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The FAQ (part 1 of 6)
Section - A1.2 Elsewhere

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Top Document: The FAQ (part 1 of 6)
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A1.2.1  Overseas Offices Of The New Zealand Tourism Board


Prudential Finance House,
84 Pitt Street,                        Ph (+61 2) 231 1322
GP Box 614,2100 Sydney                    (+61 2) 221 7333
NSW 2000

Ground Floor, 288 Edwards St           Ph  (+61 7) 221 3176
GPO 2634, Brisbane, Queensland 4001    Fax (+61 7) 221 7289

Level 19 Comco Office Tower            Ph  (+61 3) 823 6283
644 Chapel Street, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria

New Zealand House,                     Ph (071) 973 0363
Haymarket, SW1Y4TQ

6000 Frankfurt am Main 1,              Ph  (069) 288 189
Kaiserhofstrasse,                      Fax (069) 281 482

Toho Twin tower Building,              Ph (03) 508-9981
2nd Floor,
1-5-2 Yurakucho C
Hiyoda-ku 100

13 Nassam Rd,                          Ph 2359966
Singapore 1025

3414 Jardine House,                    Ph (05) 255 044
1 Connaught Place,

501 Santa Monica Blvd 300,             Ph 1 800 3885494
Santa Monica CA 90401                  Fax (310) 395 5453

Suite 1206,
432 Park Avenue South,                 Ph (001212) 447 0550
New York, NY 10016                     Fax (001212) 447 0558

1200 - 888 Dunsmuir Street,            Ph  (604) 684-2117
Vancouver, B.C., V6C 3K4               Fax (604) 684-1265

Air New Zealand also has offices at 1250 - 888 Dunsmuir Street
ph (604) 640-4600


A1.2.2  Traditional Sources (libraries, newspapers, etc.)

Check libraries, travel agents, embassies, consulates.  Year books,
almanacs, census data(?) etc. are all usually available.

The following book has been suggested as a useful source of information:
 New Zealand - a Lonely Planet travel survival kit
 by Peter Turner, Jeff Williams, Nancy Keller and Tony Wheeler

The following CD is available:

New Zealand Encyclopedia (TVNZ): An encyclopedia of NZ that covers lots of
different areas.  Over 1200 illustrations, 20 maps, over 20 minutes of
videos (1994 version).

Available from:
 The Electric Book Co.
 PO Box 34-422             Ph/fax: (+64 9) 415 9343
 Auckland 10

If all else fails, try the:

Auckland Information Bureau/Auckland Information Centre
24 Wellesley St  or Queen Elizabeth II Square
PO Box 7048                   Phone  (+64 9) 366 6888
Auckland 1                    Fax    (+64 9) 366 6893

Wellington Info Centre
Phone  (+64 4) 801 4000
Fax    (+64 4) 801 3030

Wellington is included because if you know how to send a fax via e-mail,
use Wellington's fax number.  They probably can't email you back.

Christchurch Info Centre
Phone  (+64 3) 379 9629
Fax    (+64 3) 377 2424

Lincoln University library keeps (or kept?) a list of all the NZ
magazines/newspapers at:


Newspaper Contact Information

New Zealand Major Daily Newspapers: (>25,000 Circulation)
Newspaper                 Postal Box       City         Circulation
                          Phone        Mngmnt Fax   Editorial Fax
New Zealand Herald   (M)  PO Box 32        Auckland         238,000
                          09-379-5050  09-303-0265  09-366-1568
Otago Daily Times    (M)  PO Box 181       Dunedin           48,000
                          03-477-4760  03-477-5120  03-477-1313
The Daily News            PO Box 444       New Plymouth      29,000
                          06-758-0559  06-758-4653  06-758-6849
The Dominion         (M)  PO Box 3740      Wellington        67,000
                          04-474-0222  09-474-0584  04-474-0350
The Evening Post     (M)  PO Box 3740      Wellington        69,000
                          04-474-0222  04-474-0584  04-474-0237
The Press            (M)  Private Bag      Christchurch     100,000
                          03-379-0940  03-364-8496  04-364-8492
The Southland Times       PO Box 805       Invercargill      33,000
                          03-218-1909  03-218-4349  03-214-9905
Waikato Times             Private Bag 3086 Hamilton          41,000
                          07-849-6180  07-849-9554  07-849-9603

New Zealand Other Daily Newspapers: (<25,000 Circulation)
Newspaper                 Postal Box       City         Circulation
                          Phone        Mngmnt Fax   Editorial Fax
Ashburton Guardian        PO Box 77        Ashburton          6,300
                          03-308-3089  03-308-9855
Bay of Plenty Times       Private Bag      Tauranga          21,000
                          07-578-3059  07-578-0047
Daily Post                PO Box 1442      Rotorua           13,000
                          07-348-6199  07-349-0959  07-346-0153
Evening News              PO Box 92        Dannevirke         2,700
                          06-374-7081  06-374-9353
Evening Standard          PO Box 3         Palmerston North  24,000
                          06-356-9009  06-350-9525  06-357-6316
Evening Star              PO Box 3         Greymouth          5,600
                          03-768-7121  03-768-6205
Hawkes Bay Herald Tribune PO Box 180       Hastings          20,000
                          06-878-5155  06-876-0655  06-878-5668
Northland Times           PO Box 96        Dargaville         2,900
                          09-439-8209  09-439-6505
Te Awamutu Courier        PO Box 1         Te Awamutu             ?
                          07-871-5151  07-871-3675
The Daily Telegraph       PO Box 343       Napier            16,000
                          06-835-4488  06-835-6786  06-835-1129
The Ensign                PO Box 182       Gore                   ?
                          03-208-9280  03-208-9594
The Gisborne Herald       PO Box 1143      Gisborne           9,700
                          06-868-6655  06-867-8048
The Levin Chronicle       PO Box 547       Levin              6,400
                          06-368-5109  06-368-2366
The Nelson Mail           PO Box 244       Nelson            19,000
                          03-548-7079  03-546-2849  03-546-2802
The Northern Advocate     PO Box 210       Whangarei         15,000
                          09-438-2399  09-430-5669  09-430-5665
The Oamaru Mail           PO Box 343       Oamaru                 ?
                          03-434-9970  03-434-9723
The Timaru Herald         PO Box 46        Timaru            15,000
                          03-684-4129  03-688-1042
Wairarapa Times-Age       PO Box 445       Masterton          9,100
                          06-378-9999  06-378-2839  06-378-2371
Wairoa Star               PO Box 41        Wairoa                 ?
                          06-838-7194  06-838-6973
Wanganui Chronicle        PO Box 433       Wanganui          15,000
                          06-345-3919  06-345-3232
Westport News             PO Box 249       Westport           2,200
                          03-789-7319  03-789-7203

New Zealand Non-daily Newspapers:

Newspaper                 Postal Box       City         Circulation
                          Phone        Mngmnt Fax   Editorial Fax
Clutha Leader         (N) PO Box 45        Balclutha          2,500
                          03-418-1115  03-418-1173
Marlborough Express   (N) PO Box 242       Blenheim          10,000
                          03-578-6059  03-577-6006  03-578-0497
National Business Review* (W) PO Box 1734  Auckland          13,000
                          09-307-1629  09-373-3997
Northern News         (W) PO Box 1         Kaikohe                ?
                          09-401-0123  09-401-2129
Sunday News*          (W) PO Box 1409      Auckland         119,000
                          09-302-1300  09-366-4670  09-358-3003
Sunday Star-Times*    (W) PO Box 1409      Auckland         195,000
                          09-302-1300  09-366-4670  09-309-0258
The Independent*   (W) 17 Victoria St West Auckland          10,000
                          09-303-3534  09-303-2999
The New Truth*        (W) PO Box 1409      Auckland          35,000
                          09-302-1300  09-366-4670  09-309-2279
Whakatane Beacon      (N) PO Box 243       Whakatane          8,600
                          07-308-8129  07-307-0719

Type Note: Provincial Daily unless: (M) Metropolitian Daily
                                    (N) Non-Daily (ie. 2-5 times/week)
                                    (W) Weekly
Distrubution Note: * = Nationwide Circulation

The above information was kindly supplied by the NZPA & INL via Tony Randle
For further information, please contact the NZPA.
Phone: (+64 4) 472-7910
Fax:   (+64 4) 478-1625
Postal Address PO Box 1599, Wellington

Please refer to section A2.2  How Do I Get News From Home? 
for URLs of NZ News sources.


A1.2.3  In The Wild...

The following comments result from the thread 'Obviously Antipodean' which
Dave Frame started by posing the question, "So does anyone have any idea
why we antipodeans are so readily identifiable when we travel?".

From: (Andrew McNaughton)
Track suit bottoms, jandals, rugby jersey (bit too fashionable now),
vegemite stains around the mouth, obviously travelling on the cheap,
working in a pub in London or as a nanny in some pile in the countryside, a
willingness to pass the time of day with a total stranger.  This last one
happened to me in the London Underground, said gidday to some bloke as we
waited in this draughty hole of a station and he looked at me as if I was a
madman and backed away.  Thing that got me was he was grottier looking than
I was so by rights I should have been the one backing away.  Even slobs
have pride.


From: (Morris, Peter)
Because Australians wear a ball 'n' chain round their leg?
Because you have suntans at the wrong time of year?
Because you have skin cancer at any time of year?
Because your name is Bruce/Sheila?
Because you open your mouth?
Because you eat vegemite or weak marmite?
Because you drink Tetleys/Stones
Because you're taller than the average Brit?
Because you exercise more than the average Brit?
Because you whinge more than the average Brit?
Because you stare, with your mouths wide open in awe at the wonderful land
 that Britain truly is.:-)


From: "(Ghost ) Joost Stenfert Kroese" <>
Your wildernis pack, your hiking boots.  The Ozone depleted sunburn, the
 stubble, checkered shirt, the dusty khaki pants...  do you want me to
OK the sheepish grin.  For god's sake people in europe don't smile at each
 other in the tube.  it's dangerous.


From: (Ted Howard)
Two things I've noticed that stand out in a crowd.
We tend to look people in the eyes.
We tend to be interested in our surroundings - with an almost childish
 facination (compared to most other cultures).


From: (James Lawry)
Speight's T-shirts, Dave.


From:  (Dave Matoe)
We tend to be loud
We have outrageous opinions on places that we recently arrive in (Because a
 mate was there 4 years back and told us..bla bla bla..)
We are fiercely patriotic and wear rugby jerseys everywhere
We wear shorts to work in Summer
We wear Adidas trackies down Oxford Street
We call a spade a 'bloody spade' which means we have street cred
We kick ass in Rugby and rub it in like heck
We end many of our words with an 'o', 'aye' or 'mate' for instance 'Hey
 mate, what the bloody hell do yuh think your doing with Davo's pint aye?'
We exploit our Maori culture in the Rugby, but ignore it at other times.
 (ooops, controversial point..forget I said that one :-)
We rave on about sweets no ones ever heard of like 'Barley Sugar, Pineapple
 Lumps and Milkshake lollies'
We winge about everybody else winging
We watch Xena and Hercules cos they are filmed in NZ
We cringe when ever Rachel Hunter comes on the tele
We remark on how Phillip Schofield started off in shazam before he hit it
 big time with 'Joseph'
We p*ss in the back garden when we have a BBQ - Warning, English do not
 find this an endearing quaint down-under custom.
We don't object to women buying a round
We think a swanny is great to wear at all times of the year, despite the
 'NZ Railways' markings on the back of it.
All of us have a relative called 'Wayne' or 'Trevor' somewhere down the


From: (s & j thurston)
Gazing around, staring and grinning at everyone and everything.  Every
other guy called Bruce or Graham.  NZ women talking to non NZ men about
football and sports and they (the dorks) think that they *must* be coming
on to them.  Yeah sure pencil neck you're just my type.  NOT.  NZ women
liking guys who don't have a thing for Mummy.  NZ women ready to arm
wrestle to see who pays for the beer.


From:  (Dave Matoe)
Some more.......
We would be proud to be considered 'All Black'
We are the only country to spell awesome with an 'o' (remember David Tua
 the boxer?)
We use awesome in replacement of 'Great, excellent, fantastic, remarkable
 interesting, wonderful, stimulating and choice'
We wear Jandals and not thongs or flip flops
Kiwi ladies understand the off-side rule (now explain it to me...:-)
We call personality-challenged individuals 'dicks heads'
We take 50 photo's of ourselves in front of Big Ben to send to all the
 relo's back home.
We send our mums a wedgewood tea cup and saucer and forget about the rest
 of the tea set.
We never watch neighbours
We only travel with MacPacs
We know who Phillip Sherry and Dougal Stevenson are (Well some of us do I
We use unique words like Drongo, Skite, Hokey Pokey, L&P, tutai, hangi and
We know what ship Captain Cook sailed in
We call Australians - wallabies, English - POMS and Dennis Connor a 'bit of
 a bugger...' when we're with our folks, but 'bloody ozzies, winging poms
 and a personality-challenged individual' when we're with our mates :-)
We only eat sure to rise pikelets and no other kind
We miss luxury flakes when we're away yet never eat them when we're at home
and finally
We don't like people being a smart ass - so I'm off. :-)


From: (Graham Pendreigh)
: We use awesome in replacement of 'Great, excellent, fantastic, remarkable
: interesting, wonderful, stimulating and choice'
Received text remains, however, "not bad", as in Salisbury Cathedral...


From: David Frame <>
> Speight's T-shirts, Dave.
Yeah...  ok...  I can see how that might be a wee bit of a giveaway...  but
even when I was out of uniform - wearing non-standard blokewear - people
still figured me for a kiwi.  And that was *before* I opened my mouth and
demonstrated a particular affinity for certain consonants.


From: (Alan Macdougall)
The old Macpac - where I live (Queens Park tube) every fifth person on the
train either has a Macpac or reads the TNT on a Monday morning.  Also, I
keep meeting on the Central line people from NZ that I haven't seen in
years - I'm sure that loud reunions on the tube through Shepherds Bush is a
bit of a giveaway too...


From: (Aidan Philip Heerdegen)
>We wear shorts to work in Summer
And winter - most important.
>We end many of our words with an 'o', 'aye' or 'mate'
Australianism .. mate.
No shit.  I came here and found EVERYONE is 'mate'.  Quite off putting.
You also have a 'servo' (Service Station), bottleo (Bottle Store), fisho
(Fish Shop) etc etc.  Much more Australian than NZ(ish) IMO.
>for instance 'Hey mate, what the bloody hell do yuh think your doing with
>Davo's pint aye?'
I think I am more likely to say "Hey pal/fella, what the f*ck do you think
you're doin' with my mate Dave's pint!?"
I think NZers reserve Mate for mates, rather than just any Joe Bloggs.
>We use awesome in replacement of 'Great, excellent, fantastic, remarkable
>interesting, wonderful, stimulating and choice'
I thought choice was pretty popular.
>We take 50 photo's of ourselves in front of Big Ben to send to all the
>relo's back home.
Rellies where I come from.  You been hanging out with the Aussies in Earl's
Court too long.
>We call Australians - wallabies, English - POMS and Dennis Connor a 'bit
>of a bugger...' when we're with our folks, but 'bloody ozzies, winging
>poms and a personality-challenged individual' when we're with our mates :-)
I think the 'pom' and 'whinging pom' thing is extremely Ocker.  They also
call them 'pommie baarstids' here.  I always called them English when I was
in NZ.


From: (Stephen Judd)
Definitely. "-ies" is THE Kiwi diminutive. Rellies, vegies, pollies, etc.


From: (Morris, Peter)
I believe though that there is a certain innocence about NZers & Aussies
when they wander around looking at everything.


From: (Brian Dooley)
>>all the relo's back home.
>Ah, he's an Australian.
Obviously.  "Relo" and "Davo" in another post were a dead giveaway.


From:  (Dave Matoe)
>>all the relo's back home.
>Ah, he's an Australian.
Ummm, thats 4 years of living in Melbourne filtering through.  My apologies
for letting my Kiwi standards drop. :-)
I forgot a couple of others:-
We know how to sign 'Keep Cool till after Skool' for deaf people.
We laugh if anyone says 'Jeez Wayne'
We know that Annie Whittle was a singer as well as an actress (5 points if
 you can remember her song)
We all wish we knew what the Dogs name is
We know who Manu is
We experience true fear when anyone says the word Weta

If anybody is interested, we did a kiwi questionnaire several years back to
spot any fakes in the crowd. Its humour at its sarcy-est and tackiest - but
humour none the less. If theres an interest for this kind of thing I'd be
happy to post it. [this is lurking in Section C1.1]


From: (Nicola Rowe )
I spoke to someone once in Germany who had a Macpac, thinking they might be
a NZer; they weren't, and, once I started investigating the backpack
situation, I found that higher-priced camping shops often sell Macpacs - at
almost double NZ prices.


From: Jochen Siegenthaler <>
Indeed, here in CH you can buy Kiwi MacPacs at hiking stores.  The locals
regard them as being of very high quality and are thus prepared to pay
extra for them (great for NZ economy)


From: (Andrew Wicken)
BTW, I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this but Aussies and NZers are
about the only caucasians in Britain who don't have a skin tone reminiscent
of dead fish.  I'll always remember when my Yorkshire grandad came over to
visit and nearly blinded us when he rolled up his trouser legs one sunny
day.  Lucky the US Defence Dept didn't know about Brits when they were
trying to get SDI running.


So now you know.

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