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[rec.arts.comics] XBOOKS FAQ: Where Can I Find It? 1/4
Section - Other Comics-Related Newsgroups

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Top Document: [rec.arts.comics] XBOOKS FAQ: Where Can I Find It? 1/4
Previous Document: Important rec.arts.comics.* Resources
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If the newsgroup has an FAQ, find it and read it before posting.
Please note that within the rec.arts.comics.* hierarchy, a post is 
usually on-topic only in *one* group, so post only to the most 
specific group for your needs!

rec.arts.comics.* groups:

rec.arts.comics.creative               news:rec.arts.comics.creative
Shared-universe fan-fiction (moderated)

rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh                 news:rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh
DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes

rec.arts.comics.dc.universe            news:rec.arts.comics.dc.universe
DC Comics' shared universe and characters (NOT Vertigo, LSH, WS, etc)

rec.arts.comics.dc.vertigo             news:rec.arts.comics.dc.vertigo
DC Comics' Vertigo imprint

rec.arts.comics.elfquest               news:rec.arts.comics.elfquest
Elfquest comics and characters         
FAQs, announcements, resources (moderated)

rec.arts.comics.marketplace            news:rec.arts.comics.marketplace
Buy/Sell/Trade/Auction comics and related materials (here ONLY, please!)

rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe        news:rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe
Marvel Comics' shared universe and characters (NOT X-Men, etc.)

rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks          news:rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks
Marvel Comics' X-Men and related mutant titles

rec.arts.comics.misc                   news:rec.arts.comics.misc
The industry, fandom, creators, books with no specific rac.* group      
Reviews of comics and comics-related materials (moderated)

rec.arts.comics.strips                 news:rec.arts.comics.strips
Comic strips, political cartoons

Other rec.* groups:

rec.arts.animation                     news:rec.arts.animation
rec.arts.anime.marketplace             news:rec.arts.anime.marketplace
rec.arts.anime.misc                    news:rec.arts.anime.misc
rec.arts.manga                         news:rec.arts.manga
rec.arts.sf.superman                   news:rec.arts.sf.superman    

alt.* / other groups:

alt.animation.batman                   news:alt.animation.batman     
alt.binaries.superman                  news:alt.binaries.superman 
alt.books.cait-r-kiernan               news:alt.books.cait-r-kiernan
alt.comics.2000ad                      news:alt.comics.2000ad
alt.comics.alan-moore                  news:alt.comics.alan-moore
alt.comics.alternative                 news:alt.comics.alternative
alt.comics.archie                      news:alt.comics.archie
alt.comics.asterix                     news:alt.comics.asterix
alt.comics.batman                      news:alt.comics.batman
alt.comics.buffalo-roam                news:alt.comics.buffalo-roam
alt.comics.classic                     news:alt.comics.classic
alt.comics.dilbert                     news:alt.comics.dilbert
alt.comics.fandom                      news:alt.comics.fandom            
alt.comics.gunnm                       news:alt.comics.gunnm
alt.comics.image                       news:alt.comics.image
alt.comics.jack-chick                  news:alt.comics.jack-chick
alt.comics.jack-kirby                  news:alt.comics.jack-kirby
alt.comics.lnh                         news:alt.comics.lnh
alt.comics.mwagner                     news:alt.comics.mwagner
alt.comics.peanuts                     news:alt.comics.peanuts
alt.comics.pokey                       news:alt.comics.pokey
alt.comics.ralf-konig                  news:alt.comics.ralf-konig
alt.comics.sip                         news:alt.comics.sip
alt.comics.sluggy-freelance            news:alt.comics.sluggy-freelance
alt.comics.spacemoose                  news:alt.comics.spacemoose
alt.comics.spawn                       news:alt.comics.spawn
alt.comics.spider-man                  news:alt.comics.spider-man
alt.comics.spiderman                   news:alt.comics.spiderman
alt.comics.strips.footrot-flats        news:alt.comics.strips.footrot-flats
alt.comics.superman                    news:alt.comics.superman
alt.comics.super-villains              news:alt.comics.super-villains
alt.comics.the-phantom                 news:alt.comics.the-phantom
alt.comics.user-friendly               news:alt.comics.user-friendly                                                                                                                   
alt.fandom.cons                        news:alt.fandom.cons
alt.fandom.dragoncon                   news:alt.fandom.dragoncon
alt.manga                              news:alt.manga            
free.comics                            news:free.comics

Foreign-language / regional newsgroups:

alt.ita.anime.manga                    news:alt.ita.anime.manga (Italian)
alt.italian.anime-manga                news:alt.italian.anime-manga (Italian)
be.arts.comics                         news:be.arts.comics (Belgian)
chile.rec.comics                       news:chile.rec.comics (Chilean)
de.alt.comics                          news:de.alt.comics (German) (German) (German)
dk.kultur.tegneserier                  news:dk.kultur.tegneserier (Danish)
es.binarios.manga                      news:es.binarios.manga (Spanish)
es.rec.comics                          news:es.rec.comics (Spanish)
es.rec.manga                           news:es.rec.manga (Spanish)
fj.fleamarket.books.comics             news:fj.fleamarket.books.comics (Japanese)
fj.rec.comics                          news:fj.rec.comics (Japanese)                (French)         (Italian)   (British)                (British)
hk.rec.comics                          news:hk.rec.comics (Hong Kong)
it.arti.fumetti                        news:it.arti.fumetti (Italian)
it.arti.fumetti.manga                  news:it.arti.fumetti.manga (Italian)
japan.comics.dilbert                   news:japan.comics.dilbert (Japanese)
japan.manga                            news:japan.manga (Japanese)
maus.kultur.literatur.comics           news:maus.kultur.literatur.comics (German)
maus.rec.comics                        news:maus.rec.comics (German)
no.alt.tegneserier                     news:no.alt.tegneserier (Norwegian)
sfnet.harrastus.kulttuuri.sarjakuvat   news:sfnet.harrastus.kulttuuri.sarjakuvat (Swedish)
tw.bbs.rec.comic                       news:tw.bbs.rec.comic (Taiwan)
tw.bbs.rec.superman                    news:tw.bbs.rec.superman (Taiwan)

*** Continued in Part 2 ***

   Copyright 1995-2002 by Katharine E. Hahn
   Kate the Short,  (

Kate the Short *

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Top Document: [rec.arts.comics] XBOOKS FAQ: Where Can I Find It? 1/4
Previous Document: Important rec.arts.comics.* Resources

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