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Drumcorps FAQ 3/6 The 1997 DCI season

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Archive-name: drumcorps-faq/part3
Last-modified: 1998/6/12

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for rec.arts.marching.drumcorps
Part 3 of 6  The 1997 DCI season

Table of Contents:

1.0 What is drum corps?
        1.0.1    DCI and DCA
        1.0.2    Drum Corps International
        1.0.3    Drum Corps World
        1.0.4    scorelines

1.1 Drum corps on-line
        1.1.1    History of drum corps on-line
        1.1.2    Rec.arts.marching.drumcorps
        1.1.3    Drumcorps digest
        1.1.4    FTP and WWW site
        1.1.5    Cybercorps
        1.1.6    Drum Corps Web Sites

1.2 Audio and video recordings and books
        1.2.1    compact discs and cassettes
        1.2.2    videos 
        1.2.3    books

2.0 DCI corps' addresses
        2.0.1 Open class corps
        2.0.2 Div. II/III corps
        2.0.3 DCA corps are listed in Part 6 of the FAQ
        2.0.4 Future Corps

3.1 1997 tentative drumcorps music
3.2 1997 drum corps tour schedule

4.0 Historical Information
        4.1 Previous DCI Champions
        4.2 1992 DCI Scores
        4.3 1993 DCI Information
                 4.3.1 Corps repertoires
                 4.3.2 Scores
                 4.3.3 Individual and Ensemble scores
                 4.3.4 DCA Finals scores
                 4.3.5 RAMD Readers Final Poll
        4.4 1994 DCI Information
                 4.4.1 DCI Championships in Boston
                 4.4.2 SEASON Final poll
                 4.4.3 RAMD Final Reader's Poll
                 4.4.4 Corps' repertoires in 1994
        4.5 1995 DCI Information
                 4.5.1 DCI Championships in Buffalo
                 4.5.2 SEASON Final poll
                 4.5.3 RAMD Final Reader's Poll
                 4.5.4 Corps' repertoires in 1995
        4.6 1996 DCI Information
                 4.6.1 DCI Championships in Orlando
                 4.6.2 SEASON Final poll
                 4.6.3 RAMD Final Reader's Poll
                 4.6.4 Corps' repertoires in 1996
                 4.3.3 Individual and Ensemble scores

5.0  The words "drum corps"
5.1  Number of members allowed
5.2  Corps' budgets
5.3  Fundraising
5.4  How far do the corps travel?  How many competitions?  How long is
         the season?  When are the Championships?
5.5  How can I catch the Championships on TV?
5.6  How does the judging work?
5.7  What is a legal bugle?
5.8  What kind of percussion is allowed?
5.9  What is the "pit area"?
5.10 How long is each show?
5.11 What are all those strange abbreviations and/or nicknames people
          keep using when writing about drum corps?
5.12 Why do people keep misspelling things?
5.13 How to join a drum corps                    
5.14 Rehearsal information           
5.15 Where to get music for wind ensemble

6.0  DCA and the Senior corps.
        6.1  Drum Corps Associates (DCA)
                6.1.1  The DCA Story
                6.1.2  Corps listing
        6.2  Parade Corps
                6.2.1  Ballad of the Unsung Heros
                6.2.2  Corps listing
        6.3  Rehearsals
        6.4  Fallen Comrades
                6.4.1 Folded Corps
                6.4.2 MIA Corps
        6.5  DCA Champions
3.1 1997 drumcorps music

The Official Unofficial 1997 DCI Repertoire List!!!
Version 3.50
This list was last updated 26 Feb 97.
DISCLAIMER:  Please note that due to the extreme earliness of this list, 
many of the repertoires are of a vague and/or speculative nature.  All 
reasonable and backed rumors will be included until refuted. Such rumors
will be marked with question marks.  All other repertoires have been 
supported by multiple and/or very reliable sources.  

The Official Unofficial 1997 DCI Repertoire List is updated on a rather
inconsistent basis and posted to RAMD and sCORPSboard.  If you wish to
be sent the updated list when it is updated, email me at and I will send you updates via email.
Any updates will be GREATLY appreciated.  
New/updated this version: Reading Buccaneers, Americanos, General Butler
                          Vagabonds, Capitol Sound, Minnesota Brass, 


Academie Musicale -- I. "Totus Tuus" - Gorecki
                    II. "Quasi Una Fantasia" (5th mov.) - Gorecki
                   III. "Symphony of Psalms" (3rd mov.) - Stravinsky
                    IV. "Pie Jesu" from "Requiem" - Webber

Bluecoats --  I. "Harlem Nocturne"
                  remainder TBA

Blue Devils -- "As Time Goes By..." 
                Inspired by the film "Casablanca"
                I. "This day and age we're living in:
                    The Marketplace"  
                    - "Casablanca" - Steiner
                    - "One Night in Bangkok" - Anderson/Ulvaeus
               II. "Relax relieve the tension:
                    Rick's Americain"
                    - "Night in Tunisia" - Gillespie
              III. "A case of do or die: Conflict in Casablanca"
                    - music TBA
               IV. "The world will always welcome lovers"
                    - "As Time Goes By" - Hupfeld
Blue Knights -- I. "Ben Hur" - Rozsa
                    - "Prelude" (Main Title)
                    - "Overture"
                    - "The Battle" (Parts I & II)
               II. "Prayers of Kierkegaard" - Barber
                    - "Allegro Molto"
                    - "Quietly" (Father in Heaven!)
Boston Crusaders -- "Portraits of Our Homeland, Part II:
                     Conflicts & Resolutions"
                     I. Original Fanfare - Klesch/Hannum
                    II. "Chester Overture" - W. Schuman
                   III. "Lincoln Portrait" - Copland
                    IV. "Eternal Father/Navy Hymn" - C. Smith
                     V. "Victory at Sea" - Bennett
Cadets of B.C. -- "Celebration" - The Music of Philip Sparks
               -- selections to be chosen from:
                  - "The Year of the Dragon"
                  - "Celebration"
Carolina Crown -- I. "Crown Imperial" - Walton
                 II. "Terpsichore" - Margolis
                III. "Enigma Variation #9: Nimrod" - Elgar
                 IV. "Gigue" from "St. Paul's Suite" - Holst

Cavaliers -- "The Firebird" - Stravinsky
             - Silence - first minute completely visual
             - Berceuse
             - Round Dance
             - Infernal Dance
             - Finale
Colts -- "The Music of Blood, Sweat, and Tears" 
          I. "Symphony for the Devil"
         II. "God Bless the Child"
        III. "Lucretia MacEvil"
         IV. "40,000 Headmen"
          V. "Hi-De-Ho"

Crossmen -- "The Colors of Jazz"
             I. "Time Check" - Rich
            II. "Blues in the Night" - arr. Torme/Rich
           III. "Niner Two" - Ellis
            IV. "You Are my Sunshine" - arr. Singers Unltd.

Glassmen -- The Music of Bizet

Kiwanis Kavaliers -- "Evita"
                      I. "Requiem for Evita"
                     II. "Buenos Aires"
                    III. "Eva Beware of the City"/
                         "I'll be Surprisingly Good for You"
                     IV. "The Money Keeps Rolling In"
                      V. "You Must Love Me"
                     VI. "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"

Les Etoiles - competing in open class

Madison Scouts -- "The Pirates of Lake Mendota"
                   I. "The Adventure Begins" - Boerma
                  II. "A Day in Port"
                       - inspired by "Songs of the Quay" - Richards
                 III. "Moods of the Sea"
                       - inspired by "Tall Ships Suite" - Royalance
                  IV. "Confrontation & Finale" - Nahirniak

Magic -- "Mardi Gras"

Phantom Regiment -- "The Ring" - Wagner
                     I. "Hagen's Call to the Clan"
                    II. "Magic Fire Music"
                   III. "Hammerring of the Ring"
                    IV. "Gotterdammerung"

Pioneer -- "Riverdance" - Whelan
        -- selections to include:
        -- "Riverdance"
        -- "The Heart's Cry"
        -- "Shivna"
        -- "Firedance"

Santa Clara Vanguard -- "On the Waterfront" 
                         The Music of Leonard Bernstein
                         I. "On the Town"
                        II. "On the Waterfront"
                       III. "Symphony #2: The Age of Anxiety"     

Troopers -- I. "American Salute"
           II. "Ghost Riders in the Sky"
          III. "How the West was Won"

Velvet Knights -- "The Velvet Knights and the Search for the Holy Grail"
                   I. "First Knight Fanfare" - Goldsmith
                  II. "The Knights in Velvet Opener" - Carnahan
                 III. "Wellington's Victory, op. 91" - Beethoven
                       - "Intro, Fanfare, & 'The British are Coming'"
                       - "Here Come the French"
                       - "French vs. British"
                       - "Finale"
                  IV. "Terpsichore" - Margolis
                   V. "Reprinses" - Gaillarde-Volte


Allegience Elite -- medieval show about magic
                    I. "Gandalf, the Wizard"
                   II. "Sanctuary!" from 
                       "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" - Menken
                  III. drum solo
                   IV. "Killer Whales"

Americanos -- The Music of Gloria Estefan
              I. "Party Time" ("I Know You Will Be Mine")
             II. production number
                 - "Turn the Beat Around"
                 - "Don't Want to Lose You Now"
                 - "Conga"
                 - "Get on Your Feet"
                 - "The Rhythm is Gonna Get You"
                 - "Turn the Beat Around" (Reprise)
            III. "Reach"
             IV. "Get on Your Feet" 

Bandettes -- "A Tribute to All-Girl Corps"
              - The Best of the Ventures, CapitolAires, 
                and (of course) The Bandettes

Blue Devils 'B'
              I. Nutville (Silver)
              II. Guaguanco/Capricorn Moon (Sandoval/Mochel)
              III. Minuano (Metheny & Mays)
              IV. Paso Doble (Hirschfelder)

Blue Stars -- "The Divine Comedy" -  R. Smith
               I. "Dante's Inferno"
              II. "Ascension"
             III. "Paradise"

Capitol Sound - The Music of Duke Ellington
                I. "Don't Get Around Much Anymore"
               II. "Sophisticated Lady"/"It Don't Mean a Thing"
              III. "Take the A-Train"

Cincinnati Glory -- "The Best of All Possible Worlds"
                selections from Brenstein's "Candide"

East Coast Jazz -- "Threshold: The Music of Pat Williams"

General Butler Vagabonds - "The Sound of Music"

Golden Lancers -- "Of Sailors and Whales" - MacBeth
                   I. "Ishmael (Part I)"
                  II. "Ahab"
                 III. "Queequeg" (drum solo)
                  IV. "Ishmael (Part II)"
                   V. "The White Whale"

Lone Star -- "On Fire"
              I. "On Fire" - Camilo
             II. "Romanza" - Mendez
            III. "Hands and Feet" - Camilo
             IV. "Carribe" - Camilo

Nightfire -- "The Music of Styx"
Nite Express -- inactive for 1997 season

Northern Aurora -- performing the 1997 season as a parade corps

Pacific Crest -- "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"

Patriots -- "Medieval Visions"
         -- music to include:
            - "Dragonheart" - Edelman
            - "First Knight" - Goldsmith

Pittsburgh Enforcers -- "Textures"
                         I. "Artistry in Rhythm" - Kenton
                        II. "Marching Season" - Yanni
                       III. "Star Trek First Contact"
                        IV. "Santorini" - Yanni

SCV Cadets -- "Evita"

Sound Storm -- "Rebellious Youth"
                I. "Imagine" - Lennon
               II. "Capulets' March" from "Romeo & Juliet" - Prokofiev
              III. "Aquarius"/"Let the Sun Shine In" from "Hair"
Southwind -- "Excerpts from a Childhood" - Zimmer, Holsinger

Spectrum -- "City Nights"
             - The Music of Duke Ellington
             - selections to include:
               - "Caravan"
               - "Take the A Train"
               - "New York State of Mind"

Spirit of Atlanta -- "Georgia" (warm-up)
                      I. "Old Man River"
                     II. "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling"
                    III. "Let it Be Me"

Tarheel Sun -- selections to include:
               - "En Fuego"
               - "El Congo Valiente"

Texas Legion -- "Carmina Burana" - Orff

Volunteers - "Gettysburg"


Brigadiers -- "Red Hot Cole" - The Music of Cole Porter
               I. "In the Still of the Night"
              II. "Love for Sale"
             III. "Night & Day"
              IV. "This Thing Called Love"

Bushwackers --  I. "Fuego Cubano (Cuban Fire)" - Kenton/Richards
               II. "El Congo Valiente (Valiant Congo)" - Kenton/Richards
              III. drum solo  - "Festival de Ritmo" - Weckl
               IV. "A Mis Abuelos" - Sandoval
                V. possible fifth tune TBA

Caballeros -- I. "La Virgin de la Macarena"
             II. "My Spanish Heart" - Corea
            III. "On Fire"
             IV. "Espana Cani"

Empire Statesmen -- Miss Saigon
                 -- selections may include:
                    I. "Overture"
                   II. "The Heat is on in Saigon"
                  III. "Sun and Moon"
                   IV. "The Morning of the Dragon"
                    V. TBA

Kingston Grenadiers -- I. "Wind Machine"
                      II. "Latin Implosion"
                     III. "Free"
                      IV. "Dindi"

Minnesota Brass -- I. "Light Cavalry" - vonSuppe
                  II. "Poet & Peasant Overture" 
                      - arr. Glen Gray Big Band
                 III. "Caravan" - arr. Ferguson
Racine Kilties Senior Corps -- I. "Brigadoon / McConicky Square"
                              II. "Pachuco" (from the movie The Mask)
                             III. "Minnie the Moocher"
                              IV. "McCoys Exit"
                               V. "Auld Lang Syne"
                              VI. "Scotland the Brave" (in review)

Reading Buccaneers - I. "Theme to Red October"
                    II. "Meadowlands"
                   III. "Of Sailors & Whales"
                    IV. "Finale" from "Firebird Suite" - Stravinsky

Rochester Crusaders -- "Women of Song"
                        I. "The Billie Holiday Songbook"
                            - "Good Morning Heartbreak"
                            - "God Bless the Child"
                       II. "Judy Garland Portrait"
                            - "Rock-a-bye Your Baby"
                            - "Johnny One Note"
                      III. "Barbara Streisand in Concert"
                            - "People"
                            - "Somewhere"

Skyliners -- I. "Nutville" - Rich
            II. "Sophistocated Lady" - Ellington
           III. "Sing Sing Sing/Swing Swing Swing" - Prima/Williams

Sunrisers -- "On an American Spiritual" 
              - The Music of David Holsinger
              I. "On an American Spiritual"
             II. "Havendance"
            III. "On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss"
             IV. "Nilesdance"
              V. "On a Southern Hymnsong"

Westshoremen -- I. "Copernicus" - Bacha
               II. "Don't Cry" - Seal
              III. "One More Time, Chuck Corea" - trad.

John Weldy (unless it's my wife Michelle)                  
 ** Bluecoats Mellophone 93-94 
 ** RAMD Repertoire Hound                                       
"Don't call...write.  People don't write enough anymore."   
"Except that Andrew Lloyd Webber guy...he writes too much!" 

3.2 1997 drum corps competition schedule

Contest information is fairly complete in these schedule pages. However,
if you truly need more information this guide is for your convenience.

Note some phone numbers are in homes. Please do not call these numbers 
before 9:00 AM or after 9:00 PM and keep in mind the time zone in 
which they are located.

     Michael Petrone
     10 Columbus Dr.
     Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750-1004
     908-222-3835 (someone's home phone)

     Jos Brusse
     Dasseburcht 7 3892
     Zeewolde, Netherlands
     fax 011-31-36-5227417

     Peggy Kosin
     P.O. Box 548
     Lombard, IL 60148-0548
     fax 708-495-3792

     Roman Blenski
     4601 W. Holt Ave.
     Milwaukee, WI 53219
     414-327-2847 (someone's home phone)
     fax 414-543-8289

     Tim Meals
     421 W. Spruce St.
     Titusville, PA 16354-1481
     814-827-7972 (someone's home phone)
     fax 814-827-6887

     John Boyington
     Oliver Hind Club
     Edale Rd.
     Sneinton Dale
     Nottingham, England NG2 4HT
     fax 011-44-1159-414079

     Tom Hope
     372 Florin Rd. #303
     Sacramento, CA 95831-1407
     916-429-9545 (someone's home phone) (phone/fax, call first)

     Harry Sampson
     8 Highland Ave.
     Stoneham, MA 02180-1870
     617-438-3631 (someone's home phone)

     Susie Proulx
     Box 1000, Succersale M, Montreal, QUE H1V 3R2

     Roger Exposito
     269 Andrews Rd.
     Jackson, NJ 08527
     908-928-9699 (someone's home phone)
     fax 201-824-5224

     Ontario Drum Corps Association
     2173 Line 29, RR 2
     Tavistock, Ontario, Canada  N0B 2R0
     Phone: 519-655-2093   Fax: 519-655-3813   email:
June Contests - visit the CyberCorps sCORPSboard site:

July Contests - visit the CyberCorps sCORPSboard site:

August Contests - visit the CyberCorps sCORPSboard site:

August 11-16
Orlando, FL
 11 Mon. - (day) - DIV. III PRELIMS
         - (night) - DIV. II PRELIMS
 12 Tue. - (day) - more DIV. III PRELIMS
         - (night) - DIV. II & III FINALS
 13 Wed. - I&E and Parade of Champions (EPCOT & Other Disney venues)
 14 Thu. - Quaterfinals
 15 Fri. - Semifinals
 16 Sat. - Finals!!!

Original written by Michael Fath and Donald Chinn
Updates and new material by Cathy Doser and Caryn Roberts
RAMD FAQ administered by Cathy Doser ( and 
  Caryn Roberts (

Comments welcome on any aspect of this FAQ.  We are especially looking 
for information on Div. II/III corps, and early drum corps information 
(VFW and American Legion Championships and pre-DCI corps in general).  
If you see anything that is inaccurate (such as corps address information 
or repertoire), please let us know.

NOTICE:  This FAQ is copyright (c) 1995 by Cathy Doser and is made available
as a service to the drum corps and the Internet community.  The FAQ may be 
distributed freely in printed or electronic form, provided that it is not 
modified.  The FAQ may not be sold in any medium including electronic, CD-ROM,
or database, or published in print without the express written permission of 
the authors.  Contact Cathy Doser ( if there are
any questions.
Cathy Doser                                              Caryn Roberts                         

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