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![alt.tinygirls] FAQ - Read this first!

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Posting-Frequency: weekly
Archive-name: cultures/tinygirls-faq
Last-modified: 1999/6/25
Maintainer: <>

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Description:  A discussion group based on women short in height but 
long in fight. A place to vent and/or discuss the frustrations of not 
being treated the same as others. Consider this group civil, not 
censorious - quick to react, quicker to think before doing so. And 
finally, not likely to care one way or the other about the male opinion
--at least in public.


Q: What is a tinygirl?
A: Tinygirls have been described in a variety of ways including:

   1) A mature ADULT woman of short stature, having courage and
      self-confidence entirely out of proportion to her body size. 
      A true tinygirl is something like a human version of a Jack 
      Russell Terrier.
   2) Dynamite in a small package.
   3) A woman who is often well below average height, and has a 
      "don't mess with me" attitude. She also has a strong independent 
      personality, and generally lives by her own rules. 

Q:  Should I post binaries here?
A:  No, although they might be of/about tinygirls they are unwelcome
    and should be posted in the appropriate alt.binaries.* group.

Q:  You mean all these binaries aren't from the group participants?
A:  Duh. This is a discussion group and we want to keep it that way.

Q:  If I post a binary or otherwise off topic subject matter to this 
    group what will happen?
A:  You will win many prizes, some of which may include:

        1)  A complaint to your irresponsible ISP.
        2)  A FLAME in public that will at best, be informative.
            At worst it will make you hate your mother for giving 
            birth to you.
        3)  E-mail from group members *politely* explaining what 
            you have done and why it was wrong.

Q:  Are men allowed to participate in the discussions?
A:  Men who appreciate tinygirls are encouraged to participate in the
    group. They are even permitted to have an idea or an independent
    thought on rare occasions. Download "The Man Song" (.ra format,
    file size 209k) at:
    to get an idea of what we mean. ;o)
    If you don't have The Real Audio Player, it's available for
    download at:

Q:  Isn't the idea here to attract guys who have a thing for petite
A:  Nahh.. the idea here is that we're so kind hearted and wonderful
    and magnanimous and extraordinarily selfless that we give up some
    of our time and energy to come into this newsgroup to allow mere
    mortal men the opportunity and rare priviledge of a place to safely
    come and fall on their knees to worship us. 

Q:  Should I post a personal ad in this group?
A:  No. Personal ads are not welcome. They should be posted in the
    appropriate alt.personals.* group where people are looking for the
    same thing you are. Listed below are examples of these groups:                 alt.personals.intergen 
       alt.personals.aliens              alt.personals.jewish                  alt.personals.misc
       alt.personals.big-folks           alt.personals.motss      
       alt.personals.bondage             alt.personals.poly  
       alt.personals.fags                alt.personals.spanking 
       alt.personals.fat                 alt.personals.tall
       alt.personals.fetish              alt.personals.teen                 alt.personals.toronto 
       alt.personals.gothic              alt.personals.transgendered        alt.personals.vancouver 
       alt.personals.intercultural       alt.personals.where 

    *Note* Please do not ask us about these groups. We will only answer
           questions about alt.tinygirls.                        
Q:  Should I advertise in this group?
A:  Yes. IF your advertisement is within the accepted levels of usenet 
    spam, (URL and respective ng) and contains no binary, HTML or off 
    topic issue (please, nothing about sex, we already know how). 
    Remember, this is a fairly tight-knit group with a regular 
    viewership. You don't need to post your advertisement more than 
    once a month. Chances are we've seen it, or passed it around. If 
    your item is good it will be added to the FAQ in the helpful items 

Q:  What about flames?
A:  If you don't like it get the hell out. Seriously though, an
    integral part of the tinygirl is her attitude. What you interpret
    as a flame might just be in jest. Read it a couple of times and
    look for humor. If you still think you got flamed, ask yourself
    why? Tinygirls don't flame without a reason, and you can expect to
    be gang flamed if you don't ask why first. If the regulars get
    flamed, and they often do, why should you be exempt? We have all
    been flamed. Get over it.

Q:  Should I troll here?
A:  Leave. Ask your mother why if you need to.

Q:  Where can I find clothes that fit me?
A:  Je T'aime Petite - -
    (carries size 2)
    Parasuco Jeans - online 
    (sizes 25 to 34)
    The Gap Online -

Q: Should I post or solicit child pornography in this newsgroup?
A: Sure, if you desire to be hunted down like the mangy, rabid,
   flea-infested, shit-eating dog that you are, have all of your
   accounts nuked, and be reported to the appropriate authorities,
   then just go right ahead!

Helpful Items:

Useful stuff from advertisements that might help tinygirls in general 
i.e., where to buy/order clothes, shoes, special keyboards, 
wanger-hangers. You know, useful stuff.

Closing:  The group will seem out of verbal control at times but 
that's the way we like it. Read the postings for a few weeks and you 
will find a method to our madness. If you don't, we probably aren't 
what you're looking for.


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