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Desktop Publishing Resources FAQ

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Archive-name: dtp/resources
Last-modified: 1994/08/09
Posting-Frequency: tri-weekly
Version: 4

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
                                                            August 30, 1994


This document is posted periodically to various Desktop Publishing groups
to remind readers of some of the resources available on the Internet for
today's Desktop Publisher.

This list is by no means a complete list. Check out the DTP Internet
Jumplist on the World Wide Web for more resources. The URL is 


You can also contact Geoff Peters at to obtain a text 
version. If you have access to the Web, this document is *highly* 
recommended -- it supercedes this one and contains many more resources.

Much of the force behind this compilation is the Bitnet listserv PAGEMAKR
and thus, many of the documents have a slight slant towards PageMaker. 
Several of the documents (such as the scanning FAQ), however, are 

Also FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions" and is used to describe
a document that answers some of the commonly asked questions on the 
Internet about a specific subject.

Some of the more popular files (and highly recommended) in the PageMaker 
archive are list below. A description of how to access these files can
be found at the end of this file.


    BOOKS.FAQ     This file contains a list of recommended books and
                  magazines for Desktop Publishers.

    DTPTIPS.FAQ   This document has a number of suggestions and tips for
                  Desktop Publishing in general.

    FAQ.FAQ       This file is a comprehensive list of the most Frequently
                  Asked Questions concerning PageMaker. It is also available
		  in a Windows Helpfile version and (soon) an HTML version.
		  This is quite a large collection and contains much 
		  information that is helpful for general Desktop 
		  Publishers. Strongly recommended!

    PMTIPS.FAQ    Within this file is a list of tips for PageMaker users,
                  including an extensive list of documented and undocumented
                  keyboard shortcuts and assists.

    SCANTIPS.FAQ  This excellent document created by Jeff Bone describes
                  the ins and outs of scanning. Highly Recommended! A
                  new HTML version of this document has just come out and
                  is a must stop on the infobahn... ;-) (See W3 section below)


These are some of the other misc. documents available for browsing: 

    ALDUSFAQ.TXT  Aldus' own FAQ for PageMaker (nowhere near as good as
                  ours ;)
    BOOKS2.FAQ    This file contains a list of PageMaker-related books
                  that comes from the CompuServe Aldus Forum.
    DEFAULTS.FAQ  This article describes the concept of setting defaults
                  for PageMaker.
    GLOSSARY.FAQ  Henry Budgett's massive glossary of DTP related terms
    MISC.FAQ      This text file contains various interesting postings
                  from the PageMaker list. This includes some short, fun
                  postscript "programs" and information on Applelink.
    PM_FILLS.TXT  An addendum by Olav Martin Kvern to his article in Aldus
                  Magazine about how to create your own fill patterns.
    PM5_DESC.TXT  Description of PageMaker 5.0.
    PM5A_INF.TXT  Description of PageMaker 5.0a patch version.
    PM5PRINT.FAQ  A FAQ on printing problems associated with PageMaker 5.0.
    PM6_WISH.TXT  This is a wish list of features for upcoming versions of
                  PageMaker. It was conducted along with the survey of 1994.
    PMFAQHLP.ZIP  This is a special hypertexted version of the PageMaker FAQ
                  using Microsoft's Help File Format. Just decompress the
                  file and add it to your Windows Shell for instant, access
                  to the PageMaker FAQ.
    README.TXT    This file.
    SCANTIP2.FAQ  Misc. stuff concerning the Scanning FAQ.
    SURVEY1.TXT   The results of the first PageMaker Listserv survey
                  conducted in the Fall of 1992.
    SURVEY2.TXT   The results of the second list survey that was conducted
                  in the summer of 1994.
    SYLLABUS.FAQ  A sample syllabus for teaching PageMaker.
    WHOSWHO.TXT   A Who's Who list of the members of the PageMaker List.
                  This is meant for "desktop publishers community" purposes;
                  please respect the privacy of the matter contained within.

Most of these files can be downloaded all together with the DTPFAQxx.ZIP
file as well.


Now that you know what is available, let me tell you how it is available.
As you probably know, there are a number of tools available for the Internet 
user. Some that can be used to access the previously mentioned DTP files 

FTP ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    All of the files listed above can be downloaded via anonymous FTP at 
    the site in the info/pagemakr/faq directory area. 
    This is likely the most preferable method for obtaining the documents. 
    If seems to be down, you can also try in the doc/misc/pagemakr directory. If you have any
    troubles FTPing, please contact Geoff Peters ( or 
    Jeff Bone (

E-Mail ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    The text files listed above can also be received via e-mail. To get a 
    file, simply send a message to either Geoff Peters ( 
    specifying which file you would like to receive. If you do not get a 
    response, you can also write to Jeff Bone (

W3 / Mosaic ----------------------------------------------------------------
    All of the documents can also be accessed via the World Wide Web. They
    can be access via the DTP Internet Jumplist whose URL address is: or via the PageMaker
    Jumplist at

    The scanning FAQ can be reached directly with the following URL:

If you have any questions regarding any of the above files, please do not
hesitate to contact me.

Geof Peters

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muhindo Domanzo
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Dec 16, 2011 @ 7:07 am
what are the various resources used for desktop publishing and editing

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