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OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 11/11

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Archive-name: dec-faq/vms/part11
Posting-Frequency: quarterly
Last-modified: 02 Sep 2005
Version: VMSFAQ_20050902-11.TXT

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                   Information on Networks and Clusters

                   the SCS name of the OpenVMS host, see Section 5.7. For
                   details of SET HOST/DUP, see Section 15.6.3.

          15.6.5  Where can I get Fibre Channel Storage (SAN) information?


          15.6.6  Which files must be shared in an OpenVMS Cluster?

                   The following files are expected to be common across
                   all nodes in a cluster environment, and though SYSUAF
                   is very often common, it can also be carefully
                   coordinated-with matching UIC values and matching
                   binary identifier values across all copies. (The
                   most common use of multiple SYSUAF files is to allow
                   different quotas on different nodes. In any event, the
                   binary UIC values and the binary identifier values must
                   be coordinated across all SYSUAF files, and must match
                   the RIGHTSLIST file.) In addition to the list of files
                   (and directories, in some cases) shown in Table 15-1,
                   please review the VMScluster documentation, and the
                   System Management documentation.

          Table 15-1  Cluster Common Shared Files


                   SYSUAF                     SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT

                   SYSUAFALT                  SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT

                   SYSALF                     SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT

                   RIGHTSLIST                 SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT

                   NETPROXY                   SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT

                   NET$PROXY                  SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT

                   NETOBJECT                  SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT

                   NETNODE_REMOTE             SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT

                   QMAN$MASTER                SYS$SYSTEM:; this is a set
                                              of related files


                   Information on Networks and Clusters

          Table 15-1 (Cont.)  Cluster Common Shared Files


                   LMF$LICENSE                SYS$SYSTEM:.LDB

                   VMSMAIL_PROFILE            SYS$SYSTEM:.DATA

                   VMS$OBJECTS                SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT

                   VMS$AUDIT_SERVER           SYS$MANAGER:.DAT

                   VMS$PASSWORD_HISTORY       SYS$SYSTEM:.DATA

                   NETNODE_UPDATE             SYS$MANAGER:.COM

                   VMS$PASSWORD_POLICY        SYS$LIBRARY:.EXE

                   LAN$NODE_DATABASE          SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT

                   VMS$CLASS_SCHEDULE         SYS$SYSTEM:.DATA

                   SYS$REGISTRY               SYS$SYSTEM:; this is a set

                   In addition to the documentation, also see the current
                   version of the file SYS$STARTUP:SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE.
                   Specifically, please see the most recent version of
                   this file available, starting on or after OpenVMS V7.2.

                   A failure to have common or (in the case of multiple
                   SYSUAF files) synchronized files can cause problems
                   with batch operations, with the SUBMIT/USER command,
                   with the general operations with the cluster alias, and
                   with various SYSMAN and related operations. Object
                   protections and defaults will not necessarily be
                   consistent, as well. This can also lead to system
                   security problems, including unintended access denials
                   and unintended object accesses, should the files and
                   particularly should the binary identifier values become

          15.6.7  How can I split up an OpenVMS Cluster?

                   Review the VMScluster documentation, and the System
                   Management documentation. The following are the key
                   points, but are likely not the only things you will
                   need to change.


                   Information on Networks and Clusters

                   OpenVMS Cluster support is directly integrated into the
                   operating system, and there is no way to remove it. You
                   can, however, remote site-specific tailoring that was
                   added for a particular cluster configuration.

                   First: Create restorable image BACKUPs of each of the
                   current system disks. If something gets messed up, you
                   want a way to recover, right?

                   Create standalone BACKUP kits for the OpenVMS VAX
                   systems, and create or acquire bootable BACKUP kits
                   for the OpenVMS Alpha systems.

                   Use CLUSTER_CONFIG or CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN to remove the
                   various system roots and to shut off boot services and
                   VMScluster settings.

                   Create as many architecture-specific copies of the
                   system disks as required. Realize that the new systems
                   will all likely be booting through root SYS0-if you
                   have any system-specific files in any other roots, save

                   Relocate the copies of the VMScluster common files onto
                   each of the new system disks.

                   Reset the console parameters and boot flags on each
                   system for use on a standalone node.

                   Reset the VAXCLUSTER and NISCS_LOAD_PEA0 parameters to
                   0 in SYSGEN and in MODPARAMS.DAT.

                   Clobber the VMScluster group ID and password using

                   Reboot the systems seperately, and run AUTOGEN on each.

                   Shut off MOP services via NCP or LANCP on the boot
                   server nodes.

                   Permanent seperation also requires the duplication of
                   shared files. For a list of the files commonly shared,
                   please see Section 15.6.6.

                   Also see the topics on "cluster divorce" in the Ask The
                   Wizard area.



                   Information on Networks and Clusters

                   For additional information on the OpenVMS Ask The
                   Wizard (ATW) area and for a pointer to the available
                   ATW archive, please see Section 3.8.

                   Information on changing node names is included in
                   Section 5.7.

          15.6.8  Details on Volume Shadowing?

                   This section contains information on host-based volume
                   shadowing; on the disk mirroring capabilities available
                   within OpenVMS.

  Does volume shadowing require a non-zero allocation

                   Yes, use of host-based Volume Shadowing requires
                   that the disk(s) involved be configured in a non-zero
                   allocation class.

                   Edit SYS$SYSTEM:MODPARAMS.DAT to include a declaration
                   of an non-zero allocation class, such as setting the
                   host allocation class to the value 7:

                   ALLOCLASS = 7

                   Then AUTOGEN the system, and reboot.

                   You should now be able to form the shadow set via a
                   command such as the following:

                   $ MOUNT dsa1007: /SHADOW=($7$dkb300:,$7$dkb500:) volumelabel

                   When operating in an OpenVMS Cluster, this sequence
                   will typically change the disk names from the SCSNODE
                   prefix (scsnode$dkann) to the allocation-class prefix
                   ($7$dkannn). This may provide you with the opportunity
                   to move to a device-independent scheme using logical
                   name constructs such as the DISK$volumelabel logical
                   names in your startup and application environments; an
                   opportunity to weed out physical device references.

                   Allocation class one is used by Fibre Channel devices;
                   it can be best to use another non-zero allocation class
                   even if Fibre Channel is not currently configured and
                   not currently planned.



          1858                              AMD,2-14
            17-Nov-1858,4-1                 AMD64,2-13,  2-14
          2000                                Terminology,2-4
          __Year,5-40___________________    ANSI C,10-18
          A                                 AP,10-7
          ______________________________    Apache,13-9
          Access Control List Entry,        APB.EXE,14-10
             5-13                           Archie,13-8
          ACCVIO,5-40                       Archival Media
          ACE,5-13                            DVDarchive/restore,9-10
          ACPI,14-25                        Archive.Org,14-50
          Acrobat,13-7                      ARCH_DEFS.REQ,10-14
          ACS,5-63                          Argent Software,2-10
          ACTS,4-9                          Argument Pointer,10-7
          Adobe                             ARRE,14-54,  14-55, 14-57
            Acrobat,13-7                    ARWE,14-54,  14-55, 14-57

            PDF,13-7                        ASAP

          Advanced Server,5-4                 See DSPP
          AEST,13-19,  13-25                AskQ,1-2
          Agnew, Jim,14-41                  Ask The Wizard,3-11,  5-29,
          Allocation Class                     5-30, 5-31, 5-39, 8-8, 9-3,
            Fibre Channel,15-27                10-2, 10-4, 10-8, 10-9,
            Non-Zero,15-27                     10-16, 10-21, 10-25, 15-1,
            Volume Shadowing,15-27             15-2, 15-3, 15-27
          ALLOCLASS system parameter,         See ITRC
             15-27                          ASMP,14-15
          Alpha,2-14                        Asymmetric Multiprocessing
          AlphaPC 164LX,14-28                 See ASMP
          AlphaPC 164SX,14-28               ATA,7-1,  9-5, 14-28, 14-32,
          AlphaServer ES47                     14-53, 14-54, 14-55, 14-57,
            Time,4-27                          14-64, 14-66
          AlphaServer ES80                  ATAPI,14-64,  14-66
            Time,4-27                       Athlon,2-14
          AlphaServer GS1280                ATW,3-11,  5-29, 5-30, 5-31,
            Time,4-27                          5-39, 8-8, 9-3, 10-2, 10-4,
          AlphaStation XP1000,14-49            10-8, 10-9, 10-16, 10-21,
          AMASK,14-37,  14-38                  10-25, 15-1, 15-2, 15-3,
          Ambassador,1-12                      15-27

                                              See ITRC



          AUTOGEN,5-14                      BNU Bookreader,3-1
          Automatic foreign command,8-3     Bookreader
          Automatic Foreign Command,8-4       BNU,3-1
          AVI,7-3                             MGBOOK,3-1
          ______________________________    Boot Alias,14-9,  14-22
          B                                 Boot Aliases,14-22
          ______________________________    Bootblock,14-20
          Backdoor,5-10                     Bootstrap
          Backdrop,11-8                       Alpha,14-10
          Backdrops,11-8                      I64,14-9
          BACKUP,5-20,  9-17                  VAX,14-12
          Bad Block Handling,9-3            Browser,13-4
          BADLIB,13-23                      Byers, Robert Alan,13-8
          BADTYPSTR,13-23                   Byte lane,14-38
          bash,13-17                        bzip2,13-26
          Batch,13-22                       ______________________________
          BB_WATCH,4-5                      C
          BC16E,14-58,  14-62               ______________________________
          BCC08,14-60                       C,10-18,  10-25
          BCKTRNSFAIL,15-5                    Compaq C Compiler,10-18,
          Berryman, Mark,1-6,  13-3              10-25
          Bi-Endian,10-17                     DEC C Compiler,10-18,  10-25
          Big-Endian,10-17                    Device Drivers,10-22
          BIND,15-6                           HP C Compiler,10-18,  10-25
          bison,13-17                         VAX C Compiler,10-18
          Blackbox,14-58                    C2,5-54
          Bliss                             CA,5-3,  14-21
            Architecture Flags,10-14        Caesar
            BLISS32E,10-14                    Julius,4-2
            BLISS32I,10-14                  CalTech,13-8
            BLISS32V,10-14                  Campus Software License Grant
            BLISS64E,10-14                    See CSLG
            BLISS64I,10-14                  Carrier Sense Multiple Access,
            Compiler,10-14                     with Collision Detect,
            Rebuilding System Libraries,       14-64
               10-14                        Castle Wolfenstein,13-16
          Block                             CD
            Disk,2-25                         embossed media,9-13
          BMC,14-33                           Recording,9-9,  14-57
          BN24H,14-60                       CD-Audio,7-1
          BN24J,14-60                       CD Player,7-1



          CD-R,9-9,  13-9, 14-56, 14-57     Console Backdoor,5-10
          CD-R/RW,9-7,  9-11                CONSOLE environment variable,
          CDRECORD,9-8,  9-9, 14-57,           14-15
             14-65                          Contrl,13-12
          CDRECORD-ProDVD,9-9               Conversational bootstrap,5-7,
          CDRTOOLS,9-8,  9-9, 14-65            14-9, 14-10, 14-15
          CD-RW,9-9,  13-9, 14-57           COPY,10-9
          CDWRITE,9-9                       CPAN,13-25
          CGI,13-21                         CRAM,14-39
          CHARON-VAX,3-10,  13-27           CRC32,10-31
          CHECKSUM,5-45                     $creprc,10-9
          CHECKSUM/ALGORITHM=MD5,5-45       CSA
          Clam,5-4                            See DSPP
          cli$get_value,10-4                CSLG,2-11
          Clock                             CSMA/CD,14-64
            TODR,4-5,  4-7                  CSWB,13-4
            TOY,4-5,  4-7                     See SWB

          Clockmeister, Ulysses T.          Cyclic Redundency Check,10-31

            See Time                        ______________________________
          CLUEXIT,15-18                     D
          Cluster                           ______________________________
            Disk,2-25                       4D20,14-49
          Cluster Load Balancing,15-14      3D30,14-49
          Cluster Terminology,15-13         Dachtera, David J.,13-8
          CMA$RTL.EXE,10-25                 Data Remanence,5-61
          CMS,13-22                         Datatrieve,3-4
          00CMS,13-22                       DATMISCH,10-17
          01CMS,13-22                       Daylight Saving Time,4-16,
          Columbia University,13-3             4-24, 4-30, 10-22
          COM1,14-5,  14-16                   US Changes 1-Mar-2007,4-22
          COM2,14-5,  14-16                 DAYLIGHT_SAVINGS.COM,4-16,
          COMMON,10-6                          4-18
          Compaq,5-40                       DB9,14-58,  14-59, 14-60,

          Compaq Secure Web Browser            14-62

            See SWB                         DCE DTS,4-10,  4-17, 4-18
          Composer                          DCL,3-3,  3-7
            Mozilla,13-19                     Automatic foreign command,
          Computer Associates,5-3,               8-3
             14-21                            Foreign command,8-3
          Connection Manager,15-19            Lexical functions,8-3
          console,14-6,  14-15                PIPE,8-9
          Console,14-5                        Symbols,8-1
            VAXstation 3100,9-4



          DCL$PATH,8-4                      DELETE
          DCPS,12-3                           Undelete,9-1
          DCX,13-27                         Descriptor,10-10
          DDB,10-9                          Deutsch,1-4
          DEASSIGN,8-3                      Developer Programs
          Deathrow Cluster,2-17               See DSPP
          Debugger                          Device Driver,10-9
            Signalling SS$_DEBUG,10-16      Device Drivers
          DEC-423,14-57                       C,10-22
          DECalert,15-11                      Floating Point,10-22
          DECC$CRTL.EXE,10-25               DEVICE_NAMING system parameter
          DECconnect,14-57                     ,15-21
          DECdns,15-6                       DFU,5-66,  9-1, 9-4, 13-13
          DECdocument,vi                    DIAGBOOT.EXE,14-13
          DECDTLOGO,11-9                    DIAGNOSE,5-40
          DECdtss,4-9                       Dictionary attack
          DECevent,5-40                       Password,5-53
          DECmigrate,13-19,  13-25,         DIGITAL Network Products Group
             13-27                             ,14-45
          DECnet,14-64,  15-6               Digital Synergy,13-9
            Asynchronous,14-63              Digital Versatile Disk,9-11
            DECNET_REGISTER,15-5            Discounts
          DECprint,12-3                       See DSPP
          DECsound,7-3                      Disk
          DEC Test Manager,13-23              Block,2-25
          DECthreads,10-25                    Cluster,2-25
          DECUS,1-11                          Data Remanence,5-61
            See User Group                    Erasure,5-61
            Hobbyist Licenses,2-9             Sector,2-25
          DECUServe,1-4                       Security,5-61
          DECUS Software Library,13-3       Disk Mirroring,9-2

          DECW$CDPLAYER,7-1                   See Volume Shadowing
          DECW$CDPLAYER.C,14-66             Disks
          DECW$EXAMPLES:DECW$CDPLAYER.C       ATA,7-1,  9-5, 14-28, 14-32,
             ,14-66                              14-53, 14-54, 14-55,
          DECW$KEYMAP Logical Name,              14-57
             11-10                            Bad Block Handling,9-3
          DECwindows Transport,11-17          CD-R,14-56
          DECwindows V1.2-6,11-17             CD-R/RW,9-7,  9-11
          DECwindows V1.3,11-17               CD-Recordable,9-9
          DEFINE,8-3                          DVD+R/RW,9-7,  9-11
                                              DVD-R/RW,9-7,  9-11



          Disks (cont'd)                    DST,4-16,  4-18, 4-24, 4-30,
            FAT Format,7-2                     10-22
            Floppy,7-2                        US Changes 1-Mar-2007,4-22
            IDE,7-1,  9-5, 14-28, 14-32,    DTM,13-22,  13-23
               14-53, 14-54, 14-55,         00DTM,13-23
               14-57                        01DTM,13-23
            Jumpers,14-49                   DTSS,4-9,  4-10, 4-18
            MSCP,9-3                          DTSS$CLERK,4-25
            PC Format,7-2                     Too Few Servers Detected,
            PlexWriter,14-57,  14-65             4-26
            SCSI,9-3,  9-14, 14-2,          DTSS$CLERK,4-25
               14-28, 14-32, 14-34,         DTSS$INSTALL_TIMEZONE_RULE.COM
               14-42, 14-49, 14-53,            ,4-24
               14-54, 14-55, 14-56,         DTSS$NTP_PROVIDER.C,4-10
               14-57                        DTSS$SET_TIMEZONE.EXE,4-17
            SCSI-2,9-6                      DTSS$UTC_STARTUP.COM,4-24
            Volume Set,9-7                  Dump
            Zip,14-56,  14-57                 Process,10-27
          Disk Shadowing,9-2                DVD,14-57
          Distributed Lock Manager,           Recording,9-9
             15-19                          DVD+R,9-9,  9-11, 13-9
          Distribution Kits,2-8             DVD+R/RW,9-7
          DJE Systems,13-8                  DVD+RW,9-9,  13-9, 14-65
          DKDRIVER,14-65,  14-66            dvd200i,14-57
          DLM,15-19                         DVDarchive/restore,9-10
          DLT VS80,14-56                    DVD-R,9-9,  13-9
          DNDRIVER,14-66                    DVD-R/RW,9-7,  9-11
          DNPG,14-45                        DVD-RAM,14-65
          DNS,15-6                          DVDRTOOLS,9-8,  9-9, 14-65
          DOCUMENT,10-16                    DVD-RW,9-9,  13-9
                                            DVDwrite,9-8,  9-9, 9-10,
            See DECdocument                    14-65
          DoD,5-61                          Dvorak,11-10
          DOD_ERAPAT,5-62                   Dynamic System Recognition,
          Download Kits,2-8                    14-25
          DQDRIVER,7-1,  9-5, 14-32,        ______________________________
             14-57, 14-64, 14-66            E
          Driver                            ______________________________
            Device,10-9                     EB,2-25
          DRVERR,14-54,  14-57              EBCDIC,7-3
          DSPP,2-11,  2-16, 2-21, 14-34     e-Business Infrastructure
          DSR,14-25                            Package,2-8
          DSSI,5-62                         ECO




          Editor,13-17                      ETAPE,7-3
          Editors,3-3                       Ethernet,14-64
          Edit Version,10-26                Event Flags,11-12
          EFI,5-8,  14-9, 14-20, 14-22,     EWS,11-3
             14-23, 14-33                   Exabyte,2-25
          EFI Boot Alias,14-9,  14-22       Examples,10-3
          EIA-232,14-59                     EXE$GL_TICKLENGTH,4-14
          ELSA GLoria Synergy,5-29          EXE$GL_TIMEADJUST,4-14
          ELV,5-40                          EXE$GL_TODR,4-4
          elvis,13-17                       EXE$GQ_SAVED_HWCLOCK,4-6
          EM64T,2-13,  2-14                 EXE$GQ_SYSTIME,4-3,  4-6
            Terminology,2-4                 EXE$GQ_TDF,4-17
          emacs,3-3,  13-17                 EXE$GQ_TODCBASE,4-3
          embossed media,9-13               EXE$SETTIME,4-4
          Encompass                         Executable Image,10-8
            See User Group                  Executive mode code,10-28
            Hobbyist Licenses,2-9           EXPECTED_VOTES system
          Encompasserve,1-4,  2-16             parameter,15-17

          Encompass Software Library,       Explicitly Parallel
             13-3                              Instruction Computing
          Endian-ness,10-17                   See EPIC
          Energy Policy Act of 2005,        Extensible Firmware Interface
             4-22                             See EFI
          Engineering Software,7-2          ______________________________
          Ensoniq,7-3                       F
          Enterex                           ______________________________
            Hobbyist Licenses,2-9           f$getenv,14-8

          Enterprise Operating              f$parse,8-2
             Environment                    f$trnlnm,8-3
            See EOE                         f$unique,5-66
          EOE,2-6                           Facility Prefix,10-2
          EPIC,14-33                        FAQ Sections (Old)
          $erapat,5-62                        DCL$PATH Logical Name,8-4
          Erasure,5-61                        DCL1,8-3
          Ergonomic Solutions,15-11           DCL10,8-10
          Error analysis,5-40                 DCL11,8-10
          Error Log Viewer                    DCL12,8-11
            See ELV                           DCL3,8-5
          ES47                                DCL4,8-5
            Time,4-27                         DCL5,8-6
          ES80                                DCL6,8-7
            Time,4-27                         DCL7,8-7



          FAQ Sections (Old) (cont'd)       FAQ Sections (Old) (cont'd)

            DECw$IGNORE_WORKSTATION           Mgmt10,15-16
               Logical Name,11-5              Mgmt11,5-14
            DECw1,11-1                        Mgmt12,5-60
            DECw10,11-7                       Mgmt13,15-21
            DECw11,11-12                      Mgmt14,15-9
            DECw12,11-13                      Mgmt15,5-15
            DECw13,11-13                      Mgmt16,5-16
            DECw14,11-14                      Mgmt17,5-24
            DECw15,11-16                      Mgmt18,5-26
            DECw16,11-17                      Mgmt19,5-26
            DECw17,11-17                      Mgmt2,5-2
            DECw2,11-3                        Mgmt20,5-59
            DECw3,11-3                        Mgmt21,5-27
            DECw4,11-4                        Mgmt23,5-28
            DECw5,11-10                       Mgmt24,5-29
            DECw6,11-4                        Mgmt25,5-31
            DECw9,11-6                        Mgmt26,15-23
            DECwindows,11-1                   Mgmt27,5-32
            Doc1,3-1                          Mgmt28,15-3
            Doc10,3-5                         Mgmt3,5-4
            Doc11,3-6                         Mgmt30,5-33
            Doc13,3-10                        Mgmt31,5-34
            Doc14,3-11                        Mgmt32,5-37
            Doc2,3-2                          Mgmt33,5-37
            Doc4,3-5                          Mgmt34,5-39
            Doc5,3-5                          Mgmt35,5-54
            File1,9-1                         Mgmt36,15-4
            File2,9-1                         Mgmt37,5-40
            File3,9-2                         Mgmt38,5-40
            File4,9-3                         Mgmt39,5-41
            File5,9-4                         Mgmt4,5-6
            File6,9-7                         Mgmt40,5-41
            File7,9-7,  9-11                  Mgmt41,5-42
            File8,9-14                        Mgmt42,15-20
            File9,9-15                        Mgmt43,5-44
            Intro1,1-2                        Mgmt44,15-24
            Intro2,1-4                        Mgmt45,15-25
            Intro3,1-5                        Mgmt46,5-45
            Intro4,1-5                        Mgmt47,15-13,  15-14, 15-15
            Intro5,1-7                        Mgmt48,5-46
            Intro6,1-10                       Mgmt49,5-46
            Intro7,1-5                        Mgmt5,5-7,  5-11
            Intro8,1-11                       Mgmt50,5-46
            Mgmt1,5-1                         Mgmt51,5-47



          FAQ Sections (Old) (cont'd)       FAQ Sections (Old) (cont'd)

            Mgmt52,5-48                       Prog7,10-5
            Mgmt53,5-49                       Prog8,10-6
            Mgmt54,15-27                      Prog9,10-7
            Mgmt56,5-49                       Soft1,13-1
            Mgmt57,5-50                       Soft10,8-9
            Mgmt58,15-6                       Soft12,13-23
            Mgmt59,5-50                       Soft13,13-25
            Mgmt6,15-2                        Soft14,13-26
            Mgmt60,5-52                       Soft2,13-15
            Mgmt61,15-19                      Soft3,13-19
            Mgmt62,5-52                       Soft4,13-20
            Mgmt63,5-63                       Soft5,10-18
            Mgmt64,5-57                       Soft6,13-21
            Mgmt9,5-12                        Soft7,13-22
            Misc12,12-3                       Soft8,13-22
            Misc13,12-3                       Time1,4-1
            Misc15,15-11                      Time10,4-25,  4-27
            Misc17,15-9                       Time11,4-2
            Misc19,15-12                      Time12,4-29
            Misc2,12-1                        Time13,4-20
            Misc20,12-4                       Time2,4-7
            Misc4,14-60                       Time3,4-12
            Misc6,15-5                        Time4,4-16
            Misc7,15-6                        Time5,4-23
            Misc9,15-4                        Time6,4-9
            Prog1,10-2                        Time7,4-14
            Prog10,10-7                       Time8,4-13
            Prog11,10-8                       Time9,4-7
            Prog12,10-9                       Util1,7-1
            Prog13,10-10                      Util2,7-2
            Prog14,2-23                       Util3,7-3
            Prog15,2-24                       Util5,7-3
            Prog16,10-12                      Util6,7-4
            Prog17,10-13                      VAX8,4-3
            Prog18,10-14                      VMS1,2-1
            Prog19,10-15                      VMS10,2-12
            Prog2,10-4                        VMS11,2-12
            Prog20,10-16                      VMS12,2-16
            Prog21,10-16                      VMS13,2-17
            Prog22,10-17                      VMS14,2-19
            Prog23,10-17                      VMS15,2-19
            Prog3,10-5                        VMS16,2-20
            Prog4,10-5                        VMS17,2-21
            Prog5,10-5                        VMS2,2-3



          FAQ Sections (Old) (cont'd)       ______________________________
            VMS3,2-4                        G
            VMS4,2-4                        ______________________________
            VMS5,2-5                        gawk,13-16
            VMS7,2-5                        GB,2-25
            VMS8,2-8                        gcc,13-18
            VMS9,2-9,  2-12                 gcc emulation,13-17
          Farmer, Ken,1-4                   $getdvi,10-2
          FAT Disks,7-2                     $getjpi,10-2
          FFT,13-12                         $getqui,5-54
          fgrep,13-16                       $getsyi,10-2,  14-2
          $filescan,9-4                     Gigabyte,2-25
          FILE tool,13-14                   GKDRIVER,14-66
          File Versions,5-65                GKTEST.C,14-66
          Firmware,14-23                    Global Maintech,14-21
          FISH,13-4                         gmake,13-13
          Flat-panel display,14-49          GMT,4-29
          flex,13-17                        GNM,10-16
          Flight simulator,13-16            GNU,13-17,  13-18
          Floating point,10-28              GnuPG,13-5
          Floating Point,10-6               GNU Privacy Guard,13-5
            Device Drivers,10-22            GNV,13-17,  13-18
          Floppy,7-2                        Google,1-5
          FLORIAN,9-1                       gopher,13-16
          $flush,9-2                        GPG,13-5
          FOE,2-6                           Grace,13-9
          Fonts,11-18                       GrayMatter Software,2-10
          Foreign command,8-3               grep,13-16,  13-17
          Foreign Command,8-4               GS1280
          Fortran,10-7                        Time,4-27
          Foundation Operating              GTK,13-12
             Environment                    GUID,14-22
            See FOE                         ______________________________
          Freeware,9-4,  10-4, 10-16        H
            SETCLOCK,4-14                   ______________________________
          FSF,13-18                         H8571-A,14-62
          ftso,13-27                        H8571-B,14-60,  14-62
          ftsv,13-27                        H8571-C,14-60,  14-62
                                            H8571-D,14-60,  14-62



          H8575-A,14-62                     IA-64 Architecture,2-14,
          H8575-B,14-62                        14-25, 14-33
          H8575-D,14-62                     IARGCOUNT,10-7
          H8575-E,14-62                     iasi64,10-28
          H8577-AA,14-62                    IDE,7-1,  9-5, 14-28, 14-32,
          half-flash,14-19                     14-53, 14-54, 14-55, 14-57,
          Hard Partitions,14-8                 14-64
          Hardware                          Identifier,5-2
            Serial Number,10-7                Subsystem,10-8
          Harmless signature,14-20          Image
          $hash_password,5-54                 Executable,10-8
          HBMM,5-63                           Loadable,10-9
          HBVS,15-19                          Protected,10-8
          Helliesen, Gunnar,14-41             Shareable,10-8
          Hemker, Mark,13-10                  System,10-8
          Heroix,14-21                        UWSS,10-8
          Heuser-Hofmann, Eberhard,         IMAGELIB.OLB,10-17,  10-29
             Dr.,9-10                       ImageMagick,13-6
          Hobbyist,2-10                     IMAGENAME.DMP,10-27
          Hour                              IMPLVER,14-38
            Off By One,4-24,  4-30,         InfoServer,9-10
               10-22                          Scribe,9-10
          HP OpenVMS for Integrity          INFO-VAX,1-5,  1-9
             Servers                        Info-Zip,3-10,  13-26
            See OpenVMS I64                 INITIALIZE,5-40
          HP Renew,14-34                    INITIALIZE/ERASE,5-62
          HP-UX,10-17                       Install,5-24
          HSG80,5-63                        INSTALL,10-8,  10-9
          ht://Dig,13-13                    INSTALL utility,5-1
          html,13-16                        Instruction sets,10-28
          HTML,10-16                        Integrity,2-13,  2-15, 14-33,
          httpd,13-16                          14-34
          HTTP_SERVER,13-3                    Terminology,2-4
          ______________________________    Integrity rx2600,14-62
          I                                 Intel,2-14,  2-15

          ______________________________    Interex
          I64,2-14,  14-25, 14-33             See User Group
            Terminology,2-4,  14-33         Interrrupt Priority Level %x0C
          IA-32,2-13,  2-14                    Handler
            Terminology,2-4                   See IPC,15-18
          IA-64                             Inv Cmd,5-8
            Terminology,2-4                 INVRECTYP,5-20



          IO$_DIAGNOSE,7-1,  14-66          Kednos,2-11,  13-19
          IOC$READ_IO,14-39                 Kerberos,5-54,  11-18
          IOC$WRITE_IO,14-39                Kermit,13-3
          Iomega,14-56,  14-57              Kernel mode code,10-28
          IPB.EXE,14-9                      Keyboard
          IPC,15-18                           Dvorak,11-10
          IRC Client                        Key Mapping,11-10
            Mozilla,13-19                   ki,14-21
          IRIG,4-9                          Kilobit,2-26
          ISO-9660,9-10,  14-23             Kilobyte,2-25,  2-26
          ISVN                              KI Products,14-21
            See DSPP                        Kits,2-8
          Itanium,2-14,  2-15, 14-25,       KVM switch,14-46,  14-47
             14-33                          ______________________________
            Terminology,2-4                 L
          Itanium Processor Family          ______________________________
            See Itanium                     LANCP,14-52,  14-53
          ITRC,1-1,  3-12, 5-31             LAVC$START_BUS,15-15
            FTP ECO site,1-1,  5-31         LAVC$STOP_BUS,15-15
            Support Forums,5-31             LBX,11-18
          ______________________________    LCD,14-49
          J                                 LCD flat-panel display,14-47
          ______________________________    Levitte,13-8
          J2EE,13-20                        Lexical functions,8-3
          Jameco,14-62                      LHR,5-24,  10-26
          Java,13-20                        lib$crc,10-31
          JBC$COMMAND,5-32                  lib$crc_table,10-31
          JCL,7-3                           lib$find_image_symbol,10-8
          JDK,2-8,  13-20                   lib$free_ef,11-12
          JetDirect,15-2                    lib$get_ef,11-12
          Jones, David,13-3                 lib$get_foreign,10-4
          Jouk,13-3                         lib$get_symbol.,8-3
          Julian Day,4-1                    lib$set_logical,10-5
          Jumpers,14-49                     lib$set_symbol,8-3
          ______________________________    lib$sfree1_dd,10-10
          K                                 lib$sget1_dd,10-10
          ______________________________    LIB$SIGNAL,10-16
          KA630,14-6                        lib$spawn,10-9
          KA650,14-6                        lib$table_parse,10-15
          KA655,14-6                        lib$tparse,10-15
          Kb,2-26                           lib$trim_filespec,9-4
          KB,2-25,  2-26                    LIB.L32,10-14



          LIB.L64,10-14                     LK463,14-47,  14-62
          LIB.MLB,10-29                     LK46W,14-47
          LIB.R64,10-14                     LK471,14-47
          LIB.REQ,10-14                     LMF,2-10,  5-12, 10-7, 11-5,
          License,5-12,  10-7, 11-5,           12-5
             12-5                           LMF$DISPLAY_OPCOM_MESSAGE
          License Unit Requirements            Logical Name,12-5
             Table,2-9, 5-51                LMF$LICENSE,15-25
          Licensing,10-7                    LNM$GROUP,8-2
          Licensing Programs                LNM$JOB,8-2
            Campus Software License         LNM$PROCESS,8-2
               Grant,2-11                   LNM$SYSTEM,8-2
            Developers,2-11,  2-21          Loadable Image,10-9
            DSPP,2-11,  2-21                LOAD_PWD_POLICY system
            Educational,2-11                   parameter,5-53
            Hobbyist,2-10                   LocalFile,15-6
          Liebert,13-10                     Logical Name
          Limited Hardware Release,           DCL$PATH,8-4
             10-26                            DECW$IGNORE_WORKSTATION,
            See LHR                              11-5
          linda,13-10                         DECW$KEYMAP,11-10
          LINK                                LISP$DAYLIGHT_SAVING_TIME_P,
            /NOSYSLIB,10-29                      4-23
            /SYSEXE,10-29                     LISP$TIME_ZONE,4-23
          Linker                              LMF$DISPLAY_OPCOM_MESSAGE,
            COMMON,10-6                          12-5
            PSECT_ATTR,10-6                   MAIL$TIMEZONE,4-23
            SYMBOL_VECTOR,10-6                NOTES$TIMEZONE,4-23
            SYS$BASE_IMAGE,10-5               SYS$DISK,10-5
            SYS.STB,10-5                      SYS$LOGIN,8-10
            /SYSEXE,10-5                      SYS$LOGIN_DEVICE,8-10
          LINKER,10-17                        SYS$SCRATCH,8-10
          Linux shell,3-3,  3-7               SYS$TIMEZONE_DAYLIGHT_SAVING
          LISP$DAYLIGHT_SAVING_TIME_P            ,4-23
             Logical Name,4-23                SYS$TIMEZONE_DIFFERENTIAL,
          LISP$TIME_ZONE Logical Name,           4-23
             4-23                             SYS$TIMEZONE_NAME,4-21,
          Little-Endian,10-17                    4-23
          LJK,2-11                            TZ,4-21
          LK201,14-46                         UCX$NFS_TIME_DIFFERENTIAL,
          LK401,14-46                            4-23
          LK461,14-47                         UCX$TDF,4-22



          Logical Names                     Megabit,2-26
            Compared to DCL Symbols,8-2     Megabyte,2-25
          Logical Partitioning,14-8         Megabytes,2-26
          LOGINOUT,5-10                     Menufinder,13-10
          lPars,14-8                        MESSAGE Compiler,10-16
          lpd,15-1                          MGBOOK Bookreader,3-1
          lpr,15-1                          MGPCX,7-2
          LRA0:,12-3                        microfortnight,2-26
          LTO-1,14-56                       MIME,13-9
          LURT,2-9,  5-51                   Minicopy,5-63
          LVD,14-57                         Minimerge,5-63
          164LX,14-28                       Mini-Merge,5-63
          Lynx,13-4,  13-5                  Minor Version,10-26
          ______________________________    Mirroring,9-2
          M                                   See Volume Shadowing
          ______________________________    MISC4,14-59,  14-61
          MA780,14-15                       Mission Critical Operating
          MadGoat,5-39,  7-2, 13-2,            Environment
             13-14                            See MCOE
          MAIL$TIMEZONE Logical Name,       Mlucas,13-12
             4-23                           MMJ,14-57,  14-58, 14-60
          MAIL10,6-3                        mmk,13-13
          MAIL7,6-1                         MMOV,7-3
          MAIL9,6-1                         Modified Modular Jack,14-57
          Mail Count,6-1                      See MMJ
          Maintenance Version,10-26         MODPARAMS.DAT,15-26,  15-27
          Majordomo,13-9                    Montagar,13-1
          Major Version,10-26               MOP,15-6
          make,13-13                        Mosaic,13-4
          Malmberg's Ftp Service,13-18      Mozilla,6-2,  13-4, 13-20
          Management Processor
            DECconnect MMJ Adapter,           Also see SWB
               14-62                          Composer,13-19
          Mature Product Support,5-22         IRC Client,13-19
          MAXBUF                              Netnews Client,13-19
            system parameter,9-14           MP,14-33
          MAXPROCESSCNT system parameter      DECconnect MMJ Adapter,
             ,5-10                               14-62
          Mb,2-26                           MPEG,7-3
          MB,2-25,  2-26                    mpi,13-10
          MBM,4-27                          MS780,14-15
          MCOE,2-6                          MSCP,15-14
          MD5,5-4,  5-45                    MSCP$DISK,15-13



          MSCP$TAPE,15-13                   NIC,15-2
          MSCP_LOAD system parameter,       NISCS_LOAD_PEA0 system
             15-13                             parameter,15-26
          MTAACP,5-40                       NIST,4-9
          MTEXCH,7-3                        NLSA,1-2
          MUA4224,5-33                      NOCLI,8-5
          Multia,14-26                      NODECW,11-14
          Multimedia Services,7-3           NODEVICE,11-14
          Multinet,15-3                     NOLICENSE,5-10
          Multiprocessing                   NONEWMAIL,6-1
            See ASMP and SMP                NOTES$TIMEZONE Logical Name,
          mx,13-16                             4-23
          mxrn,13-16                        NOTSET,4-25
          MySQL,13-13                       17-Nov-1858,4-1
          ______________________________    nPars,4-27
          N                                 NTP,4-10,  4-31
          ______________________________    ______________________________
          NAM$C_MAXRSS,9-3                  O
          NAML$C_MAXRSS,9-3                 ______________________________
          Natural Language Search           ODBC,9-15
             Assistant,1-2                  ODS-2,9-3,  9-10
          NCL,15-6                          ODS-5,9-3,  9-10
          NCSA,13-4                         Ohio State University,13-3
          NCSC,5-61                         OPA0:,5-10,  14-5, 14-6, 14-15
          NCSC C2,5-54                      OpenECS,2-17
          NCSC Class C2,5-10                OpenNTP,4-31
          NET$DISABLE_DTSS,4-26             OpenVMS.Org,1-4
          NET$PROXY,15-25                   OpenVMS Alpha
          NET1,15-1                           Terminology,2-3
          NET2,15-1                         OpenVMS Alpha Upgrades,5-16
          NetBeans,2-8                      OpenVMS AXP
          NetBSD,14-36                        Terminology,2-3
          Netnews Client                    OpenVMS Galaxy,14-2
            Mozilla,13-19                   OPENVMS-HOBBYIST,2-10
          NETNODE_REMOTE,15-25              OpenVMS I64,2-2,  14-33
          NETNODE_UPDATE,15-25                Terminology,2-3,  14-33
          NETOBJECT,15-25                   OpenVMS I64 Upgrades,5-19

          NETPROXY,15-25                    OpenVMS Upgrade

          Netscape Navigator,6-2,  13-20      See Update, Upgrade and
          Networking Dynamics,5-39,              Install
             13-12, 15-11                   OpenVMS VAX
          New Mail Count,6-1                  Terminology,2-3



          OpenVMS VAX Upgrades,5-20         PBXGB-CA PowerStorm 4D20,5-31
          Opteron,2-14                      PBXGD-AE PowerStorm 350,5-30
          OSU,13-3                          PBXGK-BB PowerStorm 3D10T,
          OSU HTTPD Web Server,13-16           5-29
          Outbuildings                      PC7XS-CA,14-47
            See Time                        PCDISK,7-2
          Overwrite,5-61                    PC Disks,7-2
          ______________________________    PCF,11-18
          P                                 PCSI,5-44,  10-27

          ______________________________    PCSI Install
          Page                                See Install
            Memory,2-24                     PCSI Upgrade
            Size,2-24                         See Upgrade
          Pagelet                           PCX,7-2
            defined,2-24                    PDF,3-1,  13-7
          Pager Plus,15-11                  Peek,13-12
          Page Size,14-2                    Pentium,2-14
          PAGE_SIZE,2-24                    Perl,2-8,  13-11, 13-23
          Paging,15-11                      Petabyte,2-25
          PAK,2-10,  5-12, 10-7, 11-5,      PGP,13-5
             12-5                           PHYSICALPAGES system parameter
          PAKGEN,10-7,  12-5                   ,5-14
          PALcode,14-4,  14-16              PHYSICAL_MEMORY system
          PA-RISC,2-14                         parameter,5-14
          $parse,9-4                        PINE,13-9
          Parse Style,9-3                   pin-out,14-61
          Partitioning                      Pioneer,14-65
            Hard,14-8                       PIPE,8-9
            Logical,14-8                    PL/I,13-19
            Soft,14-8                       Plextor,14-56,  14-57, 14-65
            Virtual,14-8                    pm,11-8

          Partner Programs                  PMDF,15-11

            See DSPP                        PMU,4-27
          Password                          POLYCENTER Software Product
            Dictionary attack,5-53             Install Utility
            Purdy Polynomial,5-53             See PCSI
          Patch,7-4                         Port,15-13

          Patches                           Postscript,10-16

            See ECO kits                    POV-Ray,13-9
          PATHWORKS,5-4                     PowerStorm 300,5-30
          PB,2-25                           PowerStorm 350,5-30
          PBXGB-AA PowerStorm 3D30,5-31



          PowerStorm 3D10T,5-29             QUORUM,15-18
          PowerStorm 3D30,5-31,  14-49      Quorum Disk
          PowerStorm 4D20,5-31,  14-49        Shadowing,15-19
          PPP,15-4                          ______________________________
          Preatorian Cluster,2-17           R
          Pretty Good Privacy,13-5          ______________________________
          Printing                          Radeon 7500,5-31,  14-49
            DCPS,12-3                       RamPage,15-11
            lpr,15-1                        RAS,15-4
            Parallel Port,12-3              Raxco,2-11,  13-12

            telnet,15-1                     Refurbished Equipment
          Prior Version Support,5-22          See HP Renew
          Privileged-mode code,10-28        RIGHTSLIST,15-25
          Process Dump,10-27                Rlogin,5-62
          Process Software,2-11,  13-2,     RMS,9-15,  10-29
             15-3, 15-11                    RMS Journaling,9-2
          Product Authorization Key,        RMS Sequential Record Format,
             5-12, 10-7, 11-5, 12-5            9-16
          Product Registration,10-2         RMS_SEQFILE_WBH system
          PRODUCT SHOW PRODUCT,5-44            parameter,5-56
          ProDVD,9-9                        Roadmap,2-14
          ProGIS,7-2                        robomon,14-21

          Programming Examples              Rocksoft,5-4

            See Examples                    Royal Greenwich Observatory
          Protected Image,10-8                See Time
          Protected Subsystems,5-2          RRD42,9-13
          PSECT_ATTR,10-6                   RS-232,14-59
          Purdy Polynomial                  rx1620,14-34
            Password,5-53                   rx2600,14-62
          PURGE,5-65                        RZDISK,14-55
          $putmsg,10-5                      RZTOOLS,5-62
          pvm,13-10                         ______________________________
          PVS,5-22                          S
          PWIP,15-5                         ______________________________
          Python,13-12                      S3 Switch,14-6
          ______________________________    SAIC,1-6,  13-1, 13-3
          Q                                 Saiga Systems,5-39
          ______________________________    Samba,5-4
          $qio,10-9,  11-12                 SAMBA,13-11
          QMAN$JOURNAL,5-32                 SAO,4-1
          QMAN$MASTER,15-25                 SCACP,15-16
          QuickSpecs,3-4                    Scaliger

                                              Julius Caesar,4-2



          Scaliger, Joseph,4-2              SET PREFERRED_PATH command,
          Scribe                               15-16
            InfoServer,9-10                 SET PROCESS/PARSE_STYLE,9-3
          SCS,15-12,  15-13                 $SETTIM,4-25
          SCSI,9-14,  14-2, 14-28,          SET TIME,4-5,  4-7, 4-8, 4-13,
             14-32, 14-34, 14-42, 14-49,       4-25, 4-27
             14-53, 14-54, 14-55, 14-56,    SET TIME/CLUSTER,4-13
             14-57, 14-65, 14-66            SETTIME system parameter,4-4,
          SCSI-2,9-6                           4-5, 4-28
          SCSI_INFO,14-54                   $set_system_event,4-13
          SCSNODE system parameter,         SFX,13-26
             5-12, 5-14, 15-27              Shadowing,9-2
          SCSSYSTEMID system parameter,       Quorum Disk,15-19
             5-14                           Shareable image,5-1
          SDL,10-16                         Shareable Image,10-8
          SDML,10-16                        shell,3-3,  3-7
            See DECdocument,vi              SHOW MEMORY/CACHE command,
          Search Engine,13-13                  9-15
          Sector                            Signature,14-22
            Disk,2-25                       SIMH,13-27
          Secure Shell,13-4                 SMB,13-11
          Secure Web Browser                smg$create_menu,10-4
            See SWB                         SMG$GET_TERM_DATA,12-1
          Security,5-10,  5-61              Smithsonian Astrophysical
            Dictionary attack,5-53             Observatory,4-1
            NCSC C2,5-54                    SMP,14-15
            Password,5-53                   SMTP,13-16
          Security MUP,5-3                  $sndjbc,10-9
          Self-extracting zip,13-26         SNTP,4-31
          Sequential Record Format,9-16     SOAP,2-8,  13-9
          Serial Number,10-7                SOC,3-4
          SETBOOT,9-14,  14-20, 14-22       Soft Partitions,14-8
          SET BOOTBLOCK,9-14,  14-20,       Software Resources Interna-
             14-22                             tional,2-11, 3-10, 13-27
          SETCLOCK,4-14                     Sophos,5-4

             5-34                           SPIU

          SET FILE/CACHING_                   See PCSI
             ATTRIBUTES=NO_CACHING,         Spy,13-12
             9-8                            Spyglass,13-4
          SET PREFERRED_PATH,15-15          SQP,2-8



          SRI (cont'd)                      Storage (cont'd)

            Software Resources                SCSI-2,9-6
               International,2-11, 3-10,      Volume Set,9-7
               13-27                        Stream,9-16
          SRI International,1-5             StreamLF,9-16
          SRM,4-27,  14-15, 14-16           Subsystem Identifier,10-8
            Acronym,14-4                    SUNY NCSB,13-18
            System Reference Manual,        Supervisor,13-12
               14-4                         Supnik, Bob,13-27
          SS$_DEBUG,10-16                   Support
          SS$_NOCLI,8-5                       Prior Version Support,5-22
          SSH,13-4                          SWB,13-20
            FISH,13-4                       Swizzling,14-38
          SSL,2-8                           164SX,14-28
            SSLeay,13-4                     SYI$_PAGE_SIZE,2-24,  14-2
          SSLeay,13-4                       SYLOGICALS.COM,4-26,  8-6,
          Stark, Tim,13-27                     11-5
          STARLET.L32,10-14                 SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE,4-26,
          STARLET.L64,10-14                    5-39, 5-62, 6-1, 8-6, 15-25
          STARLET.R64,10-14                 Symbols
          STARLET.REQ,10-14                   Compared to Logical Names,
          Storage                                8-1
            ATA,7-1,  9-5, 14-28, 14-32,      DCL,8-1
               14-53, 14-54, 14-55,         Symbol Substitution
               14-57                          PIPE,8-9
            CD-R,14-56                      SYMBOL_VECTOR,10-6

            CD-R/RW,9-7,  9-11              Symmetric Multiprocessing
            CD-Recordable,9-9                 See SMP
            Disk Settings,14-49             synch-on-green,14-47
            DVD+R/RW,9-7,  9-11             sys$acm,5-54
            DVD-R/RW,9-7,  9-11             SYS$BASE_IMAGE,10-5
            DVD-Recordable,9-9              SYS$BASE_IMAGE.EXE,4-17
            FAT Format,7-2                  sys$creprc,10-9
            Floppy,7-2                      SYS$DIAGNOSTICS.SYS,9-13
            Free Space,12-3                 SYS$DISK Logical Name,10-5
            IDE,7-1,  9-5, 14-28, 14-32,    SYS$DKDRIVER,14-65,  14-66
               14-53, 14-54, 14-55,         SYS$DNDRIVER,14-66
               14-57                        SYS$DQDRIVER,7-1,  9-5, 14-32,
            PC Format,7-2                      14-57, 14-64, 14-66
            Remaining on Tape,12-3          SYS$EFI.SYS,9-13,  14-9
            SCSI,9-14,  14-2, 14-28,        sys$erapat,5-62
               14-32, 14-34, 14-42,
               14-49, 14-53, 14-54,
               14-55, 14-56, 14-57



          SYS$EXAMPLES:DAYLIGHT_            SYSALF,15-25
             SAVINGS.COM,4-16, 4-18         SYSAP,15-13
          SYS$EXAMPLES:GKTEST.C,14-66       SYSBOOT,5-7,  5-11, 15-21
          sys$filescan,9-4                  SYSGEN,5-11
          sys$flush,9-2                     SYSLOG,13-10
          sys$getdvi,10-2                   System Disk
          sys$getenv,14-8                     VAXstation 3100,9-4
          sys$getjpi,10-2                   System Image,10-8
          sys$getsyi,2-24,  10-2            System parameters
          SYS$GKDRIVER,14-66                  ALLOCLASS,15-27
          SYS$LIB_C.TLB,10-22,  10-29         DEVICE_NAMING,15-21
          SYS$LOGIN Logical Name,8-10         EXPECTED_VOTES,15-17
          SYS$LOGIN_DEVICE Logical Name       LOAD_PWD_POLICY,5-53
             ,8-10                            MAXBUF,9-14
          sys$parse,9-4                       MAXPROCESSCNT,5-10
          SYS$PIPE,8-9                        MSCP_LOAD,15-13
          SYS$PROCDMP,10-27                   NISCS_LOAD_PEA0,15-26
          SYS$PROTECTED_PROCDMP,10-27         PHYSICALPAGES,5-14
          sys$putmsg,10-5                     PHYSICAL_MEMORY,5-14
          sys$qio,10-9,  11-12                RMS_SEQFILE_WBH,5-56
          SYS$REGISTRY,15-25                  SCSNODE,5-12,  5-14, 15-27
          SYS$SCRATCH Logical Name,8-10       SCSSYSTEMID,5-14
          SYS$SETBOOT.EXE,9-14,  14-20,       SETTIME,4-4,  4-5, 4-28
             14-22                            TIMEPROMPTWAIT,4-4,  4-5
          sys$setddir,10-5                    TMSCP_LOAD,15-13
          SYS$SETTIM,4-25                     UAFALTERNATE,5-9
          sys$set_system_event,4-19           VAXCLUSTER,15-26
          sys$sndjbc,10-9                     VOTES,15-17
             4-25                                11-14
          SYS$TIMEZONE.DAT,4-17,  4-24        WRITESYSPARAMS,5-9
          SYS$TIMEZONE_DAYLIGHT_SAVING      Systems and Options Catalog,
             Logical Name,4-23                 3-4
          SYS$TIMEZONE_DIFFERENTIAL         System Service,10-8
             Logical Name,4-23              SYSUAF,5-53,  15-25
          SYS$TIMEZONE_NAME Logical           Bypass,5-10
             Name,4-21, 4-23                  Corrupt,5-10
          SYS$TIMEZONE_RULE,4-19            SYSUAFALT,15-25
          SYS$TIMEZONE_SRC.DAT,4-24         SYSUAFALT.DAT,5-10




          ______________________________    Time (cont'd)
          T                                   Error modifying time,4-25
          ______________________________      GMT,4-29
          TAP,15-11                           Greenwich,4-29
          TAPECOPY,7-3                        IPL,4-12
          Tapes                               IRIG,4-9
            Compaction,12-4                   Julian,4-1
            Compression,12-4                  Julian Calendar,4-2
            Conversion,7-3                    Julian Date,4-1
            EBCDIC,7-3                        Julian Day,4-1
            Free Space,12-3                   NIST,4-9
          tar,13-16,  13-17                   NOTSET,4-25
          Target Systems,15-11                NTP,4-10
          TB,2-25                             Off By One Hour,4-24,  4-30,
          tcgmsg,13-10                           10-22
          TCL,13-13                           Prime Meridian,4-30
          TCOPY,7-3                           SETCLOCK,4-14
          TCPIP$CONFIGURATION.DAT,5-13        SET TIME Command,4-25
          TCQ,14-2                            TDF,4-17
          TDF,4-17                            TIMENOTSET,4-25
          TECsys,14-21                        Time service enabled,4-25
          telnet,15-1                         Timezone Rules,4-21
          Telnet,5-62                         TODR,4-5,  4-7
          Telocator Alphanumeric              TOY,4-5,  4-7
             Protocol,15-11                   UT0,4-29
          Terabyte,2-25                       UT1,4-29
          Terminal emulator                   UT2,4-29
            VTstar,11-4                       UTC,4-17,  4-24, 4-29, 4-30,
          Terminal Server Manager,13-12          10-22
          Test-Drive,2-16                   TIMENOTSET,4-25
          Test Manager,13-23                TIMEPROMPTWAUT system
          Text,10-16                           parameter,4-4, 4-5
          Text editor,13-17                 Timezones
          Text editors,3-3                    SYS$TIMEZONE_NAME,4-21
          TFT2025,14-49                       TZ,4-21
          TIE,13-25                           zic compiler,4-19,  4-20
          Time                              TMSCP,15-13,  15-14
            ACTS,4-9                        TMSCP_LOAD system parameter,
            AlphaServer ES47,4-27              15-13
            AlphaServer ES80,4-27           TODR,4-5,  4-7
            AlphaServer GS1280,4-27         Tomcat,2-8
            Clock Drift,4-12,  4-14         Too Few Servers Detected,4-26
            DST,4-24,  4-30, 10-22
            DTSS,4-10,  4-18



          Touch,13-13                       UPS,13-10
          Touch Technologies,vi             UPShot,13-10
          TOY Clock,4-5,  4-7               USB,14-62,  14-66
          TPAMAC.REQ,10-15                  USB Keydisk,14-10
          Trailing Edge,13-27               Used Equipment
          Tripp-Lite,13-10                    See HP Renew
          TrueType,11-19                    User Group
          TS10,13-27                          DECUS,1-11
          TSM,13-12                           Encompass,1-11
          TT2$M_DISCONNECT,5-63               Interex,1-11
          TTF,11-19                         user-written system services,
          TTY_DEFCHAR2,5-63                    5-1
          TV,13-25                          UT0,4-29
          TZ Logical Name,4-21              UT1,4-29
          ______________________________    UT2,4-29
          U                                 UTC,4-17,  4-29
          ______________________________    UTC$CONFIGURE_TDF.COM,4-16
          15 U.S.C 260a(a),4-22             UTC$TIMEZONE_SETUP.COM,4-16
          U.S. Design,9-11                  UTC$TIME_SETUP.COM,4-16,
          UAFALTERNATE,5-10                    4-17, 4-20, 4-22, 4-23
          UAFALTERNATE system parameter     uudecode,13-2
             ,5-9                           uuencode,13-2,  13-16
          UCB,10-9                          UWSS,5-1,  10-8
          UCX$CONFIGURATION.DAT,5-13        ______________________________
             Logical Name,4-23              ______________________________
          UCX$TDF Logical Name,4-22         Vajhj, Arne,13-2
          UDDI,2-8                          VAKSAT,7-2
          UEFI,14-33                        VAX
          Ultrium 230,14-56                   Terminology,2-4
          undelete,9-1                      VAX/VMS

          Unified EFI                         Terminology,2-3

            See UEFI                        VAX-11/782,14-15
          Unified Extensible Firmware       VAXBACK,5-20
             Interface                      VAXcluster Console System,
            See UEFI                           14-21
          Uniform Time Act of 1966,4-22     VAXCLUSTER system parameter,
          unixODBC,9-15                        15-26
          UNIX shell,3-3,  3-7              VAXCRTL.EXE,10-25
          unzip,14-23                       VAX Emulator,13-27,  14-34
          Update,5-23                       VAXstation 3100
          Upgrade,5-23                        Console,9-4
                                              System Disk Capacity,9-4



          VCC_FLAGS,9-15                    Vols in Full XFC mode,9-16
          VCS,14-21                         Volume Set,9-7
          Veracity,5-4                      Volume Shadowing,15-27
          Version Numbering,10-26             Allocation Class,15-27
            Edit,10-26                        Full Copy,5-64
            Maintenance,10-26                 Full Merge,5-65
            Major,10-26                       Minicopy,5-63
            Minor,10-26                       Minimerge,5-63
          Versions,5-65                     VOTES system parameter,15-17
          Very Long Instruction Word        vPars,4-27,  14-2, 14-8
            See VLIW                        VR260,14-46
          VEST,13-19,  13-25                VR290,14-46
          VFC,9-16                          VRC16,14-47
          vi,13-17                          VRC21,14-47
          vile,13-17                        VSXXX,14-46
          vim,13-17                         VTstar terminal emulator,11-4
          VIOC,9-15                         VXT,11-3
          VIOC Compatable Mode,9-15         ______________________________
          Virtual Circuit,15-13             W
          Virtual Partitioning,14-8         ______________________________
          Virtual Terminal,5-62             w32time,4-31
          VLIW,14-33                        Web Archives,14-50
          VMB,14-12                         Web Browser

          VMove,7-2                           See SWB
          VMS$AUDIT_SERVER,15-25              CSWB,13-4
          VMS$CLASS_SCHEDULE,15-25            Lynx,13-5
          VMS$DISK_CL_DRIVER,15-13            Mosaic,13-4
          VMS$OBJECTS,15-25                   Mozilla,13-4,  13-19
          VMS$PASSWORD_HISTORY,15-25          Netscape,13-4
          VMS$PASSWORD_POLICY,15-25           Netscape Navigator,13-20
          VMS$TAPE_CL_DRIVER,15-13          Web server
          VMS$VAXCLUSTER,15-13                Apache,13-9
          VMS73_XFC,9-15                      OSU,13-9
          VMSINSTAL,5-44                      Purveyor,13-9
          VMSINSTAL Update                    WASD,13-9
            See Update                      Webserver,13-3
          VMSLICENSE,5-12                   Web Server,13-16
          VMSMAIL_PROFILE,15-25             Western Kentucky University,
          vmstar,13-16                         13-2
          VMS_FLAGS,14-9                    WINDOW_SYSTEM
          VMS_LOADER.EFI,5-8,  14-9           system parameter,11-5,
          _VMS_V6_SOURCE,4-17                    11-14



          WINDOW_SYSTEM system parameter    XOR,5-45
             ,5-9                           XP1000,14-49
          Wiring,14-61                      XPDF,3-1,  13-7
          WIZARD.ZIP,3-11                   xpm,11-8
          WKU,13-2                          XtAppAddInput,11-12
          Wolf3D,13-16                      xv,11-8
          WRITEBOOT,9-14                    X Windows,11-1
          WRITEBOOT.EXE,14-20               X Windows Terminal,11-3
          Write History Logging,5-63        ______________________________
          WRITESYSPARAMS system             Y
             parameter,5-9                  ______________________________
          WSDRIVER,11-3                     Y2K,5-40
          WWW,13-4                          yacc,13-16
,14-50             Yamhill,2-14
          ______________________________    Year 2000,5-40
          X                                 ______________________________
          ______________________________    Z
          X11,11-18                         ______________________________
          X11R5,11-18                       ZAP,7-4
          X11R6.6,11-18                     zic compiler,4-19,  4-20
          XDR,10-17                         Zimmerman, Phil,13-5
          XFC,9-15                          zip,9-17,  13-26
          XLNperformance,5-39               Zip,14-56,  14-57

          XLNsystems,5-39                     Also see Info-Zip
          XML,2-8,  10-17, 13-11              Self-extracting,13-26
          XOFF,14-63                        ZMODEM,13-3




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 --------------------------- pure personal opinion ---------------------------
        Hoff (Stephen) Hoffman   OpenVMS Engineering   hoff[at]

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