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[misc.immigration.canada] Frequently Asked Questions (02/98)
Section - 18. I have to go back to my/a third country to finish my school/contract/work, can I do it?=20

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Top Document: [misc.immigration.canada] Frequently Asked Questions (02/98)
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This is of course possible, but beware of the so-called 183 rule.  If you
need more time, you might choose to apply for a Returning Resident Permit
(RRP), so as not to lose your Canadian PR status.  Finishing advanced
studies, contract work, liquidating your assets, or an illness in the
family are all acceptable reasons for leaving Canada temporarily and will
not have an adverse effect on your PR, provided that the absence is not
very long and/or the reasons for leaving are well documented and the PR=20
returns to Canada soon after the completion of the reason for being abroad.

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