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FAQ: soc.culture.french - French language [monthly]
Section - 1. Caracteres accentues French special characters

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Le jeu de caracteres ISO-8859-1     | The ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) charset
(Latin-1) permet de representer la  | allows to write the french language
langue francaise a l'exception des  | except the linked "oe" characters.
caracteres "oe" lies.               |
Sur les systemes ne supportant pas  | On non internationalized systems,
les accents, certaines personnes    | some contributors use following
utilisent la convention suivante    | convention (which may be
(qui est tout a fait discutable):   | critizised):

Accent aigu:  te'le'phone
Accent grave: ge`ne, ou`, a`
Circonflexe:  ge^ne, pa^te, chai^ne
Tre'ma:       Noe"l, Moi"se
Ce'dille:     mac,on

Le shell script UNIX ci-dessous     | Following UNIX shell script allows
permet de convertir les accents     | to convert accents written with the
ecrits dans cette horrible conven-  | horrible convention given above to
tion vers le format Latex. Mode     | the Latex format.
d'utilisation:                      | Usage:

              sed -f accents.sed < fich.txt > fich.tex

#! /bin/sh
# This is a shell archive.  Remove anything before this line, then unpack
# it by saving it into a file and typing "sh file".  To overwrite existing
# files, type "sh file -c".  You can also feed this as standard input via
# unshar, or by typing "sh <file", e.g..  If this archive is complete, you
# will see the following message at the end:
#               "End of shell archive."
# Contents:  accents.sed
# Wrapped by hthomas@cygnus on Fri Apr  3 12:11:21 1992
PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/ucb ; export PATH
if test -f 'accents.sed' -a "${1}" != "-c" ; then
  echo shar: Will not clobber existing file \"'accents.sed'\"
echo shar: Extracting \"'accents.sed'\" \(749 characters\)
sed "s/^X//" >'accents.sed' <<'END_OF_FILE'
X         s+''\([^']\)+{''}\1+g
X         s+a`+\\`{a}+g
X         s+a`+\\`{a}+g
X         s+a^+\\^{a}+g
X         s+e'+\\'{e}+g
X         s+e`+\\`{e}+g
X         s+e^+\\^{e}+g
X         s+e"+\\"{e}+g
X         s+i^+\\^{\\i}+g
X         s+i"+\\"{\\i}+g
X         s+o^+\\^{o}+g
X         s+u`+\\`{u}+g
X         s+u^+\\^{u}+g
X         s+u"+\\"{u}+g
X         s+c#\([^ ]\)+\\c{c}\1+g
X         s+oe+{\\oe}+g
X         s+A`+\\`{A}+g
X         s+A`+\\`{A}+g
X         s+A^+\\^{A}+g
X         s+E'+\\'{E}+g
X         s+E`+\\`{E}+g
X         s+E^+\\^{E}+g
X         s+E"+\\"{E}+g
X         s+I^+\\^{\\I}+g
X         s+I"+\\"{\\I}+g
X         s+O^+\\^{O}+g
X         s+U`+\\`{U}+g
X         s+U^+\\^{U}+g
X         s+U"+\\"{U}+g
X         s+C#\([^ ]\)+\\C{C}\1+g
X         s+OE+{\\OE}+g
if test 749 -ne `wc -c <'accents.sed'`; then
    echo shar: \"'accents.sed'\" unpacked with wrong size!
# end of 'accents.sed'
echo shar: End of shell archive.
exit 0

Le programme GNU "recode" effectue  | The GNU "recode" program allow to
des conversions entre differents    | do conversion between several
jeux de caracteres (par exemple     | charsets (for example ASCII,
ASCII, ISO-8859-1, CP-850, ...). Cet| ISO-8859-1, CP-850, ...). This tool
outil est disponible dans votre     | in available on your nearest
archive GNU la plus proche.         | GNU archive.

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