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[rec.arts.comics] XBOOKS FAQ: Where Can I Find It? 4/4

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Archive-name: comics/xbooks/where/part4
Posting-frequency: biweekly

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   a FAQ for rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks
   Part 4:  X-Men-Related News, Movies/TV, Fan-Fiction,  
            Pictures/Sounds, Chat, and Games

   Version 2002.03, last updated July 2002

Subject: X-Men-Related News, Movies/TV, Fan-Fiction, Pictures/Sounds, Chat, and Games Part 4: News Movies/TV Fan-Fiction Pictures/Sounds Chat Games Credits These pages / lists / clubs / faqs / resources are organized first by the general category of the resource, then alphabetically within the category.
Subject: News *** Marvel Comics Well, they're on the net now. Send them your thoughts! Marvel Comics URL: URL: TXT: Marvel Enterprises, Inc. 10 East 40th Street New York, NY 10016 *** Trade Press Sites These are the places that you look to *first* for information on nifty comics and related non-comic-book items like t-shirts, statues, and the like. Read up online if you can't grab a copy from your shop! Comic Shop News (8/00) URL: The Comics Journal (8/00) URL: Indy Magazine (8/00) URL: Overstreet Fan Universe (8/00) URL: Previews (8/00) URL: Wizard (8/00) URL:
Subject: Movies/TV *** The X-Men Movie and its sequel(s?) Comics 2 Film (8/00) URL: Coming Attractions (3/02) URL: URL: Countdown to X-Men 2 (2003) (3/02) URL: Internet Movie Database (3/02) URL: URL: Sir Ian McKellan's X-Men The Movie (8/00) URL: Mutant Watch (8/00) URL: X-Men The Movie Official Site (8/00) URL: *** X-Men Animated Series X-Men Evolution official site (12/00) URL: X-Men Episode Guide (8/00) URL:
Subject: Fan-Fiction *** Fan-Fiction These are sites where fanfic stories are accepted and/or archived. Some simply fill in gaps in the real timeline, while others create new teams and characters in a divergent timeline. At this point in time, there are *way* too many links for me to sift through and deal with. So, I'll just highlight a few major links; look through them for *tons* of links to archives, writing groups, individual stories, and the like. (8/00) URL: URL: CFAN (Comic-Book Fanfic Authors' Network) (8/00) URL: URL: URL: URL: URL: Fonts of Wisdom (bootleg has the Kid Dynamo mega-story) (8/00) URL: URL: Mutant Underground / Revolution (3/02) URL: MV1 Fan-Fiction Project (3/02) URL: Parallel X (1/02) URL: Shifting Sands (8/00) URL: Wolverine X-fiction (12/00) URL: X-Men Fan-Fiction Archive (12/00) URL: The X-Men Movieverse (8/00) URL:
Subject: Pictures/Sounds *** X-Men Picture and Sound Sites NOTE: If anyone knows that these sites have closed down for good or no longer accept graphics, please contact the FAQ Keeper. The Inner Circle (8/00) URL: Steven Louie's Icon/Theme Page (8/00) URL: X-Men ASCII Art (8/00) URL: Wolverine Sound Gallery (8/00) URL:
Subject: Chat *** Internet Relay Chat Many comics fans like to chat on IRC. There are a few different channels which might meet your needs. Get a client like mIRC or IRCle and you'll be ready to go! If you have a unix account, just try typing irc at the prompt. To get on a specific server, type /server and it'll send you to that server. To join a specific channel, just type /join #channelname ... Got it? Some channel regulars also have pages. DALnet (8/00) URL: URL: telnet:// Server: Channels: #comicbooks, #comics, #x-men Efnet (8/00) URL: Server:, Channels: #comicbooks, #x-men Undernet (8/00) URL: Server: Channels: #ComicBooks, #comics, #X-Men The IRC #comics FAQ (outdated) (8/00) URL: The Official #comics Website (8/00) URL:
Subject: Games *** Quake X-Men Quake Demo (8/00) URL: *** X-Men MUSHes and Telnets These are like online role-playing games-- a MUD crossed with a RPG. You generally subscribe to a single named character, which you roleplay, or log in as a guest and play a "mere human." Sounds fun to me! From the Ashes (8/00) URL: Apps: Play: telnet:// (telnet 5000) Mutatis Mutandis (8/00) URL: Apps: Play: telnet:// (telnet 4520) X-Men End Times MUX (4/01) URL: Apps: Play: telnet:// (telnet 2104) X-World (8/00) URL: Apps: Play: IRC #Alliance *** Play By E-Mail The X-Mansion PBEM (8/00) URL: URL: Apps: Xmen Play By Email Mailing List (8/00) URL: Apps: X-Wars Email Role Playing (8/00) URL: *** Marvel Universe RPG Homepage Lots of MURPG links, FAQs, and the like. Rate your favorite stuff! RPG Homepage (8/00) URL: *** Toys and Figures The BAMF! Doll (8/00) URL: Mutant Figures (8/00) URL:
Subject: Credits Material in this FAQ was originally a large portion of Part 4 of the General rec.arts.comics.xbooks FAQ, written by David R. Henry. This FAQ was reorganized (with added material) by Katharine E. (Weizel) Hahn. The Keeper of the Where Can I Find It? FAQ would like to thank: * David R. Henry, for writing the previous thing, * Marty Blase and Steve Thoemke for having such organized Web pages, * and Aardy R. DeVarque, for reasons too numerous to mention. Copyright 1995-2002 by Katharine E. Hahn SEND ADDITIONS / CHANGES / DEAD LINKS / MOVED LINKS / UPDATES TO: Kate the Short, ( -- Kate the Short *

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