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[rec.arts.comics] XBOOKS FAQ: Where Can I Find It? 1/4
Section - Important rec.arts.comics.* Resources

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Top Document: [rec.arts.comics] XBOOKS FAQ: Where Can I Find It? 1/4
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*** and the rec.arts.comics.* FAQs  (8/00)

*The* newsgroup for information, updates, and announcements for the 
rec.arts.comics.* hierarchy of newsgroups.  Read it first.  The rac.* 
FAQs have a bunch of interesting and important information for any 
comics fan.  Checking them out is never a bad idea.  


*** The rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks FAQ  (8/00)

The RACMX FAQ answers *many* of the frequently-asked questions about 
the X-Men issues, characters, and artistic/creative teams. 

Keeper: Kate the Short (

*** The RACMX Specialty FAQs:  Netiquette and Resources  (8/00)

The "Read Before Posting" FAQ was made with the newer reader and 
poster in mind.  The "Where Can I Find It?" FAQ has a huge list of 
newsgroups, webpages, mailing lists, and other resources for fans.

Keeper: Kate the Short (


*** Fandom Chronology and X-Fan  (3/02)

Darren Duncan has created a massive information site in Fandom 
Chronology. It's a listing of the numbers and titles of almost every 
X-related title published.  The X-Fan site hosts summaries of many 
core and non-core X-Men titles and spinoffs.  Very useful!

Fandom Chronology


*** The X-Axis  (8/00)

Paul O'Brien keeps this review and index site in top shape.  He's got
reviews of the past year and a half of X-Men related titles, as well
as detailed indexes of Uncanny beginning with UXM #281.


*** The X-Page and The Mutant Page  (8/00)

Everything listed above and below is linked through one of these 
pages.  They have *tons* of information.

The X-Page

The Mutant Page

*** The New Comics Release List  (8/00)

This list, posted each week to, tells you which 
books should ship this week.  You can also read the lists on the NCRL
website, or have Charles S. LePage add you to his email lists.  A 
must-have resource for fans.

The New Comic Book Releases List Web Site

*** Annotated Index of X-Men Guest Appearances  (8/00)

Aardy R. DeVarque has not only found all of the X-Men cameos and guest
appearances;  he's set them down in a detailed format.  Know before 
you buy the book whether it's a full appearance or a single cameo!


*** The Marvel Chronology Project  (8/00)

A listing of just about every issue that just about *every* Marvel 
character has appeared in.  Amazing.


*** X-Men Reprint Guide  (8/00)

Ken Arromdee keeps the all-time grandfather of reprint lists. 


*** Unofficial Database of Marvel Comics Creators  (12/00)

A listing of the comics that a particular creator has done.  Very
helpful if you're trying to track down Warren Ellis' Wolverine arc,
for example.  Kept by Markus Muller and Paulo Costa.


*** The Summers Family Tree  (8/00)

Just a single page, but necessary to understand how Scott Summers 
is the center of the Marvel Universe.  Just go look at it.


*** Techno-Organic FAQ  (12/00)

Enables you to tell Warlock from Douglock from Cable from the Phalanx
and the like.


*** The X-Men Characters List  (8/00)

An listing of characters of importance since UXM #1.  Contains very 
terse information on each character, and has "last appeared" notes for 
the more important ones.  Not updated since X-Men #34, but helpful.


*** The X-Men Creators List  (8/00)

This list tries to stay current with the writer, penciller, and editor 
of every X-title.  Last updated 1997, but helpful.


*** X-Men History  (8/00)

A short condensation of the major events of X-Men and related titles.  


*** X-Men Relationships List  (8/00)

Did you ever wonder who had a crush on who, or which mutants were 
involved in a love triangle?  Created by Dwayne MacKinnon.


*** Complete Marvel Mutant List  (8/00)

Jorge DeLaCruz has created a list of all the mutants in the Marvel 
universe, including non-X-related characters.


*** The Plot Danglers FAQ  (12/00)

The list of all the storylines, supporting characters, and mysteries
that have been introduced but never quite explained. 


*** The Pissed-Off X-Fan FAQ  (8/00)

When you just can't take it any more, take solace that Jen Vodvarka 
cracked before you did, and left this stunning monument to her last 
moments of sanity as a record of an X-Fan who just... couldn't... 
take... NO MORE!  Not exactly the most useful FAQ in the world, but 
none matches its unique flavor. 


*** Yahoo!  (8/00)

Start out in Comic Books if you really have time to browse;  
otherwise just skip right to the Marvel section and down to X-Men.  


*** Google  (4/01)

The Google Usenet Archive can sort recent newsgroup articles in 
a variety of ways, saving you the hassle of getting organized.  


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Top Document: [rec.arts.comics] XBOOKS FAQ: Where Can I Find It? 1/4
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