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[misc.immigration.canada] Frequently Asked Questions (02/98)
Section - 12. Can I change the province/city I intend to land?

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Top Document: [misc.immigration.canada] Frequently Asked Questions (02/98)
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For applicants in the skilled worker category, you do not have to land in=
city and/or province that you have indicated in your IMM008 form.  There IS
caveat, however.  If you have indicated a non-Quebec destination but try to
in Quebec, you might have problems at the border, since Quebec has the
authority to choose its own immigrants, and has a slightly different
procedure.  If you do have to land in Quebec without a CSQ, you should be
able to
show that you are continuing on to a destination outside Quebec.  Evidence
for this
can be in form of an ongoing airline ticket, a lease, an off-Quebec job
offer, etc.
Landing in Victoria, BC, while your intended destination had been Toronto,=
however, will not present you with a problem.  The exception to this is
Class/Entetrpreneur applicants, since the minimum investment conditions on
granting of such visas differ from province to province.

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