy content of Kay's
            work is shrinking, and it is virtually non-existent
            here. Kay has just started on a new book (no details
            on the content as yet) which should see print
            sometime in 1998._

*Katharine Kerr (b. 1944)
     "Deverry" - Daggerspell; Darkspell; The Bristling Wood
        ('Dawnspell' in the U.K.); The Dragon Revenant
        ('Dragonspell' in the U.K.)
            __Daggerspell_ has recently been re-released in the
            U.S. The new edition has been re-edited by the
            author, however this consisted mainly of tightening
            some passages and some grammatical cleanup. NO
            scenes were added or taken out. _Darkspell_ has also
            been reissued by Bantam Spectra, and it too has been
            re-edited by the author, and, according to Katharine
            Kerr, "...there are 5 or 6 changes to the action
            along the way..." Sarcyn's character undergoes the
            most significant changes. A *fine* author - her
            readers (and that includes the FAQmaster) recommend
            her highly._
     "The Westland Cycle" - A Time of Exile; A Time of Omens;
        Days of Blood and Fire ('A Time of War' in the U.K.);
        Days of Air and Darkness ('A Time of Justice' in the
            _More about Deverry._
     "The final Deverry tetralogy" - The Red Wyvern; The Black
        Raven (forthcoming); 2 more
            _The final tetralogy that will complete the story of
            Deverry. She intersperses SF novels with her fantasy
            output, and they're worth reading, too._

Stephen King (b. 1946)
        The Eyes of the Dragon
            _Good standalone fantasy (there are so few of those
            out there these days...) I enjoyed it, and I am
            *not* a Stephen King fan._
     "Dark Tower series" - The Gunslinger; The Drawing of the
        Three; The Waste Lands; Wizard and Glass
            _Eriond says this is a great series that is
            improving as it goes along. "It's about a gunslinger
            who's seeking his father's murderer, picks up an
            "adopted" son and three companions, and is slowly
            losing his mind." Eriond also says to skip _The
            Gunslinger_ - "it's wretched! You don't really need
            to read it to understand [the series]" (although
            another recommender strongly disagrees with him)._

*Katherine Kurtz (b. 1944)
     "Deryni Chronicles" - Deryni Rising; Deryni Checkmate; High
            _The first published Deryni books. Although these
            are not first in the internal chronology of the
            series, Kurtz herself has recommended that new
            readers start with these. Takes place in a
            Wales-like alternate world where a portion of the
            population (the Deryni) have magical abilities_
     "Camber of Culdi" - Camber of Culdi; Saint Camber; Camber
        the Heretic
            _Jumps back in time to examine the history that lead
            to the world of the "Deryni Chronicles."_
     "The Histories of King Kelson" - The Bishop's Heir; The
        King's Justice; The Quest for Saint Camber
            _Picks up where the "Chronicles" left off._
     "Heirs of Saint Camber" - The Harrowing of Gwynedd; King
        Javan's Year; The Bastard Prince
            _Apparently, Bad Things *Regularly* Happen to Good
            People in the later books of Katherine Kurtz. Her
            fans are quite dedicated, and she has a newsgroup at
        King Kelson's Bride (forthcoming)
            _A standalone continuation of the Deryni saga. Kurtz
            is reportedly hard at work on it, but at this point
            speculation on the publication date stills falls
            into the realm of fantasy._
        Two Crowns for America
            _A non-Deryni book. This one takes place in an
            alternate history colonial America._

Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris (b. 1951) 
     "The Adept series" - The Adept; The Lodge of the Lynx; The
        Templar Treasure; Dagger Magic; Death of an Adept
            _Set in modern day Scotland, Kheldar says "I
            recommend them to everybody, not just readers of
            Sci-Fi/Fantasy." Harris also has several books of
            her own out, listed under her name._

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