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COMP.EMULATORS.CBM: Emulation FAQ for Commodore 8bit Computers (1/4)

( Part1 - Part2 - Part3 - Part4 )
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Posting-Frequency: twice a month (monthly to news.answers)
Version: 3.5

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
  CBM EMULATION FAQ - (Version 3.5, 4 November 1996)

  This FAQ is usually posted twice a month on the 4th and 19th to
  comp.emulators.cbm.  Since comp.emulators.cbm was set up to remove the
  emulator discussion from comp.sys.cbm, this FAQ will not be posted there.

  Lines preceeded by a '+' have been added or modified since the last version
  was posted.

  The FAQ is in four parts due to its size.
  Part 1 is general information and a list of available emulators.
  Part 2 is questions and answers.
  Part 3 is mostly data.
  Part 4 is basically reviews of various emulators.


  PART 1 - Table of Contents.

  1. Introduction

  1.1 What's new this time..

  2. What emulators are available?

  2.1 C64 Emulator List

  2.1.1 C64 Emulators for Amiga
  2.1.2 C64 Emulators for PC
  2.1.3 C64 Emulators for Atari
  2.1.4 C64 Emulators for Macintosh
  2.1.5 C64 Emulators for Unix
  2.1.6 C64 Emulators for BeBox

  2.2 VIC20 Emulators
  2.3 C128 Emulators
  2.4 PET Emulators
  2.5 SID Emulators

  2.7 Other utilities & files
  2.7.1 Utilities
  2.7.2 Data files

  (Part 2).

  3. Questions & Answers
  3.1 General
  3.2 C64S
  3.3 PC64
  3.4 Other emulator specific questions

  (Part 3).

  3.5 How-to... (moved from Appendix B)
     1. Running multi-disk games with C64S 1.0c
     2. Using VIC-EMU
     3. Getting certain games to work
     4. Converting between different file formats.

  4. A list of ftp sites where emulation programs can be obtained

  4.0.1 Site Maintainers
  4.0.2 Site IP addresses
  4.0.3 WWW info
  4.1 Locations of C64 Emulators
  4.2 VIC20 Emulators
  4.3 C128 Emulators
  4.4 PET Emulators
  4.5 SID Emulators
  4.6 Non-Emulators
  4.7 Other utilities & files
  4.7.1 Utilities
  4.7.2 Data files

  5. Emulator File Formats

  5.1 C64 Emulators standard files - overview
  5.2 Table of supported file formats
  5.3 Standard data files - internal formats
  5.4 Converting between file formats

  6. How to extract the Rom images required by the emulators

  6.1 C64 roms - Basic, Kernal & Charset
  6.2 1541 rom

  7. Other information

  7.1 Newsgroups worth reading
  7.2 Emulator benchmarks
  7.3 Emulator detection
  7.4 Other sources of information

  (Part 4).

  8. Credits

  9. Data


  A. Reviews of emulators
  B. Advertisements


   1. Introduction

  Welcome to the CBM emulation faq!  These files cover any program that
  emulates the features of any of the 8-bit Commodore machines that took
  the civilized world by storm in the 1980's and still have a huge follow-
  ing today.  The C16, C64, C128, VIC, and PET are all covered.  This file
  also covers most of the Frequently Asked Questions that crop up on this
  FAQ's birthplace and newsgroup, comp.emulators.cbm.

  Note that this FAQ has nothing to do with Amiga emulation; try checking
  the comp.emulators.misc FAQ for information on Amiga emulation.

  This FAQ is maintained by Ken Gifford (
  You will always be able to get it from these ftp-sites: : /pub/cbm/faq : /pub/c64/faq : /pub/cbm/comp.sys.cbm
  and at any news.answers site.

  Also available via Jim Brain's mailserver. Just send a message to with a subject line of "MAILSERV" and the following
  in the body of the message:

  send 8-bit-emulation-faq.3.2.p1.txt
  send 8-bit-emulation-faq.3.2.p2.txt
  send 8-bit-emulation-faq.3.2.p3.txt
  send 8-bit-emulation-faq.3.2.p4.txt

  You can also obtain the FAQ via world wide web. Use the URLs:

  The HTML version of the FAQ is maintained by Adrian Forte (
  He would like any Commodore related GIFs to enhance the FAQ.

   1.1 What's new this time

  A lot has happened since the last update, eh? Back when C64S originally
  came out in late 1993 the idea of an emulator was relatively alien to me,
  but nowadays it seems like every 80s-era computer and game console has a
  relatively good emulator for it. It's really great to see all this
  activity, even if it does bring the piracy question to a whole new level :)

  Anyway, to quell some nasty rumors ;) this main FAQ isn't being replaced
  by the mini-FAQ. My auto posting script became screwed one day and I didn't
  notice until much later. This'll be posted every 4th still.

  In any case, since the last update not one but three VIC-20 emulators have
  popped up for the PC platform. Plus, there's an exciting new C64 emulator
  for Power Macs called Power64 (naturally).

  There's also a new version of the "whereami" program, with Power64 added
  and the program generally made easier to follow.

  A bunch of other little changes to the FAQ, some deserving the + and some
  not (i finally added VICE info).

  Anyway, see you around.


   2. What emulators are available?

  The list of emulators is as comprehensive as possible, with some brief
  decriptions of what is emulated, and although something may be emulated
  it may not be 100% compatible with the original.  More detailed "reviews",
  including author's notes, of some of the emulators may be found in the
  second part of this FAQ.

   2.1 C64 Emulators.

   2.1.1 C64 Emulators for Amiga.

  PROGRAM: The A64 Package
  VERSION: 2.0 shareware, 3.01d demo, 3.?? commercial.
  FILE: TheA64Package.lha
  MACHINE: Commodore Amiga
  AUTHOR: Cliff Dugan, Christopher P. Zura & Douglas Decicco
      P.O. Box 340265
      Hartford, CT 06134-0265
      Phone: (203)296-6037 (voice and fax)
  DETAILS: Sid: Yes (no filter).
           Vic: Yes.
           6510: Yes, with Undocumented opcodes.
           Peripherals: 1541 & printer via hardware interface with
                        registered version.
           Other: Different character sets available instead of default.
  COMMENTS: The emulator is pretty fast and includes: Monitor, support for
            Amiga drives (HD, Ram disk, floppys, etc), expansion Ram.
            Demo on aminet in misc/emu/TheA64Package.lha restricted to 10

  PROGRAM: Go-64!
  FILE: (unknown)
  MACHINE: Commodore Amiga
  AUTHOR: Chris Zura & Cliff Dugan
  DETAILS: Unknown.
  COMMENTS: A precursor to A64.

  VERSION: Alpha 16
  FILE:    AXF-64.a16.lha
  MACHINE: Commodore Amiga, 68020 or higher.
  AUTHOR:  Borge Nost (
  COMMENT: You need the Kernal, Basic, and Font rom files from a real C= 64
           to use this!  No sound, no multicolor mode, no bitmap mode. "Sorry,
           this is an alpha version that I decided to release because I might
           not be able to finish my project in a long time."
           You can try the included 'bars2' file to see the emulator working:

   PROGRAM : Frodo
   VERSION : 2.3
   FILE    : FrodoV2_3.lha
   MACHINE : Amiga
   AUTHOR  : Christian Bauer <>
   REQUIRES: 68020+, AmigaOS 2.1+, C64 ROMs, graphics card recommended
   STATUS  : Freeware, source included
   DETAILS :SID: Yes, with 6581sid.library, playsid.library, or 6581 SID card
                 (none of which are included)
            VIC: Line-/cycle-based emulation, all screen modes, sprites,
                 collisions/priorities, DMA cycles, raster effects, open
                 borders, all $d011/$d016 effects (Frodo SC)
            6510: All undocumented opcodes, instruction/cycle-based
            Keyboard: American and german mapping
            Joysticks: 1 or 2 digital joysticks, keyboard emulation
            Peripherals: 1541 emulation in Amiga file system or .d64 files
                         (read-only); IEC bus on parallel port (requires
                         additional hardware) for connecting real CBM drives
                         and printers; no fastloader support
   COMMENT :This emulator focuses on the exact reproduction of special
            graphical effects possible on the C64. Using a line- or cycle-based
            VIC model, Frodo is able to run most games and demos correctly.
            Built-in machine language monitor.

   PROGRAM : MagiC64
   VERSION : 1.3
   FILE    : MagiC64.lha
   MACHINE : Amiga
   AUTHOR  : Michael Kramer (
             Im Hirschfeld 28
             52222 Stolberg
   REQUIRES: 68020 or higher (fast 68030 or 68040 recommended),
             Kickstart 2.04 or higher, and 1.7 MB free memory
   STATUS  : Shareware ($25 or DM40 to the above address)
   DETAILS : Sid: Yes, via 6581sid.library or playsid.library (only
                  available with registered version)
             Vic: Line-based emulation. All graphics modes, horizontal
                  and vertical mode. Complete sprite emulation.
             6510: All undocumented opcodes.
             Peripherals: Keyboard and joystick input. 1541 fastload and
                          fastsave for all programs. Support for .t64,
                          .d64, .p00 and regular C64 programs.
   COMMENT : Uses bitplane optimized graphics functions; on fast Amigas
             original C64 speed is possible. Runs in a fully multi-
             tasking environment. Comes with AmigaGuide docs in English,
             German and Swedish. Rated 90% in CU Amiga magazine.

   2.1.2 C64 Emulators for the PC.

  PROGRAM: ALEC64 (The ALE C64 Emulator)
  VERSION: 1.12 (beta; docs and disk image support are missing)
  FILE: (MSDOS binaries)
        alec64-1.12-elfbin.tar.gz (Linux ELF binaries)
        alec64-1.12-aoutbin.tar.gz (Linux a.out binaries)
  MACHINE: 486+ PC running DOS or Linux
  AUTHOR: Andreas Arens, Lutz Sammer and Edgar Tornig
  REQUIRES: 486/33 (only 25 frames), 486dx2/66 for 100% speed. 4mb memory.
  DETAILS: Sid: Yes (pc-speaker, dsp and opl3)
           VIC: Yes (99%)
           6510: Yes, with most used undocumented opcodes.
           Other: Machine code monitor.
           Joystick: Port 1 or 2 with keypad.
           1541: Only binary and .p00 format supported.
  COMMENT: This is a freely distributable, but copyright-protected software.
           You can get the Linux and DOS versions from

           New in this version:
           OPL3 support for all versions.
           DSP support only in the Linux versions.
           lib.c64 support for all versions.
           read-modify-write bug of 6510 implemented.
           open-border support under MSDOS (uses VESA; requires dx4/100 for
              1:1 emulation)
           video-sync is now a command-line option.
           Some convertor utils added.

  PROGRAM: The C64 emulator
  VERSION: alpha (unavailable)
  FILE: c64.tar.gz
  MACHINE: 486+ PC running Linux
  AUTHOR: Lutz Sammer <>
          DOS/linux port by Andreas Arens
  DETAILS: Sid: Yes. (speaker/dsp/synth chip)
           Vic: Yes, with sprites.
           6510: Yes; No Undocumented opcodes.
           Peripherals: 1541
           Other: 6502 disassembler included.
  COMMENTS: Linux/DOS protected mode C and 486 ASM source.
           supports Module image/Autoload program, load/save snapshot

  AUTHOR: Johannes Kiehl (
  REQUIRES: Hercules graphics card.
  DETAILS: Sid: No.
           Vic: Text mode only.
           6510: No, Interpreted Basic commands only.
           Peripherals: 1541.
  COMMENTS: Very primitive. Documentation in German, although a partial
            English translation exists.

  PROGRAM: c64s (C64 Software Emulator)
  VERSION: 2.0 commercial, 1.1b shareware
  FILE: C64S11BD.ZIP & c64s20ru.exe
  AUTHOR: Miha Peternel


 (use this one when all of the above fail)
   For sales and support in North America, contact Seattle Lab:
      Seattle Lab
      9606 Northeast 180th Street
      Bothell, WA 98011
      Phone:   206.402.6003
      Fax:  206.828.9011
      Email: (General info)
      (Ordering information)
      CompuServe: 71202,560
      FTP: (
  REQUIRES: 386 or better, VGA, and about 500k low RAM free.
  DETAILS: Sid: Yes - To pc speaker, Sound Blaster, GUS, Covox, and Pro
                Audio Spectrum.  No filters.
           Vic: Sprites, All screen modes, raster effects.
           6510: Yes, with Undocumented opcodes.
           Peripherals: Tape, 1541 & joystick emulation.  Commercial release
                        supports analogue joysticks.
  COMMENTS: 100% in assembler. Commercial release contains several utilities
            to help read real C64 tapes and disks. Shareware version has a
            time limit of 10 minutes before dropping you back to DOS.

            New in v2.0:

            - .ini files are used for configuration
            - Menu-driven, more user-friendly config utility
            - Can use a PC mouse to emulate a 1351 mouse in port 2
            - improvments in SID emulation on all cards
            - better sprite handling (games such as Turrican 2 that
              use multiplexers now show the whole sprite instead of
            - 100% exact 1541 emulation mode, handles most known fast-
              loaders and copy protections.  Special mode for GEOS.

  PROGRAM: C64 Alive
  VERSION: 1.0 (alpha test)
  AUTHOR: Frank Littmann (
  REQUIRES: 386, 256k memory + 2560k XMS and VGA. 486/33+ recommended.
  DETAILS: Sid: Yes - To Adlib or Soundblaster.
           Vic: Sprites, full raster & sprite collision
           6510: Yes, with Undocumented opcodes.
           Peripherals: Joystick, Printer, Disk2Dos drive,
                        Reu ram expansion supported.
           Other: Machine code monitor.
  COMMENTS: 100% in assembler. Get from /pub/pc/dos/misc
            Option of "regular" or "slow" (320x200) mode for previously
            not working machines.

  PROGRAM: Personal C64 (PC64)
  VERSION: 1.18
  FILES: (German) or (English)
  OLD FILES:,,,,
  MACHINE: IBM PC/AT 386 (486DX2-66 recommended), DOS 3.3 or higher,
           Linux 1.1.62/63 with dosemu 0.53.pl32 can all be used
  AUTHOR: Wolfgang Lorenz (CIS 100112,220 =
  CONTACT: To register in America, send $30 in cash, check, or M.O. to:

           Ted Drude            Pre-built cables and printed-out
           103 Belle Circle     copies of the manual are available at
           Madison, AL 35758    extra charges. Add $4 for COD delivery.

  REQUIRES: VGA in mode 13h (VLB or PCI recommended), 500 Kbyte low RAM free,
            486dx2/66 recommended for 100% speed at 50 fps
  DETAILS: SID: Voices 1-3 to Adlib, digitized samples to Soundblaster DSP.
                No filters, no syncs.
           VIC: Sprites, collisions, all screen modes, raster effects,
                optionally DMA.  No open borders, no light pen.
           CIA: Ports and directions A and B, reversed keyboard matrix,
                timers A and B, cascaded timers, TOD with alarm, userport
                mapping to external program.  No SDR, no timer-to-port
                connection, no IEC connection.
           6510: Decimal mode, all undocumented opcodes, partial $00/$01
                 emulation.  No tape connection.
           Keyboard: National keyboard driver or original C64 mapping.
           Joysticks: IBM analog, C64 digital (on PC64 cable) or keyboard
                      emulation (white arrows and right Ctrl).
           Peripherals: Harddisk emulation via PC filesystem (PC64 files,
                        *.P00), 1541 emulation via disk images (*.D64), any
                        CBM drive connected to an external C64, printer to DOS
                        file or device with CBM->ASCII translation.  No tapes.
  COMMENTS: Built-in file manager. Multiple virtual
            C64s in different windows. Trace function with commented port
            access. Multiple system ROMs and modules.
            1.18 is the final DOS version; all subsequent work will be on
            PC64 for Windows (see below).

  PROGRAM: PC64 2.10 for Windows
  VERSION: 2.10
  AUTHOR: Wolfgang Lorenz
  CONTACT: (see above)
  REQUIRES: PC running Windows 95, Windows NT with WinG installed, or
            Windows 3.1 with both WinG and Win32s (Windows 32-bit exten-
            sions) v1.25 installed. Pentium-100 with PB-cache and PCI
            graphics is recommended.
           6510: 99% emulated.
           Joysticks: Yes, via keyboard or PC joystick (registered
                      version only).
           Peripherals: 1541 fastloader support. Handles .d64 disk images,
                        .p00 files and raw CBM binaries.

           New in v2.10:
           - Sound
           - Control Center added
           - DIBSection support added
           - Joysticks added (reg. version only)
           - Illegal CPU commands added
           - Writing to disk images supported

  PROGRAM: Win64
  VERSION: Beta version 2
  AUTHOR: Ralph Mason (
  CONTACT: Official web page at
  REQUIRES: PC running Windows 95 or NT only.
  DETAILS: Sid: None.
           6510: 99% emulated.
           Uses .t64 and .d64 files.

   2.1.3 C64 Emulators for the Atari.

  PROGRAM: c64.tos
  VERSION: 3.0
  FILE: c64.lzh / c64.lha
  AUTHOR: Uwe Seimet
  DETAILS: Sid: No.
           Vic: No, just text mode with screen at $0400
           6510: Yes.
           Peripherals: EPSON printer, disk drive (limited 1541 emulation)/
  COMMENTS: Very rough emulation. No banking, no shadow I/O.
            The documentation is in German only. Assembly source included.

   2.1.4 C64 Emulators for the Macintosh.

  PROGRAM: Mac 64
  FILE: mac64-04.hqx
  OLD FILES: mac64sea.hqx, mac64col.hqx, mac64-02.hqx, mac64-03.hqx
  MACHINE: Apple Macintosh
  AUTHOR: Earle F. Philhower III (
  DETAILS: Sid: No.
           Vic: Hi-res gfx, sprites, scrolling.
           6510: Yes.
           Peripherals: 1541 emulation, hard drive & printer, tape images.
  COMMENTS: Source code included.  Work has stopped on the emulator.

+ PROGRAM: Power64
+ VERSION: 1.1
+ FILE:    Power64-11.sit
+ MACHINE:  Macintosh
+ AUTHOR:   Roland Lieger (
+ REQUIRES: Power Macintosh (no 680x0 support)
+ DETAILS:  6510: Yes (with undocumented opcodes)
+           VIC:  Scanline based Emulation
+                 All Video-Modes, Sprites, Scrolling,
+                 Raster & Sprite Interrupts
+           SID: Yes (no filters, no resonance)
+           Peripherals:
+              Keyboard:  National keyboard or original C64 mapping
+              Joysticks: via Mac-Keyboard
+              Paddles:   via Mac-Mouse
+              Lightpen:  via Mac-Mouse
+              Printer:   Yes, Text or Binary to Mac-File
+              1541:      Yes
+              Tape:      Yes
+              Hard Disk: Yes
+ COMMENT: 100% Speed on all Power Macintoshes
+          Choose PAL or NTSC Mode; Selectable CPU Speed
+          Clean Macintosh Application - Works with Multitasking (Speed will
+          suffer when running background processes).

+ PROGRAM: Commodore 64 VICE
+ VERSION: 2.3
+ FILES:   macvice.sit.hqx
+ MACHINE: Power Macintosh
+ AUTHOR:  Arthur Choung (Mac port) -
+ NOTE:    For more information about the emulation please see the VICE
+          entry in the "C64 emulators for Unix" section.

   2.1.5 C64 Emulators for Unix.

+ PROGRAM: VICE (Versatile Commodore 8-bit Emulator)
+ VERSION: 0.11
+ FILES: vice-0.11.0.tar.gz
+ MACHINE: Unix with X windows, Power Macintosh
  AUTHORS: Jarkko Sonninen (
           Jouko Valta     (
           Teemu Rantanen  (
           and many others.
  DETAILS: Sid: No.
+          Vic: All video modes. Multicolor and hires sprites. Collisions.
           6510: Yes, with Undocumented opcodes.
+          Peripherals: 1541 emulation with disk images (.d64 support).
+                       .t64 support in c64 emulation only.
                        Access to filesystem via drive 9.
                        Joystick #1 to cursor keys.
                        Reu ram expansion supported.
                        ROM modules supported too.
           Other: Basic lister/cruncher program.
                  Machine code monitor & runtime trace.
                  Kernal rom patcher vers 0, 3, 67, 100.
                  Linux joystick support. (Cursor-key stick removed.)
  COMMENTS: ANSI C source code included. 65xx/8502 CPU documentation included.
            Uses Xt and Xaw libraries.
            Has different xdebugger and arg-parser modules for portability.
            ROMs not included! See the dox for details in extracting them.
+           Offical World wide web site for VICE at:

  PROGRAM : x64
  VERSION : 0.3
  FILE    : x64-0.3.0.tar.gz
  MACHINE : Unix box running XWindows
  NOTE    : No longer supported. x64 has merged with the xcbm project
            to form the VICE emulation project (see above).

   2.1.6 C64 Emulators for BeBox.

  PROGRAM : Frodo
  VERSION : 3.0
  FILE    : FrodoV3_0.tar.gz
  MACHINE : BeBox (BeOS DR7) and Unix/X11R6
  AUTHOR  : Christian Bauer <>
  STATUS  : Freeware, source included
  DETAILS : SID: Digital emulation (8 bit, 44.1kHz), no filters
            VIC: Line-based emulation, all screen modes, sprites,
                 collisions/priorities, DMA cycles, raster effects, open
                 top/bottom borders
            6510: All undocumented opcodes
            Keyboard: Original C64 mapping
            Joysticks: 1 or 2 joysticks, keyboard emulation
            Peripherals: 1541 emulation in host file system or .d64 files
                         (read-only); optional processor-level 1541 emulation
                         (supports ~50% of all fastloaders)
  COMMENT : This emulator focuses on the exact reproduction of special
            graphical effects possible on the C64. Using a line-based
            VIC model, Frodo is able to run most games and demos correctly.
            An optional processor-level 1541 emulation allows running about
            50% of all programs with fastloaders. Built-in machine language
            monitor. Unix version still experimental (no joysticks, no sound,
            no GUI).

   2.2 VIC20 Emulators.

+ VERSION: 1.0
+ AUTHOR:  Boris van Schooten -
+ REQUIRES:Any PC with EGA/VGA graphics. Runs best on a 386dx/40 or greater,
+          and runs passably on a 386sx/20.
+ DETAILS: - Runs most types of ROM and RAM-type programs. Autodetection of
+            RAM expansion.
+          - Support of joystick (via keyboard or joystick) and paddle
+            (via mouse).
+          - Menu driven interface.
+          - Two different screensizes and screen panning to support programs
+            that use large screen modes.

+ FILE:,
+ AUTHOR:  Lance Ewing (
+ REQUIRES:PC with VGA graphics and a Soundblaster compatible soundcard.
+          Pentium 90 or better recommended for decent speed.
+ DETAILS: - Supports all functions of the VIC chip registers
+          - 4 voice sound
+          - Most VIC file formats supported
+          - Snapshot support
+          - Menu driven interface.

  PROGRAM: vic-emu
  FILE: vic-emu.lha (programs are vic-00 and vic-20)
  MACHINE: Commodore Amiga
  AUTHOR: Pieter van Leuven (
  DETAILS: 6502: Yes.
           Ram expansions:
  COMMENTS: vic-00 is for 68000s and vic-20 for 68020/30/40s.

  PROGRAM: vic-emulator
  FILE: vic-emulatorC64.lnx
  MACHINE: Commodore 64
  AUTHOR: Fausto Ibarra
  DETAILS: Ram expansions: 3k, 8k, 16k & 24k.
  COMMENTS: Screen size not emulated.

+ PROGRAM: VIC-20 Emulator
+ VERSION: 1.1
+ AUTHOR:  Paul Robson -
+ REQUIRES:Any 386 or better machine with VGA graphics.
+ DETAILS: Support for 8k and 16k (.60/.a0 format) rom images.
+          No sound/disk support.

   2.3 C128 Emulators.

  PROGRAM: x128
  VERSION: 0.3.1, 0.4.0 (alpha version)
  FILES: x64-0.3.0.tar.gz
  DETAILS: See the VICE entry for details.
           Vdc: No.
           MMU: Bank switching only.
  COMMENTS: The first version was released on April 1st, and there are many
           things still unimplemented. Basically it's just the 64 emulator
           with MMU bank switching and hard-coded shared RAM.
+          Not supported anymore, see the VICE entry above for details.

   2.4 PET Emulators.

  PROGRAM: "The PET Emulator"
  FILE: ???
  MACHINE: Commodore 64
  AUTHOR: Commodore 64 Software Bonus Pack
  DETAILS: Emulates 2001 series, 4032 series & basic 4.0
  COMMENTS: From their blurb:  "The PET Emulator allows most existing
            PET programs written in BASIC to be RUN on the Commodore 64".

   2.5 SID Emulators.

  Programs of this kind emulate the Sound Interface Device chip (MOS 6581),
  the MPU (MOS 6510) and few additional hardware components of the C64/128
  on machines where these chips don't exist. Their only aim is to give you
  the possibility to listen to all the many soundtracks from C64 games and
  demos. This is done by executing 6510-machine code routines that access
  the SID chip to produce music or sound output. In general these
  subroutines are independent fragments of code and data which can be
  ripped from games and demonstration programs and are transfered
  directly from the C64.

  The quality of a SID emulator's sound output is very machine dependent,
  but due to the fact that only the necessary hardware components are
  emulated, the sound quality should be higher and more realistic than the
  output of the average C64 emulator.

  Refer to chapter 2.7.2 and 4.7.2 of this FAQ on where to find all the
  SID music files you'll ever need.

  VERSION: 3.0
  FILE: PlaySID3.0.lha
  OLD FILES: PlaySID-2.0.lha, PlaySID2.1.dms, PlaySID2.2.lha
  MACHINE: Commodore Amiga
  AUTHORS: Haakan Sundell & Ron Birk <>, <>
  DETAILS: Sid: Yes, all except filter, also works with multi-tasking.
           6510: Yes, with Undocumented opcodes.
  COMMENTS: C64 Sid chip emulator.3.0 supports viewing of most C64 picture
            formats, has a realtime waveform/envelope display, supports
            "multiselect" in filerequester and has some other nice improvements
            PlaySID has full AREXX support.  See a full review in the

  VERSION: 1.40a
  OLD FILES: sidpl???.zip (where ??? is the version number)
  AUTHOR:  Michael Schwendt (
  DETAILS: SID: Yes, to Soundblaster, Pro Audio Spectrum, or Gravis
                Ultrasound soundcards.
           6510: Yes, with undocumented opcodes.
  COMMENTS: Last DOS version - will not be updated any further..

  PLATFORM: Windows'95, Windows 3.1 or WfW 3.11 (+/- Win32s)
  AUTHOR: Adam Lorentzon <>
  COMMENTS: Using a SID emulator engine by
            Michael Schwendt <>

  VERSION: 1.15b1
  AUTHOR: Andreas Varga <>
  COMMENTS: Great graphical user interface !
            Using a SID emulator engine by
            Michael Schwendt <>

  New in 1.15b1:

  - Based on the 1.15.4 version of the Unix source.
  - Includes a partial emulation of the SID's filters !!!
  - Fixed some annoying clicks (listen to Mutants/Fred Gray...)
  - Implemented AIFF export of sidtunes.
  - Implemented PSID export of sidtunes.
  - Implemented DAT/SID export of sidtunes.
  - Added a SID register view (this is off by default !).
  - Added simple Drag Manager support. It is now possible to drag files
    from the Finder into the list window
  - Added some funky LED bars to the mixer dialog.
  - Added an Oscilloscope window to view the SID waveform in real-time.
  - Fixed a small window updating problem.
  - Added song selection with top-row number keys (1-0 to select songs 1-10).
  - Fixed a bug that caused the display to not show NTSC mode.
  - Fixed a bug with importing DAT/SID files. (Mac ASCII files didn't work...)
  - Improved behaviour of the menu bar with disabled list/mixer window
    (related items get disabled)
  - Added a check mark infront of activated menu items in the Windows menu.
  - New About dialog.
  - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused list items to redraw in gray.
  - Improved handling of Preferences file and fixed some related bugs.
  - Added an option to enhance the function of the skip track buttons to
    switch musics in list
  - Added a third zoom-state for the controls window

  VERSION : 1.0
  FILE    : SIDPlayer.tar.gz
  MACHINE : BeBox (BeOS DR7)
  AUTHOR  : Christian Bauer <>
  DETAILS : Sid: Digital emulation (16 bit, 48kHz), no filters
            6510: All undocumented opcodes
  COMMENT : Compatible to PlaySID music data (single-file PSID) files.

  PROGRAM: Midi Music Maker
  VERSION: v2.26
  FILE: mmm226.lzh
  AUTHOR: Dave Henry
  DETAILS: Plays Sid Player Music (including stereo and lyrics ) & Master
           Composer files.
  COMMENTS: Also plays music from other computer systems.

   2.7 Other utilities & files.

  There are many different transfer programs which you can use to transfer
  data from a c64 to another machine.  This section lists some and gives
  in-depth looks to the more popular ones.

   2.7.1 Utilities

  disk64e.arj  - Creates .d64 files using 1541 for IBM PC.    - Copy files directly from 1541 to PC.  - Disk utilities for c64s09 emulator for IBM PC.
  maketape.arj - A tape utility for c64s09 emulator for IBM PC.
  copy2d64.arj - Convert files into .d64 inmages.
  zip2d64.arj  - Convert C64 zip-files (1!, 2!,..) into .d64 images.
  d64.lha      - Utility for AMIGA.
  maketape.arj - Makes .t64 files, includes source.  - List catalog of .d64 files for IBM PC.  - .d64 utils.   - Transfer files between standard, .t64 & .d64 on IMB PC.
  d64zipcode.c - Convert d64 files back to zipcode files.
  unt.lzh      - Tape utility for Amiga.
  UNd64_380.lha- d64/t64/p00 archive file processor for Amiga. 64Copy v2.03, a program used to convert and inspect C64
  files for use with emulators, featuring:
     - Norton Commander-type window interface
     - creation/conversion of files to C64 file format
     - verifying the integrity of a d64/x64 file
     - automatic converson of ZipCode and Lynx (C64 archive format) files
     - configurable windows and colors
  Author is Peter Schepers ( - Trans64 v1.22 - main features are:
     - transfer files between 1541, virtual disks, virtual tapes, dos and
       PC64 format.  Supports C64S 1.0E encrypted disks.
     - transfer whole disks between 1541 and virtual disks. Added an
       error detection to continue after a read error.
     - fastloader for 1541 and 1581 (problems from version 1.02 are fixed)
     - German and English user interface
     - Source is in
     Author is Bernhard Schwall (

+  - The Star Commander - beta version .73
+    - the Commander is giftware, read the documentation on how to register
     - user interface, colors and hotkeys just like in The Norton Commander
+    - high speed routines handle disk images (35 or 40 tracks, with or
+      without error info), tape images (C64S) and file images (PC64)
     - handles files and disks in a Commodore 1541/1571 drive connected via
       the X1541 interface cable
     - three modes for transferring disks from and to the Commodore drive:
       normal (reads a disk in 7:50, writes in 9:55), turbo (2:25, 2:25) and
       warp (1:15, 1:20) with retry on disk errors for all modes
     - three modes for transferring files from and to the Commodore drive:
       normal (reads a 210 block file in 2:20, writes in 2:25), turbo (1:00,
       1:00) and warp (0:25, write not yet implemented) with retry on disk
       errors for warp read
     - fast execution of CBM DOS commands and some extended CBM DOS commands
     - powerful disk editor similar to Disk-Demon for disk images and disks
     - optionally runs with the C64 character set on EGA/VGA video cards
     - highly configurable for total comfort, context sensitive online help
     - an external setup program for even more options and full color setup
+    - a viewer for DOS files and for Commodore files inside images
     - user-defined menus and extension files for associating commands,
       external viewers and editors with DOS file extensions
+    - external programs to handle Arkive, LHA, Lynx and ZipCode archives
+      to list disk and tape images and to collect multiple file images
+      into tape images
     Author: Joe Forster/STA (
     Email the author if you want to join the SC mailing list to get the
     latest version by email the day it comes out.
     Look into the URL "" for news about
     the beta versions being developed.  - List directories of Commodore archives.
     I've just released ver. 2.0 of fvcbm, a program which lists the directorie
     of Commodore archives.  This new version handles many new archive formats
     all the ones I could find which are usable on the Commodore 64 and 128 or
     Commodore 64 emulators.
     The supported formats are:
             ARC230 (ARC)
             self-extracting ARC230 (SDA)
             CS-DOS (LZH)
             self-extracting CS-DOS (SFX)
             PC64 emulator files (R/S/U/P00)
             emulator tape images (T64)
             emulator disk images (D64 and X64)
     The C source is public domain and has been tested under MS-DOS, SCO UNIX,
     and Linux.  The program requires a little-endian CPU to run so Sparc and
     most other workstation users are out of luck.
     The package is available from
     (anonymous uucp from van-bc is also available). The man page can also be
     found <A HREF="">here</A>.
     If you know of an archive type that isn't supported, please send me an
     example and I'll look into adding it.
     Author is Daniel Fandrich (

   2.7.2 Data files.

   The site offers an extensive selection of C64 games and
   other program files.  Be sure to look further on in the FAQ for the famed
   list of FTP sites of interest.


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