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The FAQ (part 1 of 6)
Section - A1.1 On The Net

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You may also find other URLs in the relevant sections.

Looking for people:
Online phone directory
NZ Internet Users directory


For general information, follow this newsgroup!  You might also want to
investigate the nz.* groups (if they are available to you) particularly
nz.general.  Readers with web browsers might like to do a search on the
'keyword' "New Zealand".  There seem to be quite a few travel resources
there.  Corrections for any of these addresses would be appreciated.

The faq is available from numerous sites, including:

 ftp site:
      dir:  /pub/ibmpc/misc
including the internet access faq and immigration eligibility software.

Searching for organisations, companies, governmental agencies etc

*  NZ Yellow Pages
*  The NZ Internet Registry (information on Domains within the *.nz TLD)
*  NZ Government Online (with search facility)
*  Consulates/Embassies Overseas
*  The Companies Office
*  Education Links 
*  Employment Resources

New Zealand Search engines 
    A list of major NZ search engines and indexes by Paul Bourke

    Other NZ search engines not included in the list are:

List of New Zealand Internet connected sites by Mark Davis of Victoria
University of Wellington

Other info about NZ is available via WWW from:

Michael Witbrock's NZ pages at

Sam Sampson says:
"Stewart Island Pages on the akiko tour of nz.  Site is: Island/

Philip Greenspun's file (illustrated with 25 JPEG photos):
 then click on "email from New Zealand" and all the old stuff is there.

Jennifer Mary George's pages:
Obscurities/infrequently asked questions;
and home page

Pat Cain's ftp site/web page:
including the Internet Access in NZ FAQ, Tony Sutorius' NZ Internet 
Typical User Profiles FAQ and BBS Listings for Auckland, Waikato, 
Manawatu, Wellington and Christchurch.

David Lobb's site
Jon Clarke's site
Derek Tearne's site

NZ Legislation
Health Links  

Government web pages
NZ Government Online
NZ Companies Office
NZ Statistics 
NZ Passport Office
Dept of Internal Affairs Information and Services

Local Government Web pages
Auckland City Council   
Canterbury City Council 
Dunedin City Council    
North Shore City Council
Palmerston North City Council
Waitakere City Council  
Wellington City Council 

 Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa 
 Museums of New Zealand (an article with links)  

 NZ Fighter Pilots Museum

Library sites throughout NZ.

National Library of New Zealand    

New Zealand Library Catalogues:

New Zealand Library and Information Association:
which gives details of the organisation, and links to related sites.

Canterbury Public Library
Wellington City Libraries

University Libraries:
 University of Auckland
 University of Waikato
 Massey University
 Victoria University of Wellington
 University of Canterbury
 University of Otago
 Lincoln University
     and their alphabetical list of NZ WWW Home Pages at:

Library servers on the web:

 NZ Arts on the Web
 NZ Art Resources
 NZ Symphony Orchestra
 NZ Music Centre
 Aotearoa Traditional Maori Performing Arts Festival

 For URLs on NZ music and Film, look at Sections "C5.2  Music" and  
 "C5.1.1  Films"

Radio Broadcasts from NZ
    Note:  You'll need the Real Player plug-in in most cases.  
    Go to to find out more about it.

    List of links to various broadcasts including sports and radio.
    Click on the "Audio" or "Live" button.  The radio stations are
    mostly Wellington radio stations. eg. MoreFM, Newtalk1ZB, 91ZM FM. 

  BFM (Student radio - Auckland)   
    BFM Home page (for programme)
    BFM Live               
  Radio New Zealand          
  Radio Active 

 Americas Cup 2000
 Links to NZ Sports
 NZ Sports Foundation
 Rugby (NZRFU)
 Sports Beat  
 Sports Web   

Skiing in NZ 
 HMH Heli-skiing
 Mt Cook Line 
 Treble Cone  
 Whakapapa ski fields

 NZ by Rail   
 Intercity Coach
 Interislander Ferry
 Automobile Association
 Mt Cook Line 

Travel and Tourism related web pages:
 NZ on the Web
 Destination NZ
 NZ Tourism Bureau
 NZ Travel Channel  
 Lonely Planet
 Auckland Airport
 Waiheke Island
 Hawke's Bay Online       
 Tourism Taranaki
 Destination Taupo
 Wellington Interactive Tours
 Wellington WWW
 Nelson Guide 
 Antarctica - Tourism

 Govt Millenium page
 Gisborne Events2000

Other sites:
 NZ Stamp Centre (by NZ Post)
 Footrot Flats newsgroup              news:alt.comics.strips.footrot-flats
 Radio NewZealand International 
 Royal Society of NZ (NZ Science)
 Institute of Professional Engineers
 NZ Architectural Links
 Kiwi Wildlife tours
 NZ Thoroughbread Network
 Gateway to Antarctica 
 US Naval Antarctic Support unit

Information on the Rainbow Warrior 
 The Memorial  
 The Bombing of the Warrior  

A list of newspaper sites is at the end of section 1.2.2.

The Wizard of New Zealand (also known as the Wizard of Christchurch) is
pleased to announce his home page

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