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[misc.immigration.canada] Frequently Asked Questions (02/98)
Section - 11. Can I apply for the SIN and provincial health insurance before

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Top Document: [misc.immigration.canada] Frequently Asked Questions (02/98)
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For Canadian Permanent Residence applicants, it is not possible to apply for=
the SIN before completing the landing formalities.  Similarly, provincial
insurance cannot be applied for before landing and even after landing you
be able to demonstrate that you are a resident of the province (ie. rent
mailing address (no PO Boxes), utility bills etc.)  Most provincial health
have a waiting period of 3 months before they cover you, so it is best if=
apply for the health plan of your province as soon as possible after
landing. =20
People who have been inside Canada prior to landing, either on student or
authorizations may already have SINs and/or may be covered by the Health
please check with your provincial authorities.

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